Littlstar is bringing its VR content app to Windows Mixed Reality

In a shift from the relative trickle we've seen on the topic over the past several months, Microsoft unleashed a whole load of Windows Mixed Reality news earlier this week. It seems gaming content will be prolific on the platform, with SteamVR and Minecraft on the horizon, but more traditional media is getting in on the game too.

Littlstar is one of the first companies to announce support for Windows Mixed Reality since Microsoft dropped more details this week. The company operates as a platform through which media giants like NBC, Viacom, Disney, and ABC can release VR content. In a recent Medium post, Littlstar confirmed that it is currently developing an app for Windows Mixed Reality.

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Littlstar is mum on any other details, but it's good news for the platform for sure. Content will make or break any platform, and Windows Mixed Reality will need plenty out of the gate to take on the competition. Combined with the relatively low barrier of entry based on the headset prices we've seen so far, Windows Mixed Reality could find itself in a good starting position. Carrying that momentum will be key.

Now that Microsoft is talking more about, we should expect to see more apps announcing support in the coming months. The first headsets from the likes of Acer and Dell are expected to land later this year.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Seriously guys, seriously, who uses VR and who the hell is interested in VR technology. It looks out-of-this-world retarded and idiotic on your head. Who? Why we continue with this stuff? What is the world share of VR usage is there a statistics who actually buys this tech and how much time does he invest in using it before throwing it in a drawer to collect dust. I just don't get it. I am seriously not interested in this technology and I don't get the artificial hype around it. Please, someone elaborate, but be honest and do not defend Microsoft and their MR efforts, because they have almost nothing else to talk about these days. Be honset about the technology. I tried VR headset and I just don't see how I or anyone else could be engaged in this experience for more than 2-3 times before throwing it aside. This just cannot drive your life and its pure toys. Toys that get boring in just couple of times of use.. Let's be honest for once
  • Why should we explain ourselves to you? If you don't get it, then you can always just not read the articles. A small percentage of the population likes radishes, but the are still farmed and sold. Same goes for nappies or diapers, and about a million other things. But I don't go around standing by these things asking why people enjoy them, I just get on with my life and let them get on with theirs.
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  • Did you tried real VR or the smartphone garbage? An what did you tried?
  • Samsung's
  • So that is why!
    The high end VR headsets like PS VR, the Rift and the Vive truly show what VR can do. For now games are the only content that show potential because they were made with these headsets in mind. The existence of this controllers alone make a huge diference.
  • Kinda agree with reomw. Most people don't want to wear a inconvenient headset.
    Where are all the hyping from? Businessmen? Enthusiast? Dreamer? Vive and MR are better than psvr.
    With PSVR, users and devs are locked to cockpit control scheme (good for driving car, teleporting, fly like a bird, robot/jet piloting).
    So, MR/Vive can do what psvr can do + more, msAR cna do what Vive can do + more. As a game programmer, I'm more into Vive, msAR/MR tbh. Imagine this.
    You placed a chair in the center of a room. A racing car is rendered on top of the chair. The high of the car seat is the same high as your chair.
    You, can walk around, observe, look at the insides of the car.
    Now, go seat on the chair and turn on the engine. The race track, opponents and engine sound start to fade in and you can hit the gas to start your race.
    When you stand up, game paused, and the race track fade away. You are free to go fetch your drink or answer your phone/door and come back. A sofa environment.
    A racing car is rendered, on top of your sofa. You can still walk around but there'll be limitations.
    Now, go seat on the sofa... *rest are the same* * We have 4k+ employees in the studio. We have VR experiment team. It's not what I'm doing right now but... not like I never participate in their exercise (close to my seats).
    We have all the major VR equipment in our studio and I've tried a few round of Zero Latency.