Marketplace now available on WM6.0/6.1

Good news for all of you with Windows Mobile 6.0 or 6.1 who were patiently waiting for official access to the Windows Marketplace for Mobile. That day has come. Head here (opens in new tab) to send yourself the official link, or get it directly at from your phone's browser. Huzzah! [via Windows Phone Expert]

Update: The Windows Phone Blog now offers the official party line.

Phil Nickinson

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  • Hahhahha i already have the marketplace for 1 month now. so this is not new for me since i have been using 6.5.1 sorry for people who are outdated. :) found allot great apps i found already.
  • We have all had it... This is just the official one for 6.1
  • I've been running this in 6.1 from the XDA .cab for some time now. Any known benifit or added functionality by downloading and installing the "official" release?
  • for Prosumers, this is a non event in my opinion. The person(s) at Microsoft that decided to launch this service with under 300 apps when Apple has 100,000 is stupid. Microsoft has a large eco system of apps and developers, tons of freeware and 1,000's of apps on sites like Handango, Mobihand and others. I like Windows Mobile, with HTC's Touchflo interfaces, it is quite finger friendly, but someone put a bullet in the Windows Mobile teams head and get a team in there that know that they have very little time to get market share back and get the OEM's, ODM's and developers interested in their platform again. Take Notice Windows Mobile or Windows Phone Team......
  • Sorry for the rant, I really really want Windows Phone platform to be successful with both consumers and business. When will Steve Balmer realize the desktop eco system model that Microsoft uses for their mobile platform is broken. Microsoft needs to be relevant in this space again, maybe they should buy Palm and bring in the Palm team Microsoft money + best of Windows Phone + best of Palm + Jon Rubenstein = SUCCESS
  • You can still only download apps to the main storage memory, and not to an SD card, right? If so, yawn. BTW, WTF with the spam catcher. Why do I have to type in a CAPTCHA every time I post here?
  • you got to verify your information dude!
  • it would be nice to have a way to distinguish standard vs. pro apps. also, a few more categories to sort apps by would be useful.
  • Jeff, Marketplace will only show apps that are compatible with the device you are running Marketplace on. So if you check with a Smartphone/Standard device you will see different apps than when you do it with a Pro device. ...if that was what you meant!? :)
  • that would make sense, but it is confusing to see screen shots for pro devices, and not standard devices, when looking at the marketplace from a standard device.
  • Nice devices. I may have been long outdated with these but I can catch up. Hmmm better study android.