Microsoft acquires data analytics start up Metanautix

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Microsoft has acquired Metanautix, a startup focused on pouring over the vast amounts of data that companies generate to gain insights on consumers and the wider market for their products. Metanautix's technology is used for everything from marketing campaigns to connecting data across a company's private and public cloud services.

The technology from Metatanautix will be integrated into Microsoft's own data platform, according to Data Group corporate vice president Joseph Sirosh:

In the coming months, we will have more to share about how we will bring Metanautix technology into the Microsoft data platform, including SQL Server and the Cortana Analytics Suite. As someone who has led complex, large scale data warehousing projects myself, I am extremely excited about the technology and talent we are bringing to Microsoft with this acquisition. It is another important part of our ongoing efforts to build the intelligent cloud and help our customers fully realize the value of their data.

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  • I love these type of acquisitions. Very targetted towards building on existing MS strengths instead of desperation stuff like 2013 Nokia. Probably for around $100 million.
  • This is to put over the usage date and then find a way to monetize it with targeted ads and services. Good thing there's ways to opt out. Though MSFT do not make it easy.
  • Hmmm... The Warriors will play tonight against The Bucks tonight. Revenge is coming
  • Big data is very important and Microsoft acquisitions are really great. R Tool was a good buy. Hope they could have bought SAS tool. But IBM won't be selling it anyway. I guess Microsoft is still after Salesforce to bid for it. If sales force really happens in the future Microsoft would be having great amount of data assets salesforce has.
  • IBM owns SPSS, not SAS. Not sure who owns SAS.
  • SAS is a private company.  Nobody owns them.  Anyway, MSFT and SalesForce bought Informatica for their data integration and data analysis tools.