Newly released Lumia Selfie app lets you capture your perfect duck face

Along with the selfie-focused Lumia 730, Microsoft has announced that it will be launching a dedicated Lumia Selfie app, which is now available for download in the Windows Phone Store. This new app is actually the successor of the previously available Glam Me app.

The Lumia Selfie app comes with a host of filters and image correction tools that allow you to take the perfect selfie. Also included is an auto enhancement mode that automagically enhances your photos so that they're ready to be shared on your preferred social networks.

Head on below to download the Lumia Selfie app, and let us know what you think of it. Unfortunately, we're rather short on females here at Windows Phone Central at such short notice, so our Rich Edmonds had to make do with the above photo.

Thanks everyone for sending this in!

QR: Lumia Selfie

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

Harish Jonnalagadda is a Senior Editor overseeing Asia for Android Central, Windows Central's sister site. When not reviewing phones, he's testing PC hardware, including video cards, motherboards, gaming accessories, and keyboards.

  • It is the updated and rebranded GlamMe app...... Got the update just now......:)
  • Like mixradio...
  • mix radio should be there in windows 8 too.
  • It's there but no music streaming. Need a Mixradio+ subscription to get the streaming :(
  • Automagically updated ;)
  • Same here!
  • Cool... Downloading.
  • It's just an update to the Nokia Glam Me app... Which to be honest isn't that good...
  • I deleted Glam Me shortly after downloading because it wad a pathetic app. This one however is something. The quality and speed are awesome. The filters are really cool. The auto selfie function is innovative. I'm impressed, and I'm not that easy to impress
  • It is a silly idea are people that vain that it has to be better quality then what the front camera can provide
  • Is this selfie thing really such a big aspect to smartphone users?
  • Kids and brainless teenage girls, yes.
  • I see :D
  • I'm a 16 year old, and I don't get this selfie hype.
  • You must be mature for your age :D
  • Dat stereotype....
  • Is most of the time true.
  • ..........tho :D
  • It's not just kids & teen girls. There are plenty of 20-30 year olds of all genders constant talking self shots.
  • This. I have friend who's 29 and takes way to many selfie photos, I almost want to unfollow her at times.I've even come across a few 40+ selfie addicts. So there's definitely a market for it --- but i don't think they want to share these photos via "Instagram Beta" or the non-existent SnapChat app featured in the Windows Phone store. So I'm not sure this is going to lure many to WP
  • Anything celebrities do, teens and vain people will do.
  • ...And smartphone companies make money. Too bad it wasn't a Nokia that was used to the celebs selfie that went viral
  • Would have been able to zoom in a bit more! :P
  • I accidentally down voted your comment when scrolling on my phone. Does anyone know how to remove the vote? When I click it, it says "saving vote".
  • No idea..... ;)
  • Just upvote the comment, instead. Will change it, but you can't remove a vote.
  • it's GlamMe....only changed the name
  • Already posted a pic with it....
  • Neh.....
  • Too ugly for this, pass. :)
  • Eh, same for me, always tells me "face not detected" :o)
  • Well, sometimes it works but the result always looks as if i was stoned o_0
  • So, just a rebranded Glam Me..
  • Works well whatever the name.
  • Guys making duckfaces should be an insult to the gay community.
  • "Duckfaces in general are an insult to the human race." FTFY
  • Dang it! You guys beat me to the good comebacks!
  • Duck face is an insult to all duck species.
  • Duck faces are an insult to all Mario koopas
  • Love the headline
  • My gf takes selfies like her life depends on it. So sad
  • Kanye, is that you?!
  • Nope. I drive a civic. LOL.
  • That's not can try to weasel your way into most of 'em to see the effect? Or turn your back while taking a LumiaSelfie, while she takes hers, a selfie within a selfie :-)
  • Downloading this instantly for my 520 :P
  • This keeps getting better
  • Selfie is a nicer name than GlamMe at least.  
  • Glam me is cheesy.
  • And yet people don't think that "selfie" is obnoxiously stupid. I'm sorry but it just sounds really stupid
  • Glam me app updated but app was 16Mb, now 8MB, less features or..
  • Less space same features, they are probably working on new to add or..
  • Isn't it an old app that got renamed?
  • I knew this "app" was coming. And it is just a "rename update". Waiting for the Flipboard launching in WP8.1 article now... :P
  • m waiting for watsapp update which is imp.
  • Love the auto selfie feature using the main camera on my 920!
  • This. I was looking for an app with this feature for a while.
  • Great app just tried it
  • All folks complaining here: Could you please elaborate which features you are missing?
  • True. Just whining gets us nowhere. Some people just don't get it.. :\
  • So I had the app long before it was launched at a keynote. What logic? Launching a already available app?
  • Just released! A couple of minutes ago it said not available for your region. Now I'm downloading it fast! ^^
  • So it turns out Lumia Selfie is the rechristened Nokia Glam Me app!
  • No no no duck face! Lets try some people face for a change,shall we?
  • How much do you love yourself and your own face? Show the world with Lumia selfie and post hundreds of pics of your own face to your social media...... I delete these ppl as it gets old real fast seeing the same head over and over. I understand when ppl do it with others next to them but on your own? What's with this guy posing his spaz mouth? Never understood how ppl can love themselves so much
  • Thank you, MS, for helping support the ultimate form of self-absorption and attention whoring.
  • Dude duck face...horrible haha
  • 1520 has worst front facing camera..
  • I don't think it's all that bad...
  • Lumia selfie not opening in my Lumia 630 running WP 8.1 GDR 1 Developer Preview. Do anyone face similar problem.
  • Works fine on, and fast I might add, on my 520. Check out our post a forum on it n see. You can simply try removing, redownloading, rebooting, restarting n see, if you have not yet done so, happy foruming
  • Thank you ! Actually I am from India - so it was not working. I change my phone region to US - it worked - Awesome.
    Much faster, lighter and a bit new animation and few UI changes.
    Really love its automatic face shooting without needing to click camera button or self timer.
  • Oh that explains it! I know I didn't download this thing, and yet it's said "updated", it's nice. Kinda liked the name "GlamMe" though....
  • Nthng new...just rebranded Nokia glam app
  • In India vouchers to renew mix radio are unavailable. Checked with nokia care and oxicash. Anyone knows how to renew subscription in India?
  • Too bad I can't use the ffc on my 925 as in less than a month of use there was a layer of dust under the glass ruining the image quality. Thanks Nokia... Posted via Windows Phone Central App
  • Well, I don't know why my comment was removed. I strongly believe that the line about there not being enough females in the author's vicinity to take a selfie is sexist. Politically not correct. Please fix it. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • I agree. The line doesn't add anything to the story, and it doesn't have any sort of positive interpretation.
  • Will be perfect with edit-text function!!
  • Best app ever
  • Working fine,if they have changed the icon then it would be cool
  • Update is really laggy on l929
  • Great app.
  • Holding phone in same hand that's behind his head and foreground wrong... Terrible fake and damn I wanna punch it in the face so hard. Remember 920 promotion video for ois being busted as fake? Now this selfie promotion camera clearly faked too
  • i like this app, i use it everyday on my trip to jordan :)
  • "Unfortunately, we're rather short on females here at Windows Phone Central at such short notice, so our Rich Edmonds had to make do with the above photo." This entire sentence was unecessary, and implies that you view women as objects for your pleasure. I thought better of you WPCentral.
  • Oh, for crying out loud ... that sentence implies nothing of the sort ... just saying that he didn't have anyone any better looking to take a photo of.  Get a grip ... this is WPCentral, not PCCentral.
  • got it
  • Too bad my 635 lacks a frontal camera. :(
  • That's a pretty duckface....