Microsoft Edge Dev channel now lets you pin sites to the Start Menu for quick access

Microsoft Edge
Microsoft Edge (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new weekly build is rolling out now for the Microsoft Edge Dev channel.
  • The biggest update is the option to pin sites directly to your Windows Start Menu.
  • The usual batch of improvements and bug fixes are available here as well.

Microsoft's weekly Edge Dev channel updates continue today with a fresh set of features and fixes rolling out now. This week's update, which is build number 88.0.692.0, is available for Edge testers to download, bringing some notable additions. Chief among them is the option to pin specific sites to your Start Menu.

Start Menu pins are fairly self explanatory. The websites will appear in your start menu, allowing you to open Edge directly to those sites when clicked. This update also adds Guided Switch on Mac, along with new features for Kiosk Mode.

Here's a full look at what's new, fixed, and improved in the latest Edge Dev build, according to the release notes (opens in new tab):

  • Added the ability to pin a website to the Start Menu.
  • Enabled support for Guided Switch on Mac.
  • Added the ability for Kiosk Mode to open all popups in new tabs instead of windows.
  • Fixed a crash on launch when Edge is set to restore the previous session.
  • Fixed an issue where uninstalling a website installed as an app sometimes crashes the browser.
  • Fixed a crash when opening certain PDFs.
  • Fixed a crash when syncing Collections.
  • Fixed a hang during navigation.
  • Fixed an issue where some PDFs opened straight from the internet fail to load.
  • Fixed an issue where webpages sometimes flicker or flash constantly.
  • Fixed an issue where the button to close an InPrivate window doesn't work.
  • Fixed an issue where work or school users sometimes don't see the personalization or changes away from the default that they expect to see on the new tab page.
  • Fixed an issue where the Force Sync management policy didn't work when using on-premises profiles.
  • Fixed an issue where the new tab page shows an error that "Something is wrong" when certain management policies are applied.
  • Fixed an issue where pages sometimes don't have images properly added to their entries in a Collection.

If you're already running the Microsoft Edge Dev channel, you can update now through the "About Microsoft Edge" portion of the settings menu. The Beta, Dev, and Canary channels are all available from the official Edge Insider site. The release version is also available directly from the main Microsoft Edge site (opens in new tab).

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  • I feel like this is a redundant feature as I can already install any website as an app then pin this app to start menu or taskbar.
  • Almost, although ooening a website can be launched as a tab in an existing window. An app cannot.
  • That's a good point.
  • I haven't tested this update yet but is that how it behaves? Because if it is, better to have some distinct Tiles or icons between Websites installed like a PWA or installed PWA and just pinned website that opens on another tab and not as it's own window. Because this is bound to be confusing behaviour to some users that can't see any difference between the two.
  • Is there a reason why the quick menu for taskbar icons does not offer the same options as quick menu for pinned tiles for the same app in the start menu?
  • Which app, for example?
  • Every app for example you can't uninstall directly from the Taskbar not even proper store apps.