Match It, a Windows Phone game with promise

We are seeing a string of simple, yet challenging, Windows Phone games landing in the Windows Phone Store. Most of these games aren't very complicated but a fun way to pass the time. You will also find some of these titles to be fun to play for a short time but lack staying power.

Match It is a relatively new gaming title that hopes to fall into the 'fun way to pass the time' category. The game tests your reflexes and speed by requiring you to tap the screen as two balls that change color match.

Available for low-memory devices, Match It has potential and worth trying. However, you may find that the game needs a little more chutzpah to keep you pulled into the game.

Simple Menu, Decent Game Play and Annoying Ads

Match It has a very simple main menu with options to view the tutorial, play the game, view your best score and check in on the online leaderboard. You also have a mute button in the upper right corner.

Another feature of the main menu is an annoying full-page ad that pops-up from time to time. I can understand the important of ad-support. It helps the developer earn a little revenue while keeping the game a free title. But the ads should not overwhelm the gaming experience.

The tutorial does a decent job of covering game play and the various game modes.

Speaking of which, game play is simple but challenging enough to avoid being too easy. You have two colored balls that bounce around the gaming screen changing colors. When the two ball's color matches, you have to tap the screen as quickly as possible before the colors change and no longer match.

Across the top of the game screen, you will find your score and gaming mode displayed. Your score will also appear center screen. Along the bottom of the screen is your point multiplier and skip counter. The skip counter counts down the number of matches you failed to act on. When the counter hits zero (wouldn't worry about that for a while), the game is over.

As you progress with Match It, the conditions of the game can change. You can randomly go from a single tap to double-tap to score points as well as a flashing screen or random vibration to serve as a distraction.

Once you tap on a mismatched pair of colors, the game ends and you have the options to enter a player name and submit your score to the online leaderboard, retry the game or share your score via social networks.

Overall Impression

The concept behind Match It makes for a nice time waster of a game. The game will test your reflexes and speed with very simple mechanics. While I liked the concept, the execution could have been better.

And the biggest issue with Match It has to be with the full-page ads. I would have preferred the bottom of the screen ad-banner on the main menu and scoring summary than the full-page ad that takes over the screen.

Match it is a difficult game and it would not hurt my feelings if the pace of the game started out a little slower and then build up in speed. It would give most a fighting chance of seeing scores in the double digits and get everyone acclimated with game play. As is, don't be shocked if it takes you a few games to get your score past single digits.

All in all, I won't say that Match It is a bust but some may see it as too simple of a game needing a little more sip to keep them coming back for more.

  • Match It - Windows Phone 8 - 1MB - Free - Store Link

George Ponder

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