LinkedIn's 'Your Commute' brings transit time to your job search

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LinkedIn is adding a handy new feature for job seekers today with "Your Commute." The tool helps show exactly what your transit time will be for jobs you're considering, helping to narrow down anything that may be outside of your comfort zone (via OnMSFT).

"We know commuting is a pain point for many job-seekers, in fact 85% of U.S. professionals say they would take a pay cut for a shorter commute," LinkedIn says in a new blog post. "Today, we're introducing a feature, "Your Commute", that can help you understand your potential commute time, whether you're walking, driving or taking public transportation, before you even apply for the role."

The new option is available via LinkedIn's mobile apps, and it offers the ability to see an estimate of your commute from your home to the office while driving, walking, or taking public transportation. For now, you'll have to enter your address each time you want to see an estimate. However, LinkedIn says it will soon allow you to save your address locally so you won't have to type it each time.

Linkedin Your Commute

According to GeekWire, LinkedIn will also bring the feature to its desktop website over the coming months.

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