Microsoft carries out 'small round' of layoffs

As we near the end of January, Microsoft has carried out what is being described as a "small round" of layoffs. According to Petri, the layoffs have hit employees in Microsoft's corporate offices, as well as those located in other regions.

It's unclear how many employees are impacted by the cuts, Petri reports that they number in the hundreds, which is a relatively small portion of the more than 100,000 people employed by Microsoft. The bulk of those impacted appear to be in the Windows and Devices Group, although some staff was also cut from Bing and other teams as well, according to the report.

Microsoft confirmed the layoffs to Petri, but didn't provide any further information.

In recent years, Microsoft has undergone organizational shifts that have seen thousands of employees laid off. In 2014, Microsoft announced plans to cut 18,000 jobs by the end of June 2015. The company followed that up with plans to cut an additional 7,800 employees in July of 2015. Further cuts were announced in mid-2016. This week's layoffs appear to be much smaller in comparison.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Cuts from the parts that need more people.
  • So much for Jobs! Jobs! (Steve) Jobs!
  • Just Nadella burning the furniture to warm up the stock options for the short term as he admits the future belongs to iOS, Android, and Linux.
  • What do you mean by "admits"?... Are you saying that you believe those are who the future belongs to?
  • You don't? Microsoft are the the king's of a dying market, and seem unable (and sometimes unwilling) to make headway into other growth markets. Much as it's a shame, unless things change severely, they'll only shrink further.
  • What has shrunk?
    Has adoption of Windows shrunk?
    PC sales are on the rise.
    WP was never a thing, so that doesn't count, as far as "shrinking" goes.
    You're saying enterprise is a dying market?
    You're saying laptops, 2in1's, and other PC form factors are a dying market?
    Are you saying that the thousands of High Schools, community colleges, and major universities, are abandoning Windows, and other MS services?
    Are you saying that a company, Cisco, who holds over 90% of the networking marketing doesn't rely on MS services to make this world turn everyday?
    Do you think Band being canceled makes a difference to any of this?
    Do you think the failure of WP concerns the CEO of Cisco?
    Are you looking at the extremely small picture, based on a very small amount of consumer products?
    How many hands does MS have in the tech industry? 20? 30? 50? 100?
    Do you think not being in the smartphone, infotainment, wearable, and music service, make MS irrelevant?
    Do you think that every company that's not in the smartphone, infotainment, wearable, and music service is irrelevant, and on the road to extinction?
    What percentage of Chrome Books are in use worldwide compared to Windows PC'S?
    Who do you know that uses a CB over a Windows PC?
    Does your place of employment use Windows?
    Does your school use Windows?
    Do you use Windows?
    Do you believe that industry will run on iOS, and Android, anytime soon, or ever?
    Do you think that GM will be using Chrome OS for their total network in the next 10 years? Do you see that happening?
    What about the US government, or any other government agencies in this world? Do you thing they will be reliant on iOS for their total computational, and networking, infrastructure?
    What about NASA? Are you convinced mission control will switch to Android by 2020? Lol
    I mean, by shrink, what exactly do YOU mean? By what significant percentage that will make MS irrelevant? 🤔🤔🤔🤔
  • "what has shrunk?" Their workforce, for one thing. That's literally what the article is about. Also, their products and services... You stepped all over your own point by listing a slew of "not important" things that hasn't been cut. Whether they legitimately matter or not, axeing them is still shrinkage. And no, the pc market is no longer a growth industry. Also many schools now use Chromebooks, not windows machines.
  • Please.. MS isn't the only company to lay off employees. That's totally irrelevant, and nothing to panic about.
    What products, and services, are shrinking?
    Just because "some schools" are using CB's doesn't mean Windows is on the chopping block. It's perfectly normal for a company to not own 100% of a market.
    Second of all, putting words in peoples mouths doesn't help prove your point any further. Nobody said that specific products weren't important, as you quoted of me. Rather, the fact that MS simply doesn't do that right now. Neither does Proctor and Gamble, but P&G does other things that define their relevance, just as MS does... Your perception of relevance is solely based on your personal needs as a consumer. If MS can't cater to you they are irrelevant. Such an incomplete way of thinking, and is really only a fraction of what a tech company can provide to the industry. Qualcomm isn't a consumer facing company either, yet they are extremely relevant by what they provide to the industry.. Like, admit, understand, believe, or agree with it, or not, MS is no different.
    Give me some significant examples that suggest MS is slipping into irrelevance?.
  • There's no point giving you examples, you've already made your mind up and would dismiss them out of hand. This is the part where you say something like "see, it's because you can't!". It's true that many companies lay people off, but it's rarely a good sign of a healthy company... Why don't you tell me where their strong points are besides the declining pc market? Search with bing? Assistants with Cortana? I never even said Microsoft would become irrelevant, that's you being overly defensive. I'm simply saying unless they can turn things around, they'll be a much smaller and less influential company a decade from now. They COULD turn things around... Apple did it after the slump of the 90s and they were far more in the going than MS are now, but to deny they're having some issues is insane. Proctor and Gamble haven't sunk billions into failing at things like the mobile market and streaming services... That is a false equivalence. And you can't say I put words into your mouth by quoting you, that's just stupid. You literally listed markets Microsoft has failed in... Microsoft obviously thought they were important to Microsoft or they wouldn't have wasted those billions.
  • "There's no point in giving you examples". That's weak, man.
    You're still not telling me where they have shrunk... You keep talking about shrinking, but you give no evidence.
    I named many strong points MS has a hold on the market. I gave examples.. You just name things MS never had relative success in. That's not "shrinking" as you say. Its stupid, It's not getting anywhere, and waste time, but it's not making MS less than what it has been. All you're doing is saying you're right, but you provide nothing... How are they shrinking?
    Your argument only consist of completely consumer facing products, which are only a small part of MS's business.. What's the rest of the business doing? Shrinking? Explain.... And, explain it! Don't just say "I'm right"... My first reply to your comment gave plenty of examples where MS is still dominating the market. Counter those in terms of shrinking.
  • That's an answer
  • Nicely said. I know my Threadripper won't be running Android anytime soon.
  • Make no sense, then why invest in Win10ARM? Why UWP for Win10, Win10S, Win10ARM, IOT, AR/MR, XBox? Why XPA that crosses xboxes and Win10PC/S/ARM? Why GamePass? Dying market?
    Please tell me, are we, human race, especially creators, businessmen and gamers, ready to abandon Windows?
    Can we run Adobe, 3dsMax, Unreal, Dx+Havok, VisualStudio, SVN, Git, Office, Reason, Komplete, Local Server typpa applications on a mobile OS? Some available on Linux but most are not...
    Why maintain C++, C# and other open source projects? What's with all those fashion, interior, car, traffic system, power plant, water stations, agricultural, etc industry integration?
    Linux's market share...
  • Yet those are short term and won't sustain Microsoft for long. Those applications can be run on Linux and MacOS so Windows is not ESSENTIAL to users anymore.
  • What?............... HAVE YOU ABSOLUTELY LOST YOUR MIND?
  • Don't get me wrong. I use multiple flavors of Linux daily. It's never been able to crack the desktop market, and they don't even try anymore. To most users Linux is found to be lacking. MS isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
  • Exactly
  • It takes a pc and a server which both use real operating systems and real hardware for mobile to even exist. There will always be PCs of some sort. I love all tech. Linux is great however there desktop is lacking. Android and IOS are nowhere near PC capable and probably won't ever be. Just look at Androidx86 and MacOS both suck. So before you proclaim that mobile will be all there is, do a little research to see where the heavy lifting actually happens.
  • The rest of the QA staff, I'm guessing
  • It's both funny cause it's true, and too true to be funny.
  • I hate to see people lose their jobs...
    I especially hate to see Surface team members lose their jobs.
  • Capitalism at work.
  • When I was younger, I dreamed of working for companies like Microsoft, Dell, IBM, etc. As I've gotten older, it's one of the last places I'd like to work for. They use, abuse you, and lose you. Tech sector seems to be pretty cuthroat. I used to work for XBOX. They sent those jobs to the Phillipines and South America, then laid everyone else off.  Sometimes, I just want to "BUY AMERICAN." But then I see these headlines and realize that it ultimately does not matter, since a lot of american companies are outsourcing their jobs anyways. I still run into dilemmas I support american companies or support companies whose products are made in america, yet hate their political world view...
  • Jose,  the correct answer is buy WHAT YOU LIKE.  **** where it was made,  **** what company it's from,  **** ALL OF THAT...if YOU like something,  you earned that money to buy it.   If it's made in buttfuckicstan who cares as long as YOU want and like it.  Buying "local", "american", or my case "canadian" does nothing for you.  If the product is NOT what you really want.  
  • You like buttfuckistan don't you?
  • Nothing wrong with liking that place.
  • One day, I hope to marry a woman from there... Or at least one who visits frequently.
  • 🤣
  • Yep,  and so does my wife!
  • I couldn't find buttfuckicstan on the map??? 🙄
  • Not privlaged enough!  ha ha ha.
  • That explains a lot.
  • Yep. 1st world dilemma.
  • US IT firm, have office around the globe and clients that relate to our life (totally essential)... bought an Israel company and made their CEO the new CEO. He sets clear, solid goals, took months to observe the situation then started cutting people, managements, sectors and products which are under performance or unnecessary.
    Bad news? good news? Certainly a more logical, efficient management and brings a better future to the company.
  • "Small round" reminds me of a certain comment about a small loan of a million dollars. As an individual, even 1 layoff is yuge!!!! I hope everyone affected is financially covered and that they find lasting employment.
  • Lasting employment with Google or Apple?
  • The way the things are going, Amazon would be able to buy MS in less than 5 years...
  • Bezos could buy MS right now if he wanted....I don't think he wants.
  • Why would anyone with the money want to buy Microsoft?
  • Troll
  • Rodney, you have become a fanatical, self-righteous mess. I remember back, before wc was wc, you would argue some, but now, you are making a fool of yourself. Re-read some of your old posts if you can find them, then see if you can find a balance.
  • Agreed!
  • Another ridiculous comment from the liberal.
  • The Cortana staff.
  • What staff. Cortana runs herself, that's why she's outsourcing to Alexa as she's overwhelmed, and the Amazonians are a cheaper work force. 😜
  • Now that's a scary thing.. When MS's products start canceling themselves. Lol
  • If Ol' Nads is the model for the coming MS AI push, we could see product lines managing themselves! Not selling well? Sack the fella that made you. Blimey, dark stuff.
  • Lol. Now, that would actually make sense.
  • Should have outsourced to Sports Direct, the workforce is cheaper than Amazon :D
  • Hit Refresh indeed....
  • Hit Reset... right back to the DOS era more like.
  • Wouldn't this affect the development of the Andromeda Device or the Surface line?
  • As the article states... MS has 100,000 employees... They will survive.
  • Too bad it wasn't their marketing department and ad agency.
  • Lol. That's what everyone wants to say.
  • Wayne,  They were all fired with the entire mobile devices team two plus years ago.
  • MS needs to get rid of Nadulla!
  • #MAGA Mote tax cuts lolz
  • For sure.  Give the company more money to fire more people.  Winning Bigly.   trumpanzee logic. 
  • I was right. I knew you were a liberal. Just ask Apple what they are doing with their tax cuts. I'm by no means a far right conservative but you liberals don't make any sense at all. This explains all the comments you always make. Man wtf.
  • I feel bad for those who have to work in a selfish company like this. I love coding and write programs. But I will never work for any company because coding is all about freedom for me.
  • Don't worry, they will bring in cheap staff from abroad to replace them.
  • Was Satya, Joe, or Terry one of them?
  • That would be funny, Satya Nadella being laid off by himself :D