HTC September 1st Event to focus on Mango?

HTC is holding a public event in London on September 1st but very little details on the event have surfaced. About this time last year, HTC held a similar event to launch a handful of Android Phones.

Our friends at BGR have received information that this year, the centerpiece of the event will be Windows Phone Mango. Specifically introducing the HTC Eternity and the HTC Omega to the public.

While the source of this information didn't disclose and particulars, speculation has the Eternity heading to AT&T and the Omega headed to T-Mobile.  One bit of promise was that the release is expected to be sooner than expected.

Nothing official from HTC and hopefully everything will come into focus on September 1st.

source: bgr

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  • Am I alone in thinking we should have started seeing ads for WP7 Mango? Hype the OS (at least a bit) then show the devices that will be running it?
  • I agree, I think it should be very, very soon.
  • I hope so. I so want this launch to be big, attention-grabbing, beautiful.
  • It would make sense since they've just hired Brandon Foy, that talent behind the MIX '11 advert. Hopefully we'll see some professional magic from him soon. I've seen Microsoft covering parts of the London Underground with Azure adverts that I think a quick switch to WP7 would be beneficial.
  • MSFT? run an ad for WP7? never
  • Windows Phone 7 plus HTC is the best! I am an HTC loyal and all my smart phones have been HTC beginning with the Mogul. Some Sprint representative told me that he had heard that the Mazaa would be coming to Sprint. He said it was rumor though.
  • Bleh
  • wooo hooo, cant wait....ive been ready to upgarde for awhile now and have been holding out (almost bought the focus like 5 times)....hopefully my patience will finally pay off!!!.....i really wanna see that eternity!
  • BRG is reporting that the Eternity will be on Tmobile. If this is true, I'm going to be super pissed. I need it on AT&T. I'm hoping they have the specs backwards, because they are reporting the 3.7" model being the Eternity. Hopefully this isnt so.