Microsoft CEO Nadella comments on U.S. Executive Order ban on Immigration and offers legal advice

Yesterday, the Trump administration signed a new controversial Executive Order that temporarily bans citizens from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen from entering and being readmitted into the United States. The Order also put a four-month hold on allowing in refugees fleeing war-torn regions like Syria and includes women, children, and even those who fought alongside the U.S. military in Iraq.

The Order is also about businesses and employees as Microsoft's president and chief legal officer, Brad Smith has confirmed that 76 of its own are affected by the new ban. Microsoft is in contact with those employees but noted that workers with U.S. green cards (legally permanent residents) and some family members may not have all the information they need quite yet.

Smith goes on to define Microsoft's role as providing " with legal advice and assistance."

Adding more information, Smith discusses the politically volatile decision by the Trump administration and Microsoft's view:

As we have in other instances and in other countries, we're committed as a company to working with all of our employees and their families. We'll make sure that we do everything we can to provide fast and effective legal advice and assistance.More broadly, we appreciate that immigration issues are important to a great many people across Microsoft at a principled and even personal level, regardless of whether they personally are immigrants. Satya has spoken of this importance on many occasions, not just to Microsoft but to himself personally. He has done so publicly as well as in the private meetings that he and I have attended with government leaders.As a company, Microsoft believes in a strong and balanced high-skilled immigration system. We also believe in broader immigration opportunities, like the protections for talented and law-abiding young people under the Deferred Access for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) Program, often called "Dreamers." We believe that immigration laws can and should protect the public without sacrificing people's freedom of expression or religion. And we believe in the importance of protecting legitimate and law-abiding refugees whose very lives may be at stake in immigration proceedings.We believe that these types of immigration policies are good for people, good for business, and good for innovation. That's why we've long worked to stand up for and raise these issues with people in governments. We will continue to do that.

Posting on LinkedIn (opens in new tab), Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella published the entire letter that was sent to all Microsoft employees. Nadella, as expected, shared an even-handed and a personal note about the Order:

As an immigrant and as a CEO, I've both experienced and seen the positive impact that immigration has on our company, for the country, and for the world. We will continue to advocate on this important topic.

Google too has expressed concerns over the new Order. CEO Sundar Pichai sent an email to its employees noting that about 100 of them were affected by the new ban and that "We'll continue to make our views on these issues known to leaders in Washington and elsewhere."

At the time of this article the Order has been in effect for less than 24 hours, but already issues with travelers, refugees, and permanent residents being turned away at US airports or from boarding flights were being reported. Likewise, protests at JFK and other major airports against the new Order were taking place.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Due to the controversial nature of this topic please refrain from personal attacks, vulgarity, and making it personal. Let's have an open, fair, and cordial discussion on this topic. We're all friends here. And if you're not nice and happy I'll delete things. Don't make me delete things. It's Saturday and I want to watch UFC.
  • Are executive orders law right away? I'll look it up but didn't think these things would just take place immediately? In the US doesn't it have to go through congress before any changes actually happen?
  • It is now in effect, yes. Executive orders can be challenged in the courts and Congress can act but it is the weekend now. There are plenty of reports of people being turned away for flights from other countries or a few being held at JFK due to the confusion the decision is sowing.
  • No. Executive Orders are not law. They can be overturned or made into law by Congress. EO's are a method for the POTUS to enact rules for government. For instance, an EO cannot fund projects or initiatives (like Drumph's absurd wall), which take Congress to appropriate funds (which means pay for things).
  • That's interesting, so POTUS can put certain things in place at least initially without the consent of anybody else. I never knew that. I would have expected under extreme circumstances only maybe.
  • Yeah and as ChrisLynch notes above some of these EO this week are empty e.g. expanding the military or building a wall. You need to get Congress to approve the funds to do that. Other things are easier e.g. reversing previous EOs.
  • Correct. EO's are NOT law. They cannot be. Congress is where laws are born, not the Executive Branch. So during the 8 years of President Obama, the Republicans (and conservitive media pundits) were crying "King Obama" is simply not true. They cried this because of POTUS 44's use of EO's, yet they could have very well inacted law. Yet they, the Republicans, created soo much gridlock that the US Congress was a non-functioning body for so long. And people wondered why they (US Congress) had a ~7% approval for the last 3-4 years.
  • Finally, someone stated the obvious, what most have seen as the out going governments' inability. The word is Gridlock, yes it was gridlocked to destruction of the American people. In my opinion, republican's couldn't accept the fact that a black man was in-charge which historically has been a white mans job. As stated its my opinion.
  • You're clearly incapable of seeing anything beyond your liberal bent. Please stop commenting, you are mistaken on many issues and you're embarrassing yourself.
  • I may be a minority on Windows Central but can we stay away from attacking Republicans? Democrats have their fair share of hypocritical moments.
  • Funny how the Republicans hold the majority in the House and Senate, along with huge number of various state level offices. See where that gridlock got the Democrats. It's ironic how things go full circle to haunt the Democrats and their agenda, but that will happen to Republicans as well. Too bad both parties don't simply act like adults, but that will never happen. Both sides always follow the party line versus actually doing their jobs. As long as people are "Party Biased" like Chris appears to be, we will never accomplish anything meaningfull in government.
  • The wall was already approved by congress years ago I believe.
  • Congress over time has increased the Executive Branches power. It's not in the US Constitution. Executive Power is described in the US Constitution, but mainly to "execute and enforce law". And Congress is the body of US government who starts the process of making a law. To quote Brian Dirck: "The Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order, itself a rather unusual thing in those days. Executive orders are simply presidential directives issued to agents of the executive department by its boss."
  • Yeah, the powers granted to the Executive post-9/11 to Bush and Obama are worrisome.
  • Yep. And all in the name of "fighting terrorism".
  • Nah. Executive Orders must comply with existing law, and usual describe in the order under what laws the president is making the Order. A president can not create a law. Having said that, if someone disagrees that he acted inside the law, as in, not using powers given to the president, they can sue , and sometimes win. So, no, a president can't create a rule beyond his given powers. Details, details, but that's the way it is, as it should be. And this one is temporary, gives him political cover if he backs down later on. And....I didn't vote for him, or
    is that too personal?
  • Worrisome to who? Generally, the only people that care is the party out of office, so I'm not sure that ever means much. Oh, and us few libertarians, and I know that help either.
  • Daniel, yes it was only worrisome. Now it is daunting, knowing who has the upper hand on these executive powers. Still innocent people are going to suffer.
  • "Innocent people are going to suffer"? You mean for example those who refused to bake wedding cakes or take wedding photos for certain people and had huge fines slapped on them?
  • I love these terrible arguments. Like Trump himself debating on the level of a child. "But mommy, they did it first". Totally ignoring all self responsibility, losing all self respect, and showing not an once of pride. All arguments hinging on us vs them, left vs right. That huge fallacy is just a grain of sand on a beach that spans the coast of a continent. The real issue in the argument is being completely oblivious to something called "scope and scale". Comparing a business fine to life and death situations of refugees. This is why a business man makes a terrible president. The job isnt there for someone specialized in cut and dry decisions. A democratic country will not be prosperous under the lead of someone trained their whole life to be self centered. Oh though he was right, that mighty Trump. Some of his people are so stupid, they will blindly obey him as he commits murder in broad daylight. He literally called his own followers idiots, and they applauded him and pushed forward. And they will continue to push forward until it is too late for them. "First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Socialist. Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Trade Unionist. Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
    Because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me." History will always repeat itself to the ignorant.
  • "He literally called his own followers idiots" - I assume you mean this: Well, it's a fake:
  • What the hell did you say?
  • Liberals ignore the fact that many Muslim countries murder homosexuals, and American Muslims discriminate against the LGTBQ community in our own country. That's not to say that Christians aren't guilty of this in the recent past, but we aren't murdering homosexuals and refusing services and executing honor killings. For those that are all upset about immigration, it's only temporary and those with green cards are being admitted along with many others, but perhaps you'd like to have immigrants raping your daughters like Germany is experiencing. The sad thing is most people on this thread have not lived a single day in the Middle East, and I spent years of my life there. George Washington once said: "Associate with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company". I for one would like to be comfortable about whose crossing our borders. Remember many people in this world have values radically different than your own.
  • The President is responsible for carrying out the laws passed by Congress. Obama issued a number EOs that said he was not going to enforce certain laws, which is his right as President and went back to the early days of the US (it is called prosecutorial discretion). Other common EOs include giving pay raises to government employees, protecting certain plant and animal species on government lands, saying what can be done on government lands, etc. Repealing EOs from previous Presidents are also common, a number of those Trump has done reversed what Obama signed. For example, in 2011 issued an EO using the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 that restricted immigration from the same countries. He undid that Order at the end of his administration. Trump's EO, in effect, repeals the repeal.
  • For the sake of clarity, could you please provide the exact EO numbers?
  • Oh, you mean the wall that has existed for years and years in various forms along our border? I see you have little respect for the role of the President, which is why you addressed him incorrectly by name. @DAN I thought you were going to monitor this thread? 
  • You're saying "Drumph" now but were you saying "Obozo" when Obama made literally the exact same EO? You do know this EO and even the nations listed were done by Obama and that Trump only added his own signature over it. Something tells you you cheered along every unquestioned EO when he did and laid down precendents for everyone after him to follow for better or worse and even included appropriation of funds you just mentioned as example
  • So you want this to be a friendly conversation then you're going to indulge in one of the most primitive and barbaric forms of entertainment either on television or in person....sort of oxymoronic but most ppl shake hands after the fight unlike that rousey kid that's been on a steep fall recently. I'm not of vulgar nature but I hope the rest of our friends aren't either. Good luck if you bet on a fight tonight
  • There you go taking a light-hearted joke and making it personal.
  • Nah it's never personal, I have been with this community since I learned back in 2011 or 2012 and it's always pleasurable haha, just info and entertainment for me. Like the guy that refers to the Microsoft his as Baldmer and Nutella....just comic relief
  • What he does for entertainments outside of this is totally irrelevant to monitoring a forum. It's an extremely poor metaphor and nothing akin to parents who tell their kids not to do drugs and then go smoke crack later. It's a sport done in good faith with rules and not the "knockout game"
  • what is fair?See on left side!!!
  • Really? I don't think either side has a right to talk about the other. Both are wrong in a lot of aspects.
  • The belief of having two parties in the US is an illusion. They all take money from the same people.
  • Really sad isn't it... Their just playing with people like pawns for votes while taking millions for speaking engagements. Pay to play politics is so crooked.
  • UFC? I'm watching Royal Rumble tomorrow lol
  • And for those that support the ban, check out the not so liberal CATO Institute (very conservative think tank) report that you have a 1 in a 10.9billion per year chance of being murdered by an illegal immigrant (1 in a 3.64Billion per year chance to be murdered by a refugee terrorist attack):
  • I guess people living in the US must be the most unlikely people on the face of the Earth.  Those odds do no bear out in actual crime in many state states I have seen. Between 2008 and 2014, 40% of all murder convictions in Florida were criminal aliens. In New York it was 34% and Arizona 17.8%. During those years, criminal aliens accounted for 38% of all murder convictions in the five states of California, Texas, Arizona, Florida and New York, while illegal aliens constitute only 5.6% of the total population in those states. A number determined by the US Census but, probably underrepresented in states like California. That 38% represents 7,085 murders out of the total of 18,643. Seems more likely than 1 in 10.9 billion don't you think?
  • And where are you getting those numbers from? Please provide a link showing those numbers. I live in California, and the numbers you are quoting seem to be Violent Crime stats which there isn't a breakdown of "citizens" versus "illegal"/"undocumented" perpetrator.. I'm not a conservative, nor a Republican, yet I linked to a CATO Institute report, which is a Libertarian-based think tank in DC.
  • He cited the Us census. You can also read the annual FBI crime reports. You're 10.1 billion number is so idiotic that it implies it's impossible to be murdered by one and that you have better odds being killed by a meteorite. Under your math we should have not deaths through those means but instead we have many. Think tanks are there to sell you on something more often than not, towards an agenda - maybe political, maybe it has financial incentives, or it could be toward an agenda of control. Stop being so gullible
  • According to Trumps own BS blacks are killing everybody. So which is it the black or the immagrants? /You can Google or Bing about who you're most likely to be killed by(hint, it's over a 80% chance it will be someone of your own race)
  • You're trying to skew because you hav best odds being murdered by someone you know. Socio-econmic status can and does play into it so yes, certain races that are more impoverished and have additional variables/factors play into their situation will increase that liklihood. Chicago is a prime example and you don't do anyone any favors by looking the other way and then pressuring others to because of the "optics" or that you have an inane duty to run a defense campaign depending on how high the establishment dictates that they rank on a totem pole
  • 80% of online statistics are made up
  • Or was it 90%?
  • I see what you did there.
  • What's the chance of you losing your job to illegals?
  • really? Because Europe must be on a hot streak then. Your "stats" are also rigged to show an outcome because we can use real stats based on people murderd and by who to reach completely different odds based on widely available records. You're also citing a Koch endeavor and they are far from conservative and fund agendas no differently than Soros does, they just throw far less money around and use it more for lobbying than agitprop. The US hovers around 5 homocides per 100,000. In most cases up to 1/3 are done by illegal immigrants so that math alone completely destroys your "stats" of "10.9 billion". The fact that you even cited a 300% higher chance of being killed by a refugee terrorist instead of the much more common homocide commited by illegal aliens says enough inself right there
  • Sorry, those odd seem very made up. Comsidering that there 7 billion people on earth and counting the number of recent terrorist attacks in Europe and the the recent stories of people being murdered by an illegal or killed by illegal drunk driver who later fled to Mexcio, the odds can't be 1 in 10.9 billion. The odds would have to be at least a few hundred in 7 billion. Now if you just look at the population of north america and Europe, to which most of the illegal immigration is going, the odds should be even higher. 
  • So, keep it friendly but allow someone to refer to the president as "Drumph" (which, by the way, causes me to ignore the rest of people's comments when they refer to people by childish, moronic nicknames). I didn't like it when people referred to Obama in childish ways like that or refer to Nadella in childish ways like that.
    So, apparently Windows Central wants to be another political site like Engadget, the Verge, etc. I come here to see what the latest in Windows technology is. I can find politics all over the internet if that's what I was looking for. How disappointing.
  • I am using his real family's last name. It's not "childish". And since most people during the US Presidential campaign didn't have a problem with how he spoke (which was far more vulgar and aggressive), why is using his family real last name "childish"?
  • He has never ever used the name Drumph, nor is it the name he was born with and you know that. So you're obviously using that name in an insulting way.
  • 100% agree. Using that as his name was a direct slur against Trump.
  • "slur against Trump" please tell us again what Rush Limbaugh constantly referred to our former first lady as?
    The hypocrisy from the right of labeling progressives as "to PC" then get upset about "Drumph" is laughable....
    (Rush refered to her as "Moooooochelle" for 8 years for those that don't know)
  • One of Trump's ancestors anglicized the surname from Drumpf to Trump. Why bring it up? Why refer to Donald Trump as "Drumph" when he was borned as Donald Trump? And if you think that Rush Limbaugh is being childish, why act the same?
  • Rush Limbaugh is not posting on Windows Central.
  • No, just his followerss
  • Why would you assume that? It sounds like you're making stereotypical and prejuced assumptions about people here.
  • Firstly reflexx, I never referedto him in any way, another poster did. You can easily tell by the names in left corner of posts.
    I'm only pointing out how the "alt right" loves to name call then get butt hurt when it happens back.
    I'm as guilty of assuming as you are.
  • What does Rush have to do with this conversation? We are talking about being respectful towards the position of the President of the United States. It seems that many American's forget where they live, and many died for their freedoms. Like him or hate him, at least be respectful. Perhaps respect is a value some people adopt when it suits their purpose. I didn't alway agree with former President Obama, but I was never disrespectful towards the man. Don't lump all people into one bucket with Rush.
  • I don't like Trump. But it is childish.
  • Are you going to address mako calling his opponent hitlery? Or is it just me..hmmm who has the agenda here?
  • I don't like any of them.  LOL  The orange duck or the diaper wearing Hiltary.
  • because it's not his legal name now. Something tells me you don't have a problem capitulating to any trans-person going by a new identity because PC progressivism dictates so
  • You willfully clicked and commented on the article. Stop crying and blame yourself.
  • Earlier this week there was a political article here on WC, and another one on imore. Both were political just to be political, and the one on imore was just an all out attack. Many tech websites have turned very political to where they are no longer about tech, and if you question them on it they go on banning sprees.  This one, however told the facts, didn't inject your personal opinion either way. The way journalism is supposed to be.
  • Thank you. The funny thing is of all the Mobile Nations staff I'm 100% the most political and aggressive about it. But that's not what any of you signed up for on this site. The last thing I ever want to do is interject my personal politics into an article such as this. There are now like millions of places for people to do that. Of course, comments are another zone, so there anything goes :P Point is, I do try to respect my audience enough to not preach to them on such matters. I genuinely respect varying political opinions and love civil debate. Despite all of this craziness I appreciate you noticing my attempt to be impartial with the article. Cheers.
  • Well if it makes you feel any better I voted for former President Obama once and once for President Trump. It's nice to be Independent, but I am leaning towards Republican after seeing the mess of Hollywoods propaganda telling people how to think. Nothing like having a bunch of elite socialists telling people how to vote like their 100% in the right. The media is so biased they cannot be trusted to tell an unbiased story anymore, which is really hurting the Dems.
  • Those "elite socialists" are Americans citizens with opinions are also. Them stating their opinions is not propaganda. That's also a really terrible if their opinions effect your own thinking.
  • There is a grey line where opinion and propaganda blurs because they start using their status as a bully (somtiems literally) pulpit to prey on impressionable people - which is kind of the essence of what propaganda is...and then doubly so when personalities in hollywood/media are outted with their willingness to "become hacks", and even worse when it's on such a large scale that it's practically inescapable. These "elite socialists" throw their money to indoctrinate people with actual propganda so to say it's only their opinion is counterproduction to your own point. You are right however about the issue on people being that gullible. To paraphrase Alice Cooper "if you listen to a rockstar opinion on who to vote for, then you're a bigger idiot than they are"  
  • This is just completely ridiculous... Enjoy UFC Dan!
  • My question is how American people could vote for a president like this? US is supposed to be a showcase of freedom and openness. Undermining the integrity of European Union by advocating Brexit can lead to worldwide tragedy and war. Building a wall on the Mexican border? Angering millions of Muslims by a personal insult aka travel ban? America WHAT ARE YOU DOING!?
  • That's only your opinion. There are allready many wars going on. Before Trump.
  • So it's OK and you want more wars?
  • Marlasota, what are you talking about, you had the past president and Hiltary trying to start WWIII with Russia, what for.... well, to help provide cover for Hiltary's criminal acts, and to build a pipeline through Syria.   Literally, they were pushing Russia to war and building a false narrative, which completely failed.   Your narrative is just as bad, it didn't work then, its actually backfiring. 
  • Last time i looked, Muslims have done plenty to anger us.
    Time to stop turning the other cheek, I personally fully support the stance.
    Go Trump
  • Experience shows that it is helping and integration that work best. What Trump is doing will make the situation much worse. The US is already losing friends worldwide fast and it is only the beginning. If you contiune with such policies you will be left alone like North Korea.
  • No. America was always the police force in the world. Bombing countries when they like. It is better that the US stops that. Let the Muslim fight their own wars in their own countries.
  • "Experience shows"
    How's that working out for the hundreds of innocent French people murdered in the last few years?
    In my experience, Opinions like yours are usually from people living in a bubble that have never personally been exposed to the issues they are defending.
    Typical left of centre response.
  • You know, as a Muslim myself I find this kind of offensive because no real Muslim would ever consider those fools as Muslims. At all! They are much Muslims as the Crusades were Christians. Killing people for the sake of any religion without any meaning holds no value and isn't acceptable by all. Whether you believe it or not is your choice but honestly, to say we're the problem when there's over a billion of us in the world is kind of ignorant. Imagine you had a brother who was a real ******* but just because he's the ******* everyone says man that family is a piece of ****, the brother killed someone, smuggles drugs and rapes kids. Let's kill them all! Oh yeah, lots of sense there.
  • Not all Muslims are terrorists, but all terrorists are Muslims.
    Sadly, this is true.
  • Generalizing people from an entire religion, yet you call yourself an American?
  • Gee you think it was better before? Yeah all those drone strikes really made America and the world safer. I heard they finally found WMD in Iraq. ISIS had a factory there.
  • I'll just leave this here.
  • Trump has never had a hand in going to war. Can't say the same for the most recent president, 8 years of constant war, or she who lost the electoral vote by a landslide who approved of GWB's wars and continued stays.
  • I can't say Trump had a hand in going to war, but I can say he had MANY deferments to get his own self out of going to war...
  • Its like you are having a conversation with yourself.  Your comment makes no reasonable sense, I'm actually still trying to figure out what you are even talking about.
  • Marlasota: There are many other countries that refugees can go to but they choose the USA because of the goodies our stupid government gives them. Many of these people hate the USA but still want to come here. I don't understand that. They rag on our culture, our food, our customs, women etc, etc. As an American of Mexican decent I welcome a wall or a virtual wall and tougher immigration laws. My parents came to this country LEGALLY and went through the process while waiting their turn. It's a slap to the face for ALL immigrants that wait their turn and sacrifice to come here when the government (Obama, Democratic party, sanctuary cities) harbour illegals for political gain. You never see members of the Democrat party take in illegals into their homes to feed them, clothe them, educate them by using money out of their own pockets. Dems use illegals for political reasons just like they use poor Americans and the black community We are a nation of law. We can't be a welfare nation anymore.
  • No you won't see Democrats take them in, but we Christians who many of which are Republican feed homeless and help immigrants all the time. Meanwhile the Liberals fight for the right to kill their children before their born, and cry about new pipelines that will reduce dependence on others oil.  
  • You guys are despicaple. First you ban regugees from entering the country then claim that you're more charitable somehow?
  • @Barstow15
    Very well said
  • You sir, are pretty much clueless. Believe me...Trump was elected by the working class for a reason, they are the class that make the american dream a reality. The elite didnt want him, nor the political establishment nor many of the demon possesed entertainers. But the the people wanted him and we are not as deplorable as some would make you think. Maybe you need to find a better news source.
  • You're parroting talking points from sources that are wholly invested in Britain being a serf of it's own to EU bureaucrats and making money and gaining political/social power through expoloiting immigration. What's the bigger insult and to who when putting foreigners on a higher pedestal to your own citizens? Who gets insulted when they have to lose something for one of these migrants? What is more insulting to Muslims in these countries - that they aren't allowed to go to whichever country gives them the best financial incentives or the fact that outside countries RUINED their nation in the first place through war and political upheaval? Take this into consideration: Groups tied at the hip to a theocratic organization like the Muslim Brotherhood (labeled terrorist around the world) are on a PR blitz trying to sell you that accepting "refugees" is the status quo, when in fact that same Muslim Brotherhood lobbied Barrack Obama, Hillary Clinton, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and a whole slew of politicians well beyond the U.S. for "regime change" in Syria, Libya, and were very central in the Arab Spring so that we use our might to spread their influence - AND THISE WAS YEARS IN ADVANCE of any coups, assassinations, "civil wars", and "organic" protests in the middle east. So who is really to blame there?
  • Youa re confusing Tump supporters and Trump voters. Many people do support Trump and votere for him. Many people voted for him because they saw him as less objectionable than Clinton.
  • Its funny how people cant see this point. Many people thought Clinton was a much worse evil than Trump and wondered how we got here, then voted for Trump. But everyone who votes for Trump MUST support everything he says and does and probably is racist and bigotted and a xenophobe. 
  • They don't support everything he says and frankly it's what people like say that probably makes them act out in spite even more. You used "racist", "bigot", "misogynist" and "xenophobe" not because that was the case, but because you were conditioned to bark when the bell rang like Pavlov's dog in order to try and shame everyone out of what their opinion is whenever it differs from yours to the point the words are absolutely devoid of any effect - they're worthless now. This is what the Chinese Red Guard and the "red scarfs" of the Khmer Rouge did at first until that wasn't enough and they had to resort to violence as the mainline tool of intimidatation...which on cue with what we're starting to see now
  • Translation: "Can't we all just get along so I can sit back and watch two people try and kill each other like civilized human beings?" LOL!
  • Very good post Daniel. The only personal attacks I would lob is at the current Pres. That being said, Apple, MS, Alphabet, etc...Please, move to Canada....we are much more welcoming to diversifying than Chester Cheeto is. And Mexico, Just loop around the US and continue to do trade with Canada...
  • Go Trump!
    Fantastic to see a politician delivering on what he said he would do for once.
    Political correctness had stifled reality for far to long.
    If you don't like him, instead of complaining and whinging, make sure you vote next time!!
    Democracy in full swing currently, love it.
  • I question the education level of some Trump supporters. This has nothing to do with political correctness and everything to do with appeasing his bigoted base. No Amercians have been killed by people from any of these countires.
  • If it was truly bigoted then wouldn't it umbreall every muslim nation and just the ones that are hotspots...ones that our government already had designated as such? The nations with highest Muslim populations are left out of this temporary travel moritoreum. And before you say "well Trump's not invested in any of them", Keep in mind that practically no US business is and in many cases, illegal to do so and requires exemptions. This is a 90-day pause until policy is devised and change from the blanket UN-dictated one that follows a globalist agenda. I think his biggest mistake in this is not honoring commitments to green card holders (but it's there in the fine print when you apply) and that he should have been much more active in communicating to us the plan, the reasoning, and the end game to avoid the usual fearmongers from hijacking the narrative
  • Facts, facts, facts! Facts get in the way of my emotion! /s ;)
  • sorry-meant to say: " wouldn't it umbrella every muslim nation and not just..." was using my phone and multi-tasking which is why all the typos. I swear I'm not drunk!
  • No Americans were killed, but there were Europeans killed by people from some of these countries. I know I waited 6 months when me and my parents immigrated from the former Soviet Unions as political refugees. Shouldn't every person requesting asylum be vetted to try try to find criminals and people affiliated with terrorist groups? All the Syrian refugees requesting asylum are in eastern europe right now. So, they are not in any immediate danger. The main problem is that these eastern European countries need help dealing with the number of people. By the way, isn't it funny that almost no middle eastern country is offering to take in these refugees.  
  • Tell that to the hundreds of innocent French murdered over the last few years in the name of religion.
  • And you mocked us italians about Berlusconi. Now enjoy your Berlusconi 2.0 !
  • somehow the comments will become about windows phone
  • lol, for once that may be welcomed
  • If only Microsoft cared about their products as much as they care about people, WP wouldn't have less than 1% market share. Way to go M$ 😑
  • Lol
  • So....products are more important than people? Wow
  • Ask planned parenthood...
  • Yes, women's rights and health are important! I see you understand.
  • You realize that was a joke?
  • You realize he doesn't ?
  • They believe in diversity.... That's why W10M still exists! =P
  • I believe in buy American, Microsoft is made from the USA.
  • lol!!!!
  • If they made a Trump Phone they'd win market share by having more electorial votes from their public!
  • Yeah if those countries indulged in windows phone perhaps they wouldn't have got banned. It would have showed they aren't crowd followers to apple and android. Thinking different may have saved them from the list, now the choices of windows phones have diminished and not only that they aren't ubiquitous so good luck attempting to get on windows mobile now
  • lol
  • Nice to see that these companies actually care about their employees. Always a nice thing to have.
  • Agreed. With all of the American corporate greed (not to say there isn't the same type of greed elsewhere in the world), I stand with Nadella and any other CEO or executive who pushes back on this draconian, irresponsible (and flagrant show of Dumph's "power", like what about the other countries in the Middle East who also harbor terrorists yet are not part of this "ban") conduct. But then again, Drumph is simply the puppet, and Steve Bannan is the one running the show (similar to how Dick Chaney was really running things when Bush Jr. was POTUS).
  • The problem is the H1B Visa program has been abused endlessly by these very same corporations and many others. So much so I have little sympathy for them.  It is like cyring wolf to many times.  Sure there are some stories here of engineers and others that may have a legitimate reason to be hired on a H1B visa.  But, there are also many stories of it's abuse.  H1B is supposed to represent job that is such speciality that can not be found be to be done by an American because of scarcity of resources. 
  • According to one of the smartest man on earth, Michio Kaku.  The United States wouldnt be what it is today if it wasn't for H1B Visa.  It's immigrants thats mostly from Asia thats making this country keep moving forward.
  • Nobody is calling for the elimination of the H1B. But it is currently, and has been, abused. Anerican workers have been displaced for foreign ones that can do the job for less and take on a lower title. You have senior level foreign workers doing Jr level work here. Companies get senior level skills for cheap.
  • No sir.  Bannon is not running the show.  Trump hated Muslims long before now.  
  • There seems to be a surprising amount of ignorant Trump supporters on this site. Trump's disdain towards Muslim's is well known.
  • Ok, you keep up with the name calling, your nastiness is what got your party where it is today. You simply can't agree to disagree, but have to come across like the "We Are Right Party". If the Democrats are so perfect, why'd they lose so badly?
  • You should try educating yourself. The Democrats lost by under 100,000 votes divided by 3 different states. We didn't lose badly.
  • He can comment on anything except Windows phone :(
  • Good topic Dan. On May, we'll also have to elect a new President here in France. Not sure anyone who attempt to be our new President will do better than D. Trump. As a Brexit, some of them want France to leave the UE and apply an immigration plan like yours. Dark period for you and probably a Dark period for us in few months. Not sure about how the future will be but it smells bad, really, I think.
    (Sorry for my bad English.)
  • You actually speak much better English than POTUS Drumph can. Look, I get why EU countries want to stop refugees from pouring in. But those people are fleeing away from dictators and roaming death squads (which "test" for those fleeing what their religion is).
  • Oh yeah France is such a great safe place. When I was last there, there were plenty of heavily armed police around. And worse if you are a Jew. And then there is the ticking time bomb in Germany. Merkel is far more dangerous than Trump.
  • I would love to see Merkel losing in the upcoming elections.
  • She's getting the boot, Germans are tired of the mass immigrations and rapes occuring in their country. Add to that having Christians being ran over by Muslims during Christmas 2016 pretty much doomed her. But Chris Lynch will tell you those odd of being killed by immigrants are 1 in 10 billion, or something along those lines. Considering Germany has around 81 million people, that Pew study just got totally blown out of the water. FACT CHECK?
  • Who upvotes this rambling nonsense?
  • Are you so sure they're not running from American bombs and US supported terrorist?
  • Must be scared it will be harder to abuse H1b visa.
  • Like how Trump abused it to hire non Americans? Without H1b, the tech, science and medical field in the US will get worse.
  • Lies
  • No, it's true Trump abuses the H1b, but it goes against your beliefs, so label it "lies" 👌😭
  • Waht is yoiur source for "No, it's true Trump abuses the H1b​"?
  • Maybe Americans will start taking math more serious and become doctors or scientist.
  • I'd totally believe that he abused it. Many businesses do.
  • H1b's are a form of Indentured Servant. However, if both parties are adults and agree to the terms, I have no issue with it. It's can be tough, but it's not slavery and it does end. The reward is you get to live in a capitalist (quasi) free market. We need those engineers in the U.S. (in my opinion).
  • Let's make Windows Mobile Phone great again!
  • "Make Russia Great Again" 
     Hannity originally wrote, "Amen!!" with a link to a tweet that said, "YES! All Americans must join together to MAKE RUSSIA GREAT AGAIN. Teamwork!!"
  • Living in Russia for the last 21 years I can say Russia is great already. Moscow is a million times safer then most US cities.
  • That's because Russia doesn't mess around and give rights to illegals and criminals, like the US has been forever. That is about to change.
  • Russia just made domestic violence legal..
  • What happens in Russia... is mostly their business.  Which is why we need border security in general.  I mean I would take a Russian in before any of those Muslim countries any day of the week.   Your type of narrative isn't going to work, it didn't work in November and I doubt it works going forward. 
  • You do realize that many Russians are Muslim don't you? But you hate muslims from Muslim countries? Do you know how the vetting process even works or do you just repeat what you hear..
  • 707wpfan, you keep ranting about stuff in strange context.   Of course there are muslims in Russia, I never said  contrary.  I never said the visa program for Russians should be eliminated.   Not sure what you are even all worked up about?  Its very apparent you are upset, but not sure what your problem is.   Generally put, yes, if I had to pick... I would pick a Russian over anyone from any of those countries...
  • It's not my fault you lack comprehension so let me help as best as I can, please put the paint chips and glue down for a minute...there are good and bad in all "groups" on earth, excluding one because of actions of a few is not what Jesus would do...barring from one country you assume has terrorists because it's a "Muslim" country yet freely allowing people from country's with big Muslim populations is kind of stupid now isn't it? Is Belgium on the list? France has had problems with extremist Belgium's hasn't it? How many 9/11 attackers were Saudis? They're not on list.. Yet you would "take a Russian in before anyone from a Muslim country" you do realize their are people there that HELP America over there as well? Don't believe me ask General Mattis
  • We were too busy being weak and "PC" to make people feel good. Look what "former" President Obama did with at the end of his term with Chelsea Manning. That was a big kiss up to the LGTBQ community, and it had nothing to do with justice, but was merely an attempt to obtain future votes. Transexual or not, Manning was a traitor who potentially got people killed in the process of stealing classified information.
  • You're crazy and don't know what you're talking about. Obama who will no longer run for office commuted Manning's sentence for votes? This is how we got Trump, ignorant people can vote.
  • You ignorant pleb.
  • How are African russians treated? Reports are Very badly from the African Americans that have visited.
  • Safer in Russia than Chicago.
  • Thanks to republicans in Indiana guns are easy to buy and take to the city... Also your facts are wrong and easily disproven... Use bing to search "homicides in Russia" results aren't so pretty especially for a state controlled news
  • What does party affiliation have to do with guns?
  • As always, when inequality grows and the middle comes under pressure the powers that be pander to the fear of the 'other' as a sop and distraction. This stinks of rank hypocrisy due to its rather selective nature - Saudi Arabia oddly absent (given their propensity for exporting terrorists). Strange that? To sign it on world Holocaust day shows breathtaking ignorance and tone deafness of the first order. We are living in the age of the xenophobic idiot.
  • In my part of the world the so called expertise that is hired abroad is made up for 95% of people who get paid less than local people to do the same job. That's what high tech companies do if they want cheap labour and don't want to move their development abroad. And of course, there is the odd mastermind for which the legislation is intended. But, the motivation for companies like google and Microsoft is about money, I don't think they give a rats ass about the individual staff members who are now getting in trouble. After all, they will all let them go tomorrow if that's what they have to do to make an extra buck. In a way Trump is inadvertently achieving one of his goals, more high tech jobs will become available for people residing in the USA. Which, in the long run, will increase wages and this will make MS and google move development abroad to cheaper countries. Exactly the opposite to what Trump is trying to achieve. Its complicated.
  • More Americans have to start going to school and take real subjects.
  • I don't think it has anything to do with that. That Visa allows them to hire someone cheaper than if they were to hire someone here with the same skill. This is why companies do it. It's all about the Banjamins. Same reason why Trump stuff is made outside the US....MONEY MONEY!!
  • What and fix our broken education system and improve family values, OMG what a concept.
  • I agree. Tech companies only care about their profits just like any other company from any other industry does. They want cheap labor here in the USA. CEOs love to stand on their soap boxes like Nadella did to gain "brownie" points. Where in the hell were his comments when Obama was doubling our debt? While selling arms to the Mexican cartels? Pushing a flawed and corrupt healthcare 'system' to the American people? Bombing other countries and killing innocent people? Not addressing our soon to be BKed social security system? Giving American tax payer money to our enemies while his administration cheered him on?
  • I was concerned about him adding Philippines since he named my nation as one of the Muslim countries that terrorists live in. Glad to see he left Asian nations alone. Sucks for everyone else. President **** will make it worse for the next four years.
  • Oh so there are no Islamic terrorists in your country? That's not what I heard.
  • There's lots of Christian terrorists in my country. They've attacked America many times
  • I like Trump. He is shaking the whole world. It was time. ( I am from the Netherlands)
  • Last time I violently shook something very fragile and delicate it didn't work so well.
    However, opinions are different. Trump may very well end up doing some good things as a result of his no-nonsense approach. But I seriously don't think this is one of them.
  • So far he's gotten the US out of the TPP, but hopefully there will be more good things he does than just that.
  • That was more of a symbolic move as it wasn't going to be passed by congress anyways (I read this somewhere, but can't remember the link right now)
  • TPP was dead before Trump took office.
  • I tried to find an article talking about Obama not allowing it to be passed, but if I remember correctly Obama stopped it from going through Congress and Trump completely removed the US from the TPP.
  • "We believe that immigration laws can and should protect the public without sacrificing people's freedom of expression or religion."   Not sure who he is saying "we" about, Microsoft is souless corporation that only exists in his imagination.   As far as his comments, if at any point in time he can go back to his home country.   I do find it funny that these corporations are outward spoken about snowflake type issues yet they continue to generate billions from contracts in Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraqi, China, etc.  Especially, considering in the process they park said profits offshore.  Very hard to believe this guy believes what he saying... basically he wants cheaper labor. 
  • What if your religious expression is killing people?
  • LOL, your right.
  • What? I don't know what your political views are and don't care. But that statements nails it for me. Someone gets it. They don't give a rats ass about people, it's all profits. If memory serves me well, microsoft keeps about 98% of their assets offshore. They are the highest, followed by Apple at 96%.
  • Tim Cooks says stuff about gay rights and all that... yet his company invests and makes huge profits from government and countries which that will eliminate you if you are gay.  Very hard to take any of these guys seriously when they really don't give a "rats ass" as you said.
  • OMG- so much win! Doesn't this remind you of how sports teams boycotted NC because they believe that, if you have a penis, you use the boy's room, and having a vagina gains you access to the girl's room? Yet those same teams, and PayPal and others, do business that literally set you afire if you're gay. Wow.
  • Yes, when you shake the whole world, it is bound to have some sort of rebound effect. Waiting for sanctions against US and also perhaps some boycott. Something is about to go down.
  • Yeah right. Listen .... when the Dow Jones goes down, every stockmarket in the world goes down. So, doing harm to the US is doing harm to yourself. To me it seems like: Everybody needs the US, the US needs nobody. I think there is one promise Trump will not keep and that is bombing ISIS. I think Trump doesn't care about ISIS. Let the Russians take care of that.
  • Umm yeah, America is not the super power it claims to be, China and India are the next super powers. America has started to become a bully. People do stand up against bullies.
  • When does 'next' starts? China, maybe. India ..... please. Its a very hot and dry dessert with many people living in it.
  • Yes, super powers; integrated super powers .
  • Ameet, unfortunately Gerald is more or less correct.  The global economic system is based on the USD as reserve currency, which means every trade in the world is directly or indirectly based on the USD.  There is no alternative system, just like the there was no alternative to the Sterling pre-Bretton Woods.   Of course, the current system is probably in its last quarter of existence but no, there is no alternative, and there won't be until the present system collapses, then the system has to be liquidated... see 1929-1945 as an example.   The last place I would want to be is overpopulated Asia when the end of the current system expires... because you don't feed 4 billion people without a credit system.
  • The Russians aren't taking care of it and never have. What don't you guys understand? Their involvment in Syria was to help Assad, not to bomb ISIS.
  • The last time a man like trump blamed immigrants for a nations woes, Europe and the rest of the world paid a heavy price.
  • Huh?  What are you talking about Europe and America have been invading the countries of the world since the time you are hinting at, maybe its just me but its almost like you don't know World History.  Its almost like you have been ignorning what has been going on.  I don't think anyone is blaming all the nations woes on immigrants... is it a problem... yes, a big one, yes... all, no.   A better comparsion would be that France failed to protect their border from the mass immigrants during the blitzkrieg.  Don't worry though... Germany is going to go back to its old ways... I lived there for 2 years... had a great time... but if I were an immigrant during these times... they better hope the worm doesn't turn.
  • Good for you. You're not black and live in the US. The racist pos are coming from under their rocks every second, empowered by Trump.
  • Bullcrap. The white racists are no more numerous, and no more offensive than the black racists we've been seeing the past eight years, egged on by the man who was to unify the races. The people who elected Trump are not racists, but they got sick and tired of being called that for daring to express an opinion critical of the anointed one.
  • When you call Obama a racist who is encouraging black racists, you might be a racist.
  • How's the saying go? "You have to break a few eggs if you want to make an omelet".
  • so Hitler was good?
  • If Hilter was good... continuing the policies which have been going global for quite a few decades for a goal for a one world government and control seems like the right move.   Narratives like yours fail because its actually the opposite of your closed minded viewpoint, and people are now rejecting it.
  • You like Trump refusing to help the people who are most affected by terrorism?
  • The order could at least given a grace period for the people not be stranded in the airports and custom houses....
  • Yea. It's hard not to agree with that.
  • I can agree with that.
  • It's affecting us in land down under too. It appears Australian Citizens could possibly have to attend a face to face interview with US immigration officials to be granted entry into the US. Visa waiver might be coming to an end. It's a matter of if your face fits or not will decide whether you will get a travel authorization. But, as Newton's third law states, for every acting force there exist an equal and opposite reacting force. So, I won't be surprised if US citizens face the same fate when traveling to other countries, interesting times ahead. I am getting my popcorn out. New TV show is in the making, and POTUS is all about ratings.
  • WTF! If that happens here in Australia I will NEVER travel to the US again. What in hell is going on. That moron is making the US worse than it was.
  • If this affects the travel of your fabulous Aussie women, then we all must take to the streets. That's just going too far.
  • It was on news the other day, Julie Bishop seemed very concerned about it.
  • Feel free not to come here.
  • Oh how gloriously welcoming of you? And where did you come from? The mud?
  • There is so much to see down under, it can take 4 years. Till then!. BTW, feel free to come here, we are very hospitable.
  • As long as you use a Windows phone
  • Australia is fine and peaceful. Like like in Forza Horizon 3
  • trumPutin brain is like 5 year old child!
  • Same for New Zealand, but it will get sorted out in due course. Popcorn good.
  • You're not in one of the countries that has an issue so I'm sure you're exaggerating. Oh my, we might have to stay in our own country. How horrible, the beaches, the mountains, the cities, the countries, so little to choose from. Such confined space. . . . .
  • Please clarify. You say that It's (It is - current tense) affecting you (Australlia) now. Then back that up with things that might happen in the future. You say "it APPEARS" ... "COULD POSSIBLY" and "Visa waiver MIGHT BE". Sort of like being in a crowed theater and whipering "someday, sometime, somewhere somone could possibly, might, yell' then yelling  "FIRE". I do not know what is happening in AU, and you may have a rigtht to be concerned, an may indeed have reason for concern, but you do not have the right to make up your own "facts".
  • Matter of time before they execute order 66 lol just kidding, I think it's great to see the CEO concerned and stating his opinions.
  • Three words in this article sent a shiver down my spine all the way over here in Ireland "the new Order"
  • Regardless who was elected, they would be issuing "the new Order" on stuff. It's a policy you can agree or disagree with but the NSA is closer to a Big Brother dystopian scare than a 90 day pause on immigration from certain states.
  • Agreed, lets not forget their friends over in GCHQ
  • I hate nothing more than people using their public position to soap box their politics. Bad enough you have to listen to every actor and musician tell you who you are allowed to vote for and how dumb you are if you didn't do what they say, but no I got this clown who can barely function in his paid position, wanting to push his views on us. This guy gets worse by the minute.
  • You think Nutella is a nut job?
  • I think he should be publicly speaking about what a mess he has made out of a job he was paid handsomely to do, and keep his political views to himself.
  • True.
  • I found his (Nadella) posturing weak, vacuous and safe. They had to comment because like all tech companies they do have a lot of employees that are affected by this Order. I mean, when a US President makes a decision that negatively impacts a business that business is likely to speak up. I heard this was a big thing with Conservatives and those who identify as right-wing. This whole "pushing his view' thing is more liberal safe-zone, don't hurt my feelings non-sense. This is America. There is no right about being offended. We do have a generation of people though who find words so damaging they have to complain each and every time as if the world is supposed to stop and even care.
  • I don't know if you are on the right or left, and it doesnt matter. you are right, in a debate, feelings don't matter, only facts. But i do have to say that when a person like him speak his mind, millions of people will be listening, but when someone like me does the same, no one listens. The problem is that they have a big platform they use to spread their opinions, unlike everyone else. Does this affect MS? yes, it does. But maybe MS should start hiring more people from the US so its business won't be negatively affected.
  • Maybe Americans should start learning the skills necessary and demanding more out of their education, then. MS is simply filling a need, and when American education is sorely lacking against other countries, it makes sense for MS to hire immigrants. If they don't, Apple or Google or someone else will, and MS loses valuable people.
  • They could put more money and effort into education if the same money wasn't needed to help refugees from countries that refuse to get their own **** together. Thanks or proving my point though.
  • This isn't something you can just throw money at to make it better. There needs to be a cultural change towards valuing an education starting at the earliest age. More money always helps, sure. But if the mindset isn't there, it won't change a thing.
  • Wow. Yeah, you're both stupid and ignorant. Banning refugees will do nothing for our education system.
  • No need for name calling. I'm totally in support of bringing in refugees. I was simply responding to the original post.
  • As with most things, there is a middle ground. Social media has created an environment where it is almost impossible for someone young to find refuge if they are bullied. If one is an immigrant or lgbtq (as two examples) that can be disastrous. Even ten years ago we had anonymous online forums where they could at least seek information, safe space where they wouldn't be attacked. There are certainly things that will be discussed, and we cannot legislate opinion, nor do we want to. But I do think trigger warnings are appropriate in cases where graphic discussion takes place on triggering issues, such as rape. It doesn't censor the content, it gives someone an option to avoid or at least prepare for what they are about to read. One thing that tends to upset me: denouncements of political correctness. Ask 'what is it the person wishes to say that they don't believe they can say?' I've asked that a lot of people who make such statements, and I've yet to get an answer.
  • Since you asked: I think that political correctness restricts at least two things -- the words we are allowed to use, and ideas that we are allowed to discuss (read "1984" if you haven't yet). In most cases, PCness is a mixture of both. (DISCLAIMER: I am an evangelical Christian with a science PhD who does not live in the USA or Europe, so that gives you some context for my experiences.) In terms of the first – the words we are allowed to use -- using exclusivist words is not PC and is frowned upon. For example, saying that Religion A is TRUE and all other religions (~A) are FALSE needs to be replaced with "Religion A is TRUE FOR ME".  To say the former is considered arrogant and bigotted, because all ideas of this type must be treated as if equally true (which is just plain silly and illogical). (Of course, this fit perfectly with postmodernism, whereupon all metanarratives are rejected, except for the postmodern metanarrative in which postmodernism is elevated to the position of TRUTH.) In terms of the second -- ideas that are are allowed to discuss -- PCness (and its bedfellow postmodernism) are having a great time straight-jacketing contemporary US and European culture. For example, criticism of Islam is a big no-no, even as Islam sweeps once again into Europe (this time without physical swords in hand). In the USA it is the gay agenda that cannot be challenged, or at least not without the PC name-callers firing words like "bigot" and "homophobe" at you, and the governemt slapping big fines upon people's consciences. An example of where these two things are put together (words + ideas) is the very recent cultural popularising of "hate speech", which is of course nothing of the sort. Critiquing Islam or homosexuality or abortion or any other sacred cows of the political left is NOT hate speech. Critiquing these ideas is __critique__, not hate, and is in general good for cultures to discuss and debate. Athens and Jerusalem has argued these things for millenia, and have produced liberal western democracies wth non-persecuting platforms for the PC brigade to share their ideas. Unfortunately the PC brigade is attacking the platform upon which it stands – this is the Judeo-Christian foundation of our Western cultures. This is now under heavy attach by the enforcers of PCness (halted in part at least by Trump I suspect) and is imo at least sawing off the proverbial branch upon which Western culture perches. Again, read "1984".
  • Whenever people say this I often wonder if they lack the part of their brain that allows them to form rational and logical arguments. Why does someones profession mean they can't have a political opinion? I'm sure you pride yourself on being able to speak your mind; why cant an actor or musician? This kind of asinine remark is just depressing.
  • Maybe if people are calling you stupid, you should listen to them. I mean judging by this post of yours, the're correct.
  • What a mouthful of vanilla. Time to start speaking out for democracy and true American ideals, not Putin-style fascism.
  • First, we're not a democracy. Second, "true American ideals" is just a slogan that means something different to everyone.
  • Excuse me? ask yourself how many countries have you bombed ans how many innocent women and children have you killed far away from US. And on the top of it it was against the international law and not approved by the UN security council. How many countries did Putin attack? To my knowledge ISIS only, don't bring up Ukraine because you have no idea what is going on there. Also just an advice - get your facts straight and educte yourself before posting stuff like this.
  • Excuse me? ask yourself how many countries have you bombed ans how many innocent women and children have you killed far away from US. And on the top of it it was against the international law and not approved by the UN security council. How many countries did Putin attack? To my knowledge ISIS only, don't bring up Ukraine because you have no idea what is going on there. Also just an advice - get your facts straight and educte yourself before posting stuff like this.
  • He supports ISIL, get your facts straight...we know about Ukraine, Crimea and Alll of Putins tactics.. Bring back Gorbachev!!!!
  • Oh may God help you...
  • You take the help, maybe Dumbledore, Papa Smurf + Pepe the frog will join him/her and give you so many special powers
  • Trump is out of control.
  • Not anymore than the rest of the world's leaders are. You have Russia and China acting like idiots in every facet, and because this clown starts acting the same way, everyone gets bent. If the rest of the world worried about their own issues and took care of them as much as they do about who the American President is, the world would be so much better and this guy probably wouldn't have been elected. Time for the rest of the world to invest in some mirrors.
  • Even a gentle breeze hurts the snowflakes...
  • Its a blizzard...
  • If American presidents stopped poking the rest of the world and bombing them or help bomb them, then maybe the rest of the world won't bother what American presidents do
  • TBH it's not so black and white. America is quite powerful and influential (whether we like it or not); it has often used that power to provide help/support in difficult situations (albeit, some that didnt quite go as planned). What would you prefer? Do nothing? It's a hard decision and neither outcome is going to have the desired result but you act like all of this is so black and white. It's not. And don't forget the countless other countries that fell in line and helped out; why not call them out too?
  • It's actually more B&W than you think.
  • lol. America is a joke to the rest of the world; and it's things like Trump getting elected that helps spur that on. The only people that need mirrors are you and your friends.
  • The joke to Americans is what has been going on over the last 15-20 years.  Your type of narrative has failed for obvious reasons.
  • And the rest of the world is a joke to us. "HELP US! HELP US! No not like that! That didnt work either! Just give us your money! What do you mean you are going to tax us? I know we tax you, but that's different. What do you mean your done helping? I know we have told you that you suck at helping, but I didnt mean you should stop taking in our poor and stop footing the bill for our messes. Just get out oh wait, we have this other issue we want you to take care of first; dont go yet. Never mind. Just leave us millions in aid and we will call you when we need more. Did I tell you that you guys are a joke to us?" And that sums it up. Once again...use some of that aid money to purchase some mirrors.
  • This is a non-story. It's Nadella posturing. The order is not retrospective and doesn't apply to aliens already in the country (who I presume if they're working for Microsoft, already have the necessary papers). Additionally, I don't see how this article has anything to do with Windows.
  • They had to run it because Nadella actually reacted to something. That's news.
  • LOL
  • You got that right. The guy is a waste of money. Completely has phoned it in as a leader.
  • "and doesn't apply to aliens already in the country" Wrong. It was reaching to include anyone on green cards. Luckily a stay has been ordered. But we can't expect you to do reasearch before you get triggered can we. "I don't see how this article has anything to do with Windows" Except for the fact Nadella is the CEO of know...make windows... but yeah apart from that I don't see how either!....*facepalm*
  • "Additionally, I don't see how this article has anything to do with Windows."
    It's about Microsoft. We report on Microsoft. Also, this isn't an open sit in about what we do and don't cover. You are more than free to skip articles you do not have interest in, it's totally fine and we're not offended in the least. 
  • How about the employees and businesses in Apple and Google? Major problem.
  • They'll get by....
  • How is he going to bring back jobs taken by automation and machinery?
  • Obama used to hand out these executive orders like candy and they weren't necessarily good in many cases. This might not be any better.
  • Didn't really have a choice to be fair; Stubborn republican majority wouldn't let anything pass out of principle basically.
  • Well, at least Microsoft is making an effort to help their employees. I'm sure soon enough the details will get worked out where this is a more even-handed ban. My concern has been more for the former Army terps. who have been banned. I can't see President Trump leaving these guys high and dry.
  • What a terrible thing to happen to all the people this is affecting!
  • I didn't know that in Microsoft work illegal immigrants!
  • They don't.
  • Fortunately, a stay has been issued by a federal judge. I doubt it will hold for long, but it buys time. The order, expected as it was, is quite troubling and ominous. I suspect I'll be seeing an uptick in discrimination cases. The world keeps saying, "never again", and the world keeps ignoring it. Stopping it starts with us.
  • Sounds like another silly comparison to Hitler....*sigh*
  • I've worked with immigrants and refugees, and work with human rights now. Discrimination is increasing - based on gender, national origin, race & colour, and religion- and what we are seeing put into place is ominous - nothing like what any Republican or Democratic president has done since WWII. We are walking a dangerous path, and the time to put a stop to it is before it goes too far.
  • Based on? I mean you need to show numbers.   Of course, I am not too convince of the so called "refugees", I guess it depends on your definition.  The dangerous path is very close to no enforcement of border laws.
  • Show numbers? I'm an investigator for a human rights commission who writes charges on this stuff. If you believe drastically altering our law and rules is justified, you are the ones who should be backing it all up.
  • So?  If you believe in this stuff you should be going there, not bring the problem here.   Most of the laws don't even need to be altered, just enforced.   If you actually believe what you are saying.... why are you on a MS based website... and why are you supporting companies like MS who have millions if not billions of contracts with countries like Saudi Arabi, China, Iran, Iraqi, Turkey, etc.?   There is nothing to backup, without border security, you don't have a country, you have a geographical area... of course, how the details are carried out can be debated... the last 20-30 years is not a good way of doing it.   As far as your personal mission, I commend you on that... but you say stuff like "refugees" without any context of what you are talking about.   Nothing is going to change in those countries... if everyone runs.  As far as number, if you are an investigator... you should be able to backup your "Discrimation is increasing", matter of fact, there is no real context to your claim.   What does  that even mean, what are you even trying to say.   (not a question)  
  • Take a look around you. You don't even have to do what I do for work to know there has been an uptick in hateful behaviour. I just read a report this morning the EEOC is planning to withdraw from a transgender related case due to the new administration. We're taking a great leap backwards in women's rights, lgbtq rights, and rights related to immigration and national origin. I suspect, given a white nationalist is so prominent in our government (Bannon) that more groups will soon be targeted. We have the ability to stop this before we wander too far down that road. After WWII, would you have liked to be known as someone who stood up for right, or for someone who went along with it or looked the other way? Your choice. I've made mine.
  • You made claims yet you can't back it up.... shame on you.   As far as discimination, there is always discrimination... in this... personally I don't need someone to like me.   As far as corporations they they should in general not be discriminating based on those things... but it happens.... I know a corporation that doesn't like to hire men.   As far as individuals, they can like, dislike, hate or discriminate basically all they want as long as they are not involved in the public rights of the state.  What you are talking about as far "transgender" person, well you are not talking RIghts (meaning from the creator), you are talking about the public policy of the State (i.e. government and their entities)... which can be somewhat altered by Congress.    (I generally stay out of those issues as its really one government entity v another (i.e. corporation).   As far as "transgender", although a person can't change their gender... I don't think those people should be harmed and have just as many Rights under the Creator as I do... on the other hand... its not my fight as what they are really trying to do is force acceptance.   I would have no problem defending people and their Rights, now their fight with government created corporation is their problem... and which in this country they might have remedy in an adminstrative or court process... in the countries which I have been speaking... you have limited or no rights when it comes to most of this.  Go to Saudi Arabia with a cross around your neck which is visible. All humans in this country have basic Rights granted by the Creator including women, men, blacks, whites, and even the made up transgender person.  I find it funny in your comment you didn't talk about Men's right (lowercase), you don't see a problem with your post besides saying stuff is increasing?   You went from refugee status to cases under the EEOC.   As I said, I am not sure you know where you are going with your comments. This kind of blanket narrative has failed on an epic scale, I doubt it works going forward.
  • This guy wants to talk about "the creator" while telling others "shame on you" and calling people numerous derogatory names... You're no Christian and your god is as a lie... It's obvious you're in the minority here on this page and real life. Deal with it
  • Gender is is not biology, and that is where transgender issues arise from. As for backing it up, do a search for, "is discrimination increasing in the United States. Please don't use what it is like in other countries as a measure of what you will tolerate. This is the US, and this country is supposed to stand for freedom and equality. As for men's rights, please. It's a false narrative meant to combat women's equality, and not a thing more.
  • Nelle, you started out with a "refugee" issue and then about discrimination, when I called you out on it you started talking about EEOC complaints... so what does that have to do with the article or refugees?   As far as gender, nobody has the ability to change ones gender, one might have the ability to change one's sexual organs to appear to be someone of the opposite sex.   Of course, I can paint myself blue and put on some flippers and jump in a pool, but that doesn't make a me a Blue Whale.   As far as the men's rights, its just justifiable as anything you have offered... you say you don't want discrimination and its very apparent you believe in discrimination by your own comments.   As far as research, you made the claim, you then went from refugee to EEOC complaints because you are just making stuff up.   It might be that I take care of myself that I have this POV, but it seems to me you believe women can't take care of themselves.... I disagree with this POV.... however, I fail to see what your additional comments have to do with the artilce... its increasing seems like you are mad your horse didn't win.  
  • Tell that to the Christians being murdered by Muslims in the Middle East, but who tells their stories.
  • except it's not so silly
  • Yeah, silly is too good a word.  Hilter wanted a one world government, controlled by him.   Which is really what has been going on over many decades, a path to a one world goverment.   I call that hell on Earth.  Your type of narrative not only didn't work, it backfired on a massive scale... my guess it will contine to backfire. 
  • At the end of the day,it all adds up to the same ol bs
  • I hear all the politcal discourse on TV, I read all the political discourse in the paper, I get Facebook friends posting political discourse on their Wall, I hear political discourse on the radio, and I see political discourse on Twitter....I was hoping I could avoid more of this at Windows Central.  It was one of the few places I could go that largely kept it pretty down the line.  I've been a fan of the site for years and have been rocking Windows Phone's since they were first available to me (HTC Trophy!).  I go to Windows Central to get away from all the political nastiness and generally avoid those sites that seem to push politics.  The Verge was my go to site after everyone defected from Engadget.  Reviews would have thousands of comments but now it's literally a ghost town in comparison.  Are they related...I don't know, but I visit much, much less because I just want articles that focus on geek stuff and not articles that will clearly pit both sides against one another.  
  • Amen! Just glad to hear MS is taking care of their own.
  • "I go to Windows Central to get away from all the political nastiness"
    So do I, but this new president is doing things that is affecting everything and everybody. Realize some of his voters voted because they wanted to throw a molotov cocktail into the white house because they have become disillusioned with government in general.
  • Akira X and some people voted for him because immigration laws weren't being enforced.  I guess on election day a lot of people voted who were fed up with sanctuary cities and paying welfare (that gets sent back to Mexico) for MILLIONS of illegal immigrants. 
  • Smh..I wasn't speaking for myself..
  • I am glad that Nadella is acting with compassion to his affected employees. Hopefully they can get everyone back into the country before the stay is lifted. Politics aside, this is both a human issue and a legitimate obstacle to Microsoft's operations.
  • Well,non of the terrorist attacks including 9/11 is done by people from banned countries. I see that Trump has turned to domestic affairs until now, but US is one of those countries that exchanges everything with money (like most,of the regimes) so they wont ban a country if they invest well! I hope they change this law. I heard in the news that a mother asked one,of her relatives to,keep her child when she is out of US to participate in her,mother's funeral. Now she cant return to US, her child is now on the US and she is outside! Oh Trump! :/
  • Isn't there Americans who need Jobs; what I don't understand about this crying.
  • It's amusing watching the left acting as though the sky is falling. Keep it up.
  • Snowflakes are an awkward bred, but I think the world is tired of their stay.
  • 3million+ more active votes by real Americans. We're the majority cupcake... Buckle up
  • The election wasn't even close, the majority have no say so... the majority of the states do.   I don't vote, that is how ignorant you are.   Not sure why you are still whinning about the election, but I guess that is what snowflakes do.  Either way, I fail to see what votes have to do with the article.   As far as your ranting, its pretty obvious you are a snowflake, and your narrative is a false one that most people are rejecting... why?  Common sense.  You are an awkward bred (snowflake) which the world will take care of in due course. 
  • Hello. Hmmmm... If there are profits and interests in between, no country will be "banned"
  • I think they know by now what sort of "moderate rebels" they were naïvely supporting and that's a good thing they won't let them in the country.
  • Trump
  • Section 212(f) of the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1952 states: “Whenever the President finds that the entry of any aliens or of any class of aliens into the United States would be detrimental to the interests of the United States, he may by proclamation, and for such period as he shall deem necessary, suspend the entry of all aliens or any class of aliens as immigrants or nonimmigrants, or impose on the entry of aliens any restrictions he may deem to be appropriate.”
    The bill was sponsored by two democrats and vetoed by Harry Truman, another democrat. His veto was overridden by a democratic controled congress, House and Senate. Carter, another democrat used it in 1979 to ban Iranians from the country. Now Trump wants to use it until such time as we can figure out who the hell is coming into the country and immediately the civil liberty groups jump on him like he's the bad guy. Hey, he's standing very firmly on the law.
  • World is half safe if USA stop manufacturing and selling arms to these countries.... How ISIS getting arms ? Black market ? Who supplies to black market ? What is the need of gun for a normal citizen ? Why guns are available so free in US ? Trump is half correct but he shouldn't show full discrimination to anything. He only banned these countries temporarily until he get some plans to filter radicals. But he should atleast allowed people with decent jobs like in IT, Engineering fields.
  • Ironically it was our own government along with a few others who were willfully supplying ISIS, but it's now a mess he has to clean up after the last admin. Like you said, it's only 90 days and definitely should have exempted green card holders. He came out swinging in terms of living up to his promises so far so I think if he is genuine about  his promise of no more unnessesary intanglements in foreign countries and a little more isolationism then in the end, he will be doing a much grander favor for the people in these countries who he's temporarily afflicting in the short term.  
  • I support companies that don't let their internal information become a open political stance.
  • Yes the way it should be
  • As a Brit I have i suppose a different outlook. I don't pretend to know much about the US. And what its like to be loving there. I can only comment from the UK perspective. I voted to leave the EU. For a number of reasons. Firstly I don't agree with having an entity I didn't vote for having control over parts of my life here in the UK. Prime example is the situation Europe is in because Europe was made by Angela Merkel to take Refugees. Now I completely understand alot of Refugees are genuine. But many aren't. My view is surely a country HAS to protect its inhabitants first no? If there is no way to know if an IS soldier is coming in pretending they are refugees' or even criminals in their own country what is a nation to do? I'm no racist. And many in the UK label people like me one. There os already massive problems in Germany, France, UK and many other countries with crime from many so called Refugees. And the biggest issue is they have no way to be traced or found. Do I think its right what Trump is doing? I don't know. Is he trying to protect the US people? I believe he is. And if there is no way to know a refugees intentions or who they are, what other way is there to get a grip on the situation? It's ok to say its wrong. But only if you present an alternative way. So far everyone against Brexit or Trump hasn't given an alternative way. And certainly where Brexit is concerned its the people with Money and riches who seem to only care for their money and not the people who live their loves daily.
  • advocate to what extent becasue one of the biggest/worst mistakes companies make now is sticking their nose into politics and telling us what to think...stick to tax avoision/evasion, Microsoft. Because if they make a campaign of this, they will join that pantheon of companies who will end up big losers for the SJW cause.  That said, although the ban from these coutries is only temporary,  I do think Trump should have been played it a little better with honoring commitments with green cards at the very least. Everything else seems more like an attack on hypocrisy of the last administration since this action to ban visas was not only expanded under Obama but those very countries were added to the list by Obama, difference being that he talking out his *** when doing but not enforcing, then let global agendas and lobbyists control enforcement. Progressive politicians were excusing and justifying Obama's abuse of power and his limitations and now his own precedents are going to bite them back
  • One problem that is going to need confrontation after this is involvement, exploitation, and abuse by large corporations in meddling with national affairs pertaining to issues like immigration. Microsoft, among several others is no angel here as when they lobby or invest in public relations and commercialization of social issues they do it for their own ultimate benefit for the agendas they signed on to- not us. Whether this includes illegal immigration, refugees, or exploitation of H1B visa programs and ultimately with international "trade" treaties, the logic and end game is the same. In the short term they saved money by outsourcing with foreign labor and then through insourcing, by importing that foreign labor as an excuse to drive down wages for domestic/ indigenous labor. How much money ends up saved over the long term when an intitial stagnation of income eventually leads to an extremely gradual decline in income when 1-sided trade deals give them the power not to bring up our incomes and quality of life- but to have an excuse to bring our incomes incrementally lower over decades along with our quality of life to match those levels of the other countries participating in these treaties? Alone it looks crazy when people were intentionally kept in the dark over such policies, but it absolutely goes hand-in-glove with their long terms goals through climate change, "sustainability", and why every developed nation has been slowly acclimating and convincing the populace into the adoption of more and more socialism while governments and select corporations live in their own bubble built on fascism, corporatism, and authoritarianism/totalitarianism. Notice all these major companies seem to have the exact same opinions on social matters and politics, and it's not because they know better than you but because they know more than you
  • That's very true frank pik. You know it's not that things have gotten more expensive. It's that the dollar becomes worth less and less because of this debt based money system.
  • indeed i agree with both your points bebochek and frank pik , not many see it this way though.
  • With all the world's resistnce, the DJ should cancel this order right away....
  • WE THE PEOPLE need to cancel trumPutin!
  • the whole putin thing has been so debunked, even though it was such poorly written propaganda in the first place that I feel genuinely embarrassed to see people still hanging on to the hope that it's true
  • NVM. App playing up.
  • Well here it is 😐, I have been coming here for tech articles for years. I read tech because it is NOT political. It was the one place that was good for anyone who loves technology in spite of other beliefs. Now you have managed to pervert technology by bringing politics into it. You haven't posted an article about a phone in five days. I know that you don't care but, this is not why I started reading Windows Phone Central. I know it's Windows Central now. Maybe you should just change the name again to "Nothing About Phones but There Is Some Political Discussion Central". Again, I know it means nothing to you but I am Unsubscribing today and deleting the app. The last place for Windows Phone is no more.
  • Believe it or not politics affect your life, even your tech life!
    We'll miss you...come back and visit us again!
  • To be fair it hasn't been a phone site for a long time. And they have posted about all sorts of technology. Consoles, PCs, phones, tablets, Operating Systems. Phones are a tiny tiny part of technology. And its looking likely that phones over the next 5 years will be slowly fading away towards portable Mobile Personal Computers in your pocket. So phones aren't really relevant to a tech websites be all end all.
  • So will there be a new Windows phone?
  • 2018 I guess 😊
  • How ironic! Donald states how he wants to save America and make it great, yet he's making it uncertain and scary already.
  • I don't think he is qualified to lead a country if he refuse to read the extensive report given to him. Every media comment and fake news get an immediate kneel kick reaction from him. I think he is an excellent host for TV reality show but to bring that to his governance is insanity.
  • Ah, The Good Ol' US of A...intervening and destabilizing nations left and right, then shutting the door on those displaced by it. Kinda hypocritical..preaching democracy, while at the same time assasinating and/or helping assassinate democratically elected leaders. Ah, History, why does thou repeat itself. 
  • I suppose one could argue the leaders before it who did that didn't have the backing of all the people. Here in the UK we certainly didn't back Tony Blair. And the view of May as our new Prime Minister to not get involved in foreign affairs is a welcome one. Should we blame her for Blairs mistakes?
  • Lol. Daniel, you need to get Trump a 950XL and sweet talk him. Maybe he can talk it up how great Windows Phone's really is. I can see it now on FOX News, Trump on his podium, telling the American people how great and wonderful Windows Phones are. How he would say billions of people are using it including Putin. Nothing works better for tweeting at 3am.🙂
  • First, Putin is not stupid enough to use a smart phone. Second, more people in Russia use Windows Phones. The Moscow metro uses Windows. I know this because the big info screens they have look just like a Windows Phone lock screen with the time and date when they're not showing other info. I must admit though that Samsung is the number one phone here. We don't even have a real Apple Store. They don't sell like they do in the states. Something else we don't have, mass shooting, he'll the cops don't even shoot people. I forget the last time a Russian cop killed anyone. We do have a lot of Muslim though but they are not immigrants', they have lived in Russia for centuries.
  • Where was the uproar when President Obama got the ball rolling on restricting travel from the exact same list of countries back in 2015/2016??? AFP tweet: Trump and the Saudi king agree on "safe zones" in Syria and Yemen for refugees. What a concept! Keep the refugees close to their countries so that they can return when things stabilize.  
  • Obviously, the big difference was Obama wasn't a zenophobic, misogynist deranged Hitler. Or a Republican. Schumer's fake tears, and Warrens' purposeful misrepresentation of the US constitution have party and identity politics at their core.
  • ...
  • According to DJT, he cited the 9/11 attacks as a reason for his EO regarding travel ban from the affected countries. I fail to understand him leaving out citizens of the countries actually responsible for the 9/11attacks. I hope I am not reading fake news.
  • I'm still trying to figure out why Bush went to war with countries that had nothing to do with the 9/11 attacks and very few people said a thing.
  • You really have to ask why you're in this situation in the first place! I'll assume you all have a decent income and life is just ok for you ... but have you ever thought about the people that have lost jobs because industry has closed down in their area ... I mean the 'forgotten' ones. Todays' society is all about me,me,me. Profit comes first. As an example Microsoft makes many millions so why are they making people redundant? Here in the UK our telephone company BT made a billion but stiil made people redundant ... where's the logic in that? Why don't they just take a 'hit' like the rest of us have to when somebody screws up. In my time I've been through many hardships, imposed by government, notably when the bankers screwed up big time and yet they still carry on without suffering ... I can do nothing about it ... except through the ballet box ... and quite frankly we've had enough! Let's be honest if Mickey Mouse had promised to look after 'us' more he'd have been voted in as President. It's the same here in the UK on the Brexit vote. For, suppoosedly, an intelligent nation (and the UK) you've been a bit naive and a lack of self regulation has got you all into this. You just don't get it ... so, I blame YOU! Ok, so I'm now putting my tin hat on waiting for the usual response ... for every one that agrees another will not.    
  • Very true. The banks that got us all in trouble are actually making more money than ever before. All these people protesting in Washington are feed up not because of Trump but because of Obama. It's because of him and previous presidents that the US is the way it is. Walmart is the biggest employer in the US and even American companies make everything in China or some other communists country. They even put a head quarters in Ireland so they don't have to pay taxes! Walmart pays so little that many of their employees collect welfare and many people got cut from fulltime to part time just because of Obama care so then end up working in two different McDonald's restaurants part time to make enough hours and wined up working more than 40 hours a week but get no overtime. Corporations are there to make money and make as much as they can as fast as they can by any means necessary. Only TV watching boobs get romantic.
  • All what you say is illusion. All doesn't make sense. I watch news, YouTube and blogs about Trump's 100 Days plan and every speeches he made with right palm must hanging up. Every sentence must have "jobs" but what king of jobs? Temporary 4 hours jobs for building the pipe within 4 years only. That's how he makes quick money! Get money making projects for himself withing 100 days!
  • It's not just the banks. Companies over here can be wiped off the face of the earth via a keyboard button press in a stock market in Hong Kong ... acting on behalf of a hedge fund. Ok, if that is the way it works you have to realise that the people affected are not now just going to lie down. On a day to day basis they have to watch and put up with all this but, as I've said previously, they can only do something when the ballot box comes around. Surely, look 'out of the box', some of you must have seen this coming. All of you here ... happy at the moment ... but it could happen to you, at any time, and then you'll be mad too. You are probably excellent at what you do but that won't matter  I worked for a company for 30 years and through that time we had our ups and downs. Sometimes we'd make a few million and then we'd have a spell where we'd go into the red. HR would send a personal letter to each of us explaining times were hard and that we should not worry about losing our job as we'll all need to stick together and work our way out of it ... and we did! Haha ... you couldn't see this happening in this day and age.    
  • Do you know, over the last couple of years I've witnessed the most viciousness and hatred (both sides of the 'pond') in the ruling classes' quest for power than I've ever seen. They, combined with the media, have whipped everybody up into a massive frenzy. All the rules of engagement have been thrown out the window. Hang on a minute .. they are the ones who control our destiny. It's all sad, and pathetic. For me watching it all I wanted to do was laugh ... but, of course, I couldn't on such serious matters! Those 'experts' really did/do make me laugh as they just don't get it either. We have wall to wall news coverage of them trying to work out who's going to say what, or do, next. Have you noticed that they only report on the bad things that may happen ... more 'cook up a frenzy' material. Those computer programs that work out which way the people will decide need throwing in the bin/trash. Perhaps it's the programmers fault by forgetting to include the non-statistical factors that relate to how human minds react to external events.   Seriously, democracy may well be starting to crumble as we are seeing the start of uprisings that don't accept what comes out of it.  
  • I can't see any comments
  • ****** app
  • The author writes an article of political nature, then wants to edit the comments to suit his personal beliefs.
  • Did anyone see MSFT's similar published position about the Obama administrations' ban in 2011, that lasted twice as long as this one is set to last? Yeah, me neither
  • No spin analysis: The ban is temporary and only for 90 days. Its purpose is to stop the flow of people into the US from the 7 countries the Obama Administration designated as terror-sponsoring until the US creates a vetting process ("extreme vetting"). Then, the ban will be lifted and the vetting process used. The goal is weed out the terrorists from those who harbor no ill-will to the US and its people. Like it or hate it, that is the goal. You can decide if there was a better way or if this was a necessary action. Just don't miscontrue the facts and intent for either side's agenda.
  • It's not a ban on "immigration"....its a ban on immigration from countries who hate us and are actively attacking us....and illegal immigration.......know the difference
  • If the US didn't try to overthrow the government of said countries there would be no hate and even less hate if the US didn't bomb them.
  • Call it what everyone is afraid to state, it's a war on Christians and Western life style. The same war that has gone on for thousands of years, but people have been conditioned to be so PC their afraid to say it.  
  • They wouldn't hate the US if the US didn't bomb them
  • Stop bombing and they'd still cut your head right off.
  • This action gives us a pretty good idea on which corporations are not hiring American citizens.  There are several sitting on unemployment right now that could use a job and/or education and a job.  The corporations who pass on American citizens will tend to be the most vocal. There are also multi-national corporations that have employees in many countries that simply need to travel to headquarters.  These should not be a problem.  If they do get held up at immigration, it should only be for a short period of time and then they will move on to their final destiation without incident. Yes, start up was a bit rough for some people but this will be streamlined in the comming days.  Hang in there, the process will get better soon.
  • I got on this site looking for a follow up to "How to clean your mouse pad" article... :-)
  • Where were all the protesters when Obama was bombing the sh*t out of these countries? They cry so loud because few hundred people have been inconvenienced but stayed silent when thousands of women and children were losing their lives.
  • People should research things before opening their mouth or making posts, because I don't seem to recall any of this whining when obummer did this in 2009 (year?).   But hey- starbucks is saying they're gonna hire 10K immigrants, so F-You, Mr. and Mrs. American Citizen. Papa John's CEO is saying we're behaving like **** Germany. lol. Hey Mr. Papa, lemme know when Jews get thrown into ovens. Finally, Sux-a-co, is pledging $50M to help immigrants fight US Law. Wow- dont'cha think that maybe that money would be better spent improving your own country? Funny, I just don't see in the US Constitution where every one has an absolute right to enter this country. During the obummer years, when states like AZ and TX tried to do their own immigration controls because the federal government was negligent in protecting the country, those state-run programs were later shot-down in the courts which ruled, the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT makes immigration policy. Trump is the head of one of those branches and there is law that specifically grants him this power. If it were up to me, following the child-molesting 'prophet', would make you automatically barred to entry, unless you provided specific, useful services during our wars over there. How SA and PK got left-off this list is beyond me. Sheesh.   PS- Holy Hell...can't even use the N. A. Z. I. word when describing Germany from that period. Wow...WC- N. A. Z. I. 's of the internet.  
  • Don't waste your time, there is no free speech here. I see many posts got deleted with zero explaination.
  • Nadella needs to focus on being a better CEO.
  • Just a few weeks ago Obama ended the Cuban Refugee Program. What a bigot! Where were the protests?
  • Funny, I made a lucid, intelligent comment, no name-calling, used quotes from CEOs and backed up my remarks with fact and not emotion and it got deleted because…why? One CEO compared America to N. A. Z. I. Germany, and WC (water closet, which describes how bad this site has been getting), thinks that using that word is bad? Special snowflakes they are.
  • My gosh...I thought techy people had more modern sensibilities. The comments on this post...are concerning. Not just that, but so many of them are so poorly worded, ridden with typos, and yet upvoted by many.