LINE buys MixRadio from Microsoft, vows to continue streaming music service

In a surprise announcement, LINE messenger has picked up MixRadio from Microsoft. LINE is one of the biggest messaging services around, although it is mostly prevalent in non-Western countries at the moment.

Microsoft announced the news on the Lumia Conversations blog. The deal is expected to be completed by "early 2015" with the MixRadio team staying in Bristol, UK.

Perhaps that is the big news here that LINE plans to continue offering MixRadio, building off of the music streaming service and recommendation engine. Jyrki Rosenberg, Head of MixRadio, comments:

"We wanted MixRadio to continue to operate with a commitment to constant innovation and aspiration to deliver the best possible mobile-first experience to listeners. LINE share this vision and our passion for simple, personal and fun user experiences in every way".

Although it was well known that Microsoft had decided to spin-off MixRadio after the acquisition of the Nokia mobile division, there had been no rumors of potential suitors. LINE is certainly not one of the companies anyone would have predicted to pick up a music streaming service, but LINE is one of the more innovative companies today.

Finally, for Lumia owners, things are still looking good for MixRadio, as the blog notes "In terms of the MixRadio app and service itself, MixRadio fans can expect the same level of commitment to bring a personalised music experience to Lumia smartphones…". Such affirmation of Microsoft's commitment was iterated earlier when the spin-off plans were announced.

Hopefully, we will hear more of LINE's plans in early 2015.

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • WTF!!!!
  • Lol :D
  • Totally unexpected they might make it free now
  • I'm not much surprised by Microsoft's selling of MixRadio. What really shocked me is, LINE's purchase of it! I had no idea that LINE could come up with something like this.... Or more frankly, they were able to do this...! Speaking of the service, it doesn't quite make sense for a company to run two competitive similar services on its own platform. Or does it? I don't see how. However, I'd love to see Xbox music supporting more countries, because as it's seen now in my region, is just pathetic.
  • Seriously man! It's a big Big BIG surprise!
  • Yeah! WTF. I hate LINE you know, but most of my friend still use it!
  • Everyone knows MixRadio is way way better than Xbox music and supports many more countries compared to Xbox music ! Why are u doing this MS
  • Having worked for very large companies, I learned that they never say you are wrong.  Admitting that Mix is better than Xbox would be impossible no matter the evidence.
  • I just want to be able to download songs from the music store...
  • +1
  • This will be all capslock. YES! BRING JAPAN MUSIC LIBRARY!!!111!!!!0NE!!1ELEVEN!!
  • ^This!! Mixing One OK Rock, Knotlamp, Granrodeo and the like are only on my dream since these band usually out of reach from streaming services these days. :3
  • X Japan, anyone? :D
  • Exactly WTF
  • O.O
  • O.ô
  • O.~
  • {-_-}
  • •_•
  • Θ_Θ
  • T.T
  • --_--
  • :O
  • LOL ❤
  • O.o o.O 0.0
  • Oh bordel !
  • X_X
  • No!! Microsoft WTF!
  • Well they announced they were spinning it off or shutting it down. An acquisition by a startup planning on keeping the app is a pretty good outcome. Better than a shutdown or an acquisition by google or amazon
  • Dang your right at least it wasn't google who bought them
  • Ikr!!
  • Shocker but good news for the talented MixRadio team and the app.
  • Exactly,I don't understand the negativity in the comments.
  • If they really get to keep their jobs. Now: Articles always say were gonna keep shit the same... Then, they crack the real financial books (not the cooked ones) and realize why the place is for sale.
  • If download option continues, then cool
  • No
  • Not happy at all :(
  • Nokia Music>Nokia Mix radio>Mix Radio. Now what... Line Radio??
  • Line Dance Radio?
  • Won't be long before the WP app is "still supported" but development shifts to ios and android.......
  • That's probably right, but still supported is better than no support. And given that the primary dev team all worked on WP app development chances of support being shunted to the back like instagram seem low.
  • Yep.lame shame Microsoft
  • Let's be clear: MixRadio has hardly taken the world by storm. And it never made sense for Microsoft to own TWO music streaming services. The armchair CEO'ing in here is very entertaining though...
  • I think us "armchair CEOs" would have done a much better job than Microsoft has so far - more advertising, updating the OS at a faster pace to support new hardware, supporting markets with higher adoption and not just the US, reasonable range of devices and not arbitrarily delaying features for some magical "Windows 10" update. Its often stated that Microsoft has the money to sink into WP for a long time, would be a much better use if they actually got off their behinds and invested into the OS now.
  • Well said! :)
    It's bigtime MS change their marketing department.
  • Oh shit, don't get Rodney going on marketing..
  • Daniel.. Go to facebook.. Compare the likes on "Microsoft Lumia India" page and on "Microsoft Lumia" page. You will be surprised to see that the Lumia India page has more likes than the worldwide page.. And the the difference is also not that small.. Lumia India's likes are almost double than that.. So think before you say anything .. :)
  • Your comment is irrelevant man. He never said anything about India..!
    (I'm also an Indian)
  • There's a reason for that. Nokia India page directly turned to Microsoft Lumia India and along with that the like count transferred too. the global Nokia did not turn into Microsoft Lumia. That was given back to the original company and MS had to start a new global page and garner likes from scratch. So you better think before you talk mate. FYI, am Indian AND with a neutral point of view.
  • So, the same company behind LINE, who delivers regular Windows Phone updates, will "shift" this service, despite Microsoft saying that Lumia support specifically (not even a mention of iOS and Android), will continue. You people and your drama are ridiculous.
  • but the point is we want full support from them. that's it
  • I hate Line, this is so unexpected, but if they gave us full support, it will be welcome
  • Line is one of the few official apps that has regular updates and it's the only one that allows voice calls, besides skype. They have been very good towards WP. Don't hate it!
  • They are entertaining ...LOL!
  • Yep. Only reason I visit these here comments.
  • And to troll. Love me some trolling.
  • Line has been delivering regular updates, infact it recently updated wp7.8 app, but Line has more varied services on Android other then messenger, they ll definitely not stop updating for wp but again it ll be slower then ios or Android.   but I'm happy with Line buying this,
  • Honestly I think Line will do a better job keeping MixRadio alive and updated than Microsoft would have. Look at what MS has done with Windows Phone. No new high end hardware in over a year, updates that take months after announcement to be released and many months after that to get pushed to your phone. ..maybe I'm just pissed at Microsoft right now after what 8.1 did to my phone.
  • Regular WP updates? Half my messages on LINE wind up being "unsupported for Windows Phone". You might want to actually use the app, Daniel, before defending MSFT and going against the stream just out of habit. LINE hasn't been as horrible as others to the platform, yes, but there's no need to try and exalt it as some Windows Phone benefactor.
  • Yes totally agree, line is not even doing a good job bringing all features to wp app. Getting so annoyed to see messages showing it's not supported for Windows phone. What's up with promotions and activities in official accounts that is only for iOS and Android? Where is timeline feature that many users are requesting? With the child shoulder treatment on wp, I doubt it'll do any good to mixradio 
  • But one should agree that Ms should provide a complete and robust streaming service of its "own" to all of its customers regardless where they reside!!..
  • lol microsoft is just...smh
  • In what world did owning MixRadio AND Xbox Music make sense?
  • @rubino will they support mixradio on WP like Nokia(Microsoft) or they will focus more on ios and android as they did with line messenger.
  • Supporting Lumia phones looked to be a part of the deal, just like keeping the team in Bristol.
  • The same world where a software maker morphs into a hardware manufacturer challenging its OEMs to a duel to the death!
  • Well, one works beautifully, the other doesn't? And the one that works, isn't Xbox Music?
  • In a world where they are two completely different services. And in a world where Xbox music radio feature is awful and limited and ina world where Xbox music app on WP has almost zero music discovery features mix radio was very welcomed.
  • Have you tried Xbox Music in India?
  • I have, its awesome. I'm currently trying to bypass the credit card problem so that I can get the Music Pass to work ;-)
  • Pay online? The app would know that. Get a prepaid card.... Can you?
  • I completely agree!!
  • They should shutdown Xbox music which is not available widely and mixradio is number one free streaming app in 60 countries including in India
  • Sorry man, I've tried both, and quality-wise, Xbox Music wins hands down. I'm just patiently waiting for MS to bring it to India; with a good subscription model, on the back of 100K+ songs @ 320kbps, it should click here. Not that I'm against Mixradio or anything, hell I'll even take that any day. I've a strong feeling Line is gonna do wonders with Mixradio, and with their PR levels in India, I could say Mixradio could be back with a bang in not just India, but probably all those places where Line has influence.
  • Xbox music is still limited to few countries, mixradio is available in countries where xbox music is still not available in India so mix radio is the only option here
  • Does this mean it might be available for non Lumia devices on Windows Phone platform?
  • It made sense in India, Dan. Xbox Music streaming services were not in India.
  • In a heroine, peace loving, angel dust falling from the heavens world. All is in harmony....
  • So? They could've replaced it with Xbox Music. This hardly looks like a good business decision like you try to make it sound to be. Xbox Music is universally hated, Mix Radio was universally praised. MS solution? Sell the good one and keep the bad one to make people suffer? I'll not pay a subscription fee of any kind for Xbox Music, ever. But I'm still paying for Mix Radio and I'm sure there are a lot of people like me in the world.
  • Universally? I'm picking up a year XBox Music subscription today.
  • Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. No one should ever be forced to use that crappy app.
  • This will be good for the service, it will almost certainly expand to non Lumia Windows Phones and also android and ios
  • That means mix radio will be on all is Microsoft giving all services damn:'(
  • Yes, iTunes and Google Music are trembling today. /s
  • Make I stop Daniel....please....I'm as annoyed as you with comments like this.
  • lol!! maybe iTunes and Google Music arent... xbox Music should be.. they are gonna have one good competiter..
  • Easy Daniel, you have been nice lately. You have a job to keep. Let me be the evil one.
  • Are you sure you know what you're talking about? Those are not even direct competitors of Mix Radio.
  • Definitely not gonna use it anymore.
  • You're not going to use it BC of a new corporate owner?
  • He's a douche anyway.
  • Better sell your Dodge since Fiat now owns them.
  • LINE ads in India are horrible.
  • That's weird..
    Still, I just wish they bring back the renewal thing back to India..
  • When they are going to sell smartphone division? Posted via the Windows Phone Central App for Android
  • Considering they are selling off MixRadio because it is redundant to own it and Xbox Music. There is no redundancy with the smartphone division. Why would they sell it?
  • BOOOOOO!!!!!!
  • Too weird I was downloading the LINE app while I got this toast notifications...
  • Microsoft is the worst company ever I have seen.I will not buy wp anymore..go and suck google store and ios store Microsoft
  • Bye!
  • Later.
  • I am selling my 1020 and going back to old iPhone 4s as I believe that WP will die soon
  • Have fun with that.
  • Yeah, how dare they sell a small redundant arm of a company post acquisition? What an injustice.
  • I'm surprised that you're this upset. Surely you knew it was coming. I actually expected it to be shut down. On the surface it doesn't appear to be strategic for Microsoft to have both Xbox music and mix radio. Just pay the $29.99 and get 1 yr subscription to Xbox music tomorrow. Btw, I enjoy LINE quite a bit. I got my 2 closest friends to use it and now it is what we use exclusively. While WhatsApp and skype is what i use for everyone else. Oh and LINE has a PC app and voice call just like Skype.
  • But for India Xbox is not available to subscribe
  • Then carry on using MixRadio, it would be the obvious solution here.
  • Ok...continue using MixRadio!
  • After Nokia's acquisition Microsoft is killing every single reason to buy windows phone. Shame on you Microsoft..
  • East a dick on your way out. They are free.
  • Please bring Mixradio to the Philippines
  • cause they dont want xbox musics market share to be cut with mixradio.
  • This sucks
  • Call it a stupid question but, couldn't had Xbox Music benefited from MixRadio by incorporating it to it and thus strengthen recommendations? Anyone remember SmartDJ on Zune...?
  • Yep miss smartDj
  • Incorporating? That'd take another 2 years. I am not sure many of you know the difficulties in merging two services with two different music licensing contracts. You all act like software/services is akin to a food blender.
  • Not to mention that the two teams have different corporate cultures, are located on different continents, and might have serious redundancies
  • First of all. Chill out man. Second of all. No one is ignoring the difficulties in ANY way. I just asked a simple question. A question that Microsoft will never see anyway and I was expressing my opinion. Jeez, now I can't even do that without you being arrogant and throwing your sarcastic replies at us?
    That'd take another 2 years
    I have no idea where you got that number from but I'll assume it comes from a close source of yours. Anywho, even if it took that long, they could've started since July (when it was posted here) or God knows when they actually started planning the spin-off. How long has it been since they idealized having "one OS rules them all" and we're still in that same process? Of course that takes time BUT they are working on it. That is the point for goodness' sake.
    You all act like software/services is akin to a food blender.
    Jesus, I don't know who sometimes is an even bigger d-bag, you or Tom Warren with all those know-it-all responses to their readers.
  • Whoa! Hate reply for Daniel Rubino seems harsh, eh? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Since it is not the first time Daniel replied in similar manner, I would say he deserved it completely.
  • I can't agree with you more. He is normally very rude which I hate about him. There are many readers here who glorify anything he says, I'm not one of them. I'm with you bro, I agree with the mix radio and xbox music merger too.
  • Whereas struggling with a worse service for about two years because it needed a rewrite is soo efficient. Oh, also it wasn't even that good in WP7.
  • Now India doesn't have any official MS music download App.. No Xbox Music, No MixRadio... When will India (WP's one of the biggest market) get Full Fledged Xbox Music support..!!??
  • Mixradio is still on and running and the post says the support will continue.. Dont you read?? Chill out bro!! :)
  • Mr Dharmang, Plz read my comments properly before commenting..   I am talking about Music Download Support. MixRadio gives 3 months of Unlimited download. And Since last 8 months, There is no support from MixRadio for subcription through any channel (Even Oxigen site doesn't support subcription purchase).. Xbox Music provide music download for North America and European countries as of now.. But none of India or other Asian countries...  Please get ur facts straight. Anyway, If you have any doubt in future, Am always available on @topgunalu.... 
  • Ahmed, Ali, whatever the fuck your name is, you didn't quite spell it out in your original post as you did in your reply. Lastly, wtf, would he want to"find" you?
  • LOL...  Why are you getting hurt..!!?   I was explaining it to Dharmang..   Seriously, some ppl need to get checked.  
  • Well, I'm right. Check me if you can.
  • You are creepy. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • A little disappointing, but not really a surprise. Unless they were going to combine it with Xbox music, it doesnt make sense to have 2 competing streaming services under the same roof.
  • I totally agree.. But MS should have provided a details roadmap about support for Xbox Music for countries like India where Downloading Music on Windows Phone Platform is a major issue. MixRadio just provides 3 months of Free Umlimited music download and then Streaming music only..
  • Another exclusive lost! What the Hell is wrong with MS!!
  • Name the amount of friends you have that were envious of MixRadio. Show me one article where iOS and Android users were clamoring for it. I am pretty much daring you here...
  • There are many in India who were envious about MixRadio when they don't have a good app to download such a neat collection of songs at lower sizes and also cheaper subscriptions. Also to be noted, india never had this Xbox music download culture nurtured here. Talk out of the US perspective Daniel :)
  • Absolutely. Mix radio is a killer service, and we don't have Xbox Music here in India.
  • Daniel u should check out the Evan Blass@evleaks tweets regarding WP right now
  • I would really prefer not to.
  • He doesn't need to. He's way smarter than that. :) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Daniel you should consider the fact that mix radio allowed unlimited song downloads for a very affordable subscription while Xbox music still isn't available in India!!!
  • Daniel, since Xbox Music isn't available in India, MixRadio was one of the highly rated and used apps for us! It was one of the apps that definitely gave WP an edge over others.
  • World is bigger than just India.
  • World is bigger than the us where Xbox music partially used by 2% people and just India is better with approx 12% share n usage
  • But Windows Phone platform is growing in India... MS can't ignore this region... Nor can the Editor of the biggest Windows Phone New site/community.  
  • Basically Dan suggests to switch over to ios or android, MS concentrates on US but wont gain marketshare there even after 2 yrs, countries like India embraced WP, WP gained more than 10%marketshare, same is the case with many other countries, agreed world is bigger than India, but combine all non US countries where xbox music is not available but mix radio is, Dan's argument falls flat, I dont think he's suddenly become ignorant, probably it has to do with being in good books of MS
  • You got it all wrong, m man. If a product works without spending money, marketing, etc. Why the fuck do it? You all said market share is growing. So, why bother? Law of diminishing returns. Now, this is not to say some things need fixin, but you got to dance with the ugly girl first before ya get to her easier sister.
  • Do you really 'know' that the market share of WP will surpass that of Android or even iOS one day? What you all do is just speculate and 'hope' that it does. But truth be told, it never will coz it started off way later and the way MS handles things is pathetic. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree but for us Indians and many developing markets, Mix Radio simply rocked. A lot of my friends miss renewing their subscription. I cant think of XBox music service coming to India anytime soon and even if they did, the kind of price they charge for their unlimited download subscription is atrocious. It will be a flop here anyway. Mix Radio could have continued under MS in Asian countries and would have succeeded for sure. XBox music player sucks anyway. I hope Power Amp player comes soon to Marketplace to rescue us. MS, you continue to get flying arrows up your A$$. Don't know how you manage it.
  • I heard even foobar2000 is developing a 'great' music app from their website. But yeah, what you said is very true.
  • Trying to figure out how you came up with flying arrows up your ass? That's funny... Kind of gay, but funny.
  • Daniel there's a world outside of the US too. MixRadio is big in India.
  • And there is a world outside of India too. Just because an app is popular there does not mean corporate direction needs to be held hostage by it.
  • The app is popular is many other countries and among users in the US as well. Corporate direction need not be held hostage but they should also stop complaining about more or less stagnant WP marketshare. Let the corporates be happy with crappy marketshare or stop competing.
  • It has been quite a few years now that WP is active but xbox/bing services are still very much limited to very limited geography, still not in many countries where WP has more marketshare and value. The corporate direction is clueless/unwilling to expand, probably they WP not being the money spinner for them makes them not work on making it popular or expand it. I can see that these days WC is not critical of MS even when  there is need(not in context of this article or comments but in general) probably that has to do with getting close to MS but then it will remain no diffrent then ios/droid fan websites.
  • I think the question is not about Corporate being taken hostage just for India.. It about What is MS planning to do for the millions of WP users in India who care of Music Download.. iOS have iTunes in India, Google have major third party apps who support music download on its platform.. WP doesn't have those App (If it has, it not developed properly/fully)...  One of the Lumia's selling point in India is MixRadio Music..
  • Trust me, had it not been for India, market share of WP would have been way lesser than it currently is. And even your know that. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Dear Dany ji
    Your support to WP is great, but now everything starting goaway and still you are sir no use
  • MixRadio isn't going away from Windows Phone. What difference does it make who owns it.
  • it will stay sure. will it expand? well much slower now. will MS backfill with xbox services? no, they would only concentrate on US and despite tht marketshare in US will continue to be miniscule
  • See WP from a non US  perspective you'll see why here maps, mix radio and host of other services make sense since XBox/bing services are very limited outside US
  • Exactly my point. Since most of the services native to US aren't available to people, they bank on other apps to get most out of their phones. MixRadio certainly makes that list. I had a year long free subscription and couldn't renew it. If Xbox music makes it to India, I will subscribe in no time.
  • Whaaat? But hopefully Line will bring MixRadio to more countries
  • I hate LINE, because they have no love for Windows Phone. LINE app is suck and so slow. I'm not sure when MixRadio and LINE collaborate together will suck more than today or not. :-/
  • MS has ended skype support forWP7.8 line still updates its 7.8 even, line provides regular updates to WP, n its smooth n reliable. I dnt think u hv ever used it
  • I can REALLY said that it sucks! And I use LINE everyday because my friends use it (you know LINE is very popular in Thailand). It's very slow to load the app and lacks of features. Regular updates didn't help so much because it's still slow and lacks of features. I use it everyday, so I know about the bad experience in LINE for Windows Phone. P.S. I use Lumia 920 for my main phone and Lumia 1520 for my second phone. Both of them installed LINE (and register to it already).
  • what features it misses tell me?
  • - Timeline
    - Video Call
    - Video import
    - Snap Movie
    - Secret Chat
    - LINE Pay
    - LINE app
    - Premium Call
    - Theme Store
    - Sticker Store (native)
    - LINE Games
    - Achieved Messages
    - Chats Search
    - LINE it! Share button.
    - Edit Message
    - Photos album viewing
    - Stickcon
    - Notes Here is some of features that missing in Windows Phone version. And now, you know about feature that are missing in Windows Phone. LINE team is suck!
  •   I have a nexus7 n I know abt these features they are addons but regular messenger just works fine. Many of these features require APIs whichwp doesnt readily have.Also with Android n ios having far mooooreee users they get more dedicated team to support them but still wp suport is not bad its muchhhh better than many others .    
  •   Btw lets take to twiiter n force them to bring more features.we can finalize a hashtag get some support on forums n trend on twiter
  • The best applications that made windows phone what it is are now being sold or released for other platforms. What can I brag about now? :(
  • I know the feeling bro
  • Maybe the point of having a phone is to have features you like and use, and less for bragging
  • Point taken, but when ios and android users brag about features they have (and use), we don't. I try and convince so many people to buy a windows phone. I'm running out of reasons why they should switch. I love Windows phone, but this is just ridiculous.
  • This was the app that was keeping me using Lumia phones. HTC M8 looking better and better.
  • It appears to be exclusive to Lumia only though.
  • I can smell the lacks of support for WP if they take control of MixRadio..
  • No you can't. LINE supports WP more than MS, they recently UPDATED THEIR APP ON WP7.8 whereas MS has dropped Skype support for 7.8. LINE app gets regular updates.
  • Would've preferred to see the mixes folded into xbox music but at least its not dead
  • No problem, it was not available in my region
  • Korean firm seems to be explore like crazy
  • Meh. Obviously, Microsoft never cared about MixRadio if it took it over from Nokia so recently and then just sold it to LINE. I hope this doesn't mean LINE has to be downloaded in order to continue using it in the future. It's looking more and more like I'm just going to go back to using trusty Pandora on my 925 for my music needs.
  • There goes my mix radio xbox music merger
  • +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630 +630
  • Microsoft should have merged and dropped the Xbox subscription fee, instead they sold it!
  • They should do whatever to make everything free?  That's a way to stay in business.
  • Correction: by drop did mean lower subscription fee :-)
  • Microsoft!! Provide us Indians with a music streaming service of your own *cough* xbox *cough* !!!!
  • Or you can set your phone to another country to get it.
  • Everyone knows MixRadio is way way better than Xbox music and supports many more countries compared to Xbox music ! Why are u doing this MS..
  • I know some people are upset about this, but think of it this way... a) they already have a music service in-house, so it's redundant, which means they need to consolidate or lose one, b) selling it helps them financially recover some from the acquisition, keeping in mind a lot of Microsoft folks have lost jobs in the past months because of it.
  • Microsoft should have sold Xbox music instead!
  • let's just hope the "offline mixes" features stays. that what makes me keeping the MixRadio app.
  • i just hope that our existing id's and ability to download songs work !! But what forced MS to sell this off,,,   
  • I don't want LINE ppl. to mess up with the already messed up MixRadio. It is one of my top reasons to buy Lumia. Buying genuine music in INDIA is such a drag. I wish those golden days get back :'(
  • For all India people roll out map is ready now .. Update available only for 520 now no 525 it's a mistake no need to check for 525... Daniel pls note
  • Its the other way shows available for 525 and not for 520...520 still shows Cyan...
  • Better move from Microsoft.
    Mixradio will develop now.
  • something is better than nothing. This is a good app and LINE should start paid download
  • I really wasn't expecting this one.
  • okay, another reason to add in the list why i am going to switch! :)
    thanks Microsoft, fuck google and fuck apple are getting a new partner in sometime now.
  • Good idea . Posted via the Windows Central App
  • I think people are mad here is because most of us can't even use Xbox Music outside supported countries. MixRadio could be used almost worldwide. And for people like me, ITS THE ONLY OPTION. I hope LINE does good with my ONLY OPTION.
  • At least the purchaser wasn't Google or FB
  • You will soon flocked to android or apple.don't accuse zombies everywhere. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Dude, they're phones. You getting butthurt because another platform lmao.
  • Meh i tried using mix radio but didn't click so uninstalled within a week. Didn't expect naver to pick them up though, use line on daily basis as all my friends are in Japan.
  • Microsoft u should kill xbox music or make it us only and develop mixradio to rest of the world.. wtf instead u sold mixradio one of your feather.. that's very very bad.. Posted via the Windows Central
  • Hopefully their mixes will get new/different songs added faster.  Some stations are updated once and never touched again.
  • be proud of windows 10
  • But LINE don't even give proper support to Windows Phone atm.. The Android/iOS are way better and have had more features for a long time now..
  • Dear Lord no!!!
  • But LINE app is not even considered the same level as Android /iOs app. Lots of functions are missing
  • Gonna try Spotify!
  • Finally something good happened with MixRadio I hope its in right hands now.
  • Line app on windows phone just like a shit
  • .... Can MS plz stop giving exclusive things away to android and ios.... Seriously...
  • Really!
  • Danny rub... Did Microsoft have free streaming of artist radio stations in Zune long ago ?
  • Will it be free ??
  • Wtf! Why is Microsoft selling Nokia piece by piece!!? :(
  • Microsoft doesn't own Nokia, so how could that sell it?
  • They bought Nokia, So they do "own" Nokia.
  • Only Lumia camera left
    Here maps available on android
    In future mix radio also available.if Microsoft sell Lumia camera I also sell my window phone.
  • Yep and then Lumia camera will be Android camera and ios camera.shitty
  • Good, now MS can buy Pandora and integrate it into Xbox Music
  • I have no faith in Vows from any company. Seen to many vows or promises get broken.
  • Mix radio is the better service cause of wider reach... Hope it remains a Lumia or at least WP exclusive...
  • Personally find this a bad move by Microsoft, MixRadio is a fantastic service and many I know pay for the service therefore if Microsoft looked after it and maybe even merged it with Xbox Music also reduce the Xbox Music subscription many would have signed up. This is a shame and hope that we don't start getting adverts on the free versions seeing that many did like that part. Hope they know what they are doing and have a plan in place to accomodate the loss of MixRadio!
  • and still no timeline from line :)
  • Next news could be "Microsoft sold Nokia " , stupid MS
  • Can't sell something they don't own
  • whoever buys we want full support that's it.
  • I don't think Microsoft will have their hands over here navigations. Its still the Nokia's. Windows is growing, Microsoft should know, that such uniqueness which the Nokia has and will have, should not be sold.
    No one can offer us, what Nokia used too!
  • This! Only time will tell how the acquisition has helped from a consumer viewpoint.
  • So there wont be a need to renew the subscription? Or would it be like "send a sticker to your friends and renew the mixradio subscription"???
  • I hope that line reinstates music download service in mix radio. Going to get an android nonetheless, sold holding onto my Lumia 920.
  • Ya enjoy both os .now days android phones are very cheap but you have to manage little lag that is it.Use both can still enjoy your wp . Posted via the Windows Central App
  • There's no renew of subscription. You can enjoy until they change(in future)maybe. Terms and conditions are the same. Till now there's no change for it.
  • Wow what a move by Microsoft. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • Can't wait to see what line does with it. I really like line on my 920. Good support, frequent updates and control over notifications (turn them on and off) unlike most of the other crappy messenger apps.
  • and password protection
  • However, leave this shit. There's no point of talking, however they have sold it.
    Just hope that Nokia comes back, like it was a decade ago.
  • Am I the only Indian who enjoys Xbox Music here? :-)
  • Frankly speaking, its no where close to the mixradio.
  • I don't really use music or messaging services, but weaving a music service into the fabric of a messaging service could be an interesting way for LINE to differentiate. Personally I wish MS had chosen the Mix Radio app and discovery engine as the basis for a new music and video service, whether or not they kept the XBM name.
  • Sad day for wp users. Posted via the Windows Central App
  • I prefer MixRadio over XBox Music and am a paid subscriber to MixRadio+. I have never purchased an XBox product in the two years of owning a Windows Phone, including XBox music service or products. Managing my personal music collection with their product between multiple windows devices has been lackluster, to put it nicely. However, MixRadio needs to improve it's music preference matching as a result of thumbsing up or down music played. If I give a song a thumbs down, it should never appear again. If I give multiple thumbs down to a particular artist I probably don't want to hear any of their music. Also, there are artists new and old that share the same name: I don't want to hear Vixen singing giberish when Vixen, the 80's rock band should be playing (disclaimer: Vixen is not in my favorites) when a Cinderella, Bullet Boys and W.A.S.P. mix is generated. In addition, please play the normal version of songs from the original album, not the version from a movie soundtrack, not the 20 year newer version that the band completely desecrated. It's ok to include those oddities every now and then, but not if I gave it a thumbs down, maybe multiple times before. Thank you!
  • And yet more crying.
  • I hope mix radio continues to develop in the same format that it has been. Its a great service and yes I can see it prospering on android, ios, wp and pc.
    The fact is deezer, Spotify xbox music etc just aren't quite as good as mix radio. I think Ms ate a little short sighted here but I really wish mix radio all the best and thanks for an excellent service long may it continue.
  • I would like to have a way for getting subscription, I don't have a problem with the acquisition
  • Another lost opportunity for Microsoft. Wonder who advises them on all these. Daniel, you can keep calling us arm chair CEOs but the angst is genuine. I have read that MixRadio would eventually be spinned off but the contention here is what MS has missed out on. MixRadio could have been made the defacto Xbox alternative for countries where Xbox Music is not available. MixRadio already has the required licensing to stream music in many markets which Xbox Music doesn't service. They could have simply used this as a native music offering. The MixRadio app is a very good alternative to the Music app as well. Most of the record labels in India are now showing 'Now available...on iTunes and MixRadio'. That itself is a very positive sign for the service. I'm not aware of any plans for MS launching Xbox Music in India and other countries. Yes, people, especially us fans, do get upset when bragging rights are no longer with us. This has happened with almost all Microsoft services and now with Here. Sure, they pledge commitment but the results are in the open for anyone to infer.
  • I knew it..Microsoft is the biggest dumb ever. Killing every Nokia app one after another. First disable downloading option & then kill the app. Now who knows what line will do with the app. Microsoft thinks its stupid Xbox music is better than mix radio ! I wonder what's next!
  • Next they will sell Xbox series and Microsoft mobile branch . later they start begging to other OEM's buy my OS at last RIP
  • Am i the only one happy with that ?  unlike other companies, LINE really supports windows phone.
  • Hope they will make it available for non-Lumia devices
  • Poor MixRadio...
  • Bad gets worst
  • Omg haha Daniel R. You sir are on a roll on responding to the readers.
  • This is unbelievable mannnn.
  • I prefer Xbox Music, and this last news about the discount it making for the anual suscription is great, i hope Microsoft Spain do the same here.
  • Sucks!
  • So slowly slowly, the iconic apps of "Nokia" Lumia is going away.
  • I thought Mr. Nadella would bring something thing new for the sake of WP, but he started to inject poison to kill it as early as possible..
    6.AS USUAL QUALITY APP GAP Does anyone think WP ever stood against their competitiors?? Good bye WP!
  • +2
  • U better switch fast or your mind is gonna burst out .. All the hate posts you are posting bro.. Not cool!! :(
  • Windows 10 wait for that al i wanna say. bro.
  • My Lumia 930 and Surface Pro still suit me soooooo much more than iOS or Android, thank you.
  • I use both services for different reasons.  It didn't make sense for Microsoft to blend to two together, it's like thinking that Fiat could bolt Chrysler parts on their cars now that they own them.  The one feature i use most often from mix radio is the offline mix. I know you can download a playlist from Xbox Music but I don't see that you can use the 'Radio' feature in offline mode.  If microsoft did this, I'd be content and stick to XM. Hopefully Line will be more of the same and the announcement is good news IMO.  It seems to indicate that they'll carry it and not chop it up and part it out. 
  • i'm scared now.. can you guys tell me how nice LINE messenger to us? hard to trust them
  • Ms is full of surprises
  • Terrible idea.  Microsoft should have kept MixRadio and improved upon it.  Instead, they kept their flaky Xbox Music instead.  Sounds exactly like Microsoft.
  • MS, has made a big BIG mistake. Mark my words.
  • Surprising. I thought MS will at least integrate MixRaido into XBox. Certainly there are no spaces for two similar products. Maybe XBM is already looking for streaming music so no need for a duplicated service?  Hopefully this transaction won't change much for MixRaido, I have been using it a lot more since the WP8 upgrade, the current XBM status is just...sad.
  • Very very bad is an exclusive app for WP...
  • Serious Microsoft?
  • MixRadio>Xbox Music
  • microsoft discontinued their free xbox music streaming on pcs, AND sell mixradio. I guess nothing's free in this world.
  • The writing is on water! Gone full retard, but resuming.
  • No news on how much they sold it for?
  • Wow....that is super random. I love Line, although their app on WP is still behind
  • I don't use MixRadio, I've tried it out and I just personally prefer Pandora, but I really love the LINE app a lot, and I hope that this deal works out well for everyone involved.
  • Pandora doesn't play your existing music collection or offer downloadable offline mixes. It's a lot different than Pandora...
  • Whatever or whoever buys our sells doesn't matter I need vouchers to download songs.
    I hope line will provide downloading facility in India. If it provides I'll stay in wp only.
    If not It's time to switch to android phones.
  • I wonder how Line could benefit from this acquisition. Why Line of all? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • any such possibility could always happen, be prepared for everything
  • May be they will start giving voucher for unlimited download.... Fingers crossed....
  • Good thing it's sold now. Coming soon to Android. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Mix radio is awesome instead of improving, why did Microsoft sell it.
  • Because they have Xbox Music.
  • Xbox music still has a long way. But I liked Zune UI when compared to Xbox music.
  • wtf...
  • Not surprised Microsoft did it since they have Xbox music but would have still been better to roll the services together. If they did, it probably never would've stayed "free" anyway though
  • If you guys hates LINE because you don't have LINE Games and LINE Timeline while the Android and iOS counterpart have it, I can feel you...
    But you're pathetic.
  • First Nokia, then mix radio just sell every thing
  • Please white night Mixradio! Don't enable ads or force premium service, its what makes (among other things) this service unique.
  • Oh come on Microsoft! what are you doing O_o
  • Well, F**K YOU TOO LINE!
  • As a paid MixRadio subscriber (have been since it launched as "Nokia Music"), I'm happy to hear it will continue to be supported. As for LINE buying it, I'll withhold my opinion on the purchase for a few months until we see what they do with it.
  • You have to factor in that Microsoft already has Music. Yes the could have integrated it somehow, but selling it is not a bad choice by any means either. Plus who knows what we'll get as a result.
  • I truly believe MixRadio has much better generated playlists than Xbox Music. I try with Xbox Music but it's not as "smart". Hopefully, LINE will continue to make the app as good as it can be (on Windows devices), so they can benefit and all of us who enjoy using MixRadio can benefit from it as well.
  • MixRadio was a unique WP feature now it will be available for ios/android too like Microsoft's Xbox music service
  • is going to bring download option to windowsphone and windows app. So chill Indians.
  • I taught Microsoft only buys.. Not bad they even sell... :P
  • More bad decisions. Hopefully though Line is a company that actually gives a damn about its products.
  • So MS has no more music service?  Xbox music is not even available in many countries.
  • BEfore you would get a Mobile recharge if you sent stickers to your friends on line, now probably you get to pick one song LOL  
  • It doesn't matter to me since MixRadio doesn't work in my country anyway, even when I set the region to US. At least Xbox Music works for me, and is actually better with Music Deals and the fact that the music is playable on all my PCs, Xboxes, tablets and phones.
  • hah, i just won a contest from Mixradio for a new lumia 830 and my own mix their. always like it since NokiaMusic time.
  • As long as "Offline Music" is available, that is fine.
  • Line!y not make a deal?like Download the line app and get unlimited mix radio subscription or something?
  • 0.0 unbelievable... didn't see that one coming. Regardless great news for MixRadio fans and the users of apps that use / incorporate MixRadio like Sleeve. Presuming support just doesn't dwindle into the ether...
  • I dont care about company runs behind the MixRadio, what i wanted just MixRadio still runs perfectly and better
  • I hope they starts selling vouchers least in my region
  • Be nice if it was available on wp 10.....