Meta and mining collide with new WhatsApp cryptocurrency wallet option

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What you need to know

  • Cryptocurrency has been extending its reach into the daily lives of average people over the past few years.
  • Recently, it managed to gain mainstream appeal with the likes of AMC Theatres.
  • Now, crypto payments are being piloted within WhatsApp for certain app users.

Everywhere you look, there's crypto. The big guys like Mark Cuban and Elon Musk have already weighed in on it, and every day, it seeps into more parts of life even for non-enthusiasts. Take, for example, crypto's fresh infiltration of WhatsApp.

Via Novi, users can exchange crypto within WhatsApp. It's in pilot, so not everyone's going to get to start sending their digital currency to friends with ease through the Meta app. Plus, the wallet's pilot is only going on in the U.S. and Guatemala, and even then, not all U.S. states are in on the fun. In other words, check your WhatsApp to see if you're invited to get sending and receiving, but don't be disappointed if that's not an option yet.

Novi's move is just the latest in the mainstream embrace of crypto. El Salvador, on a country level, has opened its arms wide to the notion of digital currency and is committed to building a literal Bitcoin City. Meanwhile, AMC Theatres announced crypto tolerance is coming to its chain, meaning you should be able to buy your Sonic the Hedgehog 2 movie tickets with a bit of Litecoin.

If you're not in the digital currency circuit already and want to learn how to mine crypto, we have you covered. Furthermore, don't worry about doing the research on what hardware you need to get in the game: Here are the best GPUs for crypto mining.

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