Mango update will be free, coming sometime this fall

This just in, folks. The Mango update will be free. Repeat: It won't cost you a dime. Coming this fall. No exact date -- when carriers are involved (and make no mistake, they will be) it's tough to nail these things down. But Microsoft's said they'll let us konw where there's more to know.

But the important parts: Free update. This fall. Mango. Free. Update. This fall.

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  • Released in the fall. Released to who? Customers or the carriers? Fall ends on the December 22. Everyone put that on your calendar. With Microsoft's track record so far, I'm not expecting to see it this year. Heck, I'm still waiting for a couple of SSL certificates. Apparently they're still being tested by AT&T.
  • FREE!!!!? But what am I going to do with all this money I saved for the Update? I guess I'll just trow it on the toilet =(.
  • Why are you stressing it being free? It would be an AWFUL decision to charge for it. The bigger story is that it will be delivered wirelessly, and not need a Zune Sync to do so.
  • Free? Free? So you are telling me that they pondered the idea of charging people for it? Wow, if that was the case I would have jumped ship! Thank God it isn't the case!
  • I'm sure M$ pondered that idea.
  • I'm sure they're just making sure people know their not like A$$le.
  • I remember HypePod Touch updates costing like $5 back in 2008.
  • It won't actually come in the fall to the end users. Fall is when it will be released to the carriers. Don't expect end users, especially those on AT&T to see it until early 2012. AT&T users still don't have the security update for Windows Phone and that is as small as an update as there is.
  • Some ATT users like me still do not have NoDo update.....let alone the security ones that came after it....
  • Why do I feel my hate for AT&T returning? This thing isn't even feature complete or released... AT&T, I challenge you to NOT suck this time around!