Nokia Lumia Icon versus Microsoft Surface 2 – born of the same design language?

Yesterday, I finally picked up my matte white/silver Lumia Icon from Verizon. Nokia wanted back the review device, so I had to decide if I wanted the Icon on my Verizon account. Of course I did, it’s a great phone.

In playing with the white/silver version, which in my opinion looks much better than the all black one, I can’t help but notice how much it borrows from the Surface 2 design language. Let me be clear here: I’m not saying this is the oft rumored ‘Surface Phone’ from Microsoft. Or that Nokia worked with Microsoft in any way on this device. That’s not true at all.

But you have to wonder if Verizon and Nokia didn’t want to appropriate at least some of the look from Microsoft’s iconic Surface design. Truth be told, it's probably more coincidence than anything. But it's an interesting one, nonetheless. From the angles of the device’s edge, to the near identical button design and yes, that metal band on the Icon looks a lot like the white VaporMG of the Surface 2.  Putting both devices next to each other and you would think they’re part of the same product line.

This of course this raises some interesting questions, especially once Microsoft seals the deal on Nokia’s hardware division. We’re already familiar with Nokia’s standard Lumia design with polycarbonate and bright colors, something that’s carrying over into the first 8.1 phone, ‘Moneypenny’. But will Microsoft and their new hardware division churn out a ‘Surface phone’?  I personally don’t expect them to, but with a device like the Lumia Icon on the market, in many ways, they’re already half way there.

I’ll ask you what you think, though I’m 99% sure I know the answer. It seems like a no-brainer, but product lines can be complicated and Microsoft may not want to dilute the brand (even more so since ‘Surface’ implies a tablet, not a phone). Still, they could call them whatever they want and still use the same design language.

Whatever they do, I have to admit that the Surface 2 and white Lumia Icon look great together. 

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • lol, but also Lumia 520 looks like surface :D
  • Eh, I have that combo and don't see it. 
  • That might have been sarcasm, davo's comment :-P
  • Not at all IMO.
  • Probably talking about the Nokia Lumia 2520..?
  • just look at this I'm saying that surface little bit looks like L520, because I have Surface Pro 2 and one mate has L520. :D
  • Lumia so called 'design language' proved to be complete failure. With small exceptions it generally translates to: chunky, massive bezel, heavy, polycarbonate plastic body, screaming colors.
    Results? Pathetic sales figures despite MS enormous support and investments. Money well spend? Nope.
    I am glad that Icon design is closer to Surface. I can't wait for MS to take over and start producing modern phones. WP deserves better. Icon is very good start. I hope...
  • I wouldn't necessarily say that the design of Nokia's Lumia lines are a failure by any stretch. WP is beginning to make a dent and grab some marketshare. When you have two OSs, Android amd iOS, it's hard to convert people. For you to say that the issue is of sales is rooted in Nokia's design language is completely apart from reality and simply doesn't take into account the market which WP is currently trying to crack. Personally, I get what you mean when you say some devices are chunky, heavy, etc, but for the most part Lumia has done a great job earning brand recognition for its catchy design.
  • HTC had an even catchier design. Support is what lagged. I own 3 8Xs, and I'd like an ATIV S, at least for now. But not available on US carriers.
  • I wouldn't argue with that. But the HTC One's design language with WP would look amazing. I'd like to see a fully aluminum chasis.
  • Like my HTC Radar, aluminum body. I'd use it still If I could get it from WP 7.8 up. Feels like a beer can in my can, something I DON'T drop.
  • ATIV S is on Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon.
  • The share WP has gained to date has not come at expense of Android and iOS.  It appears to me most of WP share has come from Blackberry losses. While many people (myself included) appreciate the Nokia designs, there is a large business segment who is not going to go for those wild colors.  Something more conservative, like the Icon, is going to be a lot easier sell to that group.  Combine that with WP security and ease of use, and you could see a potential win for MS/Nokia by offering something designed like Icon and targeted to the business user.
  • I don't agree with the first part of your comment.
    wp got its users from Symbian, ios and android.. Symbian since that's the obvious way to upgrade for nokia fans.. Android and ios users wanting to try something different. But blackberry users wouldn't even know wp existed. They would have been waiting to jump ship to android or ios once blackberry falls and they did.. So its like this.. Symbians loss = wps gain.. Blackberrys loss =ios and androids gain.
  • Kill yourself.
  • You go first, then we'll see.
  • Kill yourself? What reasonable human being says that to someone in any context?! I'm going to do the opposite and politely request that you join the HUMAN race and get a life!
  • Much class, you win!
  • cool comment
  • A complete failure that got them design awards? What an awesome way to fail...
  • My Icon is on back order :'(
  • I guess that's why Moto suddenly was available in bright, shiny "screaming" colors...not to mention the iPhone, among others. As for the "chunky, heavy, polycarbonate pastic body" has saved my phone from what many other flagship competitors would've died under. 7 ft. drop in a cold (-9F) warehouse onto the concrete floor? Check. My sister's S4 screen from literally just going outside into the cold (~ -15F) for a few minutes and back in? Cracked. Say what you will about aesthetic, but there's something to be said for the engineering that went in on the Lumia line. And sure, my 928 is heavier than my sister's S4, but my phone catches people's attention a lot better and have heard nothing but good things on the phone's looks alone ("That's a cool looking phone, what is it?").    
  • The Moto x and the iPhone 5c failed in the market. Do you see.the pattern?
  • 5c failed in part because it was marked as a low-budget phone that wasn't so low-budget. Apple saw how the low-end Lumia's were snatching up small bits of markets in developing countries and more-or-less copied the design. Also, Motorola has never really had any major successes in the smartphone era, except maybe the original droid, and that didn't even last a year. Then we run into all the different cases you can buy for various phones that have all of a sudden developed bright colors as well. It's pretty hard to call something a failure when the competition (that is way, way, way in the lead, by the way) are taking those ideas and using them. You don't copy failure. Not to mention the fact that Windows Phone is increasing their userbase and the majority are, in fact, Lumias.  But I guess you only read the first sentence anyways.
  • iPod nano succeeded in screaming colors. What pattern?
  • the 5C failed cuz it's a last-gen device, and the 5S is just 100$ more!
  • X was moto's most successful phone last year
  • If Verizon wasn't such an ultra conservative company with no sense of creativity, the 920 would have come to Verizon straight up instead of a squared up 928. Nokia's designs are well touted in the industrial design community and in the phone community; unfortunately aside from Apple, the carriers seem to have a hold over all other manufacturers in terms of designs.
  • I have the 928. I want someone to make a case that makes my phone look more like the 920. I have the incipio case and it helps bring the color to the front, which I really like on the 920. Still this phone is not bad looking, its just not as good looking as the 920.
  • I agree, the design of the Lumia line is horrible. Nokia doesn't know how to build smartphones. They are the best building heavy, bulky, dumb phones, with huge bezels that last 10 years even thought now people change the phone after 2 years.
    Ms has to do a much better job with the hardware.
  • Are you serious? I can understand a person not liking the design. But saying its a failure is wrong. WP8 sales has increased its pretty much based on the Lumia design. Also WP are starting to catch on. Failure no.
  • My L920 is too gorgeous that I won't ever put a case on it.
  • Pussy troll, can't handle a half pound phone, talking about design language, did you notice how the iPhone 5c and moto x copied Nokia's design?
  • I've been saying this for some time. The lumia's suck balls!
  • And you suck rod... Ya dig?
  • Much class.
    Such wow.
    Seriously, theses two look incredibly classy. :D
  • I think it would do them great especially in business front to launch a Surface phone as this would definetly be a killer combo. We have: Mac + iPhone Winsdows + iPhone Windows + Lumia now if there was a Surface Phone, that would directly compete with Mac + iPhone and show better business results than Windows + Lumia
  • Those lines at the charging point, I thought they would lite up when charging, what would've made sense.
  • And would've looked great too!
  • That's actually an awesome idea. That's something Nokia/MSFT should consider. Or it could be a breathing light, like on the E71/72 etc. I always loved that. Then again, Lumia has glance.
  • That's reserved for the surface phone.....remember the surface phone N concept? I know the thinness and all the features wouldn't make it, but it would be sick!
  • "Nokia wanted the back the black review device,"   ...?
  • They send review devices to various media sites, is it hard to understand that?
  • I think it's the extra "the" he was referring to.
  • I'm serious c'mon now. Typos exist. Folks that are here are intelligent, for the most part. Its simple to discern meaning even when a few letters may be misplaced.
  • To be fair, I was tripped up on that sentence for a good 5 seconds.
  • I think the white looks better anyways!
  • I'm guessing in the future we might see a Surface phone made with Nokia hardware. Design is nice.
  • Nokia Lumia Surface?
  • The first thing that came to my mind upon seeing the Icon was its resemblance with Surface. Maybe they should have kept the Icon name for something not on Verizon......
  • Except "Nokia" can't be used there. I'd bet more on a Surface Lumia. But since it's Microsoft we're talking, the name will probably be something very easy like: "Microsoft Surface Windows Phone Lumia for Windows Phone 8 xxxx" :P
  • Hilarious!! Kudos
  • I think they should keep phone names simple. Three word names are as bad as the humongous Verizon logos
  • Lol dont forget to throw the word "series" in there somewhere!
  • Short and sweet!
  • "...for business"
  • 'with Bing'
  • I have downloaded one extra language on my phone,can anyone help me how to delete that..thanx:)
  • Go to settings -> keybord
    hold down the language you want to delete
    press delete
  • From there I can delete that language which I have for keyboard but
    I want to delete a language inside 'speech'...
  • I can only use one language for speech?
  • That has complete SEXYness written all over bring on the Nokia-not-really-Surface-phone to AT&T.
  • I just ordered two through my job as my personal devices are on ATT. If I like it, I'll hope ATT gets it. Just an fyi, my att service here in Texas is great and give me two things free Verizon doesn't: visual voice and call forwarding. They're extra on vzw
  • I've had call forwarding on my VZW account for the last 3 years and never paid a dime.
  • Top simplesmente top
  • Pretty devices, they resemble each other but I guess it's just coincidence as stated in the article. The only ugly thing about the Icon is that huge carrier logo on the front. By the way, I want to see some new Lumia flagship just as powerful as the Icon but in an international version.
  • I'm sure when Verizon releases the Surface 2 with LTE it will have that same logo on the front of it.
  • That's fine, I don't live in the USA anyways to have anything from Verizon. I just find their excessive branding unappealing. My unlocked, international version Lumia bears only a couple of Nokia discreet logos, just the way I like it. :)
  • That check is almost as bad as drawing an X over the screen with a sharpie. I love Nokias designs apart from my atrocious looking 822.
  • Lol imagined someone scribbling with a crayon on my 920 and cringed... Yup, carrier's logos are as ugly as doing that to our phone.
  • Boy, do I HATE logos from the carriers. Besides that fact that I needed frequencies for T-Mobile USA's network, I loved the fact that my Lumia 920 isn't branded.
  • didn't they announce a Lumia 929 as the universal version of this phone?
  • But that news got rated with a 4 grade out of 10 on the rum-o-meter. I don't believe there will be a 929.
  • Crap! Now I HAVE to get a new Surface! Thanks Daniel!
  • Surface 2 is pretty much my favorite new hardware is the last few years. I freakin' love everything about it.
  • Yea its really good
  • It's nice to hear someone else say it! I thought I was crazy; most of my friends certainly seem to think so. I sold the Surface Pro to get the Surface 2; best move I ever did. I love it, but the only thing I see online is hate about Windows RT and/or ARM devices.
  • May I ask why you sold the Surface Pro for the Surface 2? Software reasons, build reasons?
  • A few reasons: 1. I realized that it would never replace my main machine. Its specs are not there yet. They probably are for 80-90% of users, but not for me. 2. Based on #1, I realized what I needed was a tablet and not a laptop-replacement. The Surface Pro was heavy-ish, was getting super-hot at times even when just used as a tablet, and battery life left a lot to be desired. 3. I figured x86 on a tablet is hugely overrated. Sure, in some rare occasions it would be nice ot have it I guess? But that became much less important when I discovered how smoothly Remote Desktop works (and even that, I rarely use). I also decided after having the Nexus 7 for a while, that I much prefer a 10" tablet. A 7-8" is too close to what my phone can do. The 1080p and build design of the Surface 2 sealed the deal. I guess that's the summary of it :)
  • Specs aren't there yet? Have you seen the Surface Pro with 8 GB of RAM?
  • Like I said: good enough for 90% of people out there. But try running 2 instances of Visual Studio, 1 Hyper-V VM with 1GB RAM allocated, and the Windows Phone emulator. Good luck using a browser at that point with 8GB of RAM on your machine :) I don't think the Surface Pro is meant to be used by this type of users anyway, which is fine. I'm perfectly happy with having my main machine, and then my tablet.
  • Fair enough. Different strokes for different folks. I enjoy my Pro for my programming classes and battery life has not been an issue for me. I do enjoy being able to run full programs on a portable device, though. Enjoy your Surface 2!
  • I did the same thing for the same reasons but with an Acer W700. There's absolutely nothing I was doing with that, with its i5 CPU and Win 8 Pro, that I can't do on the Surface 2. It's a fantastic bit of kit. I've not regretted swapping once.
  • I respect you purchasing an Acer, but I will pass on anything they have to offer because they've chosen to join all of the other OEM's and bash windows phone/ win 8 on a public stage even the windows gave them life and continues to today. So to Acer, I bid adu
  • You need new friends.
  • I also really like my surface 2. Only thing I would like is the wacom feature, but aside from that, it's great. I like winRT.
  • It's amazing how head over heels of an improvement it is over the RT. I traded mine in and wowza! My Surface 2 has become my main driver. 
  • No no.. Marko come back!
  • Seriously... the design class Ahtissari brought is sorely lacking in the Icon. I blame Verizon's ugly design requirements first and foremost though.
  • ...never thought of it that way thats cool
  • I want an Icon. I just ordered a 925 though.
  • 925 is pretty sexy itself IMO :)
  • No wonder it's the ugliest Lumia yet. Looks like some nasty, outdated mid 2000s stuff (like the iPhone). I much prefer the sleek, modern design language of the 2520, 1520, etc.
  • Your opinion! Why do people her chose to bash others for having their own tastes?
  • You mean like people who bash others because they want a Samsung WP?
  • White Icon is so pretty! 
  • This article made me want both a Surface and an Icon!  I really wish there was an 8" Surface model and an AT&T Icon. 
  • Im with you buddy. I'm thinking of buying a G Pad. Of all the 8 incher, this one has all what i need. But, i'll be waiting for the Build Conference. Might as well wait and see what MS is concocting. 
  • Exactly! I was thinking a Kindle because it was cheap and would be a hold me over device until a smaller Surface shows up.  Build is pretty close.  Let's hope we get a pleasant surprise.  
  • Dell Venue 8 Pro is a great option too. Picked one up because RT wouldn't allow me to run Nook Study for rented text books, but with full Win8 I can so that on the Dell. Check Amazon, great pricing on 64gb version.
  • Yes, you're right. Those 8 inch full WinOS are great. But i already have a laptop as my daily driver for games, watching movies and all my legacy softwares to run. I only needed somthing like an 8" light OS for all my reading needs while im about to sleep or away from my Laptop. Do some office stuff and play games to pass time. I like the surface 2 but an 8" inch RT tablet is not too much to ask.
  • Just because it has full Windows on it doesnt mean you have to install x86 software.  It is a fully functioning windows tablet, and can do everything an RT tablet can do, and then some.  I love my V8P, except for the fact that my usb port broke, and I had to send it to Dell for fixing.  Not only that - the Atom chip outperforms the ARM chip - it does get kinda hot when playing games though.  They need to make the next generation have a vent on it to release some of the heat when playing games, and also add an HDMI out port - Miracast is way to laggy to use with any consistency.
  • Dude, the fact that you are using a full W8.1. It means, you'll be needing more Ram to that. Once you open the desktop app, and some apps. They stay open and eat up your ram even if you close it. With only 2GB, you'll get a sluggish feel. That's the downside. IMO, 4GB should be the minimum. And with x86 games, your CPU will burn. But a new CPU from Intel will change all that. Wait for the upgrades in the near future. More of that tablets will come. In a year or 2, you'll have an almost perfect full WinOS 8" tablet. For now, this is just the beginning.
  • So, you are saying that we will have a sluggish feel from you own personal experience with Windows 8.1 tablets OR are you assuming we will and using that assumption to defend your purchase of a Windows RT Device? I don't have any problems with my Dell Venue 8 Pro (purchased December 2013) in doing anything at all. I use it for work, accessing the IT Helpdesk and using it around campus, closing and opening tickets and using the same software I used on my Dell XPS 13. I also use it for play, playing x86 games and "Modern" tablet games that are only available on Windows 8/RT. Mind you, I have not said anything against RT, that is great that you bought one and you love it. That is good for people who like RT. People who by Windows 8/8.1 tablets, good for them. So again, those negatives that you pointed out about Windows 8.1 tablets, are you guessing or is that from your experience from owning a Windows 8.1 tablet?
  • Whow, easy man. I'm just saying. If you're not having any problem. Then good for you.
  • I'm taking it easy. I am a writer and I write a lot and I write extremely fast. As mentioned before, I am asking if those negatives that you mentioned as facts are from your personal experience with owning a Windows 8.1 tablet?
  • i'm with you man. fingers crossed.
  • I wonder if MSFT is holding off on the Surface 'Mini' in order to get a complete a version of Office with full touch functionality out the door?
  • Or better yet. They are polishing the RT + WP OS to be more closer and become one. and then whoala!! Threshold is just around the corner.
  • That's also a possibility, but I was under the Impression we'd see one version for mobile devices in Windows 9. I definitely think it's easier to add features to an OS rather than take them away. I am assuming we'll be seeing Windows 9 and Windows Phone 9, which will add RTs functionality.
  • Probably, and maybe. Just maybe, it's not yet Windows Phone 9. You see an article about WP8.5? But then again, we are just speculating on things to come. On April, we shall see what MS's up to. I can't wait for April. Just gets me excited with all these leaks and news.
  • Haha, yes I saw the article on WP 8.5. It's an exciting time to a MSFT fan. We'll see how it all comes together. I love waking up and reading the news and leaks!
  • You forgot about Passenger 57; always bet on black.
  • Wish they would have made the black Icon the "charcoal" shade of the Surface. That would have been just awesome. But yeah, love the Surface style buttons.
  • I really like the lumia icon! Its just the perfect size, got the best display, and looks good too!
  • I am in LOVE with my ICON. 
  • What are you doing to that poor thing!?  
  • To me this phone does look like Surfaces' little cousin.
  • Now since you mentioned it, I can't unsee it lol. The Icon look very similar to the Surface (Same Design language?) with a dash of Sony's OmniDesign Glass-Backed phones ... Especially the Xperia Z.
  • Thanks for sharing! I wish the Icon was coming to att. That phone is beautiful!
  • I agree but if they remove qi wireless charging again I'm going to leave att when my contact is up.
  • I for one would love to see a surface phone. or something MS built. I'd sure buy that.
    in my opinion, MS should build 1 lumia flagship side by side with an MS phone. that way, we can see who is the better man. LUMIA or SURFACE phone.
  • The Icon looks like a iPhone!
  • I agree and I think that is what Verizon wanted. Since they didn't get a bigger iPhone.
    Hey, maybe on the next one.
  • I think he was being sarcastic... The Icon doesn't look like an iPhone. It looks like a Surface.
  • No, I wasn't!! It does kinda resemble one..
  • Yep minus the curves
  • That's the true, unbiased answer... And, there's nothing wrong with that because iPhones look, and feel, great! Nokia, Apple, Sony, and HTC when they try, are the best at detail, and design..
  • Noooooooooo,,,, iPhone.
  • Well, this is more like a big man with a small woman, would have been an apt image on those 'Smartphone-sex survey' articles that came a few days ago.
  • I think as long as Verizon was making them have a unique model it was an opportunity for them to play around with different designs and I have to believe they thought about how they could make a surface-like Lumia and decided to run with it.
  • Wow. That is crazy, sexy, cool!
  • Apple does it....may be ms can also but i would prefer different designs and a surface flagship to compete with the big boys :D
  • Maybe the Icon would've gotten better style points if it were more trapzoidal like the Surface 2 instead of rectangular?
  • Some dick at my work dropped my icon first day I got it. Big dented corner now.
  • how is the floor? also, make him pay for a new one
  • I point to the article where so many were saying cases & screen protectors were pointless.
  • + dented corner
  • Is it because people are still really weird about grabbing, handling and handing back other people's phones, like they're some delicate hair-trigger hot potato that shouldn't be touched, let alone grabbed securely? Seriously, it's strange how people get so jittery handling other people's phones.
  • I want kind of Lumia icon but with the black plate matte red instead..
  • One of the first things I did after I got my white Icon set up is I set it next to my Surface 2. I compared different angles and sides. They're a match made in heaven.
  • Should have just called it the Lumia Surface. Surface imo isnt just a tablet but a surface that you interact with for both work and play.
  • Its more a laptop in a tablet form factor, the rt is the tablet in the family
  • I look at my nl920 & Surface Pro 1 256gb as a matching pair, same design power windows key along with power and volume buttons
  • Looks like the same buttons on my 822. Anyway, it looks more like a 5" white iPhone to me.
  • Doesn't look like a bigger 5S to me...
  • Good to know.
  • I finally retired my Titan for a shiny new white Icon and I love it. I wasn't able to see one in person as all stores near me had only black, so I took a chance and ordered the white. Definitely the right choice for me. The screen is beautiful and I just don't get all the haters of the design. I wonder how many of the haters have actually held one? I waited off-contract a long time for the right hardware, and this is it. The fact that I also stepped up from WP7.5 to WP8 is pretty sweet too!
  • Surface Phone ftw!
  • I'm still waiting for my Surface Phone. The day they announce it is the day I preorder it. What's taking so long?
  • They probably would have launched one last year if the Nokia deal hadnt gone through. Now, I guess they're waiting for the deal to be approved by China and completed.
  • Me too, reserving some of my income tax money for a Microsoft surface phone : ) been waiting patiently over a year since the rumor came out.
  • I finally so the Icon last weekend, when I was in Vegas, and loved it actually. At first in pictures I hated the design, but in person, it's sexy. I love the white one a lot. If they release this exact phone globally and comes to AT&T, but with a few enhancements like Glace, Double tap, and microSD (idc if they get rid of Qi, tbh), this is my next phone from my 920.
  •  If they release this exact phone globally and comes to AT&T, but with a few enhancements like Glace, Double tap, and microSD (idc if they get rid of Qi, tbh), this is my next phone from my 920.
    Can't agree more..... 
  • Well I'm getting it through my job as a demo ; ) until its release on att
  • I needs black one for my Surface Pro.
  • I really really hope that nokia/microsoft will make one day a full white wp8.1 device..I'm so tired of the black glass. The 710 really looked nice
  • The naming gets weird when there is a a product overlap or a near overlap. For instance, the 2520 is branded "Lumia", when it's in the same category as the Surface 2. They might decided to make Surface the brand for all tablets and Lumia the brand for all phones.
  • I agree. I personally believe it would be silly for MSFT to drop the Lumia brand name after all the hard work that both companies have gone into marketing. Lumia has finally caught on. I do believe MSFT will keep Surface for tablets and Lumia for smartphones.
  • Start selling Windows tablets in India microsoft!!!!
  • No, please dont let me look at the photos..No, darn it! Im on MS website and thinking about getting Surface 2, despite that i have Surface Pro 2 512gb already. i will never come (rephase that..I shouldnt have come) here, and now i have Surface 2 envies . Oh no, I need Nokia Icon, despite i have Nokia 1520. ugh!  
  • Wow Daniel you are right, amazing combo :)
  • It definitely is coincidence.
  • I don't mind Nokia borrowing the Surface design as long as it is the ONLY thing they borrow from the Surface...
  • Microsoft hater. From the article and images, its clear our beloved Nokia thought MS got something right,however, it won't matter if the carrier just throws it on the back shelf of the store and doesn't market it. WPC advertises WP more than anyone!
  • OMG I've told you a thousand times to don't comment when you're drunk, mate. In case you failed to realise it, I was making a compliment to the Surface design. Because it's the best thing Surface has. The design. And it's good enough for me to don't mind Nokia using it. If I thought the design was shit I wouldn't say I don't mind Nokia borrowing it. Got it?
  • Yes, the design of both is similar, their both UGLY, imo.
  • Hi troll,nice to see you, now leave
  • I 100% agree with this editorial! I was at the microsoft store and made that connection but i didnt think much of it, but i really like the design of the icon more than any other lumia personally and somehow even more then the 925.
  • "I’ll ask you what you think, though I’m 99% sure I know the answer. It seems like a no-brainer, but product lines can be complicated and Microsoft may not want to dilute the brand (even more so since ‘Surface’ implies a tablet, not a phone). Still, they could call them whatever they want and still use the same design language."   The Surface product line is pretty simple. They have the Surface 2 and the Surface Pro 2 (also the original Surface, but that's not really in production anymore). Nokia's is much more complicated. First of all, they have different ranges: the feature phones, Asha, the new X series, and the Lumia. The Lumia itself comes in several flavors, from the low end 500 series to the 1300 and 1500 series phablets. Finally, you have phones like the Icon that have done away with the naming convention. I believe there's a lot of scope for simplification there
  • who cares about WP. it's pretty much in its death throws. that surface color is sweeet. Too bad it runs ARM and not intel versions of windows. I wish surface pro was that thin, light, and colored.
  • Whatever is the excuse for non expandable memory
  • ....and what were taking to see this shared design language?  Seriously, the only things they have in common are they are both flat and (sort of) gray. Is there anything angular about the phone?  How about port placement - anything in common?  As for the "metal band" I think that dates back to the iPhone and a few Samsung Android devices.  Do they are share this design language?  By this analogy based logic, they also share an essntial common design with a pizza or tortilla.  Oh, BTW, do you even know what design language means?  It must be a slow news/rumor day if this embarassment in the best thing someone could post.... 
  • Awww...he disagrees with me. Adorable.
  • Just loving the designs for WP and Surface. Samsung and Iphone look very similar, imo, so thanks for the refeshing desings and awesome software.   I too am excited about whats on the way, build and 8.1 for starters. Then the potential for new phones, cant wait.
  • I dont know man, i love My Lumia 920 but It looks like Nokia has diarrhea. What's the point of all these phones? It seems to be confusing even for me, can u imagine normal people who don't check sites like wpcentral.
  • great job with photos. The white icon is much better looking up close and tilt focus
  • White Surface 2? Not in Germany...
  • Lumia Surface...I like the sound of that, could be a fantastic phone, no?
  • Now that you mention it, they really do fit together. They're really drool worthy. If I were in the market for both a tablet and a phone right now, I'd be all over these.
  • I was collecting money for this phone. But I got damn huge speeding ticket. I might get up to $600 fine + 8pts + $450 addition fine. hope attorney can help me somehow and save few hundred bucks. but I still have pay attorney too... So no Icon for me, not soon)
  • They do look great! :D
  • Lumia 1520 design better !!!
  • WOW
  • when they gonna launch it in other countries ?? Does nokia have any plan of doing so ?
  • I have the black icon. Love it. Don't care if any of you do.. I have the black surface as well. They look amazing together. Some of the above comments are laughable. Someone said it looks like a 2000 time frame iPhone. Really? You're a fool. You has no idea what the early iPhones looked like. In fact they share traits of the 920 more than the icon. Another insanely pathetic comment I keep seeing is that Verizon mandated the design lol guess you all work for corp Verizon. Never has anyone made that official. Is it so bad that this phone looks different than the fisher price 1520? Have you given any thought to the fact that Verizon has more corporate accounts than any other provider. And Verizon is trying to gear the icon for that, as is Nokia and Microsoft. WP as a whole actually. The fanboy crying on this site is as bad as all the Samsung fanboys who would rather give their money to the Koreans than to America. The same ppl who want Samsung and google to stop the micro Nokia merger god forbid an American company be supported by Americans. Oh and one last thing ppl keep complaining about the head phone jack in the middle... The 920 has it in the same place lol
  • I think the Icon the best looking Lumia out there and actually hate the look of my 920....
  • Looks sweet. That Surface 2 and the Icon looks like brothers !   
  • I hope someone reads this.  Nokia should create a surface phone. I am in love with the 1520 but it could be better in 2 ways. 1st it needs to be water proof, second it needs finger print log in capabilities.  lf nokia churns out a surface phone (with microsofts approval) that looks like my surface pro 2 and says surface on the front with a kickstand and nokia lumia 1520 specs and my 2 added recomendations they would take over the market easily. With windows phone 8.1 they now have the best phone operating system to me and I came over from a family of 5 with iphone 5's. Capitalize on the surface phone nokia.  I am getting the surface pro 3 as soon as it is released. I would love to hear about my new nokia lumia surface phone in the future.    
  • it looks no different to the lumia phones.