A look at the Touch Pro 2's proximity sensor

One of the cooler features of the HTC Touch Pro 2 is one that you could well not even notice: The proximity sensor. For the unfamiliar, a proximity sensor on a phone shuts off the screen when it recognizes the phone's against your face when you're on a call. Obviously, that'll save battery life. Above, Brandon from Pocketnow takes a brief look at the proximity sensor on the European version of the Touch Pro 2.

Just one more reason why we can't wait for this phone to be released in the United States.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Is it really a proximity sensor is it just using the light sensor?
  • Who cares the Palm pre has it and the iphone also. Htc is late to the game.
  • I think the iPhone uses a proximity-sensor with the accelerometre to determine what happening. You can test if you have a call coming in just kinda tilt as you would when you talk on the phone and hold it close(within 5in) and the screen will turn off.
  • i want the touch pro 2 but i cant be forced to deal without a 3.5mm jack again. so .. gota wait for another one.