Nokia Lumia 920 holds majority of all Windows Phone in the US

Yesterday we shared some of the advertisement data from cross-platform developer network AdDuplex. Now the full post is available on their blog and with it, much more data to comb over. In contrast with the mostly US-centric data yesterday, the blog post gives a worldwide perspective. Keep in mind, these numbers are from an ad network, the most popular Windows Phone ad network of its kind, but still not official numbers from Microsoft. That said, it’s still fun to look at the graphs and get some insight to the Windows Phone ecosystem as a whole.

The data was collected from 215 different Windows Phone apps in the ad network, all on the course of one day – January 3, 2013. Now let’s jump into some numbers and fancy graphs. Windows Phone 8 just went on sale about two months ago and older Windows Phone 7.x devices can’t upgrade. So it’s justifiable that at this point, most Windows Phone (81%) are running 7.1 compared to 19% for WP8.

Some US Data

Windows Phone devices United States

This was rather surprising, the Lumia 920 was able to gain 16% marketshare compared to other devices that have been on the market for much longer.

The balance between Windows Phone 8 and 7.x is a little different compared to the world at large. As far as OS versions go, Windows Phone 8 already owns 43% of the US market. That’s kind of crazy to think about – Windows Phone 8 was able to make a huge dent in only two months, fairly impressive when you consider it can only come from new device sales. Speaking of sales

Which carraier owns the most Windows Phone? Surprise, surprise – it’s AT&T at 51% followed by T-Mobile with 27%, Verizon at 16% and “Other” at 6%. Looking back at the Windows Phone story the past two years it’s no brainer why AT&T dominates the Windows Phone market in the US. They had the majority of devices and highly sought exclusives like the Lumia 900 and 920. On AT&T, it’s no surprise that the number one Windows Phone 8 device is that Lumia 920 with a commanding 71%, followed by the HTC 8x at 18% and Lumia 820 with 11%.

Our neighbors abroad

Windows Phone Devices UK

As far as devices go in the UK, the Lumia 800 is king of the Windows Phone market with a 42% share. Followed by the Lumia 610 and 710 with 12% and 8% respectively. A Windows Phone 8 devices doesn’t even register until you get to the Lumia 920 with 7% in Rich Edmonds homeland.

Windows Phone Devices India

Over in India, budget phones reign supreme with the Lumia 510, 610, and 710 combining for 71% of the market! Of course Nokia made such devices to target emerging markets like India and it seems to be paying off.

Looking at numbers like this is a great way to get an overall feel for how the ecosystem is doing. But until we get hard numbers from either Microsoft or Nokia you can’t draw any absolute conclusions. Hopefully when Nokia has their earnings call on the 24th of this month we’ll learn more.

Anyway, all you statistics aficionados head on over to the AdDuplex blog for more data. For everyone else, they’ll be doing the same thing in about a month to compare other markets and metrics.

Source: AdDuplex

  • See Nokia, this is why you only create one device and make it available everywhere. As it is now is just needless money spend on different devices
  • that's the apple route, and won't bold well for india as it appears on the graph that they require lower end devices, i think Nokia did pretty well, just need to increase manufacturing speed (guess they probably should've kept a few more of those plants that they shut down last year)
  • +1
  • 2
  • Well Nokia is opening new plants in Vietnam... Hard working and dedicated people are waiting to produce beautiful phones for Nokia and its customers...
    Maybe Nokia ultimate design expression, the Lumia 1001?
  • How can you say that after Samsung just unvealed their massive profit. Their strategy is to push as much different phones as possible and they'll soon be the number 1.
    If these graphs tells us anything then its that both low and high-end Lumia's popular. Those who bought the 710 probably arent in the market for a Lumia 920.
  • Nokia always gives people a choice. Not everybody wants or can afford a 920.
  • Must not have read the same graphs brah
  • HTC Arrive gets no love anywhere. I know they announced Samsung and HTC by 'summer' for some new WP8 partners, but I'm really hoping Sprint gets Lumia 920 as well. If the 6 month exclusivity started in November, 'summer' will be a good time for it to show up at Sprint and Verizon.
  • "Summer" would also be a good time to have the device's successor announced. 6 months is a decent life cycle for a smartphone, and Sprint only announced Samsung and HTC as partners. I wouldn't get my hopes up for the 920 itself, but you MIGHT get a successor to the 820 and 920 lines by then.
  • 6 months is a decent life cycle for a smartphone?!?! That sounds so asinine it hurts to read!
  • Hurts but its true.. Really the life cycle is closer to 12 months until the phones pretty much not sold anymore, but the upgrade to a device comes out every 6 months.
  • The figures for the UK are not surprising, given that the 920 is almost totally exclusive to EE, an overpriced carrier that has done nothing to promote wp8. Really bad move and the sooner this exclusive crap ends the better.
  • I've gotta say, given the stupid exclusivity and the fact that it's not been pushed anywhere near as hard as the 8X, I'm quite pleased the Lumia 920 has made it to 9% of the UK WP market. 
    What worries me is that the 8x isn't selling so well, and the 820 and 8s are barely to be seen. I know the latter 2 were released later, but they were the ones I was expecting to see the big push for in the UK, what with the 820 being the successor to the seemingly all-powerful 800. 
    IMHO the flagship phone should be more exclusive (in terms of quantity owned by consumers) than the non-flagship, but TBH I'm more interested in seeing the overall WP figures and what sort of market share the platform commands. 
  • Guess, 620 is going to take over from now on... and may be you will get more lumia 920.
  • So many people lifting!
  • There's dedicated PDF app by Microsoft, for WP. What are you talking about!?
  • It's hardly functional. 
  • And that is probably still an understatement, given the disastrous state of the official Microsoft pdf reader app.
  • Majority requires greater than 50%, and the 920 is only at 16%. A more correct statement would be that the Lumia 920 holds the largest percentage of all Windows Phones in the US.
  • I tried explaining that to the folks at wpcentral once, they didn't get it.
    also, even if techincally adduplex is cross platfrom because it runs on windows 8 as well, it's misleading to call it that since that makes the reader think it has Android and ios data as well, which it doesn't.
  • The Lumia 920, to be more precise, holds a plurality. 
  • yup, Plurality is the correct term for this case.
    It would be apt to say that the majority of windows phones still run 7, and that Nokia overall is a majority of the platform, but not the 920.
  • According to Merriam-Webster, Majority has multiple meanings, including "the greater quantity or share", in which having more share than any other single phone gives the Lumia 920 a majority. 
  • Thanks, I'll use that next time.
  • Plurality is the word ;)
  • seconded. headline was very shocking/inaccurate.
  • So basically Nokia rules the WP platform??! Nice
  • Kind of like King of the paupers, lol.
  • Not surprising seeing the extra mile they go to push the platform.
  • Maybe coming soon to Verizon? Here's hoping.
  • You and me both mate :)
  • While it's impressive that the 920 is so successful, it's a bit alarming that it so dominates the field. It would seem that almost 85% of WP8 devises are 920s.
  • Wait till you see the number from China next month and the month after that... Chinese New Year is Feb. 15.
    Lumia 920 is going to rock!
    Loving my Lumia 920 btw. :)
  • I feel like I'm looking at a different graph given the article in the US portion. While the 920 certainly is the leader (majority is the wrong word) of Windows Phones share in the US, the most impressive number in that graph is definitely the Lumia 822's 10% share. The 822 has been, at most, an afterthought on even WPC (seriously, barely ever mentioned, all articles read, "try this out on your 920 or 8X"), it's been called ugly by many tech reviewers, and it's had appreciably less press and ads than the 920 and the 8X, and it's still only 6% behind the 920 and 1% behind the 8X. Seems that's the real story in those numbers. Speaking probably to the appeal of the Nokia brand, that HTC missed an opportunity with pricing and storage limitations, and definitely a possible blunder on Nokia's part in underestimating how people purchase phones in the US, i.e. carrier first, device second. What would the WP market share look like if the 920 or a variant had been available by Black Friday in the US?
  • After spending some time with the 822 I don't find it ugly at all
  • Very cool.
  • After reviewing these graphs, and other info, i am giving serious consideration to adding to my Nokia stock.. I think things are going great so far... Just think 4 quarters ago, Nokia knocked out a million wp sales.. Its going to smash that this quarter and keep on trucking up and up
  • That's pretty impressive being that the 920 is exclusive to at&t. Imagine if the 920 or an equivalent variant was available at all major carriers. Lumia 9XX could've had a larger piece of the pie. 822's share is very close to the 8X. This pretty much shows that there are many potential customers in VZW who want to give Lumia WP's a try instead of another Droid (the brand is getting overused now I think) given that 822 itself is a midrange device.
  • Agreed. End the ATT exclusivity or make the high-end Lumias capable of working on other carriers like unlocked iPhones. Do I sound like a T-Mobile user? Yes, I am.