Microsoft Advertising Exchange goes global [Developers]

Microsoft has announced recently that they are expanding their Advertising Exchange service on a global scale. What's interesting to note is this move could possibly give hope that they may bring the PubCenter beta to people around the world soon who don't reside in the US. I'm sure Microsoft would like to allow Canadians, Europeans, Australians and more to create and publish advertising campaigns in their WP7 apps and on websites.

We'll keep an eye out for any information which could indicate such a move for the PubCenter. For now it's still a waiting game unfortunately. Check out the press release for the expansion of the Advertising Exchange after the break.

Exchange Now Open for Business in the UK and NetherlandsWindows Phone 7 In-App Inventory Available GloballyMicrosoft today announced that the Microsoft Advertising Exchange, a real-time bidded (RTB) marketplace that allows advertisers the ability to bid on high-quality online inventory, is officially "open for business" in the UK and Netherlands with launches planned for Canada, France and Germany in the coming months. In addition, the company announced that all Windows Phone 7 in-app ad inventory is now available globally via the Microsoft Advertising Exchange for Mobile.The Microsoft Advertising Exchange, which launched in the US in early April, gives advertisers and publishers the ability to buy and sell their digital inventory through an automated RTB auction on a cost-per-impression basis, via its partnership with AppNexus, a leading real-time ad platform. The RTB functionality helps advertisers scale creative executions with just a few clicks. Additionally, the Exchange helps publishers achieve higher yields on their own inventory while still maintaining a quality ad environment on their web pages."We're very pleased to announce the expansion of the Microsoft Advertising Exchange into markets outside of the US and to also offer the Windows Phone 7 in-app inventory via an RTB platform," said Dennis Buchheim, general manager, Scale Display for Microsoft. "We've seen very encouraging results so far in the U.S. Advertisers are seeing improved ROI on their campaigns, while publishers are achieving higher yields on their inventory - all in an open, premium marketplace. It is a true 'win-win' situation for both parties, and we're committed to an aggressive expansion of the Exchange in other markets in the coming months."Since April 2011, the Microsoft Advertising Exchange has grown rapidly and achieved strong results for both advertisers and publishers. For example, on the advertiser side, Accordant Media recently realized an 8x increase in daily conversions as a result of tapping the Exchange for an e-commerce client's campaign. From the publisher side, Windows Live - in pre-launch tests in the U.S. - saw inventory sold through the Exchange monetized at rates 192 percent higher than the rates achieved through traditional non-guaranteed channels.Daphne Sacco, Director, Internet Marketing, eBay comments: "Microsoft's quality inventory has proven to be very successful for eBay. We are looking forward to expanding our relationship and the use of the Microsoft Advertising Exchange in the UK market."The new Windows Phone 7 in-app ad availability will also provide several key benefits for advertisers, ad networks and ad agencies, including:The ability to use real-time ad bidding to increase media buying efficiency and maximize ROI;Larger banner size (480 x 80), support for both image or text ads along with click-to-web and click-to-call to drive greater impact and engagement;Enhanced targeting such as age, gender, location, and app category, to improve mobile ad relevance; andThe ability to bid on image or text in-app inventory available in countries with a Windows Phone Marketplace.Currently, Windows Live and MSN non-guaranteed PC inventory is available through the Microsoft Advertising Exchange. Microsoft plans to integrate additional third-party publishers into its global Exchange offerings as well as announce new markets in the near future.About Microsoft AdvertisingMicrosoft Advertising provides advertisers and publishers with media, tools and services to help drive deep and profitable engagement with their audiences. This includes a media network that reaches hundreds of millions of consumers around the world; global technology platforms and tools that enable easy planning and management of campaigns and content; and services that help untangle the complexities of digital media to get more value from marketing and content investments. Microsoft Advertising makes buying and selling media simple, smart and cost-effective across media and devices in the Microsoft network of properties and beyond. More information is available at MicrosoftFounded in 1975, Microsoft (NASDAQ:MSFT - News) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.

Source: PRNewswire, Yahoo!

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