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Microsoft Edge team posts cryptic puzzle to Reddit

Microsoft Edge logo on Start menu
Microsoft Edge logo on Start menu (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • The Microsoft Edge team has posted a rather mysterious puzzle to Reddit.
  • It's possible solving the puzzle could be a teaser or hint for something in the works.
  • Good luck figuring this one out.

The Microsoft Edge team seems to have something cryptic in the cards, but it's not making it easy to figure out. In a post on the official Microsoft Edge Reddit, the team posted a rather mysterious teaser, complete with a puzzle that is sure to wrack your brain.

Here's a look at the puzzle in question:

Cryptic Microsoft Edge puzzle posted to Reddit

Source: Microsoft Edge Reddit (Image credit: Source: Microsoft Edge Reddit)

And here's what the team had to say, offering little in the way of clues:

In order to find what's next (3/7), it's often a good idea to look in the past. This is an encoded artifact we've found in our archive. It appears that some of the data have been corrupted due to age. Fortunately, the corruption seems to be systematic—we detect exactly one extraneous number in every horizontal and vertical clue. Can you help us identify these anomalies and restore the artifact to its former glory?

It's not immediately clear what the puzzle pertains to, but one Reddit user pointed out in a cross-post that it appears to be a nonogram.

If you're a puzzle fiend, it looks like you've got something to occupy your time for a little while.

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  • 3/7? I wonder if there are more somewhere else... #FindWhatsNext
  • Such a tease :)
  • GA on March 7, 2020?
  • They are abandoning edge
  • They already have abandoned Edge by embracing Chromium.
  • They're recruiting for a hush-hush AI program. But what the recruit will find out only after being flown to Nadella's high-tech hideout in the woods is that he has unwittingly become part of a project involving a beautiful, extremely sophisticated android trapped at the site. Long story short: after killing the CEO and abandoning the recruit, the android escapes. Oscar Isaac plays Nadella.
  • Shut it, Future boy!! LOL... like the reference though.
  • Solved it.
    No, I didn't.
  • Solved it. Microsoft’s unifying new modern OS will be called “Edge OS.”
  • Seems like Reddit already solved it. It resolves in a image of the original IE icon and a text saying "ON WINDOWS 95 THIS KIT INSTALLED IE1", referring to Internet Jumpstart Kit that was released with the Microsoft Plus!
  • ok, and that means...?
    (for clarity, the answer is... "it means nothing to me... can you explain?")