Microsoft Edge lines up vertical tabs for Dev channel testers

Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs
Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Vertical tabs are now available to test in the Microsoft Edge Dev channel.
  • The feature stacks tabs on the left side of your screen, allowing you to hide them when not in use.
  • The experience is now live in both the Dev and Canary channels.

Microsoft Edge testers in the Dev channel can now get their hands on one of the biggest interface tweaks to come to the browser since its launch: vertical tabs. The new feature is available now in the Dev and Canary channels, Microsoft announced today (opens in new tab). Should testing go well, it will head to the stable channel in the coming weeks or months.

Vertical tabs are available in addition to the usual horizontal tab layout that you're already used to, and you can switch between them at any time. You can start using them with the click of a button, which will line your tabs up as a vertical list on the left side of the browser. You can then keep it open to see the tab titles, or collapse the list to only see the icons for each site.

The benefits to vertical tabs is that they give you the ability to see more of the title for each tab, making it easier to identify what's in each before you click. When they're collapsed, vertical tabs also allow you to see even more of the page you're browsing, only taking up as much space as it takes to show the site icons for each tab.

Microsoft Edge Vertical Tabs Gif

Source: Microsoft (Image credit: Source: Microsoft)

You can also manage the tabs much like you can the current horizontal tabs. Holding control or shift while clicking them lets you select multiple tabs and move them together. Tabs can also be pinned to a specific section at the top of the list.

If you're using the Edge Dev or Canary channel, the vertical tabs preview is available to try now. You can download the Canary, Dev, and Beta channels now from the Microsoft Edge Insider site.

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  • I think I'd like this. Looking forward to it.
  • It lacks a very useful feature. It does not allow mutiple Gmail accounts in the same browser. It has no "add accounts"
  • There were native vertical tabs in classic Opera more than 10 years ago.
    The Vivaldi browser also include native vertical tabs. Welcome Microsoft ... :)
  • I'll be saying welcome Vivaldi whenever they realize there are two major mobile OSes and create an iOS app. Until then, most iOS users wont even look at it as no mobile sync makes it a non-starter.
  • I have canary and still don't have this.
  • Try going to edge://flags/#edge-vertical-tabs and setting the box to enabled.
  • I tried that out for about a day, but I don't keep a bunch of tabs open, so I really didn't have much use for this. Plus, even with just the icons showing, I simply didn't want to give up that extra space on the left. I'd rather have full width of the page on the screen. But, I can see how it could be helpful to many. It really depends on how you browse.
  • The problem is the top of the screen takes up just as much space with the name of the tab. All you are doing is losing horizontal space with no savings of vertical space.
  • Many websites don't use all the horizontal space, so you're losing nothing.
  • The purpose is not to increase vertical space, but to display tab names in a scrollable list regardless of how many you have open. With horizontal tabs, you have to hover over each tab one-by-one to see its full name. Also the screenshots in this article don't show that the vertical tabs bar auto-collapses so only the fav icons are visible. You have to hover over or pin the vertical tab bar to see the labels.
  • Has this been in A B testing? I use the dev version of Edge and have had the vertical tab option for a number of versions now.
  • Yeah something like that. I had it a while ago and then they took it away.
  • Nice option, but what I'd like to see back is an option to have the favorites bar on the side