Nokia Lumia 920 and friends make cameo appearance in TV show Arrow

Any fans of DC Comic superhero Green Arrow watching the TV series Arrow? It started up last October on the CW here in the United States and later went to international broadcasting in late 2012. It’s getting favorable reviews with critics and fans alike. Either way, they’ve recently had some in-show advertisement from Microsoft, highlight a few products from the Redmond company.

If you tuned in recently you would find yourself checking out a Lumia 920, another Lumia device (800,900?) and a Windows 8 tablet. Check out some of those images below.

Cameo 1

Cameo 2

Cameo 3

Without a doubt, the lead image at the very top is a white Nokia Lumia 920. However, I'm not 100% on the other three images. Lets all play detectives in the comments and see what we think the other devices are.

Also, isn't it funny how the interface of devices on TV shows change all the time? For example, the Lumia 920 image shows a calling UX/UI that you've probably never seen on your Windows Phone device. Also, one of the other unknown Windows Phone devices has a double wide tile that you probably won't find on yours either. The Windows 8 tablet also has a huge user picture in the top right corner.

Thanks for the tip and images Peter!

Sam Sabri