Microsoft breaks records in latest Q2 2013 earnings report

Microsoft has revealed that during Q2 of its 2013 financial year it has broken revenue records with a taking of $21.5 billion. $6.38 billion of that grand total was actual profit, providing shareholder's with $0.76 per-share. While EPS was down year-over-year, net income is reported to be up from $5.87 billion a year ago. It's looking good for the company.

The Windows division was responsible for approximately $5.9 billion of Microsoft's revenue, up 24 percent from a year ago. This is mainly down to the release of Windows 8 late last year. It's somewhat interesting to note that while its Windows division was pushing forward, its business department was seeing a drop in revenues of 10 percent to $5.7 billion year-over-year.

Entertainment and Devices also saw revenues continuing to fall with the quarter ending with $3.77 billion reported. It's a 7 percent decrease compared to the same period last year, but is a jump over $1.95 billion in Q1 2013. Unfortunately this division is tied with the Surface, which hasn't gained as much traction as many hoped. This could be down to consumers waiting for the Surface Pro to launch, but we are speculating.

Online Services expanded, hitting $869 million in revenue, an 11 percent increase year-over-year. Advertising revenue was also up noticeably at 15 percent, which is largely down to increase in revenue-per-search. While it's not taking over the web anytime soon, it's positive to see Microsoft's online properties adding to the pool.

Growth overall wasn't at ridiculous levels, but it was notable and inline with what was expected from Wall Street. It's good to see Microsoft still hitting out and improving in areas it has struggled in for some time. We'll have a more in-depth analysis up soon with the earnings call taken into account and included in the updated coverage.

via: Engdget

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