Metrogram for Windows Phone allows you to browse, like, and comment on Instagram

Instagraph landed in the Windows Phone Store last week. The app had a rough start but seems to be going strong at the moment, letting users upload pictures to their Instagram accounts on Windows Phone, sans iOS or Android. The one thing it can't do it, is view apps on the popular social network. Instead you've got some fairly good apps in the Store that let you view, comment and like photos on Instagram. One of those is Metrogram.  

Trying to get a seamless Instagram experience on Windows Phone isn't all there yet and most apps are a little rough around the edges. Metrogram is no exception, but it stands out from other Instagram viewers with its unique design. While it might not be for everyone, it does make you do a double take. It also features fairly frequent updates from the developer, something that can't really be said for the majority of apps in this niche category. Metrogram recently got an update a few days ago that addressed some stability issues users had with the app. 

So what makes Metrogram so rad? It's unique interface is easily the first thing that jumps out at you. But it also has some features that even the official Instagram app lacks on both iOS and Android. For example, you can save pictures to your phone (revolutionary, I know), but it's something you can't do with an official app. You can also share images of people you follow. You can either do it through email, SMS, or the built-in social networks on Windows Phone. Again, not revolutionary, but small features that actually add to the Instagram experience and help set this app apart from the official one. But like other apps on Windows Phone, uploading pictures to your Instagram account isn't supported.  

You know what would be really neat? If somehow we could combine Metrogram and Instagraph. Yup, that'd be swell ;)

Metrogram is free for both Windows Phone 7.x and 8 right here in the Store, use the QR code below, or swipe to the right in our Windows Phone Central app.  

  • WOW WEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so not excited. I'm ready for some Blue
  • Does that wink imply that metrogram and instagraph will merge one day? Lol
  • haha that is exactly what I thought......I feel like its already done or in the works
  • Metrogram always crashes on me, and always gets errors when I tried to comment. Wpgram however works perfect!
  • Me too. I have NEVER been able to comment on a pic.
  • Why does the winky face make me think there is more to this article lol
  • now you can all stfu and just use this
  • Lmaooooo seriously!
  • Nice. We only need two apps to their one. :P I do appreciate the extra effort clearly put in by the developers, though; it's definitely worth a go.
  • Instagram has dragged this out so long, that I don't even care if it ever comes. I'm over it, and really stopped using it. Most social type programs/sites like this are best used mobily. By the time Instagram gets their head out of their ass, we will be on to the next thing already. Bye-bye
  • Exactly, that's why we use instagraph
  • After getting instagraph I quickly realized I needed a better client than the webpage link from the instagraph menu. I tried metrogram. I gave it a sporting try, but as noted in the article, the UI is not for everyone. I really dislike white backgrounds on apps. I switched to wpgram...has the same features for saving pics to your phone and sharing, too. Not sure about updates from the dev yet.
  • I prefer WPGram...
  • Agreed
  • It's like I'm working on a Instagram showdown or something ;)
  • I came here to say the same thing. Metrogram leans way too heavily on Telerik and as a result, it takes 2 or 3 taps to perform a desired action where it only takes WPGram 1. Metrogram's UI is also way over-done in comparison to WPGram IMO. They also limit the # of pics in your stream to something like 20 vs WPGram's virtual "unlimited". And of course you can comment with WPGram.
    Both are better than InstaCam's bugginess though.
  • Was about to say the same. I used both but WPgram has a better inteface imo.
  • I prefer WPGram also. The UX imo is a lot cleaner, less steps to perform the same functions, and liking+commenting work. The only thing I like more about metrogram is that you have the option to view the Latest feeds in either grid or list layout. WPGram only gives you that option when viewing someone elses profile.
    It would be great if WPGram combined filters w/ith Instagraph posting + grid layout option for latest feeds.
  • Totally agree.
  • Actually metrogram doesn't allow comments as they haven't sought out to be whitelisted by instagram
  • ive commented using metrograph before
  • I used to be able to as well but it doesn't work anymore. Instagram blacklisted every app about a month or two ago.
  • you can via wpgram now. 
  • Exactly. I hope this is fixed soon.
  • I tried this app but I uninstalled it because it crashes a lot, and now I am using WPGRAM trial version which is a way better and have all the features found on the paid version ( ad supported and no live tiles). INSTAGRAPH + WPGRAM= best instagram experience on windowsphone.
  • +1000
  • I agree. Instagraph + WPGram would be a MUCH better product. It'd be the closest to official that we could get.
  • Agreed
  • I would have to agree
  • It's absolutely possible to combine these apps on Windows Phone 8, we just need to get the devs to talk to each other so that Metrogram could launch into Instagraph and vice versa... Totally could happen
  • Would be awesome!
  • Metrograph?
  • Metrogram's UI is nice but the live tile can't beat the one for WPgram.
  • Metrogram never worked for me... Also with the latest Update the app crashes after the second start. And then I can't make it run until I uninstall and install it again.
    Instacam is also not really usable, the comment function works also not for me... An exception message says that there is a temp. problem.
    WPGram is so far the best App I tried so long. Everything works and it crashed rarely.
    I hope that Instagraph will be updated to a full client :)
  • I agree. I downloaded Metrogram because it was the most rated Instagram client. WPGram is better in all areas.
  • metrogram is buggy as fuck. Only lets me comment some times. Crashes a lot. wont open other times...
  • Great app but crashes on me when trying to load a second batch of pictures that aren't shown
  • I prefer Instacam
  • i have trouble posting comments in metrogram :/
  • Instacam was good but commenting was always broken for me. Wpgram is the best.
  • This is exactly what I do. I have metrogram and instagraph pinned next to each other. Sad I have to use both but, works...
  • Instacam is very nice as well
  • Bugs over Bugs!
  • I wish instagram would just go away...tire of hearing it. What so special about it anyway....just a bunch of filters making  your photo look semi-professional. After a while it all looks the same with the same tinted colors...boring.
  • You could...ya know...ignore these stories and not comment on them.
  • That wouldn't work, the Instagram Criers Brigade invades every app announcement and platform story on this site. Announcement: Microsoft announces that new WP will solve world hunger and cure cancer. Forum comment: Who cares...where's Instagram? We want Instagram. If M$ would stop focusing on this other crap and just bribe them with millions of dollars, I'd be posting my cats' filtered lunch with the official app, right now. I'm leaving the, really, I mean it this time.
  • The layout is superb. Love it.
  • I've been using Mehdoh. Checks Twitter and Instagram. Kills 2 birds with 1 stone.
  • +1 Mehdoh is great ! I keep switching between it & Rowi !
  • Lol at the comments
  • Yes I've been using this since release and I now use Instagraph to upload. I look forward to an Official app
  • Shittiest app ever... Downloaded it and tried to use it for a week, kept constantly crashing. Use Mehdoh now :)
  • Wish for Instagraph to merge with WPGram + continue being accessible for uploading throughout the phone, would be AMAZING.
  • Metrogram is free, WPgram is not...I still prefer WPgram
  • False.
    WPGRAM has a free trial (ad supported) version.
  • I would love to use Metrogram but the comment function is broken and had been for awhile. I tweeted the dev and emailed him about this issue. Didn't get a response. So for now I use WPgram. Wish they both had notifications...but i think that's an API limitation.
  • Never crashes on my L920. Hope they fix comments tho. Using the web until they do.
  • It works fine here! Really cool app.
  • Metrogram doesn't allow you to post comments. To my knowledge it never has. The option is there but it always fails.
  • Just checked out the devs twitter....he says update is coming for commenting. He already put in request for instagram to give app permission to post comment.
  • Cool. Thanx.
  • WPGRAM is the beesKnees! Add upload and we have the new metrotube. The real Instagram should ape the entire UI. Or just buy it, rebrand it, add the live notifications and everyone goes home happy. Its an awesome application. The save photo feature is awesome also.
  • So is Instagraph working on bringing these features their app?
  • Why isn't instagraph in the app store
  • Because Windows Phone isn't operated by Apple or Amazon.
  • That doesn't make sense
  • I can do those things with instacam
  • I prefer not cropping my photos into squares and adding stupid filters. If you want comments use Flickr or DeviantArt.
  • Mehdoh does this job great.
  • The only thing about this app is that you can't unlike photos! Did they fix this is in the latest update?
  • Ummmm yea, I would not reccomend this app...I used it for 6 months and the full description that the dev gives, does not hold true....I tried commenting on posts numerous times only to be presented with an 'error while posting talk" message. I HIGHLY reccomend WPGram...the functionality is not as rich as the mentioned app but it does provide the same or better results. The commenting works EXACTLY like it should! Ventasoft should team up withthe devs of WPGram instead, if the winking of your eye is any indication of something like this taking place.