Microsoft and Sony partner to make smart cameras smarter with Azure AI

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What you need to know

  • Microsoft and Sony announced a new smart camera partnership today.
  • The two will add Azure AI smarts to Sony's IMX500 intelligent vision sensor.
  • The combination is intended to result in faster analysis for enterprise scenarios.

Microsoft and Sony announced a new partnership today that will see Azure AI smarts applied to Sony's smart camera sensor tech. The combination is intended to give video analytics for enterprise scenarios a boost.

"As a result of the partnership, the companies will embed Microsoft Azure AI capabilities on Sony's intelligent vision sensor IMX500, which extracts useful information out of images in smart cameras and other devices," Microsoft said in a press release. "Sony will also create a smart camera managed app powered by Azure IoT and Cognitive Services that complements the IMX500 sensor and expands the range and capability of video analytics opportunities for enterprise customers."

The two companies envision the combination bringing simplification to computer vision scenarios. Those can include things like using a smart camera to detect when to refill products on a shelf in a store. Another scenario could include spotting a potential hazard in a factory before it results in injury.

The partnership also extends to helping enterprises with their own adoption of computer vision. "As part of the partnership, Microsoft and Sony will also work together to facilitate hands-on co-innovation with partners and enterprise customers in the areas of computer vision and video analytics as part of Microsoft's AI & IoT Insider Labs program," Microsoft said in a press release. "Microsoft's AI & IoT Insider Labs offer access and facilities to help build, develop, prototype and test customer solutions, working in partnership with Microsoft experts and other solution providers like Sony."

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