Master Django Development in Just 3 Courses With This $26 Bundle

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From YouTube to Spotify, countless top websites and apps run on Django code. The 3 Course Django Developer Certification Bundle helps you master this framework, with 14 hours of training for just $25.99.

Django is a framework written in Python that allows developers to create powerful sites in less time. Experts earn up to $132,000 a year according to Indeed, and there is a constant demand for new talent.

With three beginner-friendly courses, this bundle helps you dive into this lucrative niche. Through hands-on tutorials, you discover how to work with Django, and try your hand at various projects.

Along the way, you learn how to build a blog, create a clone of Reddit, and connect to APIs. The training also covers basic Python programming, along with REST and many useful tools.

Your instructor is Nick Walter, a professional developer who now teaches other people how to code. He has helped over 202,000 students, earning a 4.5-star rating along the way.

These courses are worth $597, but you can get them now for $25.99.


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The 3 Course Django Developer Certification Bundle – $25.99

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