Microsoft plans to lay off 2,850 more employees by the end of June 2017

Microsoft quietly revealed plans to lay off 2,850 more of its employees by the end of June 2017. This move is on top of the 1,850 job cuts it announced in May.

Microsoft buried the news of the new layoffs in a filing made today to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (via Business Insider):

"In addition to the elimination of 1,850 positions that were announced in May 2016, approximately 2,850 roles globally will be reduced during the year as an extension of the earlier plan, and these actions are expected to be completed by the end of fiscal year 2017."

Microsoft added that about 900 of those selected workers have already been notified of its plans.

This is just the latest round of job cuts at Microsoft that have been going on for the past two years. It began in mid-2014 when the company announced plans to cut 18,000 of its workers by the end of June 2015. In July 2015, Microsoft revealed another set of job cuts, affecting 7,800 more of its employees. In October, Microsoft confirmed it had made more reductions in its workforce, which were rumored to have affected 1,000 more team members. With May's announcement and today's filing with the SEC, Microsoft has confirmed plans to lay off 4,700 more workers.

John Callaham
  • This particularly feels rational if viewed from the angle that they are not needed. But it's still bad for anyone to lose their job, in advance.
  • This round of layoff is probably due to the acquisition of LinkedIn and others.
  • Probably.
  • They are from the Windows Phone Sales division.
  • I don't think they even have a WP Sales division.  The 900 people are from the MS Sales globally.
  • I guess I meant the Nokia (WP) division.  
  • Looky Here.   I guess I am not a troll,  or hater etc.   How about a realist!  I saw this coming a mile away.  I called it in the linked in article,  I called it again in the server divison move article,  I called it in other places too.   Funny thing,  No employees called me for the 1/2 price cubical cleaning system.   Oh well,  their loss.    I Love Nutella and Microsoft.  Axe everything in MS until there are 10 employees,  making one thing for enterprise.    
  • OK then. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Waiting for Microsoft and Windows are doomed comments
  • This particularly feels rational if viewed from the angle that their services are not needed. But it's still bad for anyone to lose their job, in advance.
  • Bad choice to work at Microsoft right now
  • You don't promote your phones for almost 2 years, what did Microsoft expect? It almost seems like they intentionally try to cripple their own product. It's shameful what they've done with Windows phone. And they didn't even try with the 950 & XL.
  • Add two more years on top of that besides there's no point saving it just invest somewhere else to stay relevant. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • did you check that wonderful PIX camera APP they are making for iphone,.. when their own camera i absimal.. they are going to lay off everybody and are going to get bought by apple, that i nutella viion! he want to to work for apple!
  • People on Windows Phones aren't privy to that kind of innovation.  Do the APIs even exist in Windows 10 to enable such an app to be developed?  I really, really doubt it. That has been one of the biggest issue with Windows RT/UWP since the dawn of their infancy.  The API coverage simply isn't there.  Even if a developer wanted to port over, there are a lot of features that would be close to impossile to implement because APIs like that simply do not exist in Windows 10 - Mobile in particularly, since on the desktop you can ignore RT/UWP and develop your own Win32 Apps and use a wealth of 3rd party API Libraries available to enable a lot more experiences. Android has the smae issue for things like Camera APIs.  The hardware disparity between lower nad higher end devices are toog reat adn there isn't a really robust camera API available.  What does exist in the OS doesn't go as deep as what you have on iPhones for i.e. the camera on a majority of devices.  This means you either have to develop for the lowest common denominator, or you end up with a ton of duplicative code and conditionals for all sorts of difference devices. If anything, I think developing for iOS is good for companies like Google and Microsfot becuase Apple's a good test best for seeing which features to incorporate into their base OS packages.  In their home markets (the US), Apple has very high marketshare, so they can develop features and prioritize development based on which features those users on iOS device are using.
  • That was true, yes, but Windows 10 has near 100% API compatibility with iOS. That's how Islandwood works.
  • Wow you can tell you don't dev nor do you know about the apis or keep up with them. Microsoft has apis for everything. To say there isn't an api and you can't use something in UWP and that's why the don't dev for w10m is a bit of a stretch. They don't dev for w10m because of the user base. They think "What's the point of creating an app if there aren't that many users to use it?" Except that's the problem users don't come over because of the lack of apps and devs don't dev on wp and w10m because of the lack of users so its a chicken and the egg scenario.
  • Yeah, I watched Build, and it seemed like a lot of new APIs and general software features were added to an already loaded feature set. That someone would suggest MS doesn't have software tools is kind of funny, especially after they bought Xamarin and set up the UWP.
  • What possible help could Lumia cameras need (aside from some occasional over-saturation)? iOS cameras - on the other hand...
  • Well, I would argue that in terms of hardware, lumia and pureview are very well put together. However, in terms of software and post processing, IOS cameras are superior. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • what others have said itwould true in RT era.. but wm10 and uwp you can lterally do naythign you can on other platforms often better .. its a shame when not jsut 3rd party but the main parent company isnt leveraging it! 
  • My 640XL feels abandoned since release. Though i got Win10M, i never got any firmware updates till now. Its just been a year old.
  • Yes, this. Most people I know aren't even aware Windows Phone exists when I tell them I have one... That or they ask "Why?". It is Microsoft, a name well known, but come on... Even a small amount of advertising could've brought awareness and made some difference in sales and interest instead of flooding the market post-Nokia with cheap devices.
  • You probably dont see the advertising because it is enterprise based not consumer based, lol
  • Of WM10? Trust me, they are not marketing it to enterprises either at this point. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • katso texti-tv sivu 161
  • Eipä ole moista ainakaan tv: ssä täällä. :) Oh ok, found it. So most of these new cuts too are in the phone business. Heh, Nadella is retrenching 6ft deep. Just throw some dirt on top. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • probably replayed on wrong statement, sorry for that. Did not mean advertisement in general but people being laid off again because of phone business. MS give a **** about employees--> no push, no flagship, no sales and people have to suffer
  • You are absolutely right. I have never seen any high spirited marketing plan for Windows Phones after Nokia. They were busy with firing Nokians.
  • Nadella didn't want Nokia or the phone business. So he stopped investing, and created his own prediction of failure.
  • Totally agree. I commented this a couple months ago when Daniel said that the fact that they sold as many lumia phones as they did without advertising was pretty good on its own, and he didn't want to admit the direction that Windows phone division as a whole was going nowhere but the trash and failing completely within the next year or so. It's disgraceful that microsoft failed this hard in the phone division in so many ways I lost count. They could have done anything differently and it probably would have been worthwhile rather than just firing everybody, including the engineers who developed the phones, as well as the sales people, and then just letting the whole division going to sh*t. If the 950 and 640 and 650 is all they have to show, I am sorely disappointed. They really should have tried harder.
  • Artificial intelligence will eventually take all their jobs...
  • Sounds like building Androids. :-) Couldn't help myself.
  • As long as its in the US only...
  • Truer words never spoken.  Nutella has artifical intelligence...or fabricated intelligence.........and he's taking all of their jobs.  wow!  nice play on words!
  • There is AI in a hazel nut spread? What a world!
  • Not in the nutjob I am talking about sorry!
  • Ok seriously this is messed up, im sure they could move people around to better use thier workforce instead of laying them off... I understand sometimes it's necessary, but this many layoffs?
  • MSFT currently has 118,584 employees. This is, what, 2%? 3%? 
  • Yes that is true, but ratios always lighten the mood.. they cant justify18000+ layoffs with a ratio, thats 18000+ lives affected negatively, and a layoff is quite a difficult thing to work past. People should not be reduced to just numbers on a sheet
  • "People should not be reduced to just numbers on a sheet" But they simply are. Own a large business and the people under you, the higher you go, eventually become meaningless.
  • The larger picture here is that in Nutella land,  Every user is meaningless!
  • You also can't justify running a business with 18,000 extra staff than is needed. Even at a low-end pay scale, say $40,000 USD/year, that is $720 MILLION, plus benefits. Now, consider it is unlikely many of those employees are anywhere close to a salary that low, and you could be talking $1 billion in excess pay for superfluous staff. You don't justify it with a percentage. You justify it because MS is a business, and their business isn't to employ people just to make them feel good with a paycheck. Corporations aren't a welfare line.
  • Well yes the initial layoffs were understandable, at the time Microsoft was in need of some serious restructuring... But now 3rd round of additional layoffs of most probably well qualified employees can't be their only choice, especially now when MS is growing thier business, and attempting an ecosystem that's in continuous development, and when they are seriously behind in the mobile sector... Also u are assuming all those employees are in the US, I believe most were based elsewhere, where cost of living is possible cheaper hence lower salaries in USD, also business units outside of the US may be running with smaller operating costs.. A business does not have to be a cold hearted machine, the problem with society is that we justify and normalize such things to an extent that we are desensitized, where one could simply say they are a business not a welfare line when more than 18000 people have lost thier jobs... Besides Microsoft doesn't pitch themselves as some corporation that doesn't give a damn about thier employees.
  • A business does not have to be a cold hearted machine
    Sadly, yes it does.  The rules of our economy are simple:  "Make Money".   You'll note that rule does not say:  "Make money nicely".  Or fairly.  Or legally.  We often like to assume some sort of rules of benevolence because it would be a nice world if it was true but it is not the way the system works.  As they say, "Don't blame the player, blame the game."  Don't like it?  Change the game.  
  • I agree that in an ideal world a business shouldn't be a cold hearted machine, but at least for now this is a capitalist world where money is so important and thus prioritized. I'm not puting a judgment on it, good or bad, but I'm just stating the reality of how things are right now. Examples like with Gravity Payment, where the CEO took a pay cut to raise the salaries of his employees, is rare.
  • Thats a hell of alot of empolyees to fire from a so called "growing company" don't cha think?  3% of its entire workforce laid off?  WOW.  Nutella is doing a great job!  
  • You don't grow by wasting hundreds of millions on people with no real role within the company. Hiring employees doesn't equate to growth.
  • Hey bro, you don't have answer him. He just comes here to talk bad about Microsoft. The more you ignore him, the less he'll feel. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Comment to me or not...I don't care.  I am here to provide a realists point of view   Instead of a MS fanboy's view of everything is awesome!
  • It's cool. Eventually everyone is going to start ignoring you anyway. The funny thing is, you come here all the time to say the same stuff, but all of us 'fanboys' know that android and IOS exists and we know that we can go and support the respective ecosystems. We just don't give a damn. So you're not doing any of us a favor right now. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • You seem to not be able to "ignore" my comments since you respond to every one of them.  
  • You are right there. MS laid off most of the engineers from Nokia that actually knew something about building smartphones. Now, MS is crying about low sales and we get mediocre quality. They should at least have the decency to shut up...them, showing off with everything they do, simply makes them look ridiculous.
  • No,  You grow buy purchasing chit websites instead of growing your product I guess.  How about,  being CEO of said company Microsoft,  you USE YOUR OWN ******* PRODUCTS instead of iphones.  Grow your products,  make them awesome.  Not bail and buy frivolous **** websites.  Yeah, hes a great leader.   He is a JOKE!
  • I maximum a year we will hear of more layoffs..this time from the former Linkedin company. It's obvious, everything that MS buys turns into layoff fiasco. Not that those employees won't find another place at facebook, twitter etc etc..but it's a despicable way of doing things. I have not seen any other company doing the same! Yes, others have had layoffs because of different situations, but MS just won the great prize, as it seems it is their top priority to fire people.
  • It's all part of the "restructuring" mantra so praised as gospel on this site. Didn't I warn months ago the end was nigh? So much for a "Surface" phone considering this was the LAST of the hardware employees. I SO hope I am wrong because I have experienced how it "all" was supposed to come together, and it is awesome. Between phone, XPS, and Desktop I am impressed (and a MS Wireless Display Adapter).
  • Oh, Panos Panay was fired? I missed that.
  • You and me both Hack14u.   We see things with the windows blinds off.  Not looking through rose colored windows panes.  down down they go.
  • Many of us have seen this coming...and we were accused of being trolls, idiots etc etc. It's obvious that Nutella's target is to finish off the phone division, and their phone business. All the crap with business targeted phones, for me it's another big fat lie. MS lied so many times that I find it impossible to believe anything they say. I used to love WP, every Lumia I have ever owned was a great device to me, maybe in the hands of another more serious and honest company, things would have been different. Imagine Lumia's with Android. This would have been a better scenario, and things for Nokia would have been different now...
  • Imgoign with appple bought Mixrooft , i mean given the wodnerfull oftware M make exclusively for ios 
  • I think AT&T is to smart to buy into that train wreck.
  • A company spending 8-25B+ on acquisitions while pulling in the kind sof profits they have been is not likely to go anywhere within the next 10 years. Microsoft is also a vital company to too many industries around the world to think regulators will allow it to be puprchased and then destroyed like Nokia was. Even if something like this was to happen, it's much more likely they would be bought out by something like Facebook instead of AT&T.
  • No,  the correct headline is Microsoft is laying off these people to free up funds to buy MySpace for 30 billion dollars!
  • I really loved the direction Ballmer was going for. But I can't help but believe that the futures is mobile hardware and Microsoft just seems not interested in pushing for a device that uses it's OS. Rather they seem to believe having software on other OS is good enough. Im hoping they get this windows 10 thing on mobile. Meaning they push for it!
  • See comment below your...
  • Oh oh oh...the. Sky is falling! Windows Phone is dead!...MS just doesn't know what the are doing! UWP will never work!...See what happens when you dont pay attention to the phone market!...see what happens when you don't have any apps!!!! Yada! Yada! Yada!...Just thought I would go ahead and get it all it there so the negative nannies dont have to waste their time!
  • Not negative nannies....negative NELLIES.   Plus...Us negative Nellies are RIGHT.  Take your head out of MS's ass and realised they have no direction, not drive,  no future now.  Their latest project.  w 10 is failing.....I am not Negative,  I am a realist.  Glad I jumped ship.
  • It is failing because of the stupid steps they have taken so far. Quality has dropped dramaticaly, eveything MS is doing seems like it's built for a dissaster, no design, no performance, nothing. Ballmer made a lot of mistakes, but at least he was not obsessed in laying off employees and distroying his own company...he had that American pride that Nadella does not have.
  • No wonder their product sucks now, No good engineer will work for a compony who keeps laying of jobs they will move on to more stable job ASAP
  • What are they gonna do laying off employees?, there will be no one interested to work with such a company. Finally MS need to lay eggs
  • MS has lot of duplicates.. duplicate roles... As it has bought multiple companies there are coinciding roles.. U'll need to understand if u r running a company u will not pay 2 employees doing the same work....
  • Do you think that a Microsoft employee can perform better in Social Media than a Linkedinian? I don't think so. That's why after NOKIA and its staff the Lumia division have become a joke. A few years ago, Google did the same mistake by acquiring MOTOROLA. Google forced Motorola to make themselves Google, and they failed. But now, beside being a Lenovo subsidiary, Motorola and Lenovo are growing side by side.
  • MS does not care anymore about quality, so they don't care that a good engineer is being laid off. Everytime I see a MS photo with employees, I see 90% of them looking like interns...where are the experienced guys that are supposed to work and deliver? gone I presume in Nadella's obsession to get rid of the "big fish that needs a larger piece". they have become so cheap and greedy that it simply makes me sick just thinking of them.
  • Isn't it 'you' and not 'u'?  I'm not sure as times have changed.
  • In next 10 years Microsoft will shrink to small service company producing small IT-services for bigger companies like Google and Apple. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • MSFT share price is almost as high as it was in 1999, the all time high when they ruled the world with W98, so.. they may be anything but a small company
  • MS is handing over the hardware making to manufacturers. MS will take care of the software. There is too much expense in it for a behemoth like MS to mess with hardware.
  • Which manufacturers? I've only bought Nokias. Maybe of buy a Samsung or a Sony premium device for Windows 10. Oh, we have nothing from these leading quality producing manufacturers? Then I'll just get an Android device that has both Google and Microsoft services available on it.
  • There are quite a few Japanese OEMs buying in, along with HP. MS is going to avoid wasteful product R&D and production. The margins on the budget phones were nowhere to be found, so the volume of the platform probably didn't make them money. Why not let another OEM make that stuff with the free OS license MS offers, then benefit from the embedded services?
  • LOL when they effing for goodnecouldnt get vertivcal integration right... you believe they are goign to do it with oem horizontal integration ... not that anyone iss taking thiss offer! Epecially when they are raking it in with android!
  • Any chance you post a comment with actual words and sentences? I can never figure out what you are trying to say.
  • @Barstow15; Exactly, hardware is a whole separate category and expensive to boot. Microsoft has a wealth of hardware partners to pick up this role and if they choose can contract out for a limited line of products like the Surface. The OEMs will be about to support the phone in their own way and contract out to a wireless provider.
  • People did not buy Nokia Lumias, and HTCs (on the wp7 era) and you think they would buy NO name brands?? Blu, Nuans, Allview and other crap brands? HP and Acer are the only ones that look familiar to some...
  • Surface Phone will be an android phone.
  • Lol. I guess, if it ever comes, nobody will be surprised
  • Actually it will be an apple device,  you know how NUTELLA LOVES APPLE!
  • What a bad troll. Apple doesn't let other OEMs touch their stuff.
  • What a bad judge of HUMOR!
  • With a windows 10 launcher, and they will lie that is in fact the NEW windows 10.1 :))
  • In other news, MS stock nears all time high...
  • And has a PE ratio of 27. Is that sustainable being an Office and Cloud provider (without a true platform)?
  • Duh. That's exactly what always happens when a company this size rids themselves of thousands (in this case tens of thousands) of employees. That frees up billions in wages that can then go to investors instead. Simplest way to inflate a stock price... short term. That doesn't mean the company's long term trajectory is great.
  • Upvote for you A5cent!  someone like myself who understands business.  The stock price is short term generated inflation....soon to be followed by a steep decline.  
  • that happend to blackberry right before they fell to their death as well!  I was a blackberry user when num nuts went hockey team hunting.  I called that failure too.....but again was called everything under the sun on the bb websites as well.  I was called a troll, hater etc when I saw what Jim was doing instead of pushing his company forward.  The exact same thing Nutella is doing now....Using apple products,  "focusing" on enterprise by buying ***** websites,  etc.  Downward spiral expected soon!
  • I give MS another year maximum until they begin to fall...Their phone business won't last longer than a year, no matter if they build a surface phone or not. HP X3 is way too expensive for companies which as we see rely on cost control!
  • I think, it is now Microsoft's turn to sell itself to SAMSUNG, Apple or Google. Microsoft has made itself a Jungle. Where Nadella have all rights to Hunt anyone-anywhere.
  • In maximum 2 years, any of those 3 you have mentioned would do miracles in case MS would sell itself to them.
  • This is A bad look for Microsoft to keep on letting people go that way. No other tech company is doing this. What the fnck is wrong
  • oh yes there are other companies that do the same. Maybe not by laying off, but by ignoring their experienced employees until they leave...I used to work for such a company.
  • Maybe it was just you feeling "ignored"  you still had a job there,  you DID NOT get fired,  you DID NOT get asked to could have stayed there and worked and earned a living for you and your family if you have one.  These people are being told to pack your **** and go home you no longer have a paycheck...TWO TOTALLY DIFFERENT THINGS my friend.  
  • :) yep that's right
  • NUTELLA...thats whats wrong.  His lemmings are stripping microsoft of everything that is innovative.
  • What is wrong is that they over-padded the number of employees needed to do the jobs. In 2005, they had 61,000 employees under Ballmer. When Ballmer left, Microsoft had 118,000 employees. That's a 57,000 employee increase, without a lot of increased sales to merit it. They simply should not have allowed it to grow so big to start with. That's on Ballmer. Nadella is trying to make it lean again and more profitable again. Stinks for those employees, but they would all be in danger if they didn't do something.
  • why doesn't Apple or Google complain about too many employees? it's not that MS is a small company.stop defending Nadella's obsession of laying off people.
  • Not defending. Just being objective. Microsoft's obsession is with profit just like every other company on the world. That's life.
  • What you say it's true, but I do not see Google, Apple, Facebook laying off people like crazy and burring their own products, like MS is doing.
  • Google, Apple, and Facebook also didn't nearly double their work force irresponsibly over the previous ten years with Ballmer at the helm.
  • Hey!Bring back the FM radio or allow them the full assess to the hardware ie the third party apps.Otherwise I'll throw away my Windows Phone.
  • I miss the built-in radio app but there are several in the store you can install for free.
  • Everyone freaking out in the comments is amusing.
    Throughout all of this, there's never been an article on the people that they've hired. I'm sure there are numbers in that department too (although probably that many compared to how many are being let go).
    Regardless, Microsoft is a massive company that probably doesn't need everyone that they employ. Computers and people who really know how to use them tend to do that to companies.
    But everyone will believe what they want to believe. I'm just interested in being a bystander. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do you know by any chance from what division these new job cuts will be? I really suspect that from the phone division...AGAIN
  • They ARE from the phone division. Other sites running this story have made that perfectly clear, not sure why it wasn't mentioned here.
  • Yes, phone division. atleast not in Finland this time according to news today
  • Good Journalism,  they want everyone to speculate what is going on instead of giving the full story....or their buddies in MS told them not to say where it was!
  • Other sites are only speculating and making assumptions. It is not yet known or verified. That's why this site doesn't mention the division being cut, because this site only does accurate and responsible reporting.
  • 3,850 in a few months?
  • Busy laying off employees while Windows 10 remains stupidly buggy....typical microshaft.
  • when you have interns working on one of your main products,because you managed to get rid of the experienced people, this is the result so don't be surprised.
  • It's disheartening anyway.
  • It's just more entrenchment. I'm starting to wonder if there is any point to a surface phone anymore
  • Phone business suffers again
  • Oh dear such a load of drivel talked about in here today lol... This is business, it is horrible for the people involved but it needs to happen, companies must not stand still and stagnate, that must bring in new talent and also get rid of the chaff
  • If this is true then MS should have fired everyone including their CEO and lemmings years ago!  stagnate company number 1.
  • How fast are they hiring to have thousands of workers every month they can fire xD
  • A companies success does not reflect by the amount of people they have, 1 good one can replace many poor performing ones... Or maybe you think that MS are rubbish so they should keep everybody they currently have, where is the logic in that ??
  • Hey sorry man, this was meant to be a joke :D
    But to your point I highly doubt that every former Nokia employee was "performing poor".
    Also I dislike the way they split this...why cant they just say "well, we want to get rid of our phone business, good bye everybody", but instead split them to fire a few thousand like every month, with the same result
  • Not certain, but like most businesses you would not get rid of everybody straightaway when taking over a company, there are a lot of things to consider, terms of service, peoples other abilities and if and how they can be utilized elsewhere, peoples locations, current contracts etc. it's a long list. and it also takes a loooooooong while to imbed company systems and shared services, you can not walk in on day one and close Payroll, HR, Maintenance staff, Cleaners etc. there could be a lot of direct employed that carry out tasks that tend to be done by external contractors throughout the rest of MS... as central services slowly take over and possible cheaper options with contractors things arise, changes must happen in stages.
  • Microsoft is the busiest player of Hire & Fire game, but not the winner.
  • good news! apple and google are now hiring ^_^ v
  • Yes they are,  those two companies are not going down the ******* like MS is!
  • Good Point, Google shares are way up year on year... but Apple shares dropping year on year, whereas MS shares going up year on year, looks like you jumped into a sinking ship Steve !!!
  • Yeah for sure.  I see that now,  since I have all the apps I need for my new business, all the wearables I want to use,  all the accessories....a stable platform  yeah,  modern day titanic Apple is!  Their shares are going down but they are still almost twice as valuable as microsofts....yep better get my snorkel..ha ha ha
  • They can hire all the crap MS don't want then lol
  • Glad to see we have so many business majors here. Truly a blessed site we have. MS lays off a % of employees for a division that NO LONGER EXISTS, and the whole company is doomed? Cool. All mobile devices now fall under the Surface team. They don't need them, is what it is. The stock price is up nearly 40% since the lowest point in the last year, but they are going under? It's clear a surface phone is coming. Why would they want to continually advertise a product(phones) that haven't worked for them in the past. You disappear for a while, let the dust settle, then unveil the Surface Phone. This is AFTER you have a stable OS to run on it. But what do I know. Doom and gloom, baby!
  • ^^ Yup ^^
  • If that division no longer exists.....who is going to design and develop the surface PHONE?  too funny....over the cliff!  
  • Can anyone trust MS to deliver a stable mobile Os :))? so far they failed since windows 10 launched.
  • I wonder how many are from it's advertising division?  I think they are outsourcing the things they know they are bad at and for the things that change too quickly, it makes more sense to go to whomever is 'in' at the time.... 
  • I hope no one buys Nutella's book. Sweet revenge!
  • I thought it was called...."toilet paper,  how I flushed Microsoft down the toilet!"
  • I remember Daniel telling me a few months ago that he had "insider info" on the oh so great things coming out for Windows phones. Yeah, not holding my breath.
  • good call.  You would be dead by the time anything comes of it at all.
  • This is what happen when the new CEO try to undo everything the last CEO builded, pushing out piss poor products(skype, Win10/m, phones, Edge, Continuum, bing ..etc), buying stupid companies and giving out product/services(W10, Onedrive) for free while trying to be friend with everyone of your competitors instead of competing with them.
  • Agreed.  It goes back to my Blackberry analogy.  Keeping your eye on the ball.  Jim,  never....look what happened.  Nutella is not.  Instead of pushing Windows/phone/etc ahead with new and exciting features and devices,  he's giving tim cook H*&djobs over in the corner.  Balmer would never have done that,  and Steve would never had accepted one from MS.  FYI,  I dont think Tim Cook is the right person at Apple either.  Very smart but to nice a guy to push apple like Jobs did.  But,  Nutella is just destroying MS from the inside out.  Its the Typical MS way though......Bail on everything that starts going downhill after 2 months of releasing.  Zune was awesome,  windows phone was awesome,  etc....however,  one speed bump in the road,  gotta cancell the whole project.  Nutella takes the who DUMMY CEO thing to a New level however.
  • Inevitable that this would happen I've said it in other threads, it does seem that they are Hell bent on wrecking their own products. Flagship this flagship that, where? Look at the phones they've produced, laptops? PC world has a field day with with them, always going wrong and customers looking for refund or other makes.
    My local 02 store has only sold a handful of 950's, the biggest majority were returned, almost laughable though also embarrassing. Let's look at apple, never have and never will indulge in any of their products, nothing against them per-se, far too expensive,proven to be cheaply built etc etc, but, look at the marketing, It's nothing short of genius and that's where they score, you don't go to a phone shop to buy your new handset, you go to an 'apple store' super sharp decor, best layout ever and smart attentive well trained staff, dishing out what customers think are the bees knees of a phone it gives customers a buzz, they feel superior, notice that apple users can't say"I'm using my phone, It's I'm "using my iPhone. It's almost a cult, but yeah, they got it so right, stuff the quality of the product, let's brainwash! We'll make the phone for 100 dollars and sell it for 800, they'll buy it ........Voila... It worked. They did and they will because apple put they're back into it!!
    Now look at Microsoft, they have now at their disposal an absolutely brilliant os in Windows 10, in my opinion its top notch( when it works) what are they doing? Pushing users like us away with shoddy builds along the way, and I mean shoddy, some of the updates have been nothing short of diabolical, sent out 2 MS phones, ie 950 plus xl!!.... These are the latest?? What? Immediately they were totally destroyed by the net reviewers, and to save grace in most cases said, and I quote, the most diehards of the Microsoft fans will forgive the shortfalls. Not good enough but this is how they are for whatever reason best known to themselves!
    I digress!!
  • The quality of my iphones have always been top notch and preimum feeling.  Cannot say that for all windows phones.  Even the So called Premium ones were plastic and cheap feeling.
  • Satya, please lay off yourself.
  • He spent 26B for a website, killed wp, and now fire out more people.... Best CEO evvver....
  • The crux of the private industry. I have experienced this layoff several timed in my career thus far and I can say it's not a good feeling for the affected employees. If it's for company economical/financial reasons, It's reasonable but if they are moving those jobs to India or Philippines, it's boooooooo like ToysRUs and those other huge firms have been doing lately. For those employees with families, it's a royal pain. MetLife is another company that does this nonsense.
  • Yep, moving those jobs to India and Philippines means much lower quality delivered. I know, I also live in a country were services are being outsourced to, Romania...and I see the quality that some deliver from here, or should I say, lack of quality.
  • Sacking thousands from the phone division after a phone sales train wreck but apparently WM is about to be reborn as a market leader, according to this site.
    Me thinks someone is drunk
  • I will say prayers for those folks who got laid off that has happened to me a few times and it hurts. Microsoft is a big company and will cut all the fat from it's business operations that is the nature of big businesses. it is not a happy thing but they do it to keep a Company stable business wise 
  • They missed trimming the biggest peice of fat however.  the magical CEO.  Once they strip MS of that baggage and get someone with vision,  and direction,  they will be much better off.
  • Soon we'll see an article by Jason that these employees will be replaced by bots and bots will take forward the W10m development(oops I forgot smartphones are dead too, so W10m will be obsolete soon)
  • Satya is sabotaging Windows phone period he is evil all the way working for someone who wants to force everyone on the wide open Android phones.
  • He is pushing apple  not android.  Where have you been?  Every photo of Nutella and his lemmings show apple products.  I am suprised he's not using a macbook and ipad pro.
  • He is, but maybe it has stickers on it to hide the brand :))