Microsoft challenges Italy with the Smoked by Windows Phone campaign

The Windows Phone team has taken the Smoked by Windows Phone challenge to Italy with a steady stream of contestants attempting to best the platform. Should they lose they would (as usual) have to hold up a sign and announce they've been smoked by a Windows Phone. But should they win, and this is the interesting part, they'd pocket a pair of headphones.

What's so interesting about the headphones? They're shaped like a giant phone.

Italy Smoked 5

Possibly the coolest prize from the challenge? The Windows Phone Italy team has been keeping everyone up-to-date with latest happenings on their Twitter account, paying particular attention to the charts which record the wins / loses. According to the photos published, Windows Phone appeared to have been holding its own successfully.

Check out more photos after the break. Via: Plaffo

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Represent.
  • I can see why he has a smile on his face :D
  • Looks more like "Smoked by Hot Babes"  Can you take your old babe in, lose, and get a new one?
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    I love italian woman..
  • Those old-fasioned handset earphones are silly, but I would buy one with a WP logo on it.
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  • Let me play I'll use my badass NOKIA LUMIA 900 :-P
  • Talk about attracting new users.... <3 <3 <3  Good job Italy
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  • They should do it in Australia, and let me use my HTC Mozart, or lumia 800. Some prize that comming out of other countries are much better. I be seen those phones for $20 at the shops