Lumia Black begins rolling out for the Lumia 520 in India

Living in India and rocking a Lumia 520 from Nokia? Odds are that you probably. The last time AdDuplex looked at Windows Phone devices in India we saw the Lumia 520 out front with 43.3% of the marketshare. It’s a popular handset there and it’s now getting the Lumia Black update.

Lumia Black is a pretty stellar update from Nokia. Now our friends with the Lumia 520 can start rocking it. Look forward to closing out apps with ‘X’ when in the multitasking view, Driving mode, orientation lock, and more.

In India with a Lumia 520? Be sure to check for the update! Don't forget to go to the Lumia 520 section in the forums to talk with other owners! 

Thanks for the tips everyone!

Via: Windows Phone Central Forums

Sam Sabri