Microsoft and Yahoo are in the middle of re-negotiating their Bing search engine deal

Microsoft and Yahoo are currently re-negotiating their 10 year agreement for Yahoo to use the Bing search engine on its site. The deal officially started in 2010, but the agreement did allow for the two companies to make changes to the contract, or even end it, after five years.

According to Reuters, Microsoft and Yahoo originally had 30 days to make changes to the Bing agreement after February 23. However, in a filing on Friday with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, the two companies announced they had agreed to extend those talks by another 30 days.

Adding the Bing engine to Yahoo has so far not been successful in cutting down the Internet market share of the biggest search engine, Google. Reuters says:

Google still controls roughly two-thirds of the U.S. search market, while Microsoft and Yahoo's combined share of the market is essentially unchanged at roughly 30 percent.

The original deal was crafted in 2010 by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and Yahoo CEO Carol Bartz. Since then, both companies have seen changes in leadership, with Satya Nadella now in charge of Microsoft and Marissa Mayer now CEO of Yahoo. Mayer has been publicly critical of the original Bing search engine deal in the past.

Source: Reuters

John Callaham