Microsoft $19 Billion deal to buy Nokia; baseless

Earlier today a rumor was being circulated around the web implying that Microsoft had inked a deal to buy Nokia for $19 Billion US. The basis for these rumors is a tweet from Eldar Murtazin.

This is the same Eldar Murtazin that earlier reported such a deal and that was quickly squashed by Nokia. We held off on reporting this morning's rumor to give Nokia an opportunity to squash this one, just as they did the earlier rumors.  It was only a matter of time.

The previous rumor was squashed by Nokia's Communications Director, Mark Squire. This time Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop took the opportunity to squash the rumors calling such speculation is baseless.

“We have a great plan for our future, and we’re focused on executing that plan. The rumors are all over the place. There’s no basis for them.”

While Nokia has been experiencing internal problems, todays rumors seemed to have helped the company's stock values. According to BBC News, Nokia stock shares rose today 1.3% on the heels of the purchase rumor. Makes you wonder if Eldar owns stock in Nokia....

Source: Bloomberg Thanks goes out to Jamie for the BBC tip!

George Ponder

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