Littlstar is bringing its VR content app to Windows Mixed Reality

In a shift from the relative trickle we've seen on the topic over the past several months, Microsoft unleashed a whole load of Windows Mixed Reality news earlier this week. It seems gaming content will be prolific on the platform, with SteamVR and Minecraft on the horizon, but more traditional media is getting in on the game too.

Littlstar is one of the first companies to announce support for Windows Mixed Reality since Microsoft dropped more details this week. The company operates as a platform through which media giants like NBC, Viacom, Disney, and ABC can release VR content. In a recent Medium post, Littlstar confirmed that it is currently developing an app for Windows Mixed Reality.

Littlstar is mum on any other details, but it's good news for the platform for sure. Content will make or break any platform, and Windows Mixed Reality will need plenty out of the gate to take on the competition. Combined with the relatively low barrier of entry based on the headset prices we've seen so far, Windows Mixed Reality could find itself in a good starting position. Carrying that momentum will be key.

Now that Microsoft is talking more about, we should expect to see more apps announcing support in the coming months. The first headsets from the likes of Acer and Dell are expected to land later this year.

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Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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