Microsoft claims that Edge beats rival browsers in video quality

Microsoft is once again out to demonstrate that its Edge browser is the best around, this time with the quality of video that you can watch. While the company has already put the browser's power efficiency to the test, it also wants to show that Edge can remain power efficient while delivering higher-quality video.

In one test, Microsoft found that Netflix sent video to Edge at both a higher resolution and bitrate than it did to competing browsers. From Microsoft:

In our video tests, not only was Microsoft Edge the most power efficient, but the premium video site we used also sent higher resolution and bitrate video to Microsoft Edge compared to the other browsers.The fact that Microsoft Edge received 1080p content in our power test means it actually ran a somewhat higher power draw than it otherwise would have playing 720p content like the other browsers.  Microsoft Edge provided the highest quality content and also delivered the longest battery life.

Microsoft also argues that its content protection system is better able to protect content from those that would pirate it, with the tools being built right into Windows 10. With system access and code close to the hardware, Microsoft says, Edge and Windows 10 can protect digital content in a more efficient manner.

Looking to the future, Microsoft is working to bring enhanced support not only for higher video resolutions, but also enhanced video features like High Dynamic Range (HDR). The company is also working with other industry leaders to develop next-generation video formats, codecs, and more, all with a mind to making Edge the best browser for these new and emerging formats as they appear.

Joseph Keller