Mark Cuban comments on Ethereum and Dogecoin, talks crypto benefits

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What you need to know

  • Cryptocurrency has been gaining high-profile allies in recent years.
  • One member of that aforementioned club is Mark Cuban.
  • He shared his thoughts on Ethereum's standing as well as Dogecoin's meme status.

Much like how Elon Musk recently weighed in on cryptocurrency and shared how he felt about it, Mark Cuban has done the same. Among other things, Cuban is the owner of the Dallas Mavericks as well as a popular member of the show Shark Tank and has, from his entrepreneurial perspective, given fresh insights into how he deals with cryptocurrency.

While talking to CNBC, he touched on Dogecoin, referring to it as something of an educational tool on crypto and something worth checking out for "fun." However, the cryptocurrency he gave a stronger endorsement to was Ethereum, saying it had the "most upside." He also commented that Bitcoin was "better gold than gold."

Ethereum has been a popular topic in the tech world for numerous reasons, one being that it has helped strain supplies of the best graphics cards to their limits. In the first quarter of 2021, it was estimated that 25% of all GPUs went to scalpers and crypto miners.

With that said, crypto mining is not the sole cause of worldwide GPU shortages right now. Numerous factors are at play in producing that end result, including the worldwide chip crisis that has caused entire industries to battle each other for chip supplies.

However, it's hard to argue that gamers wouldn't have a slightly easier time competing for the tech they wanted if crypto enthusiasts weren't in the picture. And on the other hand, it's hard to blame said enthusiasts for wanting mining hardware for themselves. After all, cryptocurrency is becoming a more normalized form of tender every day. Just look at AMC, which is set to open its wallets to crypto in exchange for movie tickets.

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