Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella is one of TIME's 100 most influential people for 2015

TIME magazine has released its annual list of what it considered to be 100 most influential people in the world in 2015, and one of them happens to be Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella.

Nadella's entry on the list is written by Aaron Levie, the CEO of the business-themed cloud storage company Box. He believes that Nadella, who was named as CEO of Microsoft in February 2014, is "setting Microsoft up for greatness again." Levie says:

"In his short but impactful tenure, he has focused on driving openness where Microsoft was once closed, even when it has meant supporting competing services in the process. Changes that once would have been considered blasphemous—releasing open-source software, building on iOS and Android and even making Windows free in some cases—are turning Microsoft around. Satya is basically the star of one of those teen movies where the parents go out of town and the kid takes control of the place. And it's been great."

Nadella is part of a list of people that includes Apple CEO Tim Cook and Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky, among other tech leaders.

Source: TIME

  • Way to go Nadella. He's bringing much need changes in the way Microsoft works.
  • He really is a big inspiration
  • Porting everything android...
  • @Hiswona agree, i can't suffer Nadella this CEO is creating troubles to MS i don't trust him anymore
    Cloud first Mobile first (yes for mobile he means MS counterparts, not lumia surface or wp!!!)
    Nadella is the less influential person on the Planet!
  • Yep, I was excited about Satya at first, but today's dual release of Halo: Spartan Assault and Halo: Spartan Strike on iOS destroyed that. He's dead to me now. I don't think he makes good decisions. It's clear he wants Windows Phone completely dead.
  • Oh my!! I didn't hear about this!!!
    This nadella is totally crazy!!!
    He want to destroy ms!!!
    Bill kick out this person out of ms asap!!
  • Did you not know bill doesn't have any executive responsibilities anymore he's even divested from the company
  • Bill is still advising, he's not gone... Still owns his stock too...
  • Yeah but he's no longer the majority stock holder. That title belongs to Steve Balmer now
  • I don't understand how releasing Halo on iOS is going to affect wp was released only to expand the profits from Halo...keeping it exclusive to wp neither helped wp nor guys are talking as if the population buy wp because of halo :/
  • @Fatfox G: You nailed it. That's what many people here don't seem to get: Keeping apps and services exclusive to WP has proven not to be enough to bring WP forward and it actually harms said services more than anything. That's why Office came to iOS and Android and why Microsoft is developing so much for Android and iOS these days.
  • @Gatanui, I don't think anyboy is saying keep everything for Win/WP only, but atleast have parity on when the latest apps/services/functionalities are released. From last 1 year, they have been playing the W10 card, Universal apps are supported in Win/WP8.1 as well, why not give us something in between. What does WP has beside LiveTiles now... May be Cortana, but not for long... They are making look everything look like Android with that HamBurger menu which is difficult to reach...  I understand why MS is doing it, but I don't understand how they can not release apps on their own platforms as well... The message that is being sent is that please use our services but not our platform... Why would other Devs suport MS platform when they themselves do not...
  • I definitely agree about the feature and quality parity and I also agree that unfortunately, that has not been the case. I'm going to give them the benefit of doubt and assume that Windows 10 is going to fix that. Here's hoping we won't be disappointed but I'm hopeful. What we've seen so far (Office etc.) seems promising. We'll have to see how Microsoft plans to promote Windows phones in the future but service exclusivty isn't going to be it. I suspect universal apps will be a selling point they will capitalize on very strongly, though. The universal apps are also one of the main reasons the hamburger button is coming so as to make apps consistent across devices. We'll see how that fares. Keep in mind the hamburger navigation is just a guideline and app developers aren't forced to implement it if they don't agree with it. As I said, I assume and hope Windows 10 is going to change this. I may be mistaken, but they may simply not see much point in building new apps for 8.1 when all (hopefully) those devices are going to get a free upgrade to Windows 10 anyway, which won't only be a more powerful OS on its own but will also allow more powerful applications to run. The current situation is far from ideal and I agree with that. However, I'm sure Microsoft is going to invest a lot of resources into advertising Windows 10 on all platforms and that includes mobile app support. The only way to know is to wait and see but I remain hopeful and excited for the future.
  • There is a big difference between making an app like Skype exclusive (dumb move) and keeping your most reknowned intellectual property exclusive (smart move). By your logic, Microsoft should launch Halo 5 on PS4. Do that and watch how quickly Xbox One shrivels up. Same goes for Windows Phone.
  • Fair enough. The question is, how many people are going to change to Windows Phone just to play Halo, though? This isn't one of their main titles after all. And keep in mind that Windows phones are going to benefit from game streaming from the Xbox later, something neither Android nor iOS will. Microsoft keeps apps exclusive where it makes sense. By releasing Halo and Playstation 4 they would support a direct competitor because a console's main selling point are the games that run on it. The situation with Halo and Windows Phone is totally different because nobody is likely to switch to WP to play this game nor is someone likely to get an iOS device to play this. It's not one of the big titles after all and there are many other factors to consider when getting a mobile phone. So while porting Halo to PS4 would benefit PS4 porting the new Halo game to iOS is not directly benefiting iOS but is benefiting Microsoft by selling Halo games instead.
  • And carriers are removing MS apps from android....
    Here you are...
    He got fooled even by koreans Nobody cares about nadella
    Fooled by partners too!
    He's not a serious person
    He should go home NOW!
    Worts ceo ms ever had! Nadella go home we don't want you
    You are like politicians
    Go home!
    You have pissed off all of us Windows users!
    Go home!
  • Usually I would have simply ignored your post and deemed it unworthy of my time but I need to tell you this...don't think for even one second that you somehow speak for all Windows users. Speak for yourself. I don't feel pissed off by him in the slightest. And if you think you are even remotely a more serious person than him then you are very mistaken.
  • Even the CEO of snapchat should be on this list :P XD
  • Ceo of snapchat is more influential than Nadella, elsewhere we'd have snapchat app on Windows
    Nobody cares abou Nadella
    Surely ppl say oh cool, but after they laugh at him
  • Nadella doesn't use a Windows phone. That's why he doesn't care about it
  • Yeah that's because he doesn't show off like other CEOs. And if that dumb-ass CEO of Snapchat is absolutely uninterested in investing time and money in WP, what do you expect Nadella to do? Snapchat isn't even accepting the 6snap source code that Rudy Huyn offered. If not for Nadella, the update to Windows 10 probably wouldn't be free. He is taking steps that previous MS CEOs would never have taken. Appreciate his efforts.
  • Why do people even need Snapchat it's on the list of worst ideas ever
  • The CEO of Snapchat is himself bored of it so he ain't gonna think about expanding the business
  • Right! Snapchat is a serious waste of time. All I see people doing is making some weird faces and putting senseless captions and showing off every part of their daily life in their stories, as if anyone's interested. Get a life.
  • Because some people use snapchat to talk instead of regular texting
  • @rohit we Windows and wp users thay buy pc, office, lumia and surface have enough to be fooled by this politician!!!
    We don't want this ceo anymore!
    He's disgusted us!
    Nadella is boycotting Windows and wp and favouring Windows counterparts
    We have enough to be fooled by this ceo
    Nadella GO HOME!!!!!
  • He has to keep their mobile business profitable. That's why they are supporting the more profitable platforms. It's not just about WP. They know its not gonna surpass iOS, let alone Android. Don't get me wrong, I love WP and want every good thing possible to happen to it, but the reality is that it just isn't profitable. Nadella has to do business.
  • I'm confused.. If Nadella's tactics are so advantageous, why did MS refuse to adopt them in the past?
  • Well this smartphone revolution took place after iOS and Android. And MS was slow to adopt those tactics like free OS upgrade and all.
  • The market has changed a lot. That's why. Freemium wasn't a thing until not that long ago.
  • Yeah. Congrats!
  • Yeah but so is Kanye west so how legit is the list?
  • Lol Kanye...I'm pretty sure Kanye is only influential to himself.
  • Numbers don't lie... Kanye is a force
  • This^^
  • Good Life anyone?
  • Haters always gonna hate!  Period!
  • No question, Nadella's vision for the company will continue to move them forward. Congratulations!
  • When in India?
  • Dude pm Modi is also there so don't worry
  • Unfortunately he left India many years ago.
  • Haha
  • I've come to believe in this guy...
    I hope he doesn't disappoint me by doing something shady.
  • Shady how? Like the cunning intelligent, bad bald guy in an action thriller with power and control in his eyes? He sure looks that way don't he?
  • Everyone can lose their way...
    Powerful CEOs of multibillionaire companies can too.
    I hope he doesn't though, Microsoft is one of my favorite companies
  • Wondering what 'open-source' software has Microsoft launched on iOS and Android.
  • They're referring to .NET and the recent news about parts of Windows being open-sourced
  • What number is he? Or is there a number?
  • Hopeful he is able to influence more people to take up windows
  • This guy couldn't influence a chip out of a bag, let alone an app out of Snapchat. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Well said!
  • Lol
  • Agree, i hope uncle Bill will come back to save MS!!
  • Holy fuck this guy is doing everything that could be done to get snap chat. He is increasing the windows market share and getting users invested in Microsoft services. Some people are never happy
  • Increased?, in Europe and united states reign the iPhone and android ,if can not harm to your rivals in your own home how come that was successful?
  • Well, haters are gonna hate no matter how good he is for Microsoft. Even if he significantly increases the revenue and leads the company to more successes, we will have someone bringing up snap chat (of all things!)
  • At least they haven't latched onto Chase?  oops. 
  • Still 8 months to go in 2015 and they already released the list. Please tell me you take this list serious. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • good point.. But Satya will be in the list even if it is released at the end of the year.
  • Congrats Nadella and thanks to the great Bill Gates + Ballmer for making Microsoft happen
  • What? Congratulation to a person that give us MS users and supporters bad Services and give better to MS counterparts?!!!
    I dream the day when the board will kick Nadella out of MS
    So he can go to create troubles in Apple since he likes so much the iphone!
  • I wonder if ever use windows Phone everyday,
  • @max: Shut it don't know anything about how a business works...
    Patience is key now and you will know why when win 10 releases...if you aren't ready for that then GTFO...he has the whole world to cater to and not jst a bunch of whining pessimistic fanboys...start realizing that MS is more than jst being stuck with the whims and fancies of windows central's fanatics...
  • Maybe he could influence Chase, BOA, American Airlines and others to bring their apps back
  • Noone care about him!
  • "are turning Microsoft around". I will never understand where they get this from. Around from what? MS has been profitable pretty much since its inception. Yeah they don't run the consumer segment but the consumer segment isn't the be all end all.
  • Although still profitable they had been losing the grip, failing to understand the new market situation, before he came.
  • Not really. Almost everything you see was started and approved by Steve Ballmer. Satya's contributions have been the shift in culture and the pushing of other platforms. Ballmer would never allow Apple to get a Halo game for example.
  • Exactly all Nadella made is to favour other platforms, some it journalist say he doesn't protect Windows....
    Na na..
    It favour counterparts maybe one day we'll discover that he get money from apple or google
  • MS is a SOFTWARE company, not a Windows company. While there are significant efforts to turn things back around the money has to come from somewhere and shareholders need to be kept happy. There is no money in WP, so what's next?  Let's not lose sight that MS has a big problem with its perception - that perception is held by those that have moved on to iOS/Android/Mac?. The best way to try a start changing the probelmatic perception would be to cater to those users and let them see what MS is doing first hand, lead them back down the path to the MS ecosystem and that can't be done unless you're on all platforms - which is what good software companies do. As far as I can tell, Nadella has stopped the bleeding, warmed up [some] relationships with the tech world, and kudos to him for that.
  • Spoken like somebody who doesn't own any Microsoft stock :-)
  • after all Satya Nadella is Indian in blood.
  • Oooooooo
  • As is Putin and a Korean pop singer next to him...
  • Regardless of whether you agree with Putin's politics or not his current impact is undeniable.
  • Actually it's not him I had in mind but the singer standing next to him in the chart. I would understand if that at least was a singer I had heard about. It all gives me a strange feeling about the chart. But anyway I'm glad Nadella took the position of CEO.
  • AND Emma Watson :3
  • Off topic BUT worth it.
  • You influenced me on clicking that link!!! You should be 101!!
  • I don't trust them.
  • Thats great. Which Lumia does Nadella use? Or is it not Lumia !!!!
  • if him used a Lumia would him improved the platform long time ago, don't you think
  • I guess they do use their 'own mobiles', but they try(for inspiration or trending ones) other devices. Imagine Satya or Bill or Stephen popping out iPhone 6 or plus Imagine Tim Cook using Cortana Imagine Larry using Bing... LOL They gotta be the first brand ambassador of their product. If they dont use them, who else will? Don't you think?    
  • I searched up and down this list and didn't see my name anywhere. What's going on ??
  • Same here.
    But I got an email from them that my name is gonna come in the list of people influencing the most influential people. Your name is there too. Congratulations. ❕❗
  • His annual salary package is Rs 525 Crores ($84.3 million). That is nuts!!! He's the highest-paid CEO in US right now.   PS: He kind of looks Mahatama Gandhi to me.
  • Disgusting
  • I swear! He does look like him!
  • So is Kim Jong
  • Pfff, Gabe Aul is at least twice as influential!
  • Evolution was Gods madness.Satya's decision is madness but MS will rock & will have a wider ecosystem.WP is just a small part of the system.All MS needs more usage of its breakthroughs
  • Meanwhile, he is NOT on my Christmas list.  I wish he'd move on to another job.
  • Kinda sad to see all this hate towards our favorite company's CEO.  Guess some people can never be appeased.     Congrats Mr. Nadella! 
  • If I didn't feel like he was driving the company to puke all over what was my favorite operating system, I'd have a different opinion.
  • Definitely agree. Excellent CEO
  • He's a reactionary from what I can see. All the changes Microsoft have made are in reaction to Google and Apple.
  • Because his influential makes Windows phone OS likes Android.
  • I believe Steve Ballmer won an award for being the sweatiest, car-salesman'esque, and loudmouth CEO!