Win Phone 8 usage on the rise, according to new ad report

Lumia 820

New Windows Phone usage data has been released from cross-platform developer network AdDuplex, which supports both Windows Phone and Windows 8. The data reveals Windows Phone 8 climbing up to 20 percent of the platform marketshare, with previous versions of Windows Phone taking the remaining chunk.

Windows Phone 8 was only on 5 percent in the previous month, which makes this quite a boost indeed. We've covered the shortages of Lumia 920 in multiple markets a number of times, and this is the first real sign of good numbers being pushed out to consumers from all manufacturing partners. But what about the differences between Windows Phone handsets?

According to the data released by AdDuplex, the Nokia Lumia 710 is the most popular Windows Phone with 20 percent of the pie. Nokia is clearly still the dominant player in the ecosystem. The Lumia 800 is second at 18 percent, Lumia 610 third with 16 percent, Lumia 920 in fourth at 9 percent (up from 3 percent) and the Lumia 900 is in fith with 6 percent. Looking at competition, the HTC 8X is behind the Lumia 900 at 3 percent.

AdDuplex notes that most of the growth that has occurred for Windows Phone 8 has been at the expense of older models. However, in the US, Windows Phone 8 represents 43 percent of usage, which is accumulated through new device sales. The largest gains were Windows Phone 8 handsets - Lumia 920 (9 percent), HTC 8X (3 percent) and Lumia 820 (also on a 3 percent climb).

AT&T has stated at CES it was selling more Windows Phones than any other carrier in the world, which we expect could change with China on the rise. Data shows that the Lumia 920 is top dog at 71 percent, followed by the HTC 8X (18 percent) and Lumia 820 (11 percent). The dominance of Nokia hardware is thanks to AT&T's exclusive deals and partnerships to restrict availability. AdDuplex notes:

"There are more Lumia 920 devices in use than any other Windows Phone. That’s a very notable achievement for a device that is only available on one operator and constantly suffered from supply shortages."

AdDuplex will be releasing more data in due course that will also take into account foreign markets as well as the US. Data collected by the company is achieved through its SDK. Be sure to also check out our previous coverage of data supplied by AdDuplex to compare just how much Windows Phone 8 has increased its share of the platform pie.

via: WinSuperSite

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