Microsoft CEO calls U.S. border policy affecting migrant children 'cruel and abusive'

Satya Nadella
Satya Nadella (Image credit: Windows Central)

Microsoft this week found itself in the middle of the controversy surrounding the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" policy responsible for separating children from migrant families caught illegally crossing the U.S.-Mexico border. The crux of the issue lies in a January blog post (opens in new tab) that highlighted Microsoft's work with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which caused an uproar on social media, eventually leading the company to issue a statement in which it said it was "dismayed by the forcible separation of children from their families at the border."

But as the spotlight continues to grow, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has decided to speak out on the issue in a letter sent to employees. In the letter, which Nadella later posted on LinkedIn in its entirety (opens in new tab), the Microsoft executive cites his personal experience as an immigrant while calling the current policy "cruel and abusive."

Nadella also downplayed Microsoft's involvement with ICE, emphasizing that it is "not working with the U.S. government on any projects related to separating children from their families at the border." Rather, Microsoft's work with ICE is limited to providing support for legacy mail, calendar, messaging, and document management.

From Nadella:

Microsoft has a long history of taking a principled approach to how we live up to our mission of empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more with technology platforms and tools, while also standing up for our enduring values and ethics. Any engagement with any government has been and will be guided by our ethics and principles. We will continue to have this dialogue both within our company and with our stakeholders outside.

In a separate post at Microsoft's On the Issues blog (opens in new tab), Microsoft President and Chief Legal Office Brad Smith highlighted the need for congress to act in an effort to eliminate the current policy of separating children from their families, which was put into place in April. From Smith:

There's been a lot of political rhetoric this week about who is responsible for this separation of kids from their families. But there is one thing that no one can dispute: something changed in April. And it wasn't the discovery of some new legal scroll that suddenly said the law should be interpreted in a different way. Instead it was a departure from the practice of prior administrations and a new surge in the separation of children from their families. As individuals and groups across the country have spoken up to recognize, this practice violates the fundamental humanitarian principles that define us as a people. It needs to end. And if the administration will not end this on its own, Congress needs to do so.

Smith also brought attention to Kids in Need of Defense (KIND), which Microsoft co-founded in 2008 and with which Smith has been personally involved. The initiative provides free legal support for unaccompanied children and is particularly focused on assisting those who are fleeing from dangerous situations and conflict in their home countries.

Both Smith's and Nadella's comments come as Microsoft is facing increasing pressure not only from the public but its own employees to end its work with ICE. In an open letter reported by The New York Times, more than 100 Microsoft employees protested the work, stating in part: "We believe that Microsoft must take an ethical stand, and put children and families above profits." From the letter:

We request that Microsoft cancel its contracts with ICE, and with other clients who directly enable ICE. As the people who build the technologies that Microsoft profits from, we refuse to be complicit. We are part of a growing movement, comprised of many across the industry who recognize the grave responsibility that those creating powerful technology have to ensure what they build is used for good, and not for harm.

You can read the full contents of Nadella's letter to Microsoft employees below:

Team,Like many of you, I am appalled at the abhorrent policy of separating immigrant children from their families at the southern border of the U.S. As both a parent and an immigrant, this issue touches me personally.I consider myself a product of two amazing and uniquely American things — American technology reaching me where I was growing up that allowed me to dream the dream and an enlightened immigration policy that then allowed me to live that dream. My story would not have been possible anywhere else.This new policy implemented on the border is simply cruel and abusive, and we are standing for change. Today Brad detailed our company's position on this issue, as well as the immigration legislation currently being considered in Congress, and I encourage you to read his blog post.I want to be clear: Microsoft is not working with the U.S. government on any projects related to separating children from their families at the border. Our current cloud engagement with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is supporting legacy mail, calendar, messaging and document management workloads.Microsoft has a long history of taking a principled approach to how we live up to our mission of empowering every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more with technology platforms and tools, while also standing up for our enduring values and ethics. Any engagement with any government has been and will be guided by our ethics and principles. We will continue to have this dialogue both within our company and with our stakeholders outside.The immigration policy of this country is one of our greatest competitive advantages, and this is something we must preserve and promote. America is a nation of immigrants, and we're able to attract people from around the world to contribute to our economy, our communities and our companies. We are also a beacon of hope for those who need it the most. This is what makes America stronger. We will always stand for immigration policies that preserve every person's dignity and human rights. That means standing with every immigrant who works at Microsoft and standing for change in the inhumane treatment of children at the U.S. border today.Satya

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Is it not effecting?????
  • What else can you expect from from a leftist of a silicon valley. These irresponsible parents have committed a crime of illegally crossing an international border that too with their children. Criminal parents are always separated from their kids. How hard is it to understand that? How about asking your Windows team to fix the inconsistency in Windows? How about asking the Skype team to fix the terrible mess? How about solving issues of your own company rather than entertaining politics? Btw where was this guy when Obama administration was doing even worse job in handling this unfortunate situation?
  • I don't really want to get into it here, but, 2 things: 1: Crossing the border is a misdemeanor and no, we do not take children from people committing a misdemeanor. 2: Anyone seeking asylum is protected by the 14th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America. What is happening is unconstitutional. In addition to the obvious immoralities.
  • To the point of misdemeanors, if both parents are arrested and their is no direct family member to take the children then the children are handed over to child services - that's for legal US citizens.
    To the unconstitutional remark, this is not a Trump policy but a law that was signed by Bill Clinton, enforced by the Obama administration and upheld by a Federal court - so until the Supreme Court rules it unconstitutional, it is the law.
    Finally, protections allowed to asylum seekers are only for immigrants that initially file for asylum properly at a port of entry, not for those that cross illegally and apply after the fact until they vetted into the process. This is not some evil Trump agenda, but a law that passed over 20 years ago and that was meant to actually protect the children. Right or wrong is a question for the courts and/or new legislation. Until then, the law has to be enforced just as it has been for the last 3 administrations.
  • @unmorphed. Enforced? You got to be kidding. There are lines that you do not cross - taking vulnerable children away from their parents such as toddlers. It is fundamentally wrong on every single level and for heavens sake. How would you feel if that happened to you or some one you know? Law Enforcement officers are allowed to use discretion. It is that discretion that prevents countries from jailing people for non-violent crimes and misdemeanors, but that's not the case in the US is it?. If a person cannot tell that ripping babies away from their parents is wrong on every single level. Than it's not a difference of opnion but a difference of morality. In addition those who clamour to be pro-life and force their own views on women for using birth control but stay silent when it comes to protecting actual children are naive as a boiled egg.
  • Happened to me? I don't break the law, so I'm not too worried about it. So are you blaming the border agents now? Federal law enforcement isn't the same as local policy decided whether or not to write a speeding ticket or taking someone to jail. Not sure how you jumped to pro-life/pro-abortion. That's a non logical jump, a hysterical use of hyperbole in place of facts and sense.
  • "I don't break the law, so I'm not worried about it." I think that's the Republican motto.
    "If it doesn't affect me, I don't give a ****."
    Inhumane you are.
  • Feelings over facts always when it comes to people on here hating on "Trump". Regardless, they only lose their kids if they are deemed unfit or if the parent has been determined to have crossed the border once before. 1st time = Misdemeanor, 2nd time = Felony.
  • The policy in question was introduced in April 2018.
  • A particular zero tolerance policy may be new, but the law and the fact previous administrations have enforced the law is not new. Where was the outrage and 24 hour news coverage in 2012, or 2005, or 1998?
  • The article is about the Trump policy. Try to keep up. Your deflection and whataboutism impresses similar minded Trumpers and nobody else.
  • Maybe someone actually will read from the source instead of stating blatant lies? Anyone?
  • Wrong! Conscientious stupidity..
  • @xsled, not speaking to this issue directly, but just the two points you raised. Both of those are incorrect.
    1. Anyone (US Citizen or not) can be sent to prison for up to 1 year for a misdemeanor. They are arrested and in jail pending arraignment and release on bail or personal recognizance prior to the trial. If they can't post bail, they will remain in jail until trial and then potentially moved to prison if found guilty.
    2. There is literally nothing in the 14th amendment about asylum. In fact, the opening text specifically refers to "all persons born or naturalized in the United States."
  • People are being "loaned" children so that they can cross the border with a script in a ploy to seek asylum. There is no reason why these people are seeking asylum. They are economic migrants. Simply saying you're a refugee does not make it so. That is why there are definitions for terms like refugee. It does not mean "anyone on the planet who decides they want to just pick up their 'ish and go to another country, simply because it is more affluent." The children who are being exploited for this purpose can then end up in the sex trade, controlled by gangs, living on the streets, etc. after the "parents" get across the border and get what they want. This is a major part of this issue that is not being discussed, or even address. There is some massive exploitation of children, and it isn't by law enforcement. If you stay where you are and don't break the law, then you don't have anything to worry about. Don't complain about the policies. You don't have to come here, and 98.6% of them have no business being here.
  • You do realise that it can take two decades or more to get a green card?
  • So? Nobody has a right to be here in the US except US citizens.
  • That sucks doesn't it? But you left out the fact that getting a green card is something you do AFTER legally being in the US. You must have a visa before getting a green card, while not easy, getting a visa is much quicker. So getting into the US legally is hard. Are you suggesting that people should be allowed to act illegally because of difficulty?
    Getting rich is hard, should bank robbery be acceptable? It's a much faster, easier way of getting money.
  • And there are ways to deal with stuff in their own country in the meantime. Most are economic migrants. Doesn't mean they can't make money in Mexico or wherever they're from while working on a residency if they seek to do that. Or they can do the green card thing while they're here. Either way. I'm working on residency in Brazil myself and I'm from the US.
  • That's a major issue and one of the reasons DNA tests are being floated. Too many people are using children as pawns in order to illegally enter the country and claim "asylum."
  • Xsled, you're merging invading the USA with those legally seeking asylum. Those that invade the USA are choosing to break the law and that has consequences, including possible separation from families. This sometimes happens to US citizens who go to jail for a misdemeanor. The criminal chose to break the law. If the people are coming in by legally seeking asylum, then the families are NOT being separated. Of course, the problem is that all many people are trying to seek asylum but are lying about the reasons. Just because someone wants to be here in the USA does NOT give anyone the right to come here. It's no different than me wanting Bill Gates' house and saying that I have a "right" to it.... it's wrong. Oh... and as a side note, with regard to your comment about asylum and the 14th amendment... please read the Constitution for yourself and not rely on someone in the lamestream propaganda machine... There's nothing in the 14th amendment (or the rest of the Constitution) specifically addressing asylum.
  • Xsled, you need to read the 14th Amendment again and don't pass up the date it was ratified! try 1868! we did not have a border problem with Mexico then, so it is not for the Illegals entering this country or the Anchor Baby's. It is not immoral, it happens in this country everyday to citizens here when they brake the law, there children go to foster care.
  • I think people would be less upset about actual foster care. it's the images of kids in fenced up holding cells that is the problem
  • About 30% are only held for about a day. The children can only be held for 20+ days. Foster care takes a lot longer to setup and is not a solution to this issue.
  • Anyone seeking asylum through proper channels, rather than sneaking across the border is not being seperated.
  • I think you need to re-read the 14th Amendment. I read nothing about anyone seeking asylum.
  • Ah, actually we take children away anytime we put you in holding even without charging you. And crossing a country's border is illegal regardless of the level. You should not do it in another country, esp. with your children and no one should do it to the US. Just like the excuses of being shot while running away from the police, don't want to risk being shot then done run away. Same with your children. Raise them where you are from, help improve your own country. If you would like to immigrate here, we have a process for you to do that. The 14th amendment was put in place for slaves.
  • Apart from being a blatantly cruel and immoral policy for just committing a misdemeanor, it would be far more cost-effective (in terms of taxpayer money) to just deport them together with their children instead of opening these facilities.
  • They are not parents, they are traffickers.
  • first, is not a policy is the law, the diference is the cero tolerance policy, and about been a misdemeanor most of the people think a speeding ticket or pasing a red light, here is one time offence, been an ilegal alien is more like to be naked in public, you are in constant violation of the law so if a policeman sees you is more likely you will be arrested, likewise been an ilegal alien you are in constant violation of the law. second yes is more cost-effective just deport them, but thats not the law, thats why the propossal of a wall.
    BTW I'm mexican living in Mexico
  • In the US you do not have to even be charged with a crime to be held by the police, happens all the time, and you get separated. Its is not "cruel". And these people knew what was going to happen with every mile of that 1,000 miles they traveled here.
  • You despicable people just parrot the same talking points over and over. What about Obama? You are pathetic.
  • Trust me, we are now doing what you did to us every time we had a Republican candidate that was called racist / immoral while you defended Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and ignored Obama's relationship to Farrakhan. The Black Lives matter riots in Ferguson were the impetus that started this racial division that is really overblown by the media. We love everyone, you guys are the true racists. We don't disown our liberal family members, but they disown us. We don't no platform anyone on college campuses, but you do that to us and call everyone a N A Z I or fascist while doing so. We are sick and tired of you!!! We support the rule of law, freedom, and private property, while you support chaos and the abolition of private property thinking humankind is good. That is where you are wrong. We are all fallen, we are all sinful, and the only good in us is found by fighting against our nature with morality either found in religion or instilled in us by our parent(s). You can quit the fake outrage and start understanding that we know what you guys did. All the past 8 years did was build up a cold anger in all of us after we saw the destruction of morality, education, healthcare, respect for this country, our veterans, our flag, the ones who work hard every day to put food on all of your tables. We are going to fix things. We won't boycott you in general. We won't dox you or threaten your children, but we will fix things permanently without violence. Enjoy the next 6.5 years. They will be long for you and we promise we will have another good candidate lined up after that that we will vote for.
  • No, you are definitely the racist.
  • Just how? Liberals like to name call, liberals are some of the nastiest people I have ever met.
  • Yes, children aren't put in cages for that. It isn't about just taking children away. Stop this false equivalency.
    Obama handled it even worse? How exactly?
    This shouldn't even be a partisan issue. Doesn't matter when this was exposed, it should be worked on. There is, however, a NEW policy that's impacting the number of people affected by this. You call it border enforcement, well, the US already had that. You can do it in less cruel ways.
  • Trump is finally caving to pressure. Watch him take credit for solving a problem he caused in the first place.
  • This has been going on for years the American Civil Liberties Union announced that it had obtained thousands of government documents that showed evidence of “the pervasive abuse and neglect of unaccompanied immigrant children detained by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection” during the Obama presidency, from 2009 through 2014. “These documents provide a glimpse into a federal immigration enforcement system marked by brutality and lawlessness,” Mitra Ebadolahi, ACLU Border Litigation Project staff attorney, said in a report about the abuses. “All human beings deserve to be treated with dignity and respect regardless of their immigration status — and children, in particular, deserve special protection.” “End family separation, the hashtag, is really odd to me because without family separation, one of the defaults would be family detention and that’s been the hashtag since 2015,” Andrew Free, a lawyer who focuses on immigrants’ civil rights
  • Completely different issue. We aren't talking about unaccompanied minors.
  • NY here's a suggestion, how about you take them in to your home, feed them, take them to school and all the other things Normal Parents do every day! then come back here and tell us how it is going.
  • Really? Did he start Sanctuary cities? Did he welcome illegals to this country and all but say Come one come all?
    Trump wants to secure the border where the only points of access will be available for asylum seekers. He wants to curb human, drug, and weapon trafficking that hurt American citizens. Why don't the democrats want to do the same except claim to come election time? Trump wants to actually solve the damn immigration problem and the media/Dems (one in the same) do not. That is a fact.
  • What immigration problem? That is fake news designed to push his racist agenda. The only problem Trump has been working on is strengthening Russia and Putin's position in the world. For what reason would any red blood American be so kind and generous to our enemies while attacking and alienating our allies? With all the evidence(his handling of Russia alone should be enough evidence to disqualify him from the Republican party), the lying, the cover-ups, the conspiracy charges, confessions, all the criminals he hired for high level positions including his lawyer, and the self proclaimed obstruction it is disgraceful for any American to continue support for Trump or the GOP.
  • If there is so much evidence on Trump, why hasn't he been charged? Either he is the best criminal ever or there is nothing. My bet is on the latter. We are a nation of laws. If you don't like those laws, get out and vote to change them. Stop crying when people actually enforce the laws like they are supposed to.
  • The investigation isn't compete yet and we have had 20+ indictments and a number of confessions. Until the investigation is over, we do not know for sure if he will be charged. Maybe they won't have anything on him, but I think they will at least go after obstruction charges. There is tape of him admitting he obstructed justice. It will be a slam dunk with a Democrat majority in the House and Senate. It doesn't matter what the laws are, either way, it comes down to the Congress and Senate voting to impeach. Obstruction is certainly illegal. I wouldn't expect that to go forward until after the midterms though. A vote for R this fall will be a vote for Russia.
  • If its a "slam dunk" why not just go now with it and get Trump out of the office? Is Mueller that inept?
  • You don't read? The GOP run House and Senate aren't going to vote out their own party. Obstruction likely isn't enough for them to vote for impeachment. It makes more sense to wait a few more months for the midterms and see where the wind blows.
  • You still believe there was "Russian collusion"? PMFSL I bet you believe the earth is flat too. You're probably better off just screaming at the sky until your Trump Derangement Syndrome fades away.
  • Why did they hide Russian meetings? Why has he been trying to obstruct the investigation? Why is everything he does seem like it is what Putin wants? Why does he have so many criminals working for him? It doesn't matter though. They will be able to impeach him for obstruction. It will just depend on flipping the House and Senate.
  • I think you will have to see what comes out of the next OIG report. The last one was all about the Hillary emails. (MYE) And it illustrated clear bias especially after Trump was elected in terms of recorded conversations and text messages.
  • He didn't cause it, he just decided to actually enforce the law as it was written. But he will fix it permanently through Congress and yes he will deserve credit as he deserved credit with North Korea. The media will always attack and he will just ignore it causing themselves to dig themselves a deep hole causing themselves to lose credibility with the masses over time that eventually the masses will abolish them.
  • Dan, did you just want to watch this inevitable argument break out?
  • The comments on Monday's post were...something, that's for sure. I wish it was for my enjoyment. But no, 'tis my job to report on these things.
  • Do you not realise this is a child sex-trafficking issue? Something like 80% of the kids crossing the border illegally are not with their parents or any close relative. The reason why the media was suddenly directed to make this an issue is the supply of kids to the paedophiles is drying up. They are getting desperate. Hell, they are now failing to deliver kids they've already been paid for. Today we learnt that Satay is potentially a paedophile. Either that or he's an idiot who falls for the media narrative. And he's probably not an idiot. With the upcoming arrests of some rather high profile people, I hope the sheep can wake up and realise what misinformation they are receiving from the media. At least the comments here show there are at least a fair number of people who are already awake.
  • Better arguments than fist fights in the streets.
  • Obama sent back the most out of any president and no one said a word. Satya needs to just shut his mouth and make Microsoft great again. Haha
  • Sending illegal immigrants back is fine. This is affecting their families AND children are being put in cages and treated in terrible conditions.
    And your guys' whataboutism is exhausting.
  • You do know Obama kept them in cages too, right? But then again, the media and such have never held Dems to the same standard as they do others.
  • I am sure I am not the first to tell you this, nor will I be the last, but you obviously don't care either way. The minors who were detained prior to Trump were UNACCOMPANIED. That word means that they were not with a guardian or parent when they were held.
  • Actually they're called "unaccompanied" when the guardian calls themselves a "parent" but is proven to not be a parent. Lots of traffickers use kids as human shields of sorts to allow them to cross easier if detained. There were some loopholes that used to allow parents to be released with their children into the US. They're now learning those loopholes don't exist any more due to better enforcing of the law as written.
  • Treated in terrible conditions? Or are the media just rehashing old talking points under Obama when they were talking about the ACLU's investigation? I've seen bunkbeds, decent food, and superhero paintings on walls, not chain link fenced Walmarts. I've only seen one video in Texas with a Walmart detention facility. The rest seem to be more dormlike and less crowded.
  • @jared, you bleed conscientious stupidy with your comment.
  • Regardless of what side of the argument you are on, this line alone is an issue in the employee's "requests" "with other clients who directly enable ICE." That would technically mean ending any and all contracts with any government agency that works with ICE as it "enables" ICE to do what they do, which I don't see happening. When I worked local government, MS contracts went well over a million combined (almost a decade ago, pretty sure it's MUCH higher now) Ending federal contracts would mean losses of way, WAY more than that. Definitely enough to hurt the bottom line. My point? If you don't like what your employer is doing or it contradicts your beliefs, it's time to find a new job. I've done it a few times, and yes it sucks, but in the end it was the right choice. Expecting your employer to loose millions in breaking contracts and penalties (yes, some contracts have penalties if either party breaks it or fails to meet expectations)
  • Yeah I think you're right. Speaking out is good, but they're still doing business with them. Often times taking a stand involves financial loss and I think they should do it. Could be a defining moment for Nadellas new Microsoft.
  • Taking a stand to keep the kids with their traffickers so they can be sold and passed around? Wtf...
  • Take a stand for what? To let illegal economic migrants to overwhelm our limited welfare and overburdened education and health system that already lacking to our poorest citizen's families? At some point you have to wonder, why do people care more about other countries "refugees / economic migrants" than the US? Most people coming here are not fleeing their country for any reason other than greater opportunity for wealth generation
  • Exactly, large companies rely on government contracts as a significant chunk of their income / profit. I used to work for Microsoft myself and I don't think there's anything wrong with working with ICE. If people want the US to become an open border country, they should go move somewhere else, but they'll be disappointed because every other country has a border and they have detention facilities. We will keep the country sovereign no matter what it takes.
  • By this logic it's a crime to tear fathers away from their family after commiting a crime. A crime is a crime. Deal with it. Also keep politics out of tech talk. This channel will go down hill real fast. [IMO]
  • As a couple of us have stated previously, we do not take children from their parents for a misdemeanor.
  • You've obviously never been to law school, because you and those who stated so previously are wrong. Experience talking here.
  • Would be nice if people would do a little research about the entire immigration system and the rule of law before they interject their opinion as fact.
  • False equivalency. 1. It's a misdemeanor. 2. Children of American criminals aren't put in camps or cages. 3. Politics is pervasive in all of life and inescapable. Wanting to shut it off is just turning a blind eye to it. Easy when it doesn't affect you and you don't care for those it does. 4. This thread went downhill already.
  • Centrally Windows, people do go to jail and, if guilty, to prison for misdemeanors for up to a year. It takes a felony to be imprisoned for longer than a year. I'm not sure where you heard that "misdemeanor" was a differentiating factor, but it's not. If someone is arrested (even before being convicted), they will be in jail pending arraignment and during that time, kept apart from their family. I'm not saying that's good or bad, but it is standard practice even in the US and has been since before we were an independent nation. When I was wild and stupid in college, I was arrested in a round-up of drunk kids at Mardi Gras (ultimately case was dismissed and all charges dropped), and kept in jail for a few days waiting for my arraignment. I told the police that my dog was tied up nearby and needed food and water, but no one seemed to really care. I realize a pet is not the same as a child, but just pointing out that I was arrested and cut off from everyone and everything except for my one phone call. That's just standard practice. Not something new that Trump dreamed up.
  • Children of American criminals, if their only guardian is that criminal parent, do get put into foster homes and care facilities. It may not be a temporary 20 hour holding facility, but it's more permanent. The outrage over a 20 hour holding facility is ridiculous. You'd think these kids are held there for months at a time and that they're getting fed gruel, beaten, and executed. The comparisons to Hitler's concentration camps were total hysteria. I do think that there should be caregivers there to take care of the kids and to comfort them. It's wrong to just let them cry without comforting them or doing anything to cheer them up, but sometimes you have **** happen. Everything the government does has major flaws including Obamacare's individual mandate being forced upon people who couldn't afford healthcare.
  • I used to say the same thing over at Gizmodo, theVerge, and Engadget. They never listened. But at least this board isn't totally full of liberal thinktanks that all think the same way. I'm glad to see people on both sides.
  • Great! Now I can't even escape politics in Windows Central. This site has become nothing but advertisement articles, gaming news and now politics are creeping in.
  • Hopefully it's not a new trend.
  • This is the CEO of Microsoft taking a political stance for the company. Don't like it, then practice your capitalistic rights and stop supporting them. This is certainly news that should be covered on this site. How could capitalism be successful without an educated consumer?
  • Because there's literally thousands of other sites that are dedicated for those things. Whether I'm for or against Nadella is irrelevant. I come here for my tech news, not political news.
  • This is still tech news. Nadella and Microsoft is one of the biggest tech companies in the world and also the subject of this blog. If you don't see the connection, I am not sure what to tell you. This site isn't called Non-political Windows News Central. If you don't like Microsoft's politics, which obviously you don't, exercise your capitalist right.
  • Thank you bleached!
  • Really? How did they force you to read the article and comments?
  • I don't like the way they design their front page. Their article thumbnails are wayyyy too small. I hope Dan Rubino or whatever his name is reading this. MSpoweruser and Onmsft have more pleasing layouts but I like the content here usually more. Kind of a mixed bag.
  • You know what else is cruel and inhumane? Not doing more to secure the border to stop human trafficking, drug and weapon flow, gang entrance, etc etc. All which have had an horrible impact on many in this country. Yet you do t see the media/hollywood/tech companies demanding Washington fix it.
    This whole thing was manufactured faux outrage. Once the families are no longer separated, the same people claiming to be upset won't want to talk about the border anymore. They won't say a word when an illegal immigrant commits violence or murder to an American citizen. They won't say squat as drugs continue to flow. Theyll ignore an crimes committed by MS 13 or other illegals who've come here. Hypocrites
  • What does separating families from their children have to do with all that?
  • It proves this was a political charade by the media and Dems. Those drugs, weapons, and child trafficking destroy lives. Where is the same level of concern and outrage?! There is none from them.
  • Exactly. No outrage until Trump decided to start enforcing the law as written. Go back just a few years ago and there is videos of Democrats saying the same thing Trump is now but nobody was outraged then because it fit their narrative.
  • Why isn't Trump doing the same to Canadians we turn away at the border? Are the laws different for the southern border?
  • Do you have evidence that it isn't happening on the northern border? It dosent fit the narrative of "trump bad!!!" so it isn't shown on the news.
  • Child sex trafficking into the US typically comes from the south. The children being removed from their traffickers are not Canadian.
  • You can't see what they don't write / scream about. That's how the media works. They don't just report on boring stuff. If it doesn't suit their narrative they don't talk about it.
  • It's a political stunt by Trump to create chaos and then signing an order to claim he fixed it.
  • Or it could be used by both sides honestly. The Republicans want to use it to build the wall, the Dems want to use it to label the Repubs as racist, fascist, whatever-ist to help themselves in the midterms this year because the media won't tell you just how many Democrats defected to the other side. It was a lot of them, especially after Bernie getting stiffed by Hillary owning the DNC after they nearly were bankrupt. That's why neither side solved it by now in Congress.
  • I'm sick of tech companies chiming in on politics. Facebook and Twitter especially. I was suspended from Facebook for commenting on a news article that "illegal immigrants are criminals". I kid you not.
    I was also suspended on Twitter for this "I'll continue to eat at Chick Fil A and I'll enjoy every bite. If you want to be a pansy and cave to pressure then you're a coward" I hate the PC crap and the bias being enforced by tech companies.
  • Totally agree. Stick to real tech news WC. Leave the politics out.
  • This is capitalism. Don't like the stance, don't support the company. Ignorant consumers do not make a strong capitalist society.
  • @davegx,Stop using those tech company's products. Go back to homing pigeons and tin cans and string.
  • Nice thing about Windows Central is they seem to let everyone speak which is very refreshing. It's a lot less crazy than Twitter too because one side gets away with inciting violence, doxing, and threats while the other side gets silenced, shadow-banned, or deplatformed for simply having an opinion, and not a particularly hateful one either. Not to mention the control they have over your followers going down every time you get new ones, so you never gain followers, it just stays stagnant.
  • I'm glad he clarified this. Some of the comments in this section are so heartless.
  • Does nobody remember little boy Elian Gonzalez? There’s nothing new under the sun, and whats happening today is the same stuff that happened under Obama and the Bush family and Clinton. The only difference is that right now we have someone who isn’t a member of the insider’s club forced into the system, and certain groups within the system are apoplectic because of it, so it’s become a controversy to enforce the law.
  • Elian is an engineer back in his home country of Cuba. That was a different story as well. His mom died. His dad request he be sent back.
    He was eventually sent back. The only difference today is that under Chump, America is ripping children from their parents.
  • I’m aware of what Elian is today, but you’re being selective with your recollection of the details regarding the details, and no, it isn’t a different story. His family was helping him to escape, and he was pulled away from them at gun point under orders from Janet Reno and Clinton. Was he not an asylum seeking child? The only difference I see is that you’re too blinded by your partisan views to acknowledge that what’s going on today is what’s been going on our entire lives, only now someone you and your party don’t like is in office, so suddenly it’s wrong. Remember Hillary during the 2016 campaign, saying she’s going to have zero tolerance and we need to crack down on immigration? Well, she did, despite what she’s saying today. Remember Obama with kids in cages, splitting them from their families, and giving them space blankets? Well, he did that. You couldn’t name a President who hasn’t done similar things with immigration, if not worse. Remember, we used to keep all immigrants on Ellis Island for a month to make sure they weren’t spies and they didn’t carry diseases. We’re a far ways from that. Today, we separate women, children, and men for two days while we check their backgrounds, then if they’re on the up and up, we reunite them. That’s a far cry from a month on Ellis Island.
  • *ripping children from their traffickers.
  • This is now an issue because Democrats want it to lead into the mid terms. I'm independent so don't crawl up my ass calling me Republican or Democrat Facts:
    1.Obama deported more people then any other president 2.The Obama admin would encarcerate the children with the mother, yes put them both in jail to be processed. Also they would just release some into the country expecting them to show up for court, which never happened. 3. The Trump admin doesn't incarcerate the kids, but seeks a parent or guardian to release them to as soon as possible. Yes they are separated while the parents are prosecuted for breaking the law making illegal entry into the US. 4.Congress passes laws. Its what they do. The law says you can't make illegal entry into the country or you will be charged, if Congress feels the people no longer want to live in a country with borders then should pass that law. Its not up to individual people, presidents, cabinet members, or appointed positions to pick and choose when there is a law enforced. I don't know when we turned into this lawless society. So people just need to stop the crap, and own up to what they want. Either you want a border and laws to be enforced, or you want open borders and the law needs to be repealed. Good luck America.
  • Best reply of the bunch.
  • Except, once again, neither Clinton, Bush, or Obama separated children from their parents seeking asylum. Only Trump did that.
  • Do you have evidence to support this claim?
  • That is an incorrect statement.
  • You are simply wrong. All of them separated children as required by the law.
  • Where is your source for that? because that is simply an incorrect statement. I'll also like to take this opportunity to correct you on your false equivalency. Illegal Immigration does NOT equal Asylum.
  • @dgr, Its policy, not law.
  • I've got a bridge for sale. You're clearly in the market.
  • Post videos of Canadians getting their kids taken away when unsuccessfully attempting to cross the border and I will believe your racist garbage.
  • Ah yes, the "I disagree with you and can't make an argument on facts so you are racist" argument.
  • Why isn't this happening on the northern border? People never attempt to enter illegally through Canada? Please, you know exactly why Trump course to only enforce it on the southern border. This would not be an issue if their skin was white.
  • Because the media won't report on detained white people. That's just another day in jail for the majority of white criminals. It's nothing notable to the media.
  • @dgr, yep, This country or better yet, the world is getting browner. Get use to it. The south aint rising again...Ever been to Russia?
  • Very nice with the veiled racism! Just because I want the law enforced properly you assume I am white and from the south because you can't put together a solid argument on why enforcing said law is bad. Oh, and by the way, I gave blood, sweat and tears for over 20 years defending against Russia. I had all sorts of brothers and sisters in uniform that could have cared less about what color any of us were. So, you can take your racist garbage out of here.
  • Anyone thinking that brown is better than white simply because they feel brown has been oppressed and deserves vengeance is as racist as the KKK. We all are human beings and we all deserve equal say in our existence and opportunities. No matter what color we are, we all have red blood and we all have potential. If you can't follow rules / dresscodes to get hired, then that's on you, not on the employer.
  • This current state is now an issue all because Trump's policy created a self induced humanitarian crises, in order to leverage for his wall. The immigration problem has been there for decades, that is not new. The problem needs to be solved by both parties. But the current issue in the news is solely created by Trump. He knows how to create chaos better than anyone.
  • @wolfpack, your taking some things that are fact and conflating them with things that are not. Nice try, better than most trolls.
  • Exactly my feelings on the matter, dude! I'm a left leaning Republican as in I support your rights for Gay Marriage, Transgender, whatever you want to do as long as I'm not paying for it. I'm probably more libertarian actually now that I think about it. I like a minimized government with high individual freedom with minimal regulations on the companies for job prospects.
  • Nadella should care about their product and not trying to mouth up his perceived image of political correctness.
  • @SCREW, stop using MS products, sell your Microsoft shares if you have any...
  • We don't boycott. Only leftists like to do that stuff. Only a small portion of republicans and libertarians actually quit Netflix when Barack Obama was found to have a coming "network". If we don't like a show, we simply don't watch.
  • It's more of a statement of support of paedophilia. And that says a lot about Satay.
  • Trying to stay on topic. Microsoft only produces the tools that government agencies utilize in performing their duties. Just like guns, they can be used for both good and evil purposes. I don't think it is right to hold Microsoft accountable for how a subset of its clients use those tools, particularly when such an objection is based on political views. Now Satya's personal opinion on separating families is a different matter. He is certainly entitled to his opinion, but like many others he is offering no solution to the problem of minor children being dragged across the border by parents. We have a catch-22 situation where immigrants who illegally enter the United States rather than seeking asylum legally are in criminal violation of the law. They need to be repatriated to their home country as soon as practical. However, what do we do with the children. Current law prevents them from being held in a detention facility more than 20 days, yet it should not be acceptable to use the children as pawns to get their parents released into society when they are criminals. Please Satya, tell us how to expeditiously deport people who illegally entered the United States while still "protecting the children" who were involuntarily brought in with them.
  • Newly implemented 22 years ago by Bill Clinton, that is... Windows Central is now Fake News.
  • @hopmedic, fox news is looking for you!
  • Akira X you missed your calling with CNN. How original of an argument :-)
  • Follow the money. Cheap Labor for Microsoft.
  • Bingo. Tech industry loves cheap labor
  • Biff, I love pencils like you and davegx that are too dull to recognize that they write on the wrong side of history .
  • The wrong side of history is the Marxist socialist side. You have far more deaths than even the N A Z I 's across multiple dictators in Communism. Don't pretend the Democratic party isn't one and the same. They both focus on victimization and power control. We see Antifa, we see Democratic Socialists marches, we see #REDFORED in AZ, we know it all. Bob Avakian is a domestic terrorist and so is George Soros.
  • Thanks for shoving far left politics into Windows Central guys. I don’t get enough of this GARBAGE everywhere else already!
  • Anyone who doesn't support separating families and putting kids in cages: FAR LEFT POLITICS. Turn off Fox News and get off 4Chan.
  • Spare me Jeff. If you and the rest TRULY cared, you would be calling for the border to be secured. After all, how many lives a year are hurt/destroyed due to the drugs, weapons, and child trafficking that comes through the border? Far too many. Yet I dont see the media/Dems outraged. I dont see them calling for something to be done. IN FACT, they're doing the opposite. They DONT want the border secure. They also want more families and kids to take the dangerous journey to come here. So enough with the faux caring about the families.
  • Immigration reform was on the table for many years when Obama was in. GOP blocked everything he proposed. Now with Trump and GOP running all 3 chambers, they still couldn't get anything done. If it was easy, this would be solved decades ago. Plenty of blame to go around, but don't believe what FOX or Trump is selling that this is all Dems fault.
  • DaveGx, spare me with your extreme conscientious stupidity. You are still here posting after the first article your uneducated nonsense. Trump loves you though..
  • So if I, as an American citizen who has a daughter, commit a crime. Should my daughter go to prison with me or should my daughter go to protective services?
  • Seeking asylum is not a crime. And if people and entering illegally is a crime, there is also a humane way of doing it. They would not put your daughter in a cage walled room while you wait for the hearing. Americans or not, they should be treated more humanely.
  • Seeking asylum by crossing illegally and not using check points is. Or was I should say. Those that were separated illegally crossed. That is the issue. Hell, you don't even have to come here to apply for asylum. But that's the sort of info the media never puts out
  • DaveGx, your supreme leader finally saw the light (after it was shoved in his face, #blue wave), now its time that you see it to.
  • You like to attack Dave because you see him as a threat. He's too smart for you and anyone else who attacks him. I'm just laughing watching it all. Eating my popcorn.
  • What constitutes asylum? Just because you are poor doesnt mean you can seek asylum. Asylum has been traditionally used for when there is war in your country or your government is after you for political reasons. Can i just break into a rich persons mansion without his permission and when he tries to kick me out i tell him im seeking asylum because im poor so he MUST let me stay? You are conflating asylum with illegal immigration. 2 different things and what we have with Mexico is currently mostly illegal immigration. These people are illegally crossing into the US for work and then sending that money back to Mexico to support their families. This is just a plain fact. Has nothing to do with asylum.
  • You think Windows Central asked Nadella to make this statement? They are just reporting Microsoft news since they are a Windows blog.
  • Shut the hell up. The ******** shouldn't be coming here illegally. Tired of idiot companies telling us what is right and wrong.. Get a clue
  • Simple solution, stop using Microsoft products and visiting Microsoft centic sites.
  • I thought this was Windows Central...everything Windows. Turning it into a political Platform now?
  • Yup this site is becoming a joke. I'm going to get my news from somewhere else.
  • See ya Tap, dont let the door hit you on exit, uninstall the app and block the site.
  • How about fixing Windows 10? Its been cruel and abusive. Hire some of those migrants for QA.
  • OK. So when will MS and everyone else blast the Democrats for their policy of not wanting to secure the border? Millions of people are negatively affected by the drugs, gangs, weapons, and human trafficking that comes across the border. Weird how I don't hear any concern from MS, the media, Hollywood, Dems. It's almost as if they only pretended to care about these family separations so they could bash the President...
  • Detaining families escaping misery and breaking them apart is not the same as preventing illegal drugs from entering. How about clean up the demand for drugs, stop the drug trafficking? They come in through land sea or air and a wall aint going to do it.
  • You're not going to clean up a demand for drugs. And wishing away human trafficking and gangs isn't going to work either. We all know that. Securing the border the best we can is the only reasonable solution.
  • @davegx, they will stop when you stop posting on this site.
  • I'll take the same stance as Nadella: despite his foolish political statements, I'll hold off from the logic of my own convictions and keep my contracts w MS -- for now.
  • @Michael Bromley, so you'd rather him standby watching kids and parents tortured with separation because they are brown.. You should have kept that comment to yourself, really was a waste of time to post. I would have respected you more if you had shared your inhumane convictions.
  • You know what? Companies, CEO's, NFL, _Insert Entity Here_, musicians, and Hollywood celebrities shouldn't publicly post their political stance if they don't want to affect their bottom line. Their goal is primarily to make money. And the best way to do that is KEEP THEIR D___ MOUTH SHUT! Both sides of political spectrums buy their products. I am a stock holder and they will hurt all stock holders making political statements and that goes for any President in office. If you want to be a Fidel Castro or Che Guevara figure, Akira X, there are plenty of countries down south looking for guerrilla / rebel leaders to reverse the oppression / inequality, but sadly Communism is ineffective, it exacerbates the problems, and never fixes them.
  • @phxchristian, You have christian in your screen name. Would you tell Jesus Christ the same thing? Would you tell him to shut up while he watches as families are tortured with separation? What would he say to your after telling him about about bottom lines and borders?
  • No one went out an bought a new MS product because of what Nadella said. He did, however, give pause to those like me who don't want to hear politics from a tech vendor. These posts are important not for the arguments but for the notice to MS.
  • I find it funny that the same people who are outraged at “separating families” also tend to support abortion. Kill children, just don’t separate them from their supposed parents if they’re here illegally, but we’ll take your kids if you’re a tax paying legalized family that decides to home school in a way we don’t approve. A pretty big gaping fault in the argument. “Human rights.. just not for those ones there. F@ck Drumpf. Never mind Joe Lieberman’s actual name. Punch a fascist. Love Trump’s hate. Rape Barron.” Oh wait, that was Peter Fonda’s IG account. I got things confused. Sorry.
  • People supporting pro choice is not the same as pro abortion. Funny the right wing currently in power is supposed to be pro life, but once a child is born, they don't have any compassion esp if they are not white kids. The right wing is also pro capital punishment usually. Bunch of hypocrites.
  • Pro-choice is only pro-choice of the mother, not the child. Sadly the child has no say in the matter. Do I think that kids should be adopted instead of aborted, yes I do. And to say that no one has compassion is wrong. Laura Ingraham adopted three South American kids and people don't like her on the left, but she practices what she preaches.
  • @PLPW77, holy crap, miss your meds?
  • Read Peter Fondler's Twitter account and you'll understand what he was talking about. Actually those tweets have been deleted, but they're still floating around in screenshots on Twitter. He is dealing with Secret Service now.
  • Everything they call us, they're projecting because they know they're the hateful ones, the racist ones, the intolerant ones. It's sad really to see the decline of once smart & highly creative people into mad rage / insanity. No wonder why the world is so broken today. Conservatives and Centrists are the only ones with minds that can accept change and accept differences (for the most part).
  • The world is cruel. USA is no different. Under Obama, kids that came here were put with families that used them as slave labor on their farms and whatnot. Obama is also known as the "Deporter in Chief." God-Emperor Trump can do no wrong, however.
  • @Jose, But not the "Inhumane in Chief" or "Torturer in Chief" big difference. Is down tonight??!?!?
  • Dude, I think you misunderstood me. I dislike Trump. All he cares about is “ME ME ME.” To his supporters he’s a GOD, hence my statement. I guess what I dislike more is this facade that the US puts out acting like it's trying to stop human/sex trafficking. ICE has been complicit in forced labor and the government has been giving money to Mexico to stop people at their border which in turn are turned over to the cartels for both forced labor and sex slaves. Hence my "The World is cruel" statement and the US is part of that problem. It can't act like its **** don't stink. It's a dog eat dog world out there. Stop the PROPAGANDA! On another note, I find those pizzagate people hypocritical as they're following a guy who has blatantly admitted to sexual assault. Grab them by the ***** he says and when you're famous they'll let you do that-Donald J. Trump
  • Funny how you assume things.
  • Remember when this was just a tech site? Those were the days!
  • It would be nice to have apolitical articles, but it seems every company inserts itself into the conversation through their CEO's. Which is probably the most dumbf____ thing a CEO can do for the company's bottom line. Satya needs to focus on making money as a CEO and do his job, not focus on social / political problems he can't control. He's not Bill Gates (yet).
  • so like.....why dont we just secure the border and avoid problems like this from arising? Problems like this arise because the border is an easy entry point for illegal immigration. You secure the border and most people will not cross the border illegally anymore, thus avoiding this issue that has long been a problem but everybody faux outraged about it recently.
  • People can also enter the country, work illegally and overstay illegally. A wall isn't going to stop it.
  • A wall will help stop much of it. And securing the border isn't all about a wall. It's putting up a wall and using tech. It's limiting how easy it is to cross. People in the know, know where to put a wall, where to have actually border patrol, where to put tech. It's just a shame the Democrats and media and Hollywood don't care enough to call for securing the border.
  • Yes. Ofcourse there will be different methods people can use to stay in the US illegally, but at least securing the border will make what everyone is faux outraged about, child separation, a thing of the past. Just because people will use other methods to gain entry and stay illegally into the US doesnt mean that the US government should just give up plugging all the holes it has. Also, regarding staying illegally. I'm assuming you mean the scenario where people fly into the US with a tourist visa and then just never go home. Well, i don't know if you have ever applied for a tourist Visa to the US but it's hard and takes money. You have to show them proof you have a stable income in the country you reside in and prove to them you WILL leave the US when your trip is over. If the US agent is not convinced, then he/she will just deny your visa application. Lastly, it's much better for people to fly to the US with tourist visa and overstay than people illegally crossing over the border. The US government records every single persons entry into and out of the USA. They technically know if you have overstayed or not. Whereas someone crossing over the border illegally literally is a ghost person no one knows exists and obviously no way to track them down.
  • It's a bit more expensive to fly and there are a lot more loopholes that are cut off when flying. You are documented, you need a visa, you need a photo ID, body scans, etc. It's probably the best way to see who's coming here.
  • Big Tech craves dat cheap slave labor from sou' o' de border
  • Hey Nutella mow your own d**n lawn
  • Then he should have stood up during all 8 years of Obama's presidency as he was doing this the whole time. TRUMP is the one who signed the Executive Order to stop the practice.
    Way to be late and trendy Microsoft.
  • @soulcancer, way to be wrong on all accounts..
  • Nope, right on all of them. Those are what we call facts buddy. They beat out your opinion 100% of the time.
  • Sigh, not gonna get into it here. But I respectfully disagree with Satya.
  • If we really wanna be technical, we should all be blaming congress, as it’s they who actually come up with laws and policies which the President then either signs into law or vetos as they work through the system. Congress knows exactly what these laws entail, yet they’re allowing things to play out without speaking up because this serves them politically to help smear their opposition with largely unread masses who operate on headlines instead of details.
  • I was really already pretty done with this site, after today I am gone.
  • @Jack, Hey Jack..... Goodbye..
  • I dont agree much with Satya but he has my support. In light of this I no longer hold anything against Satya as it relates to how past technology platforms were handled. (windows phone, groove, cortana, etc) I'll take this type of leadership over technology decisions every day of the week.
  • Perhaps you should go work for Soros Open Society Foundation then. This is a tech company, not a social justice warrior barracks.
  • Satya just made it about social justice. When you are almost a trillion dollar company words have weight.
  • You are a special SJW aren't you. Trolling every single comment on this board.
  • This same thing was happening in 2014. There are photos of children in cages under foil blankets separated from their families. It's only because this time it's Trump and not Obama that makes it a terrible thing. Hillary and Biden both supported the policy under Obama. Microsoft and everyone else complaining now and wasn't in 2014 are hypocrites.
  • @Sean, I'm not seeing foxnews running the video on an endless loop. So maybe you know something that foxnews doesn't, not hard to believe, anyway post the link showing families being separated en masse under Obama...waiting...
  • The UAE just this month put restrictions in place for refusing entry to the country of unaccompanied minors or minors with adults that are not their parents. Expect other countries to also start taking firmer stances against this abhorrent child-sex trafficking problem. It's a great first step to remove kids from their traffickers but more needs to be done. In the meantime watch the media, hollywood, and the deranged left tear themselves apart as their supply of kids has been interfered with.
  • @covfefe, So while families are being torn apart, your only concern is child-sex trafficking? you are sick..
  • That's where this entire thing is going. You still think it's something about parents or families.
  • Get OFF foxnews , you're really gonna have to expand your list of news sources. So this has nothing to do with parents and families?
  • It is NOT a new policy!! It is law that has been in place for decades, even since before the Bushes and in fact the children were more harshly treated and separated by the Obama Administration.
    Nadella - stick with computer tech, you are NOT a politician and you have clearly been watching only the MSM (Main Stream Media). AWAKE UP
    Schumer is grandstanding and is only for the political swing on pleading to POTUS to sign exec order, not because he cares for the children, he wanted POTUS to bypass law the way Obama did time and time again.
    POTUS signed it because it is a crappy law but it is a law to separate children from criminals as does police etc do when American adults commit a crime and get thrown in jail - they don't throw their children in there too. Where is the responsibility of the adults, Are those adults the parents of the children - many times there's proof that the children were kidnapped to help the adult/s get over border. Obama broke this with his pen by allowing DACA. Now POTUS is trying this by firstly using the pen to sign that exec order to keep children with their actual parents. But now the ball is back in Democrats side to finally work with the Republicans and Congress to resolve the stupid open border policy. But I bet you they don't as they will continue to resist against a President strong enough to attempt to fix the problems of the past decades of corrosion of the American way of life.
    Stick with tech Nadella - and probably so should Windows Central.
  • Stop spreading fake news. Post the video of kids being separated under Obama. What Obama did was civil and families stayed together during immigration proceedings, Trump is making this criminal and separating families with the intent that those kids never see their families again. It is inhumane and it is a form or torture. Its is not a law, it is policy. I suggest you stick with Foxnews, and stay away from windows central.
  • Myth Prior to April 2017, DHS never separated families arriving at the border. Fact DHS has separated families under the circumstances described above. Because of court decisions, DHS can generally no longer hold families in detention beyond 20 days.
  • All actual parents with children should also get charged with Child Abuse in addition to their invading charges.
  • AND how do you determine that? by looking at them? because they are brown? So basically, charge them with child abuse because these families are starving and running from severe living conditions?
  • Illegally crossing the border is a crime.
    Adults are committing a crime.
    As such, they SHOULD be arrested.
    If those adults are USING their children as an excuse to try to get way with it, THAT is what's cruel and disgusting. As you can't arrest children for crimes they didn't commit, the US government is receiving them. They could simply put the children at the border with Mexico. They're not doing that. So perhaps Nadella should shut his leftist SJW mouth so he doesn't say more dumb things, and go back to running Microsoft only.
  • Seeking asylum from severe living conditions is not a crime. Separating kids from their parents in this situation is inhumane and a form of torture. The crime you refer to amounts to a misdemeanor, since when do misdemeanors warrant torture as a form of punishment? The fact that you took the time out to respond to a topic with an attempt to justify why kids and their parents should be tortured with separation tells me exactly the kind of person you are. I really hope you don't have kids.. Let me assistant you with what you may or may not know. This action is being done because these are brown families. Trump has a history of discriminating against brown people. Central Park Five? Trump Housing Discrimination? It would be one thing if this policy was applied equally to everyone but it is not. Its easy to do things to people who don't look like you. How about you stick to the foxnews comments section and stay away from Windows Central and Microsoft products.
  • Severe living conditions exist all over the world. Why not fix them by doing what is needed to replace the leaders enslaving and stealing from them instead of leaving the country and thinking they are going to have better conditions illegally in another country while bringing some of the same problems with them into the new country? This is why illegal immigration doesn't work. It makes both importing and exporting countries economies, education, healthcare, and welfare systems worse.
  • @phx, I'm all for that, eliminate the brutality that exists in the places they are coming from, NOW your talking sense. Realize, the US has played a part into the exact reason why a lot of these places south of the border are in the condition they are in. We are cooking with grease now!!!
  • Satya Nadella Stick to making windows 10 work better and stay out of the political Arena!
  • @Scott, The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. A lot of good people made Trump blink and fold today. I suggest you stick to the foxnews comment section. You'd fit right in..Believe me!
  • lol You're dumb lol
  • I guess you ignore what Trump did for Jennifer Hudson. And all the friends he has in the Hispanic and African American communities as well. It's truly astounding the level of Trump Derangement Syndrome Akira X has.
  • Microsoft and Satya are cruel and abusive. Sitting on all that money and doing nothing to help. Sad.
  • More convenient fauxrage from the lexus liberals in the valley, in other news, water still wet. >.>b