Lumia Black begins rolling out for the Lumia 520 in India

Living in India and rocking a Lumia 520 from Nokia? Odds are that you probably. The last time AdDuplex looked at Windows Phone devices in India we saw the Lumia 520 out front with 43.3% of the marketshare. It’s a popular handset there and it’s now getting the Lumia Black update.

Lumia Black is a pretty stellar update from Nokia. Now our friends with the Lumia 520 can start rocking it. Look forward to closing out apps with ‘X’ when in the multitasking view, Driving mode, orientation lock, and more.

In India with a Lumia 520? Be sure to check for the update! Don't forget to go to the Lumia 520 section in the forums to talk with other owners! 

Thanks for the tips everyone!

Via: Windows Phone Central Forums

  • Nice! The Brazilian 820 CV just got Black as well. My 920 will wait a little longer to be updated but that's fine. :)
  • My L920 is waiting, too... I think Nokia is giving a redress to L820 owners since it was the last Lumia upgraded for GDR2 here in Brazil... But I'm curious to know if the L520 has received the double tap feature. Could an Indian L520's owner tell us?
  • Vodafone Italy Lumia 520 got updated to black and yes, we have the double tap to wake!!
  • Awesome ! waiting for it ! :D
    it's available in my country but not yet for country varient :(
  • That's great!!! So the Lumia family has almost no fragmentation now, if not for the Glance Screen... Thank's for informing!! =]
  • the lumia black update is out on lumia 520 and 720 for many contrys,and the only device that doesnt have the update yet is 620
  • Yes. It has, but a lot of features are missing on my Lumia 520.
  • Will you give me some,details information about Lumia 520 update to me...i m waiting for it since day one but all in vain!!!
    my phone is still showing updated without black update
  • Waiting for the lumia 920 to be updated too. It was already udpated in many countries in Europe and Ásia, but in Brazil, nothing.
  • the black update is available in austria too :D
    but not for the country varient
  • Yaar its just only cheking not updating on my lumia 520
    Trying from 10 mins.
  • Yaar, wait...
  • This happened with me when i was updating to amber.Didn't have to wait for black
  • Try with wi-fi, it works at once.
  • Even i m facing d same...waiting fr last five min :( m on 3g and hving d feeling worst dan 2g :\.....
    Finally got will have to wait no matter your network speed
  • Does the 3g network selection problems remain in lumia black update or it is fixed?
  • the US carriers need to start pushing black on everything soon, my AT&T 920 is getting anxious
  • They barely going to be pushing out 4.2.2 for the HTC One X and you think you're getting Black soon?
  • Of course, this isn't Android, we're on Windows Phone here. "Probably not coming" (= realy not coming) and "Might come, but we're not sure" (= might come, old version) on Android are "Waiting for approval" (= we're testing it, just wait) and "Coming soon" (= start that 72 hour count down) on Windows Phone.
  • You obviously missed the point. But that's ok. This has nothing to do with OS, but the way ATT handles their business. So please don't drag this into some OS BS
  • AT&T is "coming soon" which usually means 72 hours.
  • Really? Wow! Quit the AT&T hate, guys!
  • They've earned the hate. AT&T is an unfunny joke.
  • I don't hate ATT, yet. But I am a realistic. ATT is releasing 4.2.2 for a two year old phone when Android is on 4.4. They stripped Qi charging on 1520 and quite possibly any future phone that does no support PMA, and just recently they stripped Tap and Play out the Galaxy Note 3 Kit Kat update forcing people to use ISIS. So yeah I'm a realistic that ATT is pulling shady business practices.
  • ^
    This is truth, and fact. How do I know? 15 years in said company, and watching some craaaaazy decisions being discussed/implemented.
    Shame really...
  • For the Vodafone PT Nokia Lumia 520 it was "Watting for Approval" this morning, "Coming Soon" after lunch and "Available" just now.
  • Hellz yeah!
  • I have an international 925 on att and I got black a few weeks ago
  • Any idea about the size of the update? Anyone?
  • It's around 160-180 MB. And it's not just India, the update is releasing at most of the places in Asia pacific, Africa & Europe .. country and operator variants both !
  • How much space is required in phone to download and install it?
  • 2GB Space is enough. And guess what it also enables 'Doube tap to wake up'. :)
  • I have only 600 mb left
    And that too because I deleted 4 Apps in my phone.
  • That's 1868 MB more than the required space.
  • 2GB is not a minimum requirement. I had 2GB space and it installed without any probs however I can confirm one thing that it won't install if you have space in the range of 1GB .. so it's somewhere around 1GB +.
  • Lol...i installed it with 500 megs of space :P
  • I didn't see any difference in free space before and after the update, it was 1.8 free before and after the update its still the same:)
  • What about 720?
  • Since we didn't say it's getting 'Black, that's what about it ;)
  • Any idea when it will be available?
  • if he had, he would have just said it in the article! Great work Daniel, thanks for keeping us all updated :)
  • Ya cool. Just eager to have the update. Thanks for the info. @daniel great job.
  • March 4th, after about 11.30pm, will roll out from states North to South. Eastern states may get it with China variant of 520 though, a bit later.
  • Feature: it lets you open nokia camera from the lockscren no need to put the password! it wasnt like that earlier!
  • That's part of 'Black' with all phones ;)
  • nokia camera didnt have it but the default camera did.
  • What about 920 in the dominican republic?
  • The black update is now available for the Lumia 720 handsets in
    India :) The Nokia website says "coming soon" but its already available and currently downloading on my phone :) #excited
  • You guys are awful with those teasing toasts. "Lumia Black begins rolling out for..."
    I hate you. Not really. But I totally do.
    I bet you can't wait to start the "Windows Phone 8.1 begins tolling out for..." toasts, you sadists.
  • Smile! :D
  • >:C
  • He is right, Sam! Its just sadist. You need to start with "Lumia 925, India only: You have sandwich maker in built now with update 1"
  • tolling tolling tolliiiiiing
  • is sure that 720 and other low end phones Will get 8.1? I'm pessimistic about this :(
  • Yes it is. Dont act like an Android user.
  • Lol
  • Commenting while updating!
  • Yeah.. What about 720?
  • Not yet..but it'll arrive pretty soon..somewhere in the end of Jan or beginning of Feb!
  • download the Lumia update :)
  • sam u could have mentioned the tip atleast never mind finally the black is here
  • Seriously? The L520 has received the duble tap feature? =]
  • Yes my friend, it has ;)
  • And.........still nothing for T-Mobile 925!!!
  • Same thing for L521 on T-Mobile........waiting game
  • Sam what about lumia 720 in india
  • Not yet .. also rolling-out for Lumia 625 in India.
  • Y not 928 what the hell is the problem
  • They covered in the article earlier. It is something about Rahul Gandhi and women empowerment, didn't read the whole story.
  • What does that say about my Nokia Lumia 920..first windows phone 8 device made and the flagship only just a year ago not receiving Lumia update first before Lumia 520..a phone which was just released a little while ago..makes me wonder about the support in the future for my 920????
  • actually mentioned above that the 920 is listed as coming soon (on a&t), so maybe soon?
  • I thought Lumia 920 got the Black update quite a while ago? Didn't it? Edit: I meant the unlocked ones.
  • My Lumia 920 in India already got an update last week
  • QQ moar
  • Wat about 720??
  • It says on the Nokia site it's available for France too
  • Uuuugh at&t
  • Lumia 520 branded by Orange (SK) ... Available 
  • SK = South Korea?
  • Blasphemy! That's like owning a Samsung in Finland...
  • joking right ? There is non Orange lol....  Slovakia man... Anyway double tap to unlock available + these new icons for WIFI and data network with that arrow.. 
  • Still waiting for 620 in Slovakia ... this time it's last to be updated! I am quite impatient by now :D
  • a
  • What about 620????
  • Hopefully it hits hungary soon too since my phone is imported.
  • Come on....this is not right....why are this low budget cells getting the update ,when the high end cells like the 920 not getting it in USA yet!! >_<
    Im just going to get the 1020, it seems Nokia dont care about the old models, but the new ones first!!
  • blame the carriers, they tend to be the ones that hold everything up.
  • Its not about the price of phone, it is about how many phones can be better off with such update. Clearly 520 the best seller should get all updates first!
  • Seriously? You're pissed on Nokia because low-end models get the update that's also going to be rolled out for high-end devices? Why does it matter? If you want to have a high-end device that's the only one in its ecosystem that gets updates while others have to work with old versions, then please move to Android.
  • it's not right,Black update was released 13 day ago for Nokia Lumia 920 here in Italy for the no-brand and a week ago for all the brand ones (only H3g is in "waiting for approval" state)
  • Idiotic comment, you have to realize that telecom operator/carrier model is messed up in USA and they shaft you on every thing like price,contracts, locked phones, updates etc. In other countries people pay Full price for factory unlocked phones and are free from carrier's shafting. So, compare USA 920 update with USA 520 update, not unlocked markets like India, Russia etc..
  • I couldn't wait for the Black so i bought a 1320 yesterday....still waiting for my 720 s turn....
  • Yuhuuuuuu thanx wpcebtral.. I love you :*
  • In Portugal is rolling out too for the Vodafone PT branded. 
  • I had an 1st attempt :D :p
  • You clearly aren't the fastest typist here ;)
  • Soo happy to read this! :D
  • Even being an avid WP fan, I am lost in all these updates, previews, betas.  Can anyone tell me the main differences between Black and the developer preview?  Thank you!
  • Developer peview is GDR3 alone. Black is GDR3+nokia firmware/customizations
  • So mainly glance colors/notification improvements?
  • +Nokia fixes for OS update
  • Whats nokia lumia 520 update size???
  • 160 to 180 mb
  • Nothing special, just go ahead & update it.
    Thats on
  • This is firmware update.
  • Littel bit above 50 MB
  • If ur or is preview gdr3
  • C'mon AT&T...we need the update for the 920.
  • Now Getting 100 MB.
  • 520 Vodafone, in Portugal too ;)
  • double tap to wake up feature is now available for Lumia 520 just now updated my nokia Lumia 520!! :P :)
  • Its 1:30 in India but our excitement are at extreme heights.. :D :*
  • Double Tap to Awake is Enabled now in Lumia 520.
  • What else?
  • I can't wait to see my lumia in new form but it is taking too much time :( :D :p
  • That was a long time ago here US with AT&T
  • Awesome, download in progress can't wait :P
  • Douple tap to awake for 520? Really? It does not have a glance screen right?
  • Download stuck because of mobile data.
    Needs wifi.
  • Ohh sad man :( come to my house :D mood ruined :( :D sad buddy :(
  • Yeah...nw i hv made wifi hotspot on my pc nd using it...anything fr black upd :)
  • Has anyone else that has upgraded to Black and also have the dev GDR3 preview experienced any issues with SIM card and Volume? I keep getting problems with the phone randomly not reading my SIM. Also the volume sometimes when I am turning the volume up/down it doesn't actually do anything to the system volume.
  • Restart you phone.. It happens in amber too.. Many times.. :(
  • Ya I too have that glitch,... How bout hanging and crashing when sending sms (hitting send button grays out the button and then hangs .... Ouch I hate this glitch)
  • Shit can't wait for tommorow
  • What about the 521 tmobile
  • The world has 196 Olympic participating nations.
  • I got an email from nokia on my live account informing about the update. Can't wait to flash it.