Meet the FC Barcelona team with Nokia India and the Lumia 620 competition

Reside in India and own a Lumia 620 Windows Phone? It could well be your chance to meet one of the top football teams in Europe - FC Barcelona. Nokia India is running a competition that will see consumers who own the smartphone competing against one another for the opportunity to watch the team play and meet the players. So how does one enter?

Simply fire an SMS to 55555 with "FCB", followed by a space, your Lumia 620 IMEI number, another space and finally your name. For example: "FCB IMEI# George Clooney." It doesn't take a lot of effort to get involved and battle for a spot to go and check out Nokia India's partner.

Source: Nokia; thanks, Prodigy11, for the tip!

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Unfortunately for me it says Incorrect IMEINo
  • Remember to enter 15 digits only. Sometimes they add two extra numbers. For ex. *****-*****-*****/13
  • One of the top teams in Europe? Probably the best team in the world...! And im a gooner!
  • i am a Gooner too :)
  • Nice marketing strategy by Nokia.
  • No UCL or Copa del Rey for Barca. HALA MADRID
  • Barca beat AC Milan today 4-0 (4-2 aggregate), so they continue to the UCL quarter-finals! GO BARCA!!!
  • Hala Madrid? Hala chingada! Go Barca! I'm glad Nokia is expanding their advertisement strategies.
  • iHala Madrid, I love Lumia Series
  • FC Bayern is my team!
  • mia san mia
  • Glory Glory Man United! ;)
  • All about the spurs fools.
  • Barca = panda mariconas dopados hasta las cejas.
  • I'm not a soccer fan, but I always hear about this team. What is their annual payroll if they are always considered one of the best in the world?
  • They're always in debt.
  • Farza sucks
  • R.M. sucks, too!
  • They should do this for cricket as India is full of crazy cricket fans.
  • now we have some people here that hate all the teams except the one they support, ignorant pricks sorry for my language
  • You'll Never Walk Alone. Liverpudlian :D