Microsoft acquires Simplygon to bolster its '3D for everyone' vision

"3D for Everyone" is Microsoft's goal with the upcoming Windows 10 Creators Update, and that goal just got a little boost thanks to the company's latest acquisition. Microsoft announced that it recently snapped up Simplygon (opens in new tab), whose 3D creation and optimization tech will help bolster the Redmond giant's own efforts in the 3D arena.

From Microsoft:

Simplygon's technology and talent will strengthen our position in 3D creation, making it easier to capture, create and share in 3D. It builds on and extends our aspirations to empower a new wave of creativity with the Windows 10 Creators Update, Paint 3D and our online creator community at

For its part, the Simplygon team took to its website to express excitement about its newfound relationship with Microsoft:

Throughout our journey, we've been laser focused on helping developers push the boundaries of 3D. From our early days delivering advanced level-of-detail solutions, to the adoption of Simplygon SDK by most leading AAA game development studios, and our more recent expansion into enterprise AR/VR, Simplygon has made automatic 3D data-optimization increasingly more accessible to developers. Our next challenge is 3D For Everyone, the ultimate accessibility! We're thrilled to join forces with Microsoft to make this happen.

As Microsoft notes, alongside Simplygon's tech, the company's leadership will also be joining Microsoft to lend their expertise around 2D creation and optimization. Given the emphasis on 3D with everything from Paint 3D to Edge in HoloLens in the Creators Update, it will definitely be interesting to see what Simplygon might bring to the table.

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  • Okay, so, I see how this is beneficial for developers.  But how is "3D for everyone" beneficial to the average user?  How often is the average users--or even most power users--spending time creating 3D projects?  I dabbled with 3D graphics for my websites, etc., but it was more work than it was really worth.  I've also played with the Paint 3D app and it's painful to use for very little payoff.
  • This is where the world is going not where it is at right now. My daughter age 11, is using the 3D paint and has advanced much faster with it than I have. She wants to create charms for braclets have them printed and sell them. There are so many future avenues for people if they get in on the ground floor with this technology. Microsoft is making this stuff avaible on $200.00 computers.
  • "It was more work than it was worth" would tell me that you would also benefit an easier way to create 3D content.
  • Long back, People thought computers are of no use to normal users...
  • Is Creators Update, so it's creators focused
  • Msft is acquiring almost every startup these days, seems to me that it's far from being a trillion dollar tech giant while Google and Apple are moving the money forward...
  • Being a trillion dollar company isn't about literally having a trillion dollars to spend...its about how the company is valued.
  • They are acquiring start ups that could give them an edge in certain areas of technology. Apple and Google do the exact same thing buying up startups that they may benefit from. The start ups aren't obligated to say yes but many do for alot of reasons, such as funds/money, resources, increasing their product portfolio, reaching more customers, joining forces with another talented group of people, etc.
  • Quite an impressive list of game publishers using Simplygon.