Microsoft and Fuji Xerox update their cross-licensing patent agreement

Microsoft has entered into a new patent cross-licensing agreement with Japan-based Fuji Xerox. The new deal expands on a previous partnership the two companies signed in 2007 and allows them to use each other's patents.

Microsoft stated:

"This agreement covers a broad range of products and services offered by Microsoft and Fuji Xerox, including digital imaging, document management and mobile consumer products. Microsoft and Fuji Xerox have a long history of working together to bring high-quality, cutting-edge products to consumers. Contents of the agreement will not be disclosed."

Fuji Xerox is a joint venture of Fujifilm and Xerox Corporation and sells "multifunction devices, printers and production printers" worldwide. It's possible Microsoft could use some of the digital imaging patents owned by Fuji Xerox in its products. Microsoft has signed over 1,100 licensing agreements since it started its IP licensing program in 2003.

Source: Microsoft (opens in new tab)

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