The Line Football - a fun little time waster of a Windows Phone game

The Line Football is an incredibly simple yet frustratingly challenging time waster of a game for Windows Phone 8. The game is an endless runner styled game where you are challenged to guide a soccer ball down a path, dodging annoying football players and seeing how far you can go.

The Line Football game is available for 512MB devices and while I may the last person to recommend a soccer/football game, it is a game worth adding to your Windows Phone library.

Twists, turns and soccer players

The Line Football's menu is minimal with a button to jump into game play and a link to the game's Facebook page. As you begin play, on-screen instructions will appear and your high score is displayed at the bottom of the game screen. Settings are also minimal with control buttons on the game screen to mute the sound and turn off the vibration feature.

Game mechanics are simple, swipe up to get the ball rolling, swipe left or right to kick your ball accordingly and swipe up again to kick your ball over obstacles.

The further you progress through the course, things become more challenging. The ball begins to roll faster, the path gets narrower and the soccer players you have to jump over become more numerous.

Overall Impression

The Line Football game is a Windows Phone gaming title that is simple to pick up and play but you will be surprised how challenging of a game it can be. There's so little to The Line Football game that it is hard to find anything to complain about.

And that might be the rub (all be it a minor one).

When your soccer ball strays off the path or hits a soccer player, you do get a taunting message to get you to play again and your score but it needs a leaderboard (a local one at least). Something you can claim bragging rights with your friends or family who may also enjoy the game. By no means is it an issue that will make you uninstall the game, never to play it again but one that might give the game a little more meat on the bones.

The Line Football game is a freebie (ad-supported) and if you are in the market for a fun game to pass the time with hit the Store link below and give it a try.

  • The Line Football - Windows Phone 8 - Free - Store Link

George Ponder

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