Nokia Lumia Icon Review

On February 20th, Nokia and Verizon are bringing the highly anticipated Lumia Icon to market. The phone has been rumored for months, even going by the previous moniker of Lumia 929. But now it is finally getting the spotlight treatment.

For all intents and purposes, the Lumia Icon is a Lumia 1520 jammed into a smaller, more nimble device. With a more practical 5-inch 1080P display, 32 GB of internal storage, Qi wireless charging and a whopping 20 MP PureView camera, all in a body that is only slightly taller than its predecessor, the Lumia 928, it’s hard to see how this phone could fail.

So, does the $199 device live up to the hype? Is this the ultimate Nokia Lumia? Read our full review for all of the details and watch our video hands on, after the break!


Going way back to September 2013, rumors of a smaller, sister device to the Lumia 1520 – which itself was still a rumor – began circulating. A few months later, the haze cleared and what remained was the Lumia 929, a grown up version of Verizon flagship phone from earlier that year. The Lumia 928 was itself an interesting phone, a device inspired by the Lumia 920 but with an OLED display and a new Xenon flash. So a follow up was highly desirable.

The leaks of the Lumia 929 continued to flow with release dates coming and going. Unfortunately, the Lumia 929, which was later renamed to the Lumia Icon, never appeared in 2013. Well, at least not by Verizon directly. The phone did make its way, albeit briefly, to a Chinese retailer. Indeed, I’ve had the device for weeks now, thoroughly enjoying the phone on Verizon’s rapidly growing LTE network here in New York.

Luckily for Verizon customers, the phone goes on preorder today and will be available next week for $199 on a two-year contract. It’s been a long wait, and many phones have been released since the Icon was first rumored. Is it too late though?

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Featuring the same specs as the Lumia 1520, the Lumia Icon is much smaller and easier to handle. It has cutting edge hardware, a great 1080P display and an impressive 20 MP camera. The Lumia Icon is only on Verizon, with no chance of going to other carriers. The design is a bit uninspired, with only black or white colors available. No Glance screen support.
Many people shied away from the Lumia 1520 due to its massive size. The Lumia Icon from Verizon fixes that, by making it only a hair taller than the Lumia 928. It's packed to the gills with cutting edge hardware, including a 2.2 GHz Quad-Core CPU, making it in many ways, the ideal Windows Phone that many have wanted.


  • Windows Phone 8 Update 3, build 10521
  • Lumia Black firmware
  • 5” full HD 1080p OLED display, ClearBlack, Sunlight readability, Glare-free, Super sensitive touch, Gorilla Glass 3
  • Pixel density: 440 ppi
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 Quad-Core processor, 2.2 GHz
  • Adreno 330 GPU
  • Camera: 20 MP PureView, ZEISS optics, OIS, 2x lossless zoom, oversampling, dual LED flash
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 32 GB internal storage (no micro SD)
  • Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • 2420 mAh internal battery with Qi wireless charging
  • Dimensions: 5.39 x 2.79 x 0.39 in
  • Weight: 166g /5.86 oz
  • nano SIM
  • Networks: LTE: 700MHz; SVLTE Band 13; Band 4; CDMA: 3G EVDO 850/1900 Rev A with Rx Diversity; Global Ready: GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz)  UMTS (850MHz, 900MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz)

Looking at those specs and you have about 90% overlap with the Lumia 1520. Where they do differ, the Lumia Icon surprisingly comes ahead in some areas, at least compared to the AT&T version of the 1520. For instance, you get that coveted Qi-wireless charging, which has become a go-to feature for many users. While there is no expandable storage, 32 GB of built in adequate for most people. Finally, that CPU is one of the latest and fastest around and it simply makes the Windows Phone OS fly.

I’ve already covered the 20 MP camera on the Lumia 1520. It’s the same here. While it’s not as powerful as the monster shooter in the Lumia 1020, it doesn’t need to be, it’s simply an awesome camera on its own.

There’s really nothing to not like about the Lumia Icon in terms of specs. It can easily go toe to toe with any high end Android on the market today and yes, it’s relatively future-proof. The Snapdragon 805 isn’t due to until the second half of this year and it’s hardly as groundbreaking as the Snapdragon 800 compared to the 600 series.

Plus, the Lumia Icon will get Windows Phone 8.1 later this year, like all current Windows Phone handsets.

Look And Feel

If there was one personal complaint about the Lumia Icon, it’s the same one I had about the Lumia 928: Verizon tends to suck away some of the creative and bold design choices by Nokia, for a more conservative approach. No yellow or red phones here, instead you get either white or black. And while the back of the Lumia Icon is ‘ergonomically curved’ to our liking, the overall design is a bit generic.

But that’s a personal, aesthetic choice. Many people in fact desire a low-profile phone and let me be clear, there’s nothing about the design that is bad in that it hurts the Lumia Icon. It’s just really nice. Not exciting, but really nice. Who am I to tell you that you need a bright yellow phone? Go all matte black or be ‘outrageous’ with white. Either way, you’re getting really good hardware.

Undeniably, the Lumia Icon is in my opinion leaps and bounds better in build quality over the Lumia 928. That device was very ‘plasticy’ and my phone, months later, has some awful creaking. Not so with the Lumia Icon. The reason? Nokia opted for a metal chassis with a polycarbonate back. It was a brilliant decision as the Icon feels much sturdier this time around. It’s cool to the touch on the sides, but the back is a welcome non-glossy design that lends itself to being cradled in your hand.

Yes, Nokia and Verizon have the familiar ‘pillow’ design that we saw with the Lumia 928, it’s just better this time around with a higher quality build.

The display is the familiar curved glass that we’ve seen on other Lumias. It feels great to use, being smooth to the touch. We’ll have more on the display below.

Moving to the sides, we have the volume rockers, power button and camera shutter on the right side with no button the left. The buttons are ceramic, with a chilly metal feel to them. They’re sturdy, easy to discern without looking, and they feel great when depressing them. No complaints.

On the top of the device you have a 3.5 mm headphone jack in the middle and on the opposite end (bottom) you have the familiar micro USB port for charging or connecting to a PC for syncing. Both are accented with grey bars, which is an interesting design choice.

On the front, you have backlit keys for Back, Start key and search keys. They look good and have fairly even lighting. Near the top front you have the earpiece and front-facing camera along with the Verizon and Nokia logos. The keys have a haptic feedback with a short, solid vibration.

The back of the Icon is clean with the 20 MP PureView ZEISS camera, dual LED flash microphones. The metal accent strip of the Lumia 928 is gone, and instead it’s just smooth polycarb on the back.

Speaking of microphones, you have four digital high-dynamic-range mics on the Icon (also known as High amplitude Audio Capture, or HAAC). It’s the same setup as the Lumia 1520 and they allow high quality stereo recording with distortion free audio, perfect for concerts or loud events.

Verizon and Nokia are pushing the Lumia Icon as a media device, perfect for movies and photos. It’s a good sell.

But is it too big?

With the Lumia 1520 review, I focused heavily on the size, since it is a rather enormous device. What about the Lumia Icon?

It’s perfect.

I have no problem recommending this phone’s size to anyone. Comparing it to the Lumia 928, it’s practically the same phone, it’s just the Lumia Icon is a smidgen taller. That’s remarkable when you consider you getting a 1/2 inch larger display that’s higher resolution, a 20 MP camera (versus 8.9 MP) and you get a bigger battery (420 mAh more with the Icon). It goes to show you how moving to the Snapdragon 800 and some newer tech can result in a more powerful phone, without sacrificing size.

And weight? The Lumia Icon is 166 grams, which is just 4 grams more than Lumia 928. That’s essentially nothing and it’s still much lighter than the Lumia 920 (185 grams). While I wouldn’t say the Icon is lite, with its metal frame and quality build, the device feels…balanced.

Using the Lumia Icon one-handed? Check. While those with small hands may struggle, I’d say that moderate sized hands will have no issue using the phone with one paw, being able to stretch across the display to tap a Tile. That’s unlike the Lumia 1520, which requires two hands often to use.

5 inches is more manageable than 6

The Lumia Icon opts for an OLED display, the same found in the Lumia 928. But the resolution is bumped to 1080 x 1920 versus 768 x 1280. Windows Phone 8 looked fine at the latter resolution, but with 1080P and a whopping 441 ppi, the OS really shines. Plus, you get that third column of Tiles, which came with Update 3.

The Icon also features Corning Gorilla Glass 3, making it slightly better than the Lumia 1520. It’s smooth, doesn’t leave many fingerprints and it has a 180 degree viewing angle. Combined with the rest of Nokia’s technology like ClearBlack (dual layer polarizer), sunlight readability (super brightness outside) and the vibrant contrast of the Windows Phone OS, the display is nearly perfect.

Sure, some people don’t care for OLED tech over an IPS display, as the former tends to saturate the colors, but Nokia has tossed in their Lumia Color Profile (in Settings) to adjust things to your liking. Make the colors cool or warm, contrasting or neutral. Your choice.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still stuck on the 1520’s 6-inch display—it’s real hard to go back. But the Lumia Icon just feels right at 5 inches. It’s more, dare I say, normal and if you’re coming from 4.5 inches, you’ll barely notice a change, in a good way.

No Glance screen support

But wait. There is one lame thing about the Icon and that is it doesn’t support the Glance screen. For those who aren’t familiar, Glance is a Nokia technology that allows static information to be displayed on the screen when in standby. It shows the time and with Update 3, can optionally show notifications as well. It’s super useful and with the Glance Background app, you can even customize it with your own images.

But yes, Glance is not available on the Lumia Icon out of the box, nor with any system app updates (e.g. Extras + Info, which did not change the situation). That also means no double-tap to wake, as the two features are intertwined. 

Nokia says this is due to “certain hardware restrictions” and they’re not ruling it out in the future, but as of today, the Lumia Icon will remain a Glance-free device. That’s a bit of a letdown, especially for a flagship Lumia, but if you never used it, then there’s nothing to miss. But if you were looking forward to it, then…


The Lumia Icon, like all Nokia phones, handles calls admirably. While it eschews the big speaker and grill that was featured on the Lumia 928, the Lumia Icon gets a fair rating for a speakerphone. The Lumia 1520, due to its sheer size, still handily wins for best audio quality on pretty much any device I’ve used, including some Androids and iPhones. I suppose Nokia and Verizon had to sacrifice something to get the rest of that tech in there, and the rear speaker was one of those (the other was the Xenon flash).

Phone calls through the earpiece, which is how most people will use the Icon, were above average for smartphones and on par with Nokia’s other Lumias, that is excellent.

Reception was fine, with no dropped calls or issues noted during my testing.

For GPS, the Lumia Icon supports A-GPS and Glonass and they worked very well together, with no problems ascertaining my position quickly.

20 MP PureView Camera

I won’t concentrate too much on the Lumia Icon’s camera, because it’s the exact same one found in the Lumia 1520. Readers of this site know probably know I have pretty much every Lumia made and while I appreciate the Lumia 1020’s massive 41 MP camera, I more often than not find the Lumia 1520’s 20 MP camera with ZEISS optics more than adequate for my everyday needs.

The same is true with the Lumia Icon. But let me delve a little into the specs:

  • Optical Image stabilization
  • f/2.4, wide angle lens
  • Dual-capture: 5 MP oversampled + 19 MP (4:3) or 16 MP (16:9) full resolution images
  • Dual LED flash for Images and Video
  • HD 1080p Video Capture @ 30 fps Video
  • HD front facing camera with 2 MP sensor and 1.2 MP stills and 720p video.

Those are all very admirable specs for a smartphone camera in 2014. Combined with the fact that Nokia actually knows what they are doing in mobile photography and you get outstanding performance from the Icon.

Like the Lumia 1520, the color and white balance were accurate for most shots and with the quad-core processor, the normally sluggish Nokia Camera app is significantly faster than other Lumias. Having said that, some people coming from the iPhone or Android may still find the Icon a dash slower. However, as you can see by the above snow shot, the white balance struggled with the snow, a common issue with digital cameras.

You also get to shoot in RAW (DNG) optionally and get dual-capture, with HD photos at 16 MP and 5 MP photos for sharing via email or social networks. It’s a cool system, resulting in full resolution images for later editing in Photoshop, including RAW images, plus you can still post things to Instagram without a massive upload toll. It’s truly the best of both worlds.

Read our guide on shooting in RAW and how to make the most of it on your Lumia Icon.

Let’s talk about the flash. I’m not a flash user, though if I have to use it, I want it to be good. Many will lament the decision to not have a Xenon flash on the Lumia Icon, whereas the Lumia 928 famously did. Xenon flashes are, for the lack of better words, ‘real’ flashes. Where a dual LED is more akin to a torch. Because of this difference, Xenon flashes can do cool stuff like “freeze” people in motion (or even the more dramatic, freeze fan blades in rotation).

While I’m not going to argue that a dual LED flash is as good as a Xenon (it’s not), I will say the result for most instances, is quite impressive. Specifically, the Icon gets the white balance right (the Lumia 928 despite the Xenon sometimes had a yellow hue) and the shadow fill is better, with less light focus in one area.  So yes, for certain instances, Xenon is undoubtedly better, but dual LEDs have significantly improved over the years and I’m fine with it on the Icon.

Everything else, including the front facing camera, is the same as the Lumia 1520. To see this camera system up against the Lumia 1020, make sure you see our photo comparison between the two.

Battery Life

With a 2.2 GHz Quad-Core CPU and a 5-inch 1080P display, you would think that the 2420 mAh battery may not last long. That, despite the fact, that the Lumia Icon has a 400 mAh advantage over the Lumia 928. But the Snapdragon 800 is really good at managing battery life, as any Lumia 1520 owner can attest to, and the Lumia Icon is the same.

While I don’t put an exact hour usage on the Icon, suffice it to say I had no issue making it through the day with moderate usage and battery life should not be a concern.

Toss in the built in Qi wireless charging, and picking up a few re-charges during the day is easier than ever. I happen to have a few Qi chargers laying around, so it’s real easy to plop down the Icon to gain back some juice during the day. Qi is more than just expedient, it’s awesome and I’m glad it’s here on the Icon. Shame on AT&T for removing it from the Lumia 1520.

Windows Phone 8 Update 3, Lumia Black

I’ve written about Update 3 in the past and you can find our overview and comprehensive coverage below. In short, Update 3 (OS build 10521) is the latest release of the Windows Phone 8 operating system. The Icon is running on all cylinders in that regard, coming with that OS preloaded.

Update 3 brings things like support for HD displays and Quad-Core processors. It also offers better Bluetooth functionality, Driving Mode to manage calls and text messages in the car, screen orientation lock, customized alerts for email or text messages, and the ability to close apps running the background. It’s a great update, one of the finishing touches before Windows Phone 8.1, due in a few months. The Lumia Icon will surely get that update, which you can read more about from our 8.1 guide.

Likewise, the Icon comes with Nokia’s latest firmware release, dubbed Lumia Black. That includes some camera enhancements, RAW support and other under the hood fixes for their customized software.

The Verizon Nokia Lumia Icon is basically running the latest of everything from Microsoft and Nokia, as it should.


Nokia has recently teamed up with some third party manufacturers, ensuring that there will be an ample amount of cases and screen protectors for your Lumia Icon (opens in new tab), should you choose to buy one. That’s a change from the past where ‘custom’ carrier phones like the Lumia 928 were often left without many choices.

Verizon will be stocking a handful of cases on release day for this phone, and while I’m not convinced this phone needs a case – it’s not as susceptible to slippage like the Lumia 920 or Lumia 1520 – should you desire some protecting, you should be able to have a hearty selection on day one.

Offerings from Incipio and Otterbox, to name a few, should be available at your local Verizon store, and you'll want to keep your eyes locked on our Windows Phone Central store (opens in new tab) for more Lumia Icon Accessories (opens in new tab)

Who’s it for?

If you have a Lumia 928 and want a new device, then getting the Lumia Icon is a natural upgrade path. In fact, assuming finances are not an issue, I’d easily recommend anyone with a Lumia 928 to grab this phone. You’re getting a much beefier processor, superior camera and a display that is both larger and higher resolution.  The best part? The thing feels like a 928 in terms of size.

If you’re coming from Android and iOS and you’re eyeing the Lumia Icon as a ‘switcher’ device, then I can also recommend it. The Windows Phone OS sits between iOS and Android for complexity, in fact I’d say it’s almost easier than the iPhone. It’s a solid device, one that you will be able to use for a relatively long period due to the current hardware on board. Basically, you’re getting what I would call a prime Windows Phone experience.

Video and photography buff? The Lumia Icon is literally being marketed to you by Verizon. This phone has a 20 MP PureView camera with ZEISS optics and some of the best optical image stabilization (OIS) around, making videos of your kids or concerts a primary selling point.

Coming in at $199 on-contract, the Lumia Icon is not exactly a steal, but it falls in line with Verizon’s flagship offerings. The fact is, nothing is cheap on Verizon.

What about new Windows Phone 8.1 devices? Good question. As I’ve said, the Lumia Icon will be able to get the 8.1 upgrade, but there’s no telling if Microsoft’s next update will take advantage of new hardware. Sure, in 8.1 on-screen keys will replace physical keys on some hardware releases (it’s up to the OEM) but besides that, it’s a question mark. I can say that Verizon is not known to churn out too many Windows Phones per year, so I don’t expect a new flagship 8.1 device till at least the end of 2014, making the Icon a safe bet for now. That is, unless you were considering changing carriers.

All in all though, I think those on AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint will be eying the Icon with envy. It hits the specs right down the middle.

What happens if I put an AT&T or T-Mobile SIM into it?

The Lumia Icon comes SIM unlocked, so yes, you can toss in a nano SIM card for any network and the phone will work. You should also pick up Nokia Access Point to ensure appropriate network and MMS settings. That app will install to Settings.

However, depending on your carrier’s LTE setup, your data connections will vary:

Networks: LTE: 700MHz; SVLTE Band 13; Band 4; CDMA: 3G EVDO 850/1900 Rev A with Rx Diversity; Global Ready: GSM (850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, 1900MHz)  UMTS (850MHz, 900MHz, 1900MHz, 2100MHz)

For T-Mobile, you can get HSPA (3G) connections, and it will fall back to the super-slow 2G Edge otherwise. It does not support T-Mobile LTE and I was often stuck on Edge, meaning the Lumia Icon will technically work but it’s far from ideal.

For AT&T, things are only slightly better with HSPA+ in certain locations and of course there is no issue with phone calls. However, I was not able to get LTE data either.

In other words, the Lumia Icon can work on other US networks, but you’ll be most likely sacrificing LTE network speeds to do so. Probably not the wisest bargain if you’re considering purchasing it off-contract.

Final Thoughts

The Lumia Icon for Verizon is in many ways, the most ideal Windows Phone made so far. While many consumers coveted the specs of the Lumia 1520, just as many were put off by the sheer size. Or AT&T’s gimping of the massive phone. The Lumia Icon pretty much solves this problem by knocking the display down from six inches to a more evenhanded five, and in doing so, they have nailed the ultimate Lumia.

In fact, I can only come up with three weakness of the Lumia Icon, and those are all mild criticisms:

  1. It’s only on Verizon
  2. The design is timid
  3. Glance screen doesn’t work

The Glance screen omission is really the only nit of this device, and even that doesn’t rise to the level of outrage against AT&T for removing Qi from the Lumia 1520 or hobbling it at 16 GB of internal storage. It’s disappointing, but hardly a deal killer and there’s not even a guarantee that it won’t happen at some point.

The Lumia Icon being only available on Verizon is also minor. The fact is, if you’re on Verizon or are considering switching to Verizon, you don’t care. For those on AT&T, T-Mobile or Sprint, you’re probably rightly jealous, but that is kind of the point. Mission accomplished.

I don’t see this phone having a ‘global variant’ as many like to say. It’s a Verizon device through and through and it will stay that way, just like we never saw the Lumia 928 go to any other carrier. That doesn’t mean there won’t be a new flagship Lumia for the Windows Phone 8.1 launch in mid-2014 fitting this range, but it won’t be this phone.

The fact is, Verizon ordered up this phone from Nokia, so to the victor go the spoils. Kudos to Verizon and Nokia for giving the Lumia that many people have desired. Now make it in red.

Likewise, complaining about the design being ‘unexciting’ is also inconsequential. It’s simply my personal opinion, one that you may not share. The design elements do not detract in any way from device functionality and in the end that is all that matters.

All in all, Nokia and Verizon have delivered a well-made, cutting edge Lumia. The size is perfect, the specs are impressive, and it’s a real blast to use. You have everything that is great about the Lumia 1520 tucked away in a more agile body, which is something many of you have asked for. Well, this is it.

The Verizon Lumia Icon is now the definitive Windows Phone.

The Nokia Lumia Icon will be exclusively available on Verizon starting Thursday, February 20 for $199 on contract. Preorders start today, including Microsoft Stores for just $25 down. More info can be found from Nokia at

Have questions? Want to talk about the Lumia Icon? Head to our discussion and help forums dedicated to this phone: WPCentral Forums – Lumia Icon

Special thanks to Mark Guim for the video work

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

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  • Didn't it says that it's unlikely to become Nokia's True Flagship thus international support? It's a Verizon phone guys.. And 928 didn't even go International too.., learn from past... This phone is good... But it's not nokia's 2014 flagship...
  • I sure hope not. I'm hoping for something better looking than that thick brick.
  • Meh, the 1520 isn't even availalble in Canada, out of all the countries. The Icon is a Verizon only phone and really I'm not entriely sure why I've read this review if it's only about an American mobile service.
  • CNET just posted their review as well. It got 4 stars, pretty good.
  • Daniel, is this going to be your new daily driver or are you keeping the 1520?
  • Once you use 6 inches, really hard to go back ;) I like the Icon a ton, but I get better service with AT&T and I like the 1520's design a bit more. Maybe the Icon in white though...
  • And which screen would you say its better. I love my 1520 screen but I didn't like the 1020 much since yellow was kind of fluor and a little bit green. Is Gorilla Glass 3 really that better? Which one would you say its better, the 1520 (global variant) or the Icon?
  • It's not as intense as the 1020, though it is more contrasty than the 1520. It's really personal opinion, and I could use either.
  • The yellow that the commentor is talking about can be changed in settings. 
  • I'm pretty sure it's [Settings] > [Display] > [Lumia Color Profile] (adjust) And then play with it.
  • Speaking of white, that's why your 928 was "plasticy" and glossy, should've bought the black one...not plasticy, not glossy. ;-)    The Icon not having the Xenon flash, glance and that bland look may be a deal breaker for me, still contemplating.  
  • Hi Daniel. I love the 1520 but i have read a few issues with screen, speaker cracks and other problems. Are you having any problems with yours? I have the Note 2 and i would buy the 1520 for my first WP smartphone but im afraid of spending money and then getting problems with the 1520. If i buy it will be the 937 version. Dont know if i take the risk or buy the Note 3. I would appreciate and value your opinion. Greetings from Portugal.
  • I've had my 1520 for a month now and haven't had any issues.  I even dropped it on a tile floor last night and it didn't do a thing to it--still looks brand new. The Note 3 is nice phone, but nowhere near the build quality of a Nokia phone.  Also, I used Android for 2 years, and while I think Android is a great operating system, I like Windows Phone more.  It's smoother, more secure, easier to use, and has a modern and consistent look not found on Android.
  • it's tru, 5 inch phones feel like toys now. 1520 FTW. 5.5 min inch screen phone FTW.   Can't wait for Microsoft's variant.
  • First sentence is begging for a "that's what she said!" :D
  • No Glance just seems so weird.
  • Lacking Glance screen is crazy. Not deal-breaking crazy, but crazy.
  • It is not crazy, it is just a further example of the blatant arrogance of carriers and how penalized is the US market locked in their racketeering.
  • The notion I got from Nokia was it was a technical issue, not a carrier one i.e. their first 1080P OLED display with Glance.
  • In general terms I am always prone to give everybody the benefit of the doubt but.... Verizon is not new to deny its users useful features, FM Radio docet, and the vacuity of the given explanation do not help either. Said that I am not affected because I am going to buy the  Unbranded successor of the 920 which hopefully will be announced at Barcelona or during the presentation of WP 8.1. Said that the fact that I am lucky and I can afford to bypass carriers and their crippled devices does not mean that it is time to put an end to their racket.
  • So it's probably coming in a future update? I don't see why it wouldn't.
  • even though its verizon... can I use it In India with Indian sim if I buy the unlocked version??? its an awesome phone... cant gor for 6 inch 1520 so waiting for 5 inch.. please suggest...
  • Why on earth is Glance not supported, just got Black on my 928 and am digging the notifications. W...T...F.
  • 1080p vs 763p. While they are both OLED, there are differences too.
  • I'm sure there is, I don't think they said "hey, let's just not support Glance for the heck of it". I'm sure there is a technical reason, just not happy about it. But thanks for the response Daniel and the great review! 
  • Laugh a little,at your "heck of it".. And I think that's true.. They should say that it might be fixed in the future then... They make Full HD OLED? Make it perfect!
  • No glance?
  • I was worried I was going to be forced to see the Verizon logo everytime I used glance, but I guess this is a small sacrifice for the time being. For some reason they like to have their logo gift wrap their devices.
  • Loved the review, Daniel! I envy you for having the phone before the rest of us though :p
  • Think I will hold onto the 928 and see what 8.1 does to it.
  • That is smart, except Verizon doesn't spit out WP as quickly as AT&T. I would be surprised if Verizon announced a WP 8.1 device before the Fall.
  • And even if they do announce it, you wouldn't have it in your hands until holiday 2014 or 2015. That's just one reason why I'll be getting the Icon to replace my 928 next week.
  • Yeah...
    I'm just not sure if it's worth getting the 929, if you already have a Windows Phone 8 phone (man, I hate saying that).
    Throw the developer preview of 8.1 on your current phone and see how much more you like it.
    If it doesn't satisfy you, then upgrade to the 929.
    If it does satisfy you, then wait until the new 8.1 phones are released.
  • Just in time to run android apps! /s
  • That dirty word won't be used in the presence of this beast :)
  • lol
  • Not bad, even if the design isn't like other Lumias.
    That's disappointing how it is only for America, it would be a beautiful phone
  • Two months and we will have new, native 8.1 devices, announced......  
  • I <3 the icon, but something tells me Nokis/MS will release an international version with better looks. hoping to see Snapdragon 805 on that :D
  • With you on this.
  • I've been reading/hearing (mainly here?) you won't see Snapdragon 805 devices until 2015 sometime, so don't hold your breath too long.
  • Why that long? It's already announced thus year! And Dan says 2nd half of 2014 in this article..
  • All Verizon lumias are ugly, they all look more Motorola to me.. I'm just saying
  • I'm a bit amazed that given the fact there we have excellent designs with the iPhone 5s, the HTC One and even the GS4, that Nokia would release such an uninspiring device in 2014. Functionally this phone is top notch in many areas. However, if Microsoft is to steal customers away from iOS and Android they will definitely have to sharpen their design skills when Nokia's phone business is officially part of the fold. This phone if 100% functional. I'm a Windows fan and this phone doesn't speak to me at all. I'm a fan of the 920, 925, 1020 and the 1520. Arguably, each phone has a bit of an edge to it and represents some type of statement. Yes they're not the big sellers like the 520/21/25 but that's what it is going to take to win hearts and minds. I want to be 100% wrong and hope that this phone does absolutely well but I just can't imagine why it would. I'm happy that Verizon has a new offering that has great specs, I just wished for a Iconic design and this isn't.
  • It looks dull and square like an iPhone. Maybe reverse psychology :-) As an aside, why is iPhone in my dictionary?! Get out!
  • So there will soon be an AT&T version with less storage and no Qi charging, but in a more attractive shell. Hooray for choice.
  • No glace support?
  • No glance support either, which is even worse than no glace support methinks.
  • As usual reviewers blow off the battery life. Establishing no standards. "Moderate use enough to last all day." Ya cool features but when you got no more juice left none of it matters. Well i guess its lacklusting in battery life then. Looking for stuff that can last two days.
  • my 1020, 920 and 925 can easily go a day and a half with a ton of usage
  • Well duh. You want top end specs you have to pay a price.
  • The only smartphone that I've been impressed with the battery life is my current Samsung Ativ Odyssey (and I think that's more due to the 480p screen than anything else).
    It can, easily, go two full days between charges.
    I've been on Windows since the Windows Mobile 6 days and I've never had a phone not be on the charger when I go to bed.
    I would keep the HTC 8x and Nokia Lumia 928 on the charger, while sitting at my work desk, if I wanted to use it all day.
  • That is very bizarre about the lack of Glance support. Hardware restrictions? Why are they being so vague about it? Weird. Is this the first Lumia to eschew it? Or at least the first high-end one?
  • No glance, smaller battery than the 1520, No brainer.
  • Well screen is the part of a phone that sucks by far most of the battery life. This also features AMOLED screen rather than IPS. While Lumia 1520 has stunning screen, Lumia icon shoudl save on battery life thanks to smaller screen and AMOLED.
  • If you can handle six inches and you don't worry about carriers. I think its an easy choice. At least for the international version of the 1520. Don't forget SD.
  • No microSD
  • Waiting for Lumia 930 ;-)
  • No FM radio on the 928, no Glance on the Icon.... Do they have a fucking dartboard in the office with phone features and whatever the dart lands on they decide to exclude that feature? They're doing this shit on purpose now, no excuses for this.
  • Hmm, next time let's gimp....BOOM, front facing cameras. Fuck you consumers. Haha!
  • Lol
  • ^^^^^^^^^^^ This
  • Nice phone, that is probably an ideal size. I left verizon after years because they wouldn't get WP devices. Now they finally are getting things going. They didn't mess with the wireless charging like at&t but they did mess with the design and colors. Lets see what At&t brings for a lumia 920 upgrade. Too bad about the glance screen. Looking at what I just wrote, it sucks that Nokia has to sacrifice features and options to please these carriers. Still wish Microsoft had more leverage to set the rules like apple does.
  • If the carriers had their way, Apple wouldn't have the leverage they do today either. No way another manufacturer gets that leverage. It's the carriers' job to bend people over, not the other way around!
  • What the heck is icon?
  • Surprising there's no Glance on this phone.
  • And now the question remains.. Why buy this when we just found out all the kickass stuff from 8.1? This phone is a few months late. And a few months early to be an 8.1 flagship..
  • +152[5] I'm happy for Verizon Customers.
  • The Icon hardware will still be flagship-worthy when 8.1 comes out.
  • Yes but not as much. Not to mention the carrier "Testing" will cause a massive delay.
  • Did I miss something? Has there yet been an official announcement of this phone? I seen the stuff on Nokia US' YouTube channel, but that still wasn't an announcement.
  • No idea. I'm confused too.
  • I will kill for the international version of this. If the icon would have the 2600 and 900 band for lte I would jump at this straight away.
  • Love my 928...but I'm lusting after the Icon.
  • Fixed memory, why oh why
  • Waiting for 8.1 phones. No Glance is idiodic. I use that function all day long. Also hoping to get off Verizon but Tmobiles choices are stale.
  • Couldn't agree more.
  • No Glance or Tmo LTE makes this a complete no-go. Shit.
  • I suspect there may be a setting issue preventing it from working on TMO. It does support Band 4 LTE which is what TMO uses so it would seem that the hardware is OK.
  • How is there no glance screen support when the phone is running black update?
  • Nice write up, Daniel. I now come in a green option, b/c the envy I have as a T-Mobile user is going to be noticeable.
  • Wait, NO Glance screen? H.... how?! That's literally one of my favorite features of my 928. I want to pre-order today to test them for my company, but........ I've just got to believe they simply need to do some resolution-based software tweaks and then they will return Glance to this device. ...... it's illogical that it wouldn't support Glance in the future. Right? O_O
  • No Glance screen support?  I have come to really love this feature on my 822, and now my 928 with the Black Update.  I would really miss it.  Glance is such a unique feature of WP, I can't believe they couldn't get it to work on the Icon.  I am sticking with the 928 for now, but mainly because I would have to pay full price for the Icon.  I hope it sells well.  WP really needs a hit with a high-end device.
  • I want one for atnt!
  • This is an excellent phone, but I am very happy with the 928. It can easily handle my needs until the next Lumia phone hits Verizon next year!
  • I love how you knew about this all along
  • We're good like that ;)
  • Is the 928 and Icon designed by a different team than the other Lumia phones?  They just don't have "it" like the 925, 1520, or any of the other high end Lumia's have.
  • Custom design with Verizon's input.
  • Well, I'm sure some people like their phones bland ;-)
  • And that's the problem. Carriers should have no input. Just provide my damn service and quit messing with devices.
  • Does it have Double tap to wake up? Or comes and goes it with glance?
  • No double tap either! Will clarify. 
  • But the 520 has double tap? :-/
  • Are you sure, its not in my 520
  • On the latest update for the ATT 520, yes it is.
  • It's on mine. They pushed a new update out a few days ago. Paid $50 for it and my $850 iPhone 5 doesn't even do this.
  • Yes it is.It came with Lumia Black.
  • Really?  I hope they fix this and the Glance support.  These are great features and really must haves for me.
  • Wait I'm sorry, no glance screen?  What in the hell?  I would think we need more of an explanation than "hardware related"
  • Men Verizon is killing Nokia here, they should've created something similar to the ones att get, this phone is nice but its not something people will STARE at it of ask about it..hopefully with MICROSOFT owning Nokia, this will change.. VERIZON HAVE THE UGLIEST LUMIAS.. I'm not hating just stating what I see...
  • I put a nice Cyan colored case on my Lumia 928.  Looks great!
  • I'm just glad Verizon was able to fit a logo on the front AND back. That's the most important thing, even if you have to go wthout Glance.
  • Wait...front and back? Ok, I'm back in!
  • Really bummed about lack of glance. I use that constantly throughout the day, and have impressed quite a few non-WP folks with it.
  • Daniel, can you please get us some more details on lack of Glance? This seems so odd and disappointing.
  • I told you what they told me. Nothing else to say a this point, sorry.
  • Please make something up and tell us they'll fix it. We WP users thrive on hope! :)
  • Never coming to other carriers? No Glace, even though my year old 920 has Glace? Very disappointed in this product, actually...
  • I'll still be getting this phone, but not at $200. At $200, Verizon is making a mistake offering this phone this late and this close to the new android flagships just around the corner, IMO.
  • It sounds like there is only a possibility of new VZW devices at the end of 2014.
  • Dan, was FM radio removed from this as well like the 928?
  • Almost certainly not.  I just don't understand the lack of Glance and Double-tap to Wake support.
  • FM radio is present.
  • Thats +1 over the 928....
  • Beautiful phone, except design and noncolored...
  • Looks like a very solid release for Verizon customers. The review video is nicely done! Good backgrounds and lighting.
  • not nice at all, and too thick and square.    
  • "5 inches is more manageable than 6" - I've been trying to convince my wife of this but she's not buying it.
  • Best comment ever.
  • +5
  • Great review. If I was on Verizon I would totally get this phone. I like the design of the phone. The speaker looks just like the speaker on the 520 though. I am sure it sounds much better though. I own a 1520 and love the device but can honestly say a 5 inch screen would be the perfect screen size.  
  • What's the full retail price
  • Engadget lists $550 as retail price.
  • Thanks
  • Love it! Even those sharp blunt edges- they somehow ooze some kind of aristocratic grace. Sad for the glance screen though. Hope this is the very range that the new WP8.1 flagship hits. And i will have it in the blink of an eye. :)
  • +1 for the phone name, Daniel But shouldn't it technically be Black Mambaaaaaaaaaaaaa? 
  • I thought Kobe copyrighted that already...
  • I'd go with Roger Mayweather for that name first. 
  • What were they thinking removing Glance out of the box?  There should be a set required features for every Lumia and never should never be deviated. I wonder what the "certain hardware restriction" are?
  • Possibly the "hard" heads at Verizon. Phone had too much included so had to take something out.
  • I don't use Glance so I don't care to see it gone, and I hate bright edgy phones. I'm a conservative through and through so this design is very nice to me in black.   However that "Verizon only" thing sucks, even if the phone runs in Europe. And the nano SIM just breaks the deal.   Still, I'm absolutely sure that Nokia will NOT allow this phone to stay around without an International version. I expect Goldfinger to be basically this, perhaps minus the physical buttons and perhaps a couple other twitches. And hopefully a normal micro SIM which is what the vast majority of people use in both WP and Android.
  • I just got the 928 in may last year and love it, though it spotty in the mountains that I live which is expected. Unless I can get on the edge program then I probably won't be able to get this but I wanna try it out. Verizon is good for the mountains as ATT fails, I had att and couldn't get a one call compared with Verizon.
  • Great review!  The 20th is my Christmas and it's going to take forever to get here!
  • No glance screen ? I think that's a deal breaker for me believe it or not.
  • Daniel can u elaborate more on the battery life? How is the battery life vs the 928 and the 1520? I was looking to get this mainly for the battery life.
  • Sorry, it's hard to quantify. All I can say is it wasn't something I ever worried about. It's really good, like the 1520.
  • Thanks do u think u could get through a day of usage with moderate to heavy usage?
  • I imagine it's difficult to quantify due to multiple use scenarios. Unlike playing an HD movie on a tablet and watching the timer.
  • No SD card, no go. After using my 822 for over a year, I have discovered that it is a bitch to do anything with pictures or video when doing so using the USB cable. Moving, deleting, adding pictures and video takes forever. When using the SD card, things go much faster. I also don't like SkyDrive because it keeps losing the thumbnails for picture folders stored there...nothing worse than 20 grey tiles showing instead of a picture. And then you have to download the dang pictures to your phone first before sharing/sending! FAIL. The final nail in the coffin is no Glance screen support. Really? REALLY? Honestly, the 822 is working much better than expected.
  • I loved my 822, but it recently died on me.  I am have a 928 now.  However, I am a big supporter of micro-SD.  I understand that Verizon wants us to use their cloud storage, but it is not going to happen.  Give us micro-SD on all our phones!  I do use SkyDrive and I love the auto-upload feature.  I haven't had the problem that you are having.  I did save new photos and video that I took directly on the micro-SD for awhile, but I had problems with the video recordings being choppy.  Thankfully I was using SkyDrive because I would have lost photos and videos that I saved directly to the phone storage.  I can live without the micro-SD being that the 928 has 32 GBs of storage, but the micro-SD would be really nice to have.  I am really liking the built-in Qi charging.  That is definitely something that you miss out on with the 822.  I hate how Verizon and AT&T have to continually take away something to make a device less than perfect.  Micro-SD would make the Icon perfect, that is if they can resolve the Glance screen and Double-tap to Wake issues and get them to work!
  • I'm going to venture that jamming in a micro SD card reader was also limited by the design and size of the 929, along with cost considerations.
  • The phone is already $199; how much more could it have cost? I also hate the form-over-function mentality train of thought. I still can't see any compelling reason to ditch my 822, even though I wouldn't mind bumping-up my screen size.
  • Not so much on a per-phone basis to the customer, but rather as a mass produced phone by Nokia and their profit margin on the device. Plus, the  size issue, which is a limiting factor when engineering phones.
  • Exactly right. It's funny that people think phones like this actually cost $200 even though that is a heavily-subsidised price when you're locked into a contract. To keep it at $200 on-contract just cuts into their profit margins as you said.
  • I am talking more about that adding the SD card and making the phone slightly larger (which might also add more space for a larger battery), wouldn't add that much more to the cost, and in the end, it would be totally worth it. But this is a moot point since the glance screen (something I find myself using a lot more than I thought I would), isn't supported and doesn't sound like it would be. I just can't get my head wrapped around that point.  
  • I also suffered through the choppy video issues a while back. I believe they were caused by the phone not really supporting 64GB SD cards, even though the specs said they would. I went to a 32GB card I purchased from Verizon (the 64GB card was form Newegg), and everything's worked out just fine.   I don't mind SkyDrive for documents, but with videos and pictures, it's a non-starter for me. I even once tried to upload some videos from the phone to SkyDrive and SkyDrive whined about them and tried to reencode the video and it made it god-awful, with stuttering and massive loss of resolution. As it stands, I have like 65GB of SkyDrive storage and I use maybe 1GB.  
  • "I also suffered through the choppy video issues a while back. I believe they were caused by the phone not really supporting 64GB SD cards, even though the specs said they would."
    I agree with this.
  • Great review! Pre-ordering today. I have a feeling glance will be supported later on since they didn't rule it out. I'll miss it in the meantime but having a 5" Windows phone is worth it. Yeah buddy!
  • This is an exceptional phone.  I cannot see (as a Verizon network customer) any Windows Phone competition for this in the near future.  My first Windows Phone was the Trophy and I am going to return to Windows Phone (from a Galaxy Note II) for this phone.  The camera, speed, Qi charging, display and Nokia infrastructure make this a great choice for me. The wait has been a wee bit long, but the promised land is finally here!
  • Man, I'm right there with you on that sentiment. I'm typing this on my Lumia 822 now. I've been waiting for this phone since I first heard of it. I still wanted a variant of the 1020 but this will do for my photos and videos.
  • I'm still bummed about T-Mobile being left out on the fun. The last high end windows phone was the 925 and its over 6 months old! :(
  • You realize that MWC is just a couple weeks away right? Nokia will undoubtedly be announcing new phones for more than one carrier there.
  • I've said it a dozen times already: new new WP devices at MWC from Nokia.
  • I remember you mentioning that new phone will be announced by it just baffles me that historically speaking T-Mobile has been left in the dark for the most part. That's all.
  • " new WP devices" woo-hoo. Daniel confirms it ;)
  • I was just in a T-Mobile store over the weekend because I'm going to switch to them from Verizon, and I asked the girl how early they know about new phones and she said three months.  I asked if she could look for me and she said no new Windows Phones in their system coming up, just Android.  I'm sure that could change, but still dissapointing  Still think I'm going to get the 925 if nothing else is announced at MWC.
  • 925 is such a gorgeous phone. I can't see how'd you be disappointed.
  • I agree. That's my current phone. I hope they announce something similar with beefier specs at MWC.
  • I know you've professed your love for this phone before, and I played with it at a Microsoft store before I went to T-mobile, so I'm sure I'll love it (coming from an 8X).  It's just kind of one of those ideas right now that I go and make the jump this weekend, then an announcement comes that T-mobile will be getting a more powerful phone in a couple of months.  I don't usually purchase with fear like that, but for once I'd like to be ahead of the curve instead of behind!
  • I like the 925 but with only 16GB; it was an easy pass!  I think now a days with iPhone having 64GBs; 16GB is just not enough even with the cloud storage.  32GB is about right for a normal smartphone that has music library and a couple of TV episodes loaded.
  • So glad it takes nano SIM so I can just swap back and forth with my Moto X :D
  • I got a 928 and somehow someway by hook or by crook imma have this phone
  • I hope that the international version will come out with REAL Nokia design,glance,and a real speaker, and everything that nokia can throw at it .American carriers are butchers.
  • Just as I expected, conservative design and few lumias that will soon to be forgotten
  • Hey Daniel, you have an idea what the off contract price would be? Neither Verizon nor Microsoft is saying anything. That's my only choice. And I want this phone so bad. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Engadget reports, $550. I was wondering myself.
  • They would sell a lot more of these if they had used a better model. *cough* Rubino *cough*
  • a very good phone!
  • Where and when's the International version???
  • as Daniel stated "glance is not available for lumia icon due to certain hardware limitation,that also mean no double tap to wake up feature,as both the features are intertwined" so my ques arises L520,525,625 support double tap to wake up.. will they be having glance feature in future updates.. lets hope so!!
  • 920 is here to stay!
  • Yeah, no envy here, either, with my 1020.
  • That's what I'm saying!  Glad that my Verizon friends will have a sweet flagship, but the 1020 still is better!
  • No Glance support Sucks....but I'm still wanting this to upgrade from this 822.
  • "For T-Mobile, you can get HSPA (3G) connections, and it will fall back to the super-slow 2G Edge otherwise." Does this mean that I will get the same service I currently have with my Lumia 521? It says "4G" on the network indicator on the 521, but isn't that just T-Mobile speak for 3G? I am perfectly fine if that's the case... don't have much need for LTE.
  • If I read correctly, it doesn't have the AWS band (1700/2100 MHz), so you'll only get coverage in refarmed areas, or areas where HSPA has been moved to the 1900 MHz band. Usually it's the case that if you have LTE coverage, you are in a refarmed area.
  • Great review! Love my 928 but will consider Icon when I'm up for a new model. Can you post a picture of this side by side with a 928 for comparison?
  • Okay seriously though, did they officially announce the phone already? How did that miss my radar?
  • Yes, today at 1PM ET.
  • What is the actual name of the glance background app as I cannot find it in the store.
  • Would love to have a version of that which would be launched internationally, but w/ added colors. Since using a red 920, white or black phones seem to be a boring phone to me. By May-June would buy something to replace my 920. Lumia 1520 or Lumia 1020? I wish an Icon-esque Lumia WP device would be available.
  • Any word on if this phone may have the same problem like the 928 has, after using the headphone jack you will have problems with listening to inner speakers, will never recommend a Nokia again after going through 6 with in a 3 week period time and still same problems.I will just wait for the Samsung Huron.
  • This is a feature of all smartphones, not a problem. If you use the headphone jack and disconnect the headphones you will not be able to use the internal speakers of the device until you go back into the app and pres the "play" button again. This has been true of my iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone 4s, Lumia 925, and my iPad Air.
  • Doesn't T-Mobile support LTE Band IV? Technically it should get LTE on T-Mobile and HSPA+ if in a refarmed area
  • That's what I thought too, that LTE on T-Mobile uses Band IV.
  • Yup, probably should, be here in NY I don't get many of those, so I'd never personally rely on it.
  • It should, however I'm wondering if Verizon has the LTE radios locked....which wouldn't make sense either because that would violate the upper C block mandate for unlocked devices.
  • Looks great and with really good specs.
  • And my contract is about to end. So glad it's coming now! Definitely my next phone, even without the Glance feature.
  • This is my dream Windows Phone device (well, pretty close anyways. Just toss in the Lumia 1020's camera and flash and it will be the greatest phone in existence). Sooooo jealous of Verizon. Hopefully an AT&T/International version can come out, maybe with a 41MP camera? That would be true heaven on earth...
  • I second that
  • like the info states.. its unlocked. so buy it outright from Verizon and stick your AT&T sim card into it...and it will work  
  • Ugh. No Glance?? I was seriously thinking about just buying this off-upgrade but no glance support is a huge dealbreaker for me. That doesn't make any sense at all :(
  • wtf? no glance screen? ... well that's a dealbreaker... :/
  • What's the price of the phone without contract? I'm not giving up my 5g of "unlimited" data
  • I saw it was $1,100+ LOL
  • What Glance Background app? I haven't been able to find anything for my Lumia 1020 with Lumia Black that lets me add an image to the Glance screen.
  • Its Glance Background Beta. The store link is on the Nokia Beta Labs site I think.
  • Beta Labs? They're still around? I haven't been there since the N8 days! I do miss that phone...
  • It's an app that you need to install....
  • Thanks, I just downloaded it and I LOVE IT!
  • Just downloaded it, wonder why it's not working. Australia 925
  • Wish a uk announcement would come !
  • Daniel, in your (significantly) more knowledgeable opinion, do you expect that the Icon WILL eventually get Glance? I know you only know what they told you, but what would you predict?
  • I really believe Nokia wants it there, it's just a technical thing that has to be worked out. I don't see why they can't get it on a 1080P OLED, as they have it on the 928. My guess is time, etc. 
  • Thanks for the response! My only other hesitation would be the impending 8.1 handsets. While this phone will get 8.1, it could be months after its announced, whereas something like the Samsung Huron (despite my distaste for Samsung build quality) already passed the FCC so it will probably be out before the Icon would be updated and might have 8.1 exclusive features. I guess only time will tell.
  • Daniel, Is it just OLED, or is it actually AMOLED.  Nokia's website says AMOLED but I think they also used to say the 928 had FM Radio.     If it is AMOLED I don't understand why there is no glance, but if it is actually just plain old OLED, then it makes sense.
  • According to the video from Nokia it is AMOLED.
  • Actually...Nokia never said that the 928 had an FM radio onboard it was Verizon who made that mistake. Once Nokia became aware that Verizon was erroneously advertising that the 928 had an FM radio, Nokia had Verizon correct the error.
  • I hope Nokia is reading this, 90% of the comments for Glance stuff
  • I was looking forward to this phone... no SD card and no Glance support equals a no sale for me. Hopefully, Verizon gets a new 8.1 model this summer.
  • Or hold out for wp9, probably in the not-too-distant future.
  • If I switched to Verizon from T-Mobile, I would pay $919 for this phone and the extra monhtly cost... so anything under that for it no contract would entice me to get it and use on T-Mobile. We'll see what it will end up costing.
  • Hmmm how come no un boxing today and how long you guys been hiding this phone .
  • what the fuckk!! Such cutting edge hardware, and with Verizon (Only)??? :O -_-
  • nice one but no 1700 Mhz, not working on my provider... why nokia don't do the same as samsung, "One Phone to roll them all" samsung always have one or two model that are avalable on all provider, nokia/microsoft need to use the same business model if they wanna WP to grow faster...
  • Only the Icon will do the sweet audio stuff right? being able to do high amp recordings...
  • Pass Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • WOW, I hadn't paid attention to this phone, because I saw three rows and ASSUMED it as a Verizon 1520. I am currently suffering on AT&T with an iPhone 5 due to a bout of app envy 13 months ago. I look forward to an upgrade on the AT&T version of this with 8.1, SD and Glance later this summer. I have finally found the upgrade to the 920 I owned for a week or more last year. -SAB Tmo-PocketPC 2003
    Tmo-HD7 11/2010
    AT&T-L920 13 days 01/2013
    AT&T-iPhone5 01/2013
  • Phone is a beauty...need an international version...
  • Look pretty lame, otherwise great hardware. Fortunately Nokia will most likely reveal a better looking international phone with the same specs and screen size soon enough.
  • Thanks for the review, the phone looks great! Sucks that glance is out, but I'm sure they'll add it back by the time I eventually get the phone. Daniel, if you're still reading the comments, are you able to tell if they are using the Assertive Diplay Tech found in the 1520?  I thought that was one of the best aspects of the screen and had hoped they would bring the tech over to the Icon.  Thanks!
  • Re: assertive display, no, I don't believe so, as it's not listed anywhere. I think that's for IPS and not OLED, but I'll try to confirm. For now though, assume no, it's no there.
  • Makes sense but still sucks if it's not in there.  Thanks for looking into it and replying.  Still love the phone, even the look seems to look nice with the white model IMO.
  • No, I'm sorry, but not having Glance screen I can not call it the definitive Windows Phone.
  • I think it's a personal preference, though I understand perfectly why someone would want it. However, it seems to be a technical issue, one that Nokia would like to fix.
  • No glance, no lumia. Also no SD slot VERY dissapointing, happy with my 1520
  • This phone is beautiful! No glance is a huge minus for me, and yesterday I got Black for 928 and enjoying the glance notification. Any idea what's the off contract price will be, somebody said $550, I think its going to be more than that. Just curious can I trade my 928 with this in MS store or Verizon. I got mine from MS and I lost its box, receipt was in it?))
  • I believe $550 is correct.
  • They need this on AT&T badly!!  $550 off?  Great Price I'd be willing to pay.  Glance be damned!!
  • I paid $560 for my 928 Before it was available in Verizon stores. but this 929 is much powerful than 928 that's why I think the price will be 550+. If not it's great deal, maybe ill buy it
  • To hell with this boxy phone w/o microSD support. Go Lumia 1520... my next NOKIA phone with Windows Phone
  • Verizon getting another awesome phone good for them. I will not be switching back to them bad customer service and their plans are not good to me. I'll stick with what I have. Love my Nokia Lumia 920
  • Preorders are in-store (in person) at Microsoft Stores only and they don't know the full (off contract) price of the device. $25 is non-refundable. How they can offer a subsidized price on an item w/o knowing its full price is beyond me.
  • Waiting for the 930
    -Snapdragon 800
    -20mp pureview
    -2gb RAM
    -sd card slot
    -wireless charging
    -5 inch Yeah I think that's about perfect...
    OH WAIT, don't forget glance support!
  • Can you test if you can send and receive MMS using ATT or TMO SIMs? All previous Verizon WP devices I've tried have worked for calls and data but MMS never worked both ways or at all on some.
  • Maybe the Lumia 930 will fill the gap for other carriers? Wondering what the next WP device will be that comes to Canada.. They skipped the 1320 and 1520 entirely. Still pushing 1020 sales because supposedly they have a ton of stock to get rid of due to poor sales here. Honestly, I feel they can only blame themselves since great marketing usually results in great sales. The Icon doesn't seem like they'll have variants so I'm guessing a WP 8.1 device might be the next one to show up for us.
  • the white one looks amazing. Unfortunate that it has no glance screen. Also center headphone jack. I love that its the same size as my 928. Too bad for those other downsides.
  • Now Nokia tell me, why did you make camera bump on 1520 when you can make phone without it!???
  • I want this phone so bad. I love that it has the aluminum edge and the straight lines are a nice change from my 920's rounded edges. The lack of glance is a bit of a bummer but if Nokia figures out how to add it into a future firmware update that'd be awesome. It's a bummer that this phone is exclusive to Verizon, I live in Canada so I'll have to get it from ebay or something. It would be nice if there were a comparable product at other providers
  • Can they ruin that fucking phone any more with that Verizon logo. Lol!! What a joke. I think they misdeed a spit on the side where they could have put their logo a third time. That alone is enough to not buy this phone and with to another carrier. What a joke!!!!! Nice phone though, Verizon just totally ruins it.
  • i keep seeing all this new phones and all i think is, a 925 with 3 medium row enable wil be exactly this same as this 
  • An outstanding phone without a doubt, but without SD card support... personally I can rather wait for similar alternatives to arrive in the future.
  • No Glance support = deal breaker :(
    I've been waiting months for this phone, will have to stick with the Lumia 928 or switch to AT&T
  • No glance for me = no jealousy.   Terrible omission. Hopefully there is an intl version and it comes with glance.
  • Seriously, no glance? What phone developer forgot to check compatibility? Really?
  • Does Glance work on the 1520?  If so, it makes no sense to me why it wouldn't work on the Icon.
  • Maybe Verizon qa found bug and forced Nokia to blacklist it?
  • Glance was introduced with the 1520. I suspect it's the screen tech, though I'm not sure why LCD would work when AMOLED doesn't, given that AMOLED can simply light up the pixels it needs and save much more battery.
  • you americans are so lucky, im here in the uk and really want a used 928 but can't find any for a decent price, you lot seems to get the best options 
  • Which doesn't make since as the UK and other countries are helping to prop WP up.  Y'all deserve the same goodness!  
  • yep! im having to get a 925 next weekend because its the only phone avaliable here apart from the 1020(i have the 920) not really much of an upgrade but its my only option
  • Beautiful phone!
  • Hi im verizon and i like my phones square
  • Wtf glance screen :/
  • I read about the Nokia 929 from WPC, like every one else I'm very excited. The 925 I had only a few month old is running out of storage space, does anyone know it coming to Australia? Thanks.
  • Great Review but you broke my heart Dan!! "For AT&T, things are only slightly better with HSPA+ in certain locations and of course there is no issue with phone calls. However, I was not able to get LTE data either."   I wasn't really expecting it to work but a guy can dream right?  This phone looks amazing and it would probably be a phone made to last longer than the 2 year Contract.  It's the perfect looking/featured phone IMO.     Edit:  Anyone mad that this doesn't come with Glance Support and won't buy it due to that fact probably wasn't REALLY waiting for this device.  
  • C'mon guys, you are never satisfied. When MS makes A you want B, when they make AB you want C, etc L929 is very nice, at least on the pictures ... Its a pitty I am not ffom U.S
  • You would think Verizon would want a red one and At&t's Lumia line would all come in Cyan, since that's thier corporate colors
  • Can't argue against that at all.  Red would make this device BAWS!!!
  • Daniel. Great review. I need your insight. I really want this phone, but not having Glance is a hindrance. I remember when the 928 couldn't use the fm radio because of "hardware issues". Do you think glance will ever be available? Or are they just saying that to keep us hoping? Thanks Daniel !
  • Not trying to answer for Daniel or Nokia but the chance of this phone getting glance are probably 99%.  Just think about how much Nokia has pushed Glance.
  • Where will 521 users find glace? Come on, apps at least try to work with RAM restrictions..
  • Is the three column set up optional?  I would like to have the option to use it with 2 columns.  Just a preference and options are nice. The icon looks amazing; most consumers don't know what glance is and probably won't care.  The screen, quality, camera, etc are all excellent.  Now we just need VZW employees to start recomending it over android / iOS.
  • No SD? Forget it buddy. Bring back SD support today, aprils a tad bit late for sum thing you stole from us informed users of media!
  • You guy really need to hold a contest for the pelican case and headphones
  • No glance screen? Oh Verizon....
  • Nice review Daniel but I'm gonna wait for Lumia 1820 or maybe Goldfinger with Windows Phone 8.1 Still loving my 920 but for battery issues. I don't think I can use a phone without glance screen anymore, can't imagine how the experience would be!
  • VZW is offering a generic buyback program though march 31st.
  • All in all I think it's a great phone. No glance for now is not a deal breaker for me since the rest of the phone is awesome. I have to say it was disappointing. A great Verizon phone. Now we just have to get Verizon to release phones more often.
  • I stopped using glance. I found it it to be annoying. Coming on when I didn't want for it to. I do like the phone, can't wait for variants to hit other carriers.
  • whats the ac wifi like on this phone? & accoding to the official specs it doesnt mention bluetooth le just regualr 4.0. also if the orig. network specs that were leaked to be true it should support all cdn. lte providers as ours is just the us/ds freq. swaped around(as far as rogers & bell are concerned as they have the extra band support that telus & wind dont have))
  • See, I don't get this. Its a damn good phone, with awesome specs, and then they make it 32GB and so SD. Come on, seriously?! The 920 has 32GB no SD since 2012.
  • I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels the design is... Meh.
  • Not enough memory with only 32 gb.
  • I think my upgrade is around July or August so while it's an amazing phone, I'll be waiting to see what 8.1 devices are being released.
  • This phone looks nearly perfect for me in every way! Looks very solid and super functional. 5" screen is perfect, same with the 20Meg camera. I can't believe how much people are freaking out about Glance.....really? Think about it; I bet there is a 99.5% chance that Glance will show up on this phone sooner than later. You want bright colors? Stick a thin backing on it in the color of your choice.....Jesus. The only legitimate complaints are from the mega power users who might want more battery life, (although who the heck NEEDS two days? Just charge it over night, every night.) and the people who are crazy storage hogs and really need more than 32GB's.
  • THANK YOU!!!! people just want to complain about something
  • Do a ctrl+f and search for "Glance." It's in like every 3rd comment haha.  But I do agree, this is a MASSIVE disappointment.  Makes me want to wait for the 8.1 devices.  My contract is up in March and I'm STILL on WP7.  Why Nokia... Why.
  • the microsoft store website still says nokia lumia 929 in some spots like at this link: center page
  • As long it doesn't have features that are in other devices like glance and micro SD card support is far from being perfect.
  • Great phone overall.  It this was on ATT, I would be sorely tempted to upgrade.  However, the lack of micro SD is a deal breaker for me. I will not buy a phone, particularly a supposed flagship phone, without it.  Its ridiculous that it isn't there in the first place.  
  • sadly i might skip picking up a charging pad until i see a resonance qi based shown during ces
  • It just doesn't look like a Nokia device.... I'll stick to my black 1520!
  • So this is technically not a Verizon World Phone?
  • No Glance! Boooo
  •   While I have become accustomed to the Glance feature, it is by no means a deal-breaker. Likewise with the non-expandable storage. It sucks that it uses a nano-sim but I've been told that I can get an adapter to use in my 928. One thing that I did not see mentioned in the review is the FM radio feature that was missing on the 928; will it be available on the Icon?
  • Daniel....have you noticed any issues similar to the ones we 1520 owners were experiencing??? Thinking about the sensitive screen and dimming display. Thanks.
  • I really don't know what's your problem in the US with those provider specials... It always sounds as you guys are not able to just go into a store and buy a phone... Sorry, don't get me wrong I don't know the system in US but why not go for a phone and just buy without any lock or restriction - also I don't get the sense if there is a phone which is only available for one provider. Apple did this years ago and it was a reason for many people not to get an iPhone...
  • I am incredibly disappointed in the lack of glance screen support.  The glance screen has always been a useful tool, but now that my 928 has received the black update and notifications can be shown the glance screen has become indespensable. I have been eagerly awaiting this phone for several months now.  I was ready, willing, and able to buy it off contract at the earliest availability.  However, now that I know that there is no glance support, my excitement level over this phone has gone from "off the chart" to "meh". I think I'll just hold on to my 928 until the glance screen becomes available on the Icon.  Verizon and Nokia, you disappoint me.
  • aww...  I'd love to have this phone here in Australia! Why make it exclusive to one carrier?!?! I don't want the size of the 1520 but would definitely love the Icon for its size!
  • Want this phone just for that extra row of tiles
  • Now to wait for the GSM variant. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Its very thick phone.. and thick bezel... I didn't expect from Nokia's Flagship phone..
  • Why does everyone think that there will NEVER be any Glance support? Does it really HAVE to have it on day one?
  • Does anyone know if the ICON will support simultaneous data and voice on the Verizon network? As the current iPhone 5S user who thinks about this phone as the potential replacement, is the omission of the glance screen feature something I will noticed/miss?  
  • You might tweet Daniel about the voice/data issue... @Daniel_Rubino  That may be a carrier issue. I have a 920 with AT&T and often do voice/data simultaneously with no lag in either one. As for the glance screen, it's a dimmed image (a small selection of line art is included, but you can add your own) that you can set to always on, on when you pass your hand over the phone (peek), or on at regular intervals. It provides a clock and notification icons. It also allows you to double-tap the screen to take it out of standby mode so you can swipe the lock screen. You don't have to fumble for the power button to tell the phone you want to use it. Obviously from all the comments here, Glance is a killer app even though its only been out for 3-4 months. In fact, it's officially still in beta and not available from the WP store. Hope this helps. :D
  • I really like that black jacket you're wearing in the video. Where did you get it?
  • Nice review, Daniel. Thanks.
  • Excited to see what AT&T will come with!  I have mostly been pleased with their selection but not the 6 inch screens any more.  Gave up the Galaxy Note series once I tried the 5 inch screen. Not hate to Verizon but AT&T is the best carrier in my neck of the woods.  I'll wait...any idea when the comparable model might be coming to AT&T?
  • Opinions will vary, of course, but for me the "most ideal" WP8 phone would be a 1020 with better battery life, SD card slot (or at least USB OTG), and a better processor. 32Gb internal might even be enough for most people, but it's becoming a problem for myself. The so much talked about RAW DNG thing for cameras demands more space pure and simple, if you're going to use it anyways. I've also noticed that it demands a faster processor... as it is now, it's pretty much useless for anything other than making some test shots. I had my 1020 hang up, freeze, or take a very very long time to save those RAW images. Anything other than that... well, I'm keeping my 1020. ;) Oh, and I don't even care about funky colors... my 1020 is all black, no problems there.
  • International version please!
  • It doesn't even have a model number ? How "unEuropean" of them... this must be the first Nokia to not have one in a while.
  • Hello. I am planning to get a new Windows Phone. I currently have Lumia 820 which is quite remarkable. All credit goes to Windows Phone and 820's simple design.  I am thinking of getting 925. Its fabulous and looks great and not heavy too.  Phones in India are 520, 525, 620, 625, 720, 820, 920, 925, 1020, 1320. I am plannig for 925.  What say? Or shall I wait for Windows Phone 8.1 and phones coming after it's launch?  
  • I'll consider getting this when it gets glance. Besides, is there really a reason for me to upgrade from my 928 when the Icon has the same nonexpendable 32gb as my phone? And no, the processing power isn't an adequate reason for me, because my phone already runs everything great with the power that it has. I'll wait on this for now.
  • Also, I was wondering, since I didn't see anything mentioned about this: What's the difference (or can you tell) between OLED screen on this and an AMOLED screen on the 1020? Talking about the technology, not the resolution.
  • I'm just waiting for the Nokia phone designed like the 925 with a slightly bigger screen (5.0), with these same specs. Surley it's around the corner somewhere. ^_~
  • I love it except:
    no glance, and the full paragraph of signage on the back of the phone( and I'm on att)
    id love a 5in Nokia WP, because the 1520 is too big, and I'm still in contract. Come march 2015 though...
  • WTF - No Glance?
  • Is there anyone else on Verizon still stuck with the 8X like me? Bought it the day it was released because I was mad with Nokia not releasing the high end device on big red. Two years almost here!
  • No glance screen is a deal breaker for me :/
  • "Nokia says this is due to “certain hardware restrictions” and they’re not ruling it out in the future, but as of today, the Lumia Icon will remain a Glance-free device. That’s a bit of a letdown, especially for a flagship Lumia, but if you never used it, then there’s nothing to miss. But if you were looking forward to it, then…" I contacted my Microsoft business partner about this, so he could look into it. From my understanding now...... Glance was disabled per Verizon's request because "they did not want it." He went on to say, after talking to his Nokia point-person, that "They can enable it in an update, but it is up to Verizon to enable the option." Calling Big Red to voice my sincere displeasure. They had BETTER allow it as an option.
  • Why would a cell provider not want this feature? Does it hurt them in any way? Posted via the WPC App
  • No Glance screen is a dealbreaker. Glance is one of the features I love most about Windows Phone (Nokia)
  • So will this work in Europe? I am quite not sure....
  • The screenshots look really odd...
    Why are the tile notification numbers cut off (or, maybe, just really really close to the edge)?
    That looks like a design oversight.
    I'm surprised Microsoft would accept it.
    It's almost like the 3 column setup was designed for 16:10 and just "allowed" for 16:9.
  • Wow they really don't want me to get another iPhone ever again.
  • I would make love to the AT&T version of this phone... or at least take some damn good pictures of my dog.
  • So a quick question about the camera. I've read a few reviews mentioning the time between shots. Some claim up to 3 seconds. Can this be alleviated by choosing to capture only 5mp images?
  • Someone with a 1520 could probably answer this question as well.
  • Off subject a bit, the article states that all WP will get updated to 8.1. Is this correct? I have the Lumia 810 and would be very pleased if this was true.
  • While I will in all likelyhood be getting this phone, would love to see some low light photo comparos to the 928.  I really love the 928's ability to get really nice shots without the flash.  Just curious about how the 928's 2.0 aperture versus the Icon's 2.4 aperture will show up in photos.
  • Does anybody know who is telling the truth here re: the Icon's call quality? I currently own the 920 and was gonna switch to Verizon to get this phone AND a better plan Verizon currently has vs ATT. I read about 3 reviews stating the Icon's call qulity SURPRISINGLY was pretty bad...even muffled...check CNET. Then you read HERE call quality is excellent. Call quality for me is most important...Who is telling the truth? Or could it be a Verizon issue that it varies so much? I don't care how great a smartphone is if I can't understand the callers...anybody have better ingo on this matter? I am almost tempted to buy the enemy an HTC ONE But I always hated Android. :(
  • I have only found 2 reviews that cite less than stellar call quality, these being CNET (which seemed to have a nearly dismissive tone as a whole) and possibly Engadget or Slashgear (can't remember which right now) that mentioned a slight nasal quality to the voice.
  • That's the best looking phone I've ever seen. My only concern is the battery will be mediocre or less. 
  • 0 for 2...
    You guys got me all wrong.
    I don't have a Roku, but, if I did, I would use HDMI.
    I will say, though, that Ativ has the best battery life of any smartphone I've owned.
    It's not much to look at, but it does the job.
  • First time poster.  I'm really excited for the Icon and have been reading for months about Windows Phone 8 and I really like what I see.  I do have one concern about the Icon.  Some of the video capture looks really bad.  Is this because users don't know how to shoot video or just because it's bad.  i also saw that the wall street journal did a short video and pointed out that the Icon takes poor pics in low light.  I have seen some of the users on this site taking nice pics on the 1520 in low light and wondered if the bad pics were a giant user error.   In all, both my wife and I are probably jumping in with the Icon as our first smartphones.  i just don't want the video to be as bad as I've seen. I would love it if someone with hands on experience with the 1520 or Icon could comment.
  • Hi Chris! Welcome to the fray. Are you and your wife extreme photographers/videographers? If so, then you might want to look at the 1020 which has a 41mp camera. People are buying that phone for the camera. Having said that, I have a Lumia 920 w 8mp camera and it takes beautiful pictures and video (which are automatically uploaded to my OneDrive aka SkyDrive). My poor daughter may die of terminal embarrassment because I take video of her Krav Maga class and post them on facebook. While the 920 has been out for awhile, it's a little smaller than the ICON (4.5" screen), but still much larger than iPhones, a little less expensive than the 1020 or ICON ($450 off contract, free on contract w ATT) and comes in black, red, yellow (mine is red). I just bought one for my daughter in black. I really like it's solid feel. If you'd like to see some of the video I've shot with the 920, just reply and I'll post a link.
  • I dunno y I even bother read the whole review as the phone is only for the states. I live "a block" away in Canada and the newest Lumia phone we have on the market is 1020. For me I have a L920 for almost a year now, I don't think any new Lumia product has better design and build quality better than 920. Sure, 920 dies when u do a factory reset, but other than that, I believe 920 is still amount the best WPs. Nokia, please release more phones in Canada, we have ppl here use WP too!!!
  • Oh, I'm so disappointed. Just when Nokia make the perfect smartphone for me, I can't have it! I'm brazilian and we don't have Verizon here and I don't want to import it because soon they'll block every imported phone to fight piracy... I'll just wait to see if they'll release a global version. I hope they do. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I think it looks superb! Shame they don't sell it in Europe, I'd buy it in a heartbeat...
  • Want for At&t Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I don't know about anyone else, but I'm glad they moved the charging port to the bottom of the phone. It always feels unbalanced when holding my 928 with the charger connected to the top of the phone. Moving that to the bottom of the phone will make use while charging feel more comfortable. The one good thing about it is I could sit the 928 upright and viewable in the car cup holder and simply plug the charging cable into the top. But all in all I prefer to have the charger at the bottom.
  • I think the bad thing is, bettary life, and cant buy it in worldwide.. why nOkia do this? we need this phoNe!
  • Found this... weird. "The device also sports an improved Glance feature. The enhanced function displays notifications on the lockscreen for missed calls, texts, emails and alarms in addition to the large digital clock at the bottom of the display ." Also here "glance" is mentioned: So?
  • Ordered my Icon yesterday and I have an 822 right now. I don't use glance for notifications but the tap to wake feature I use daily which does suck (hopefully it will come soon) and I just bought a 16gb micro sd card for my 822 that I now can't use. But all in all I think the Icon is worth the upgrade because it finally has specs that are matching higher end phones and I think the design is much better than the 1520.
  • The LIcon is very nice, but I am mor ehappy with my 1020.  If Nokia comes out with the 1020's next updated phone I will like that more
  • Had it in my hands a few days ago - I'm getting ready to switch to T-Mob with my new unlocked Moto X (which has its own version of the "glance" feature, great ergonomics and nice OLED screen - 720 doesn't bother me at all - but a far inferior camera), so went to Verizon, and gotta say holding it gave me a real rush of gadget lust. My first time actually trying a Win Phone 8 - and while I appreciated all the guidance it was offering as I kept doing each new thing, it did feel a bit like a nanny - tho' once you've learned the interface and those things go away, I'm assuming a non-issue. I also agree with Daniel - the size and heft are just, well, perfect.  Felt like it just belonged in my hand, and the experience was "solidity without heaviness" - whereas the iPhone 5s feels like I picked up a not very friendly slab of an ingot of iron or something.  (PS:  Loved your recent appearance on Windows Weekly, Daniel - and felt you made generally far more insightful comments than the other guest host - the Brit guy.) Also, with dual pic files, RAW files and all that res, dunno why they can't offer a 64GB variant. Oh and RED, yes, please...!! And since it won't do 4G/LTE on T-Mob and ATT, no point in trying to ferret out the unlocked price. But when their 8.1 phones come out on other carriers with a version of this experience - and at least a card slot if not more RAM - and I can get one unlocked, I could be a pick-up for the WinP community.  If MS doesn't start screwing up the company once they own it.... PPS:  Open suggestion re handling the aquistion- MS is terrible at naming things (and tend to forget copyright research even when they pick a decent name, e.g., Metro).  So rather than say, the "Microsoft Lumia Icon Windows Phone 8.1,"  my badging would be "Lumia" period.  Or at most with a tagline, "A Microsoft company."  So "Lumia Icon," "Lumia 1020" etc.  Nice. Simple. And evokes the signature image-capture strengths of the line in general.
  • Daniel, is the lack of LTE on ATT and Tmo due to the use of the unlocked SIM vs. Verizon's native CDMA infrastructure? Perhaps the SIM doesn't support LTE on this "Verizon only" device? Another intentional gimping by Verizon? I wouldn't count on Glance coming to the ICON at all. Maybe it is a Verizon thing, but Nokia announced their pedometer app is for the 1520 only (citing hardware issues), although many 3rd party devs have published apps with the same functionality for all WPs. As if I want to go power walking carrying the beastly 1520! I suppose I could get 2 of them, strap handles on them and call them weights. Keeping AT&T and my 920, TYVM.
  • I love my Icon!  The ONLY thing I miss is Glance and I didn't realize how much until I realized my habitual tapping on the phone.  It's all good, though.  Great picture, recording, camera, all my apps...  I just got it Monday and had a girlfriend call it my mistress, I've spent so much time playing with it.  Highly recommended!
  • Oh, and I upgraded from the 928, which is also a great phone.
  • We love our two new Icon's. We had the 920's with ATT then switched to Verizon and decided to try out the Android OS....hated it. We then switched back and bought the Icon's. Although the 920 was a great phone, we think the Icon's are much better.  The Android OS reminds me of the old Windows Mobile 6.5 OS. Android seems like an old OS.
  • I've had mine two days and I love it so far. Blazing fast and the display is beautiful. Camera is great. I can live without glance (as did everyone only months ago). Can't wait to see what 8.1 will bring to this puppy!
  • Loving my ICON... That is all I can say. It is fast and the screen is gorgeous... My start screen is so functional now with the addition of the 3rd row of tiles. I have to say, I am in love with WindowsPhone all over again. I am looking forward WP8.1. I am really looking forward to it. Now just give me this with a magnesium chassis Microsoft... Surface my phone!!!
  • I've owned the phone for 24 hours, and so far I love it, with two exceptions: Nokia MixRadio has crashed the phone twice, and is generally inferior to other music services Everything but the home screen seems stupidly large, like it's just a 720p screen scaled up. When apps and the non-home screen parts of the OS are updated to take advantage of the greater screen real estate (maybe in 8.1?), we will see if the phone is worth it. As of right now, the larger display is pretty much wasted.
  • As a follow-up: I received a barrage of app updates, including Nokia MixRadio. The updated version is vastly superior. The mix creation is easy, there have been no more crashes, and the mixes themselves are impressively populated and enjoyable. This may be my Rdio replacement!
  • Gyönyörű telefon - beautiful phone!  
  • It looks like the iphone of windows phone. The one thing i love about it, is the qi charging. Coming from a lumia 820, i hate that i cant use the wireless charging with my lumia 1520. I hate att!
  • OK. So I am slightly confused. I just switch to Sprint from Verizon...after Verizon screwed me over on my unlimited data and refused to give it back...and I actually needed it...anyways...I made the switch to Sprint and they have underwhelming Windows Phones. Does anyone know what would happen if you tried to use the ICON on Sprint? Also why hasn't NOKIA made a high end Lumia that can run on Sprint? If they did what is it? I am dying using this crappy ATIV S Neo.
  • Im looking for a replacement for my Lumia 920, does the Lumia icon get the job done??? im extremely happy with my 920 but it's gettig old. Does the screen is as great as the 920?
  • the glance feature is a big issue for me, not becuase i liked the ability to peek at the screen as its slightly out of my pocket. but I really likes the ability to have the clock displayed all night while its plugged in charging.. it makes a really good nightstand clock. i just got this Icon last week. i love it except that lack of glance. now i was reading a bunch of different forums on that feature and they say the "hardware" does not support it, becuase it is not built with "screen memory", I call BS on that, another post said that verizion did not want the feature to conserve battery, so they alowed the FM radio tuner to put in there instead (one feature for another) well I also owned the Lumia 822 before i had the 928, and well the 822 has glance support and an FM tuner. so im thinkin the 822 (which i gave to my wife and she loves it) is the ideal all around Lumia. and as i look more into the Glance support is see posts about "maybe it will be available with the 8.1 update" well im not so sure about that, even though is it possible. I have the Dev Preview installed on my Icon for 8.1, sure its lacking the final product but its fully functional but there is no sign of support for Glance on it. more info i have found is that glance is not as simple as a  screen with just a few pixels lit for the clock and info, the entire screen is lit (black) as Glance is active just with a brighter color in certian pixel locations.. Come on, I'm seriouslly calling BS on the "not capable of running glance on its hardware" SO heres to you WP fans (im proud of you) and keep your hopes up.. the feature is comming and yes it is capable of running the feature.  
  • How's the battery life on it for you Rubino ?
  • as a 928 user i was almost sure this was going to be my next phone, but the lack of glance AND xenon flash truly disappoints me, those are 2 unique features im not willing to trade in for bigger spec numbers, thats why im not using android on the first place, and i hope microsoft realizes this and stops trying to mimick the enemy by just improving things we already have that also happen to work good enough(display size/res, cpu, megapixels, you get it)