Metro Design

With all the rumblings about Microsoft moving away from the name Metro to describe their Windows/Windows Phone user interface, we opened the floor up for suggestions on what the new name should be. After narrowing it down to six entries, put it to a vote of the masses and 1,840 votes later we have a winner.

Metro UI renaming poll results

Walking away with 31.09% of the vote, Pure edged out Motion as the winning suggestion. Windows Phone Central reader J4rrod offered up the Pure moniker and as a result takes home a $50 gift certificate to the Windows Phone Accessory Store. We'll be dispatching an email to J4rrod shortly with details on his prize.

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We had some great suggestions and it will be interesting to see what direction Microsoft chooses. Who knows, "Pure" might win out over "Windows 8".

Thanks everyone for participating not only in the hundreds of suggestions but also in selecting the winner.