Microsoft Edge browser performance is shown as solid in independent tests

The Microsoft Edge web browser that will be included with Windows 10 was built from the ground up to be a better web experience than the older Internet Explorer. A recent independent look at how the current version of Edge performs against its competition, including Google's Chrome and Mozilla's Firefox, shows that it compares well against those two browsers, and outperforms both IE 11 and the January version of Edge, which was released until its old code name "Project Spartan".

Browser performance chart

The testing was handled by AnandTech, which used a number of benchmarks, such as SunSpider, Octane 2.0 and HTMLTest, running on a PC with an Intel Core i7-860 processor. It stated:

"In every single instance, Microsoft Edge outperformed Project Spartan from back in January which is a good sign. It is the quickest browser in Google's Octane 2.0 benchmark, and by a good margin. It is still the slowest in WebXPRT 2013 though. One of the biggest improvements though was the WebGL performance in the Oort Online benchmark, which went from terrible to good.""The other browsers have not been sitting idle though, and in that time they have also made gains in their performance. But the story is still a good one for Edge. It really is right up there with the rest of the browsers in terms of performance. It is quicker in some workloads, and slower in others, but generally performance should not be an issue. It still falls behind in the HTML5 test, but it has made big improvements there as well."

You can check out the full article at AnandTech for more info.

Source: AnandTech

John Callaham