Lumia Black now available in India for the Nokia Lumia 720

Two days ago the Lumia Black update for the Nokia Lumia 520 started rolling out in India. That phone is the most popular in India with over 43.3% of the Windows Phone marketshare. The second most popular, the Lumia 720, comes in at more than 12.7% marketshare. So odds are if you aren’t rocking a Lumia 520 in India, you probably have a Lumia 720. If you have a Lumia 720 you should go check for a phone update because Lumia Black is now rolling out.

Tips are flying in that the Nokia Lumia 720 for India is picking up the Lumia Black update. Remember our review of the Lumia 720? Long story short its design is near perfect and we love the Lumia 720. So we’re very happy to see those get the Lumia Black update.

The update brings a handful of new things specific to Lumia devices. It also sneaks in Windows Phone 8 Update 3 for the device. It also brings double-tap to wake, a feature that we’re sure a handful of you will appreciate.

Go grab the update for your Lumia 720. Then hit up the Nokia Lumia 720 section in the forums to talk amongst other owners.

Thanks for the tips everyone! Enjoy the update!

Sam Sabri