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The MacBook Pro notch is stupid, and it better not start a trend

Apple Macbook Pro
Apple Macbook Pro (Image credit: Apple)

It had been rumored, but did anyone really think even Apple would do it? Oh, they did it all right. The all-new MacBook Pro has a freaking notch.

I'm still laughing. This is the most ridiculous thing I've seen on a laptop since, well, Apple launched the Touch Bar. I've been critical of Apple's design for its laptop and desktops for a while because it felt like the company had gone from truly innovating to just treading water. Enticing its fans with fluff while the rest of the world's PC makers were collectively making real steps forward.

And that still seems to be the case. The Touch Bar was one thing, but the notch is something else. But there's a bigger question, concern, even. And that's the inevitable copying of Apple design by at least some hardware makers that might use Windows. Not only is it ridiculous, but what possible purpose does it even serve?

Especially when Apple itself is hiding it in most of the promo renders on its own webpage.

Notch what we want to see

Macbook Pro 2021

Source: AppleApple's hiding the notch in a lot of its promo images on its own website. Not embarrassed, surely? (Image credit: Source: Apple)

The MacBook Pro doesn't even have Face ID. That's the biggest joke here. Eventually, you'd assume it will and the notch is a pre-emptive decision before making that a reality. But in its first incarnation, it's literally a home for a webcam. And since macOS is all menu bar all the time across the top of the display, you're really making the most of that extra few vertical pixels' worth of space.

Apple analysts would no doubt disagree, but I'm adamant that Apple has made a conscious decision to make the notch a feature. I mean, we're all talking about it so I guess it worked? While it is/was excusable on a smartphone, what possible quality of life increase will it provide?

Does it exist purely to tell other people you have the latest MacBook Pro?

Aside from letting the other MacBook users in Starbucks know you're using the latest model, of course.

The sad part is that the silliness with the notch distracts from some of the actual, serious work Apple has done under the hood with its M1 chips. If you ignore the fact that there are going to be Macs powered by an M1 Max. An M1 Max Mac? Yeesh. The MacBook Pro otherwise just looks like another Apple laptop, and in days past, Windows OEMs would try their best to mimic the MacBook style.

For the love of God, don't.

Windows laptops can do both skinny bezels and facial recognition

Razer Book 13 2020 Review

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

I'm not breaking out the calipers, or even looking too long at spec sheets, because Apple's bezels might well be the skinniest. But we're talking about the smallest of margins that it really doesn't matter.

What should matter to anyone buying a Windows laptop or a new MacBook Pro is that it's just not necessary. If you're going to hide the notch with a dark mode theme anyway, why go through the trouble?

The fact Apple didn't even do Face ID is a pretty big letdown.

The lack of any kind of Face ID is a bit of a letdown though. Obviously, we're used to Windows Hello and being able to log into our machines before we even put the cup of coffee down. But we're not exactly lugging around great lumps of metal and glass with bezels you could land a plane on, are we?

I'm sat typing this on a Razer Book with delightfully thin bezels, a compact form factor, and Windows Hello facial recognition. I could do the same on a similarly designed and equipped Dell XPS 13 or XPS 15. How about the new Surface Pro 8?

The reasons for buying a Mac or a Windows laptop haven't changed with any of today's announcements. The people who really benefit are the existing Mac buyers, and they're probably going to have a blast. But this stupid notch is one trend we really, really don't need anyone copying. We've already got a good thing going on.

Richard Devine is an Editor at Windows Central. A former Project Manager and long-term tech addict, he joined Mobile Nations in 2011 and has been found on Android Central and iMore as well as Windows Central. Currently you'll find him covering all manner of PC hardware and gaming, and you can follow him on Twitter and Instagram.

  • *GIF of Steve Carell saying: No god please No No No No NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO*
  • lol PERFECT (that's all I wanted to say but this site insists on more words so HERE THEY ARE)
  • The notch is the last of the problems for Windows OEM. These new Macs are amazing machines with astonishing performances and incredibly low battery consumption. They are years ahead of any PC laptop.
  • And they run macOS and are powered by first-party designed chips no Windows laptop maker can use anyway. You know who cares? Mac owners. The 90+% of the world that doesn't use a Mac isn't suddenly flocking to these. They'll keep using what they already use.
  • Lots of these Mac / Apple fans always and sometimes deliberately miss that.
    The only positive is Intel, AMD and QC knows they have have to compete.
  • Exactly, the rest of the market can go deep and bring their best to the table, just like Microsoft reinvigorated the looks of the Windows desktop PC through the Surface line.
  • In USA Apple has larger market share and in the rest of the world Apple dominates high end consumer market.
  • It's still less than 10% so still small. No it doesn't. It dominates in tablets, not PCs and certainly not phones.
  • US share is around 15% according to Gartner, so not less than 10%. And globally around 9% - including much of the premium space.
  • They couldn't afford it if they wanted to. 2 grand for a PC. Jeesh.
  • If you don't need that PC, yea. But then again, 14" MacBook Pro, minimum configuration, 16G 512 SSD is the $1999 model. Surface Laptop Studio 16G, 512 SSD, with an i7, what do you know, $2099. Yea you get a touch screen with the Studio, but I guarantee you don't get the performance and battery life. Sort of depends on your needs, but price is not the deciding factor here.
  • First mistake, Surface Laptop Studio is 1600. Also expensive but 400 less. It's a load less. Second mistake, you're not comparing like with like. The Surface Laptop 4 is 800. Half the price. MacBooks are clamshell laptops. Obviously you can jack up any laptop to make it cost 2000-3000 but the base model MacBook Pro starts at 2 grand. 2 grand vs 800 or even 1600 by your comparison. It's not a comment on performance, it's a comment on price. I guarantee you don't need M1 Pro let alone Max to run Google Chrome. What do people think most users do on their laptops? But if you want compare battery. Surface Pro X. 900. So still half the price for comparable battery. M1 isn't unique for battery.
  • You apparently don't understand options. $1600 is the 'starts at price', i5, 16G, 256G SSD. It is the model used to be able to stick a low price in bold on the web site. If you configure it as I noted, similar to the lowest end 14" MacBook Pro, it's $2099. I'm even giving it the benefit of the doubt that an i7 is somehow comparable to Apple Silicon in the MacBook.
  • Up to 17 hours of web surfing over Wi-Fi (Apple claims) is not better than up to 18 hours of typical device usage (Microsoft claims) of battery life on the face of claims anyway.
  • Kip, have you ever used a macbook? Their battery claims are actually real.
  • I have. They aren't.
  • The M1 ones? They literally last more than any Windows Laptop
  • No.. they dont. It's good, but not better than ANY windows laptop
  • Yep plenty and they obfuscate like everyone else.
  • I've been waiting for a consumer level 15 inch MacBook. And so has everyone else. Since 2001-ish.
  • Better to compare apples with apples, the SLS has a pen dock, digitizer, touchscreen and more expensive hinge than the Macbooks. Better to compare with Dell XPS or such and maybe Surface Laptop (though the latter still has a digitizer and touchscreen).
  • Um the price isn't much a problem, it's not like there isn't as expensive or more expensive PC's that those of MacBook Pros, which is a workstation laptops, which is traditionally are expensive.
  • Not been this expensive before though. You're also missing you need these new workstations to get ports and a modern design. The previous M1 MacBook has an old laptop design.
  • “The 90+% of the world that doesn't use a Mac isn't suddenly flocking to these.” 90+% Windows share? What decade are you living in? In the U.S., Windows is down to 61% share. Mac is 27%. Worldwide, it is 75%/16%. The days of 95% Windows share was 20 years ago. Why do you think MS is desperately copying Apple? Rounded corners and all.
  • And the US represents a tiny fraction of the world. In the rest of the planet Apple is way less popular, MacOS right know represents about 9,5% of the market worldwide, and Windows around 87%. So yes he’s quite close.
  • "And the US represents a tiny fraction of the world."
    - that's why he told you the numbers for Worldwide too or you conveniently missed that?
    and no the numbers are not 9.5% but almost 16%, you can go to Statcounter or Statista and check it up, before talking bs
  • I don't think Apple is way less popular around the world. The world just doesn't live at the higher end where Apple lives. That's a choice Apple has made. While there is a starts at $399 Surface Go, there is no comparable Macbook.
  • OK one, in case you didn't notice, this post isn't a deep analysis of market trends. So if my numbers aren't accurate I'm not jumping out of a window. Secondly...Windows isn't the only alternative. Chrome OS and Linux both have market share, whatever number it might actually be.
  • I don't know bro.... I have 4 friends in my inner circle that have never touched Apple product and switched to Macbooks in the last year, and according to 2 of them some of their friends too. Not bad for a statistic isn't it? And when you look the Desktop OS market share seems like very slowly, but steadily MacOS is going up, now being almost 16% of World's Desktop OS usage (long gone are the days when we all laughed at it being around 5-8% aren't they? and guess what.... it's going up slowly rather than down). People are switching from Windows desktops to MacOS powered ones and the trend is increasing. Where is your God now?
  • If the performance metrics they showed weren't complete BS, then I would agree with you, but they are so obviously a lie that I can't only laugh at them, the iGPU of the M1 Mac isn't 3x better then the latest from Intel, their M1 Multi-core performance doesn't come close to what the latest AMD U series laptops can achieve at a similar power level and there is no way the iGPU from the M1 Max that consumes 50W, compares to a 150W+ dedicated laptop GPU, that's just fairy tale BS, they aren't delivering magic. And then the M1 Pro and Max aren't going to compete with Intel's 11th gen, they are going to compete with Intel's 12th gen and those are going to smash the M1 Pro and Max in terms of performance and maybe even in efficiency.
  • But can they play games such as Genshin or Shadow of The Tomb Raider ?
  • No they're not. Performance Yes, but PCs offer comparable battery too. You just wrote it off. Surface Pro X competes with M1 for battery.
  • You are seriously going to compare a Surface Pro X to an M1 Mac, because of battery life? That's like comparing a Smart Car to a Tesla because their range is comparable.
  • That's what everyone else is doing man. Surface Pro X and M1 offer comparable battery. I said I wasn't comparing on performance :/.
  • But this article was about the notch and not your boner using Apple.
  • It will, stupid trends like USB C only laptops became a thing, even on Pro devices, so anything is possible.
  • But thank god they are bringing ports again, because now OEMs will copy that and we will return to finally having good I/O on our laptops.
  • I actually like everything using USB-C/Thunderbolt. Smaller footprint, higher data transfer rates, ubiquitous chargers.
  • I'm with you on this. I don't miss all the ports. A dongle or two doesn't hurt all that much.
  • Agreed, and honestly, whenever I need a bunch of things connected, I have a dock set up. when I'm on the go I might have one peripheral connected and that's it. I'm not a fan of only one port, which some products do, but 2 USB-C ports is perfectly fine, so long as I have a charging port and one port for a peripheral/dock that's all I need.
  • Totally agree. A dock/port replicator with 8 ports can be the size of a deck of cards. Way smaller than all those peripherals that everyone is apparently traveling with.
  • I like USB-c except for the charging. It is convenient, but my kids have broke that port on two laptops. There was only 1 USB-c on those laptops so they became useless. I added magnetic breakaway tips after the first one broke, but they still broke the port. I prefer the strength of the old round charging systems and keeping USB-c to periphirals only.
  • You cannot practically replicate flushed SD cards with usb-c, that for me is a big step back. Flushed SD card is great for cheap expandable storage / backups.
  • PCs never lost them. A tonne of high end laptops have ports.
  • But maybe from now on a laptop like the Surface Studio will actually have ports.
  • All you really got was an HDMI and an SD slot. The SD slot is useful for those with cameras that use them, which is in the target market of these laptops. The HDMI is no better than a USB C/Thunderbolt. Just a matter of what cable you buy.
  • HDMI is good because of convenience, that's why people were asking for it, a laptop for work should be able to easily connect to any monitor or TV, currently there isn't even a USB4/TB4 to HDMI 2.1 adapter, so you can't even take full advantage of alot of medium-high end TVs.
  • Just get a USB C to HDMI cable. They're everywhere. You don't need USB C to power a TV and Monitors HDMI isn't the best anyway. People were asking for it but it's not as if you can't connect a USB C only MacBook to an external monitor.
  • That's not convenient though and it doesn't solve the problem of not existing USB4/TB4 to HDMI 2.1 adapters.
  • How is it inconvenient? With an HDMI port I carry an HDMI to HDMI cable. With USB C/Thunderbolt I carry a USB C to HDMI cable.
  • HP give you all the dongles with their products, I got a USB-C to HDMI, USB-C to USB-A and I think one other (maybe DisplayPort but I can't remember because I never use the third one).
  • What else would they add though? USB A isn't coming back, it's a legacy port.
  • Yeah, I'm still bummed that SLS didn't have a card reader that the Surface Book it replaced. It's a huge miss opportunity considering one of the target buyers of SLS are likely the photographers.
  • I agree. There's a whole world of customers in different environments and with different ecosystems of office and personal workspaces, peripherals, equipment, interfaces and so on that need the least amount of complexity to connect to their tools and get things done, and they don't mind a few extra kilos of weight or a less-than-Porsche-esque design aesthetic to have that productivity at their fingertips.
  • I always thought they put the notch to allow non-Mac websites to indirectly promote it and create dissent amongst comment sections.
  • "Notch what we want to see" ^ GOLD ^ I was sure Apple would eventually invent the notchless phone, but this? Jesus Christ. This is like a joke from 2018. The sad thing is that it's pure cynical marketing. They need the device to be recognizably Apple from all angles, because half their business is making poseurs look cool. (I am not actually knocking Apple for their business model, as they are exceptionally good at it.)
  • I wouldn't worry about notches on Windows laptops at all. Since Windows has no menu bar, maximized windows would be partly covered by the notch, and nobody would want to buy a device where some of your browser tabs are obscured, so nobody would try to sell them. This isn't even a matter where you could argue with aesthetics, it would be broken functionality.
  • Good points. It would break apps like Word/Excel/PowerPoint too where the filename is in the centre.
  • This is true. Conversely, on a MAC there is always a menu bar which does not come out of the window real estate. There have been comments about Apple hiding the notch in promotions but the notch does just disappear when in dark mode.
  • Most people don't use Dark Mode and I'd have to disagree with that. It never disappeared on IOS. More to the point, it has no technical need. It's only housing a 1080p webcam. They couldn't do this with thinner bezels? A load of PC OEMs manage it.
  • Yeah, at least this won't happen IN Windows side. Even the bottom of the screen, the Taskbar is now centered by default, and even on left aligned ones, icons fills up the whole width of the Taskbar. The only thing possible on Windows are the rounded bezels (which I have a slight concern with in regards to limiting the UI design in the future).
  • Finally Apple got over their egos and brought ports back.
  • Darn, we thought you'd forgotten we had them. This is much like all the new features that will be coming soon in Win 11 (that we used to have in Win 10/8/7...)
  • Love when they said "it looks great in dark mode", a not so subtle way of saying "yeah we know you'll think it looks ugly".
  • I don't think it'll happen because the phone industry moved on to modern designs and laptops have already been doing thin bezels for years and years.
  • It would be horrible on Windows, but in macOS it kinda works. Since the menu bar was always eating up the top of the screen anyway, why not slide the menu bar up and reclaim some of that wasted space? An even better option would be to kill the stupid menu bar altogether, but we know Apple will never do that.
  • Windows has menu bars too. It's just a matter of where that bar is, or how many there are.
  • Yeah, not much problem with Macs since Menibar always takes the top space, but macOS menu bar isn't stupid, it's their decades long UI that works for them and all macOS apps uses it. There are some advantages of it like it keeps windowed apps UI more compact and it is easier to target with a mouse pointer due to fitts law.
    I doubt they will ever ditch menu bar on their desktop OS.
  • Because you could've done the same without a notch. A tonne of PC OEMS have even thinner bezels. The menu bar is so dated.
  • So are floating windows each with their own ribbon. So is the taskbar at the bottom. It's what users are used to. Remember what happened with Win 8.
  • The Canoe Notch is the Izod Alligator of Apple. It's so you can immediately know someone is using a Mac -- especially if they've buried the logo with stickers.
  • Apple is always 5 years behind in technology. 0 innovation except their closed environment M1 chip. Well, if people would like to spend on Apple Tax, let them be. Oh yes, I ROFL after seeing notch on laptop, literally another meme has been added to reddit World.
  • MacOS has a menu bar across the top. The Notch is perfectly fine up there. It isn’t encroaching on apps at all.
  • On top of this they increased the vertical height, without the notch/menu bar the display is 16:10 like the previous ones.
  • you are an absolute moron. what part of these chips destroying Intel at 1/3rd the power did you miss. these aren't for surfing p0rn and gaming. they are for real work. you wouldn't understand any of that since only a child would post what you said.
  • Do they work with any of the government or military stuff I have to do as a reservist? No. Does their hardware support most of the games out there? No. Anybody enthusiast gaming at all on these? No. Is anyone DESIGNING games on them? No. But hey you can do Final Cut and Pro Tools...which, most video editors and artists aren't using as much anymore. So, what is this about real work?
  • It's the same with phones. Boring identical slab from one version to the next.
  • Seriously? Boring slab? As opposed to the triangles and cubes produced by other companies? What has really changed from Galaxy to Galaxy or Note to Note. There are some interesting things being done with foldables, but they are essentially big slabs folded on half.
  • At the end of the day, on my M1 MacBook Pro it takes 6-9 seconds to open Word, Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. I highly doubt these new, faster processors are addressing those applications. MacOs is not for me. I tried it... I'm headed right back to Windows.
  • Nope, I won't buy a phone with a notch/camera hole so I certainly wouldn't buy a laptop with one. Plus, in display cameras exist now, so why would any company continue doing this?
  • I think you'll get the reply on Apple forums. :D
  • Plenty of mobile phone manufacturers use camera cut outs in their displays and they look like trash. Although my question was rhetorical, I would be intrigued if anyone knew WHY manufacturers keep doing this.
  • To maximize screen space. You have to put the camera somewhere and bezels are a complete waste of space and look dated. A cutout or notch that is part of the notification or menu bar isn’t an issue at all. On Windows though, a notch would be bad. They have nothing at the top of the screen to obscure it.
  • Eventually, other companies will do the same. We'll see pin-hole, drop notch camera in future Ultrabooks.
  • If manufacturers pulled their fingers out of their butts they could make it happen; Oppo, Samsung and Huawei all have options to avoid the cut out. The fact of the matter is a bezel is better than a hole, especially since if you're watching a movie or whatever I would assume the phone would automatically create a "bezel" to hide the hole anyway, so you aren't watching something with a hole in the picture.
  • After Essential, Apple inspired for notch.
    But after Apple, everyone copied notch and did experiment by changing position and shapes. Yes, notch helped to increase screen space rather it looks good or bad.
  • Surface devices have rounded bezels that obstruct a small part of the screen. This is also ridiculous.
  • Folks, I just upgraded from a Surface Pro 7 to a Surface Pro 8, 256GB SSD, 16GB RAM, i7. I paid $1,500 for it. No notch. The 7 was the coolest piece of tech I'd ever owned and now I can say that about the 8. Apple has *nothing* like this machine, nothing. There should be no reason at all to pay that much for a clamshell laptop plus an iPad if l you need a decent pad. This is nothing short of amazing. The SP8 can do selfies, webcam, and facial recognition with no notch and has a very thin bezel. The MPB needs a notch for the former two and can't even manage the latter. PS: I left the Mac behind a while back after having been a Mac user for about 15 years.
  • Glad to hear you're enjoying the SP8. How's battery life with teleconferencing, specifically Zoom (which we unfortunately all need for some reason)? SP7 battery life with Zoom is a joke, less than 4h (i7/16GB). I know the SPX is much better thanks to the ARM processor.
  • The Pro X is still the Surface Zoom champ. I can get 6+ hours and it barely warms up. That said, 6 hours of Zoom in one day is something I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy.
  • Many professionals need way more power than what a Surface Pro offers, just because it’s enough for your needs doesn’t mean that it’s enough for everybody. High end Dell or Lenovo laptops are comparable in price with these MacBooks.
  • Actually the 13" M1 iPad Pro is much like that Pro 8. Have to buy the keyboard and pen separately there too, but there are more (different?) keyboard options. You can certainly argue the difference between Windows and iPadOS, but that is a function of what you need to, or intend to, do.
  • Apple getting "touchy"? or is it just "touching" upon another gimmick to get past the ridiculous problem that Macs, to quote the Hammer, "can't touch that."
  • My SB1 was starting to show its age and I finally tried a MacBook after not using an Apple computer since college. In any case, the M1 MB has been maybe my 2nd favorite laptop ever (SB1 still is my gold standard), and to be honest the touch bar isn't all that bad. I guess if I was using Fn keys all the time, I'd be annoyed, but it's been nice -to have so far, and not really annoying. However, the notch and no Face ID is ridiculous. I'd gladly take the "huge" bezels of the SB1 on the MB if you got something close to Windows Hello. In any case, I hope this Mac lasts me long enough to see the notch die.
  • Wow. When someone gets completely unhinged by the competition, someone is jealous. Sounds like you were drunk when you had this meltdown.
  • It is the only thing they can point to, and it isn’t even a big deal because of the menu bar. It doesn’t effect apps at all. These new Macs embarrass Microsoft, they have nothing in the ballpark when it comes to performance and battery life at the same time!
  • See.. You're just a trolling Apple fan.. Confirmed and pathetic. SMDH If Microsoft did this you would be saying the opposite. Get a life.
  • Ok, waiting for Microsoft to do this then lol
  • Microsoft Engineer and a Microsoft Activist Investor fresh from their windows 11 GUI win. Investor : So the new mac-like bar and mac-like interface is getting universal acclaim yah? Engineer : uhm... I wouldn't say UNIVERSAL acclaim. The pundits and design gurus are not against it... primarily since they use macs anyway. But our core users who use it to do actual work are having some teeny tiny issues about the way they do things that are ...more difficult? Scratch that... challenging? Oh... erhm.... has more cognitive load? Is that the term those gurus say when they nitpick on square borders as against rounded ones, that it impacts their emotional well-being or some such? The way before was already efficient. Investor : Boriiiiing! Windows 10 was ok for normal people but it lacks that je ne seis quoi that makes Macs sell to the luxury segment. Those sky high profits! drool.... You've been trying for years to make windows open, efficient, accessible. Trying to better balance touch and type and look what happened. It's ok if we prioritize efficiency as against cheap tricks if it earns us money or if not good will. scoffs in disdain.
    It must be those rounded corners! That centered navigation thingy. Those design user whatever elements. Pal, get with the program! Dont give people what they need. Stop everything and just give people what those gurus think they want. I want to make money, hear me! Apple makes tons of money and they don't even have to innovate for &^%!. We want style! We want grace! We want pees ass! I want the whole thing dripping with glamour, style, and animal magnetism, armchair pundits will have proxysms of pleasure! Engineer : You just want to copy apple because they're making tons of money right? Investor : Yup, pretty much. Thinking about it, why do I need you for? Engineer : .... Investor : You know, their macs have a notch now right? Engineer : ... Investor : Right? Engineer : sigh... right.
  • As an ex-Apple fanboy for the last 20 years, I gave waaaay to much money to Apple but, even if this notch is stupid - even more than on smartphones - we have to admit their CPU/GPU is getting seriously dangerous for the competition. Having used the M1 for months, I must say it's almost as snappy as my Ryzen 9 5950X on Linux. I wonder when any manufacturers out their - AMD, Intel, ... or anyone else - will provide us such powerful and efficient ARM chip. Because not only it will take time to offer this kind of hardware, but it will also require even more time to tweak/adapt the software to it than it took to Apple. So yes, I'm afraid that the competition is more than several years late now, and it's getting worse. But do like me: install Linux and keep cool, you can just forget about those multi-billionaires companies, the fake problems they bring us, whatever products they try to sell us, and just focus on your hobbies or work. You don't need the M1-Maximous extra power, the notch, the 1080p webcam, a foldable phone, a computer where you can stretch the screen in every position, a stylus with 4096 pressure levels, the multi-cloud real-time sync, Office with 95% of useless features, the full featured AI-packed Photoshop filters, the last Teams or FaceTime emojies, ... it won't make you feel better or make you work better.
  • You wouldn’t want to move the menu bar on Linux into the bezel, increasing screen size for apps?
  • Or decrease the taskbar icon size.
  • Do you not run applications full screen or something? I don't understand why a menu bar would cut into an application that should be running over the top of the thing anyway.
  • Alternative:
    Photoshop - Krita, Gimp, CSP(one time payment but a way most powerful tool till now)
    Illustrator - Figma, Inkscape (why use Sketch which supports only MacOS ?)
    Office - Online Office or Docs - No need of 1080p camera on-chip. 720p is enough for laptops
    - I would prefer non-screen digital tablet with 4K pressure level pen: affordable, portable, resealable
    - Linux Distros are fastest and compatible with almost every machine and can run from a pen drive
    - Windows OEM is there if you need to utilise GPU power because of better driver support
    - M1 Max is for rich and pros who want every bit of closed environment but still smart people prefer intel powered Mac for development
  • You’re clearly not an office power user if you think that online office or docs can replace it.
  • What a lame clickbait article.
  • WC is really pity. Apple literally destroys all laptops IN ITS PRICE TAG CLASS with these CPUs that are at least 3 years ahead of everybody else combined, and you are dedicating an article on the notch that is a visual hicup in the eye of the beholder? Really? At least show some respect this time. They obliterated everything Windows, man, and I am on the Windows shore... These laptops are absolutely perfect (ok.... without the retarded notch of course, but if that's your only thing seems like you're hanging on a straw man..... and no.... nobody cares about touch screens on a laptops. I really hope Microsoft have balls someday and actually show stats on the touch screen usage on laptops, but of course they never will...)
  • I have no doubt that for the people that need a laptop that can power 4 screens at once and is capable of running rings around X-Code and Final Cut this is the machine to go for, notch or not. Fact is if you rely on high end software to do your job then you want a machine that can cut it. I personally find the notch highly off-putting and think Apple might have chosen that shape as a branding exercise. I feel Apple could have either gone with a punch-hole in one of the top corners (and cleverly hidden it in the center of the spotlight magnifying glass or behind the always-black Apple logo) or just found a way to integrate it into the bottom display chin, hiding it altogether. The fact that you don't see it on the marketing webpage until about 3/4 of the way down in any picture says it all.
  • Yeah, you guys went too low with this articule. I don't think anyone is bothered with the notch. People are actually focusing on the cpu
  • And also GPU and screen, 1000 Nits with a peak of 1609, and battery life. Amazing devices.
  • The Notch will not affect it's sales but it's a bad trend specially when there is no face id inside it & it's not like Apple has managed to cram in revolutionary 4k web Cam inside it by embracing the notch so imo only cult fanboys will defend it. From the user pov while embracing the notch one gains that extra tiny screen space in some use cases but there will be a time when user would be loosing that extra screen space because notch would remain hidden in virtual black bazel in various use cases. I expect the latter (hiding) behavior to be more dominant than former (embracing). So imo it's a decision that is indirectly forced on app developers to make it work by redesigning their respective App's menu bar space to take advantage of that tiny extra screen space by embracing the notch. Any app ui/ux behavior that is expected to not good for the notch will hide the notch so it's not a big issue. Overall a decision purely made to make macs more recognizable among laptop industry. Time will tell whether it will end up like touch bar or industry hit trend like notches on smartphones.
  • inb4 Rubino comes after us deleting comments, banning accounts, because "doesn't care about how many people are here", right before realizing he should have not let this article even happen in first place or should have deleted it
  • Lol time to close shop on the "laptop reviews", Windows Central.
  • I am waiting for next comparison between a Surface Laptop Studio or an XPS15 against one of these new MacBook : on the pro side of SLS or XPS the only argument will be "if you really need to run Windows"
  • You are right in case of xps or surface laptop but Surface laptop studio has lot going for it other than being just a windows laptop. it got t