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Mango update release coming September 15th? [Updated]

We have two bits of information that we received separetely, yet tell a nice story.

First, we just heard from a fairly well known commercial software company who make an app for Windows Phone (as well as Android and iOS), that the Mango release/update has been delayed:

"The (omitted) Windows dev team has just learned that Mango is delayed until September 15th."

We were surprised to receive that info because (a) we didn't know what the previous date was (September 1st?) and (b) we didn't even inquire about it. Once again, this isn't an indie developer but a commercial software company who works with Microsoft directly, so we take their word as truth on the matter. However, we're still not 100% clear on what that means exactly.

Second, the other information comes from an online chat with an HTC customer service rep and a user of the popular Chinese forum WPXAP (they're like a Chinese XDA). Normally we discount CS rep information, but here the info is detailed and interestingly jives with the information from above. In short, the release date is in September, but they were not ready to reveal the exact date. When we say "the release" it looks to be the update release, not just for new devices. HTC has received the RTM version, they are applying patches and working with Microsoft on final verification before release.

Makes sense and with the "delayed till Sept 15th" info previously mentioned, it all comes together for us. Is it a guarantee? Nope, but we feel this is close to something.

Update: Lets add a 3rd bit of info. Back in July we speculated that the AT&T Dell Venue Pro was not going to re-ship till end of August due to it getting a Mango update (it's been "out of stock" for weeks). Now if you go to that page (opens in new tab) the preliminary ship date is...wait for it...September 15th. Thanks, Azolo, in comments!

WPXAP info via WeLoveWP

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  • I don't know about it being "delayed" but the date seems right. They probably wanted to give sufficient leadtime on app submissions and this would put it at about 3 weeks after they opened up the marketplace. If they start rolling out to unbranded devices on the 15th we'll at least have a point of reference for when carrier roll out since they should update the schedule site accordingly.
  • So AT&T should roll out by January 15th then?
  • I totally agree and hope we're both wrong.
  • you mean roll out two months before Tango...
  • Man I HOPE AT&T doesn't **** with this one...
  • Hey, it would be great if they were able to roll it out to EVERYONE at once, but color me skepticial that Verizon (my carrier) is going to play ball with Microsoft. Nice dream to have that kind of release. Could this also be refering to the beginning of the marketing push for Mango?
  • I hope we get new devices on AT&T on this date as well. One of these days I might actually get a WP.
  • Man I was chompin at the bit back in March when Sprint finally released the Arrive. I don't know how you've held out this long.
  • Fortunately for me I just got my HTC Trophy yesterday so waiting a few weeks isn't all that bad ;)
  • There was a story about the AT&T Dell Venue Pro shipping on August 30 back in July.AT&T Dell Venue Pro not shipping till 8/30, getting Mango? [Speculation]When I checked today to see when it would ship the date says "9/15/2011"Coincidence?
  • ohho, nice find
  • So is this one of the many benefits of a "closed" system like iOS and WP7 vs open like Android, where you get an OS update quickly because the mfg's involved build their phones based on a set spec. HTC can now just roll out Mango the the HTC Trophy without any major issues unlike all of the "Sensed" Android phones. Slap me silly this is really worth getting a WP7 device.
  • So is this one of the many benefits of a "closed" system like iOS and WP7 vs open like Android, where you get an OS update quickly because the mfg's involved build their phones based on a set spec. HTC can now just roll out Mango the the HTC Trophy without any major issues unlike all of the "Sensed" Android phones. Slap me silly this is really worth getting a WP7 device.
  • I'm one of those poor peasants who can't afford to invalidate my warranty just to satisfy my mango needs by upgrading the XDA leak so I'm hoping this is correct.
  • Alright, can't wait. Sprint, don't be last please.
  • Was hoping for tomorrow darnit, but the 15th is pretty soon!
  • I don't get this talk of release dates for Mango.MS basically said there would be no "release date" this time around. The RTM is out, the manufactures and the carriers are testing it and they'll release it when they release it. Part of the frustration of NoDo was the "date" that they were all supposed to hit, which just wasn't going to happen. They learned from that and released mango to them well in advance of any push but part of what they learned is not to put a date on it.If anything the 15th is going to be the start of the marketing push for it.
  • Could be. Could also mean for *some* carriers and unlocked phones we could see a "release" that day, but right, definitely not all phones, all carriers. I like to think of it as the day OEMs and carriers can start to release Mango to the public--if they are ready to.
  • When NoDo hit (on a day that one guy predicted with certainty) all carrier unbranded phones were able to update. I think we're all hoping that lightning strikes twice since we all know how to unbrand via registry edits.
  • This better happen. Im jealous of my cousin's new Motorola Photon, simply because he texts while having in the background!!!!!!!!!
  • Hahahaha! You should be jealous of me, too, with my WM 6.5 Tilt 2 from 2009! I can listen to Windows Media Player and also listen to Bing turn by turn while driving. WP7 not having multi-tasking is totally lame. Mango can't come soon enough.
  • You could always listen to music on the bult in mediaplayer in Windows Phone in the background.I can Listen to music and use Turn by turn navigation in my car with Windows Phone.
  • I can listen to music/zune and do other funtions without a problem.
  • Wait does this mean people with HTC windows phone get the mango update on September 15?
  • best news of the day.
  • tmobile will get mango 06/2012.
  • TMo was much faster than AT&T, in fact they were one of the first with NoDo, just sayin'
  • I'll be back to this thread when mango get release by carriers 'early' next year.the release of NoDo really annoy the **** out of me, which is why i'm skeptical that this will be a timely release.
  • Haha I feel sorry for all you guys fearing that AT&T (or whatever) may prevent you from getting this on day one. I feel dreadful for you, I really do. Would you like a mint? :PI'm glad I got my Optimus 7 untied from any carrier. I'll probably get it as soon as it hits. :)As for the news, that seems to be strong evidence that it's going to happen Sep 15th.
  • The good buzz around WP7 just rarely stops. Mango will put Windows on the same playing field for features and tools as the big, bad Android and iOS. Throw in some of the better benefits of both (device selection for Android, security for iOS) and things become really, really interesting for 2012. I am sure T-Mobile, AT&T and the regional carriers will be happy to bring these to market. If only we can get Sprint and Verizon to buy into giving Mango flavored phones a palce at the table .....
  • I love the line:"More clear plz... I desired"omglolol
  • September 15th is the 3rd day of Microsoft's BUILD conference :-)
  • im confused now are u guys saying the update goes by your phones manufacturer now? so when htc is ready to roll the update out everybody with a htc phone gets mango? or is it still carrier driven andn u get it when your phone copany rolls the update to the phones? i got the htc trophy so if htc comes with something ill be happy i can do mango
  • If you're phone is unbranded, you'll get the update when Microsoft pushes out the OEMs' version of Mango (which we hope is the 15th). If you're phone is branded, then you have to wait until MS pushes out the carriers' version of Mango which can be a substantially longer wait.
  • What do you mean by "unbranded"? If you own a phone, it has to be on a carrier network, doesn't it? Aren't iPhone updates pushed out through Apple, not AT&T (and now Verizon)? You update your phone's software through Zune, I'm just confused how it all works. I don't understand how the carrier controls when it comes through Zune to my phone. When you search for an update through Zune, how does Zune know what carrier your phone is using? Wouldn't it just see that I have software version X and that software version Y is now available? And what's carrier specific about my phone on Verizon that say an AT&T subscriber doesn't have? I don't see anything Verizon specific other than a Verizon Red theme color (which is silly, given there's already a red available). I have an HTC hub for apps, but that's not Verizon.
  • And there you see the crux of the issue with updates. MS wants fully control over development of the OS, but the carriers and ODM's dictate to MS on when to actually release the update to the end users. Each phone has a carrier ID that the Zune client uses to look at the backend servers MS owns and manages, and if the carrier and ODM give MS the green light, then the device is updated. If not, then you get the "There are no updates at this time" message.I absolutely HATE the idea that carriers have ANY control over OS updates. Carriers should be treated just like an ISP or telco. ODM's, sure. They have some things in the OS they provide to MS, and don't forget the device firmware itself (NOT the OS.)
  • MS needs to send a brute squad to all the carriers to force it out. ;) No, I'd rather have it working than a bricked phone. I'll be shocked if it hits my phone this month. A pleasant shock nonetheless. I'm thinking likely October(ish) possibly November? If it's anything like NoDo was. =/
  • I was so looking forward to this update... Just as I did wait for months for the Pre 3 to be released "soon". I hope they stick to this new date.
  • Here's to hoping the lessons of the NoDo release have been implemented successfully... Betting while Mango will be ready from MS's perspective, we'll only get a revised update calendar/schedule on the 15th, and nothing more. To Daniel's point, it will more likely than not be in the hands of the carriers from that point forward...
  • So let me get this staight, the manufacturer of the phone delivers Mango, not the carrier?Thanks!
  • No, it's a combination of both the carriers and ODMs really. It's stupid that carriers have ANY involvement at all.
  • Exactly! This would be like like Comcast, ATT Uverse, or whomever you use are your ISP, not allowing you to upgrade to Windows 7 SP1 until it is certified and delivered directly by your ISP, and not from Microsoft. Totally insane.I truly hope Windows 8 does not automatically download ISP-specific apps...
  • I'm new to WP7 (only had the HTC Arrive for about a week now), but I've been looking forward to this update. Coming from webOS, I've really been wanting to try out some WP7-style multitasking.
  • I will try and look it up but figured I would ask. Will mango bring more personalization? Meaning more options for colors on the tiles, background can be a color other than just white/black? I love the lock screen can be a picture, but it would be nice to personalize it more. I am excited for the live tiles with push updates, that is by far one of the coolest features. Just curious.
  • Since Verizon only has one device and they dont really care about it anyway. They may upgrade us sooner then anyone else.
  • Weak. I have been waiting since they announced mango. If this DOES turn out to be true, it will probably get delayed again until next month and then get delayed until Q1 next year.
  • Upgraded my Focus to Mango via threads over at XDA. We all know that AT&T will be "testing" Mango for several months into next year before they release it.