Lumia 920 Windows Phone apparently also heading to O2 UK, presumably after EE's exclusivity ends

Should information which has been passed on to us be accurate, O2 UK will be sporting not three, but four Windows Phones. A Windows Phone Central reader was able to extract details from the carrier surrounding the potential stocking of a Lumia 920 with LTE capabilities. A support representative answered queries with some degree of affirmation.

The Lumia 920 has been picked up by EE (Everything Everywhere) as an exclusive launch handset for its new 4G LTE UK network. While the exclusivity will be limited in duration, and other operators (including O2) will subsequently be able to stock the Nokia flagship Windows Phone, it's positive to see a UK carrier planning to arrive at the Microsoft party with chocolate cake.

This is not official confirmation, nor an announcement by O2, but it would prove unproductive for a representative to reveal false information to and mislead a potential (or already established) customer. There's also no reason for the carrier not to put the Nokia flagship device alongside both HTC Windows Phones and the Samsung ATIV S. See the conversation below.

O2 plans to begin rolling out its own LTE network by Spring 2013, alongside other UK carriers to get up to speed with EE. Already unveiling the HTC 8X and HTC 8S, O2 will be sporting a healthy arsenal of 4G Windows Phones to market to consumers.

We're unsure just how long EE's hold on the Lumia 920 will last, but we expect competitors to begin stocking the Windows Phone by the time said carriers make the jump to launching LTE publicly.

To recap on Lumia 920 features, the Windows Phone sports a 4.5" screen with PureMotion HD+ technology, dual-core CPU, 2000mAh battery, 8.7MP camera with PureView technology, 1GB RAM and 32GB storage. It's packing more than enough power for apps and games located on the Windows Phone Store, and we're sure attractive tariffs will be available. 

Thanks, Sabita, for sending in the photo!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Cheers Rich! I'll ask O2 again next week and will see if I get a consistent response.
  • thats just some rep talking without information. she says, yes sure it would be sold without any proper knowledge, Im sure the rep doesn't even know what phone hes talking about.
    the same happened to me before on o2, so I know these reps
  • Although I can see your point, I hope you're wrong and the Rep does have knowledge.... As I'm waiting for O2 to announce the 920, or say it isn't so I can jump ship to EE
  • Although the information can't be taken as fact just yet, I don't think it's fair to say all reps don't know what they're talking about. I've talked to some that were extremely well informed and were "tech geeks" themselves. They knew everything about every phone model and its OS, as well as those from the competitors.
    If "Pollie" was one of those type of reps, then that's a good sign for O2 users in the UK. But we should still treat this news with caution until it can be confirmed from several sources or it comes straight from an official O2 spokesperson directly.
  • I've never had a representative inform me of incorrect details to the extent they misled me to believe a smartphone will launch on their network which turned out to be false. Sure, they are sometimes known to provide incorrect information for a number of topics, but I'd like to believe this is at least possible especially with the upcoming LTE competition. When I've previously inquired about a handset that they wont be stocking (quite some time ago I must say), I received a "no" or was suggested to wait for further details - not once was I given false hope. But I may have been a lucky duckling.
  • I'd wager that person isn't called Pollie.
  • Aaahhh Polly, that's my missus name, she's blinded by iPhone, although trying to show her the light side.
    Im on o2,my upgrade is on the 4th November... So was perfect timing for the lumia 920... But can't wait, EE for me.
  • Unluckily my contract ends 27th Nov, so unless O2 announce they're having it 27th Oct (when my early upgrade happens) EE gets me 28th Nov :)
  • Ye I agree there just think rep is saying yes and doesn't have any precise knowledge tbh
  • This is why I believe Verizon's getting this phone.
  • Hope so..
  • Agreed. Nokia needs it's top end device in as many places as possible. Makes no sense to keep it exclusive.
  • If this Verizon is going to get their 920 version eventually they need to say so. I will not settle for a second tier Nokia phone.
  • Agreed. This kinda information has come out soooo many times in the past.  The only thing that holds true is that support reps don't have any information on release dates or product availability.  They just don't.  They are in a call center and they follow a script. That is the extent of their knowlege. They barely even know what company they work for.
  • I want to see an article say this title "Nokia Lumia 920/922 headed to Verizon" that would make me very happy. Until that day I just get more depressed with Nokia when I see the name mentioned. Nokia this Nokia that.. No Nokia and Verizon.
  • The ball is in Vzn's court they have to want it and agree tio pay for it and make the deal  and then they and you will have it.!
  •   Can You Repeat The Part Of The Stuff Where You Said All About The Things
  • This will be a real turnout for the books, if they do. To me, this will be a statement from O2 to say they're fully behind WP. Fingers are crossed.... the future is bright, the future is... DOH, wrong service provider. :P
  • +1
  • The first paragraph refers to the lumia 900. Should be 920, no?
  • Ha, good catch! Fixed.
  • I'm sure I read elop say recently their biggest mistake in Europe was too many carriers so I don't know if the rep is correct or not.
  • I was in a london flagship o2 stor 2 weeks ago where the "tech geek" rep who knew everything about WP7/8 and devices had even played with a 920. Said a nokia rep was testing in London and brought in to store to show them a "peek". When questioned the nokia rep confirmed that O2 would get the 920. The rep was very confident that EE would have been shouting more about an exclusive and having seen the 920 he was convinced he would be selling it at launch. I like most most want the 920 but as an O2 customer are very please to see WP support through the Ativ and 8x but wont move for the 920. Current Iphone user bored to tears with ios and really excited to change os for the first time in 5 years. Although is 920 doesnt appear I am tempted by Note 2 against the 8x and Ativ!
  • As 3 wont have it I'll be getting an 8x instead. Exclusivity lost Nokia my custom.
  • Hopefully this will happen with Verizon after AT&T exclusive ends.
  • O2 will be getting the 920 but definitely not at launch. Nokia confirmed to me via Twitter exclusives will only last a short time.
  • Anyone care to guess what this time period may be? I have a failing IP4 with a dead home button (using software home button in accessability) so going mad everyday at phone. I need a 920 fast, dont know if I can wait until 2013?
  • I'd guess EE have it up until Christmas, then O2 and 3 etc. get it from January. I'm hoping much sooner though
  • I assume, even though its an EE exclusive, we can still get this unlocked/sim free?