Microsoft details features and performance of forthcoming WinRT tablets. Looking good.

Microsoft has so far been rather coy when it comes to the actual performance characteristics of their forthcoming WinRT tablets. That’s to have been expected due to the new ARM requirements but many have wondered how frugal with battery and weight a Windows RT tablet could really be.

Windows on ARM devices are designed to compete with existing tablets currently available in the market. So far the iPad has been leading the way with great all-day performance and setting the bar for its competition. The good news is some of these initial performance specs look good, even when based on non-final firmware.

The typical lengthy post goes on to detail that all WinRT tablets will have the new “Connected Standby” feature. The feature is engineered to enable your machine to grab updates even when the machine is in a super-low power-state.  That’s going to be great news for those on the move as having inboxes and apps constantly updated will mean less time waiting. Microsoft claim that running in this state a Windows RT tablet might be expected to give you between 320 and 409 hours on one charge.

Battery drain whilst playing back HD video has also been revealed. MS are quoting HD video playback as anything between 8 and 13 hours. That is quite solid and if a WinRT tablet can knock out 13 hours of continuous HD playback, it will be topping the new iPad by three hours. The iPad versus Windows RT tablet specs-race does not end there either. Suggested starting weight for Windows RT devices will come in at a featherweight 520 grams (the iPad currently drops in at 652g mark). Not quite done with the iPad comparative specs, Microsoft also reveal the smallest Windows RT devices will be just 8.35mm (the iPad comes in at a porky 9.41mm).

If these Windows RT dimensions and specs are to be believed, then we are in for some very nice initial ARM based devices. There is much more to learn about the newest members of the Windows family, but this is certainly another piece to the puzzle. We are certainly excited to see that Microsoft is coming out and claiming smaller, lighter and longer running devices. Even at this stage, those is fighting words and and fighting specs! 

We’d love to know what you guys think of these proposed initial specs? Will a Windows RT tablet really last the whole day? Will you be going for a Windows RT device or are you set on the Intel based designs? Notice how its Windows RT now? Please, let us know!

Source: Microsoft (Blogs MSDN)

Robert Brand