Is Mango Windows Phone 7.5?

Now that Microsoft has officially mentioned a major update in the pipeline, we can start up the rumor mills full force.

We’ve discussed the new features that "Mango" will bring to the table; but the timeframe (other than a 6-month window) and official name remain nebulous. A number of media outlets are conjecturing that the Mango release will be significant enough that it could be dubbed Windows Phone 7.5, which would fit with past naming conventions like Windows Mobile 6.5. The speculation is that the update will be something of an interim release between the current iteration of the Windows Phone OS and the alignment between Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

Stay tuned here for any updates, we’ll be keeping you posted as news breaks.

Source: WinRumors

Tim Ferrill
  • I don't think they will go with a . system in Windows Phone 7. It will start to confuse the brand. I don't see them changing it until Windows Phone 8 which then I would think have new hardware requirements where Windows Phone 7 can't upgrade, and I hope they don't do that for 2 years so people can upgrade. I think nice updates to Windows Phone 7 for the next 2 years and still call it WP7 would be perfect you don't lose any brand recognition or cause any confusion.Kind of like how they do the Desktop OS platform. There may be SP and updates but it is still Windows 7.
  • Does it really matter what its called? Doesnt change the fact that we'll be waiting 7 months for it, and that is if there are no delays from carriers or other issues.
  • Yes and no. What Microsoft calls it officially could give insight into what their platform update strategy looks like.
  • I'm honestly curious to know if they'll even move on to a Windows Phone 8. With Windows 8 being able to run on ARM devices and portable devices being able to run dual & quad core processors with dedicated GPUs, I don't know how much longer the phone OS is going to last.
  • I don't see any reason to add a minor version number, at least to the non-internal advertising of the OS since all of the devices will update at the same time and always be on the later version (barring any carrier intervention).
  • Ya, the advertising should just be "Windows Phone" without any real numbers, people don't care about version numbers that much. If MS can keep updating everyone like you said then it wouldn't even matter what version you or someone else has anyways.
  • If you look at all the Nokia press material from Nokia/microsoft deal about using Windows Phone, not once do you see them say Windows Phone 7 which makes me think Microsoft will try and drop the version Number or Nokia Phones planned later this year will use the next version after 7
  • I think it's just because saying "Nokia Windows Phone 7" is a little too long.Microsoft has said on release dates for Nokia "it's up to them" but basically we'll see a device in 2011, mass production in 2012. My take from MWC and the Nokia speculation is people are reading way too much into things. It's a lot more simpler and less sinister than people want to believe.