Microsoft Edge will soon support Apple's M1 chips

Macbook Air M1
Macbook Air M1 (Image credit: Daniel Bader / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft Edge will support Apple's new M1 chips in the future.
  • Developers can choose to run apps through emulation or recompile apps for Apple's own silicon chips.
  • Microsoft Office already supports Apple's M1 chips.

Microsoft Edge will soon support Apple's new M1 chips. New devices, such as the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini run on new silicon. The new chips can already run any Mac app through Apple's Rosetta 2 emulator, but developers can choose to recompile their apps for Apple's new silicon to provide an even better experience.

Microsoft seems eager to support the new hardware. Microsoft Office already supports the new M1 chips, and Microsoft Edge will follow at some point in the future. The Microsoft Edge Dev Twitter account confirmed that M1 support is on the way. Microsoft hasn't stated when support will come but says it's in the works.

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This story might sound somewhat familiar to fans of Windows 10. Microsoft has its own push to get developers to recompile apps for Windows 10 on ARM, though Apple is diving into its custom chip efforts more aggressively than Microsoft is diving into Windows 10 on ARM. Apple plans to transition entirely to its own silicon over the next two years, so developers will probably feel more of a need to recompile apps for Apple's M1 chips than Windows 10 on ARM.

There is a difference between Apple Silicon and ARM, but the push to get developers to recompile apps is still there. Apple wants people to have the best experience on its devices, and recompiling apps for Apple's custom chips does that. Microsoft also wants to deliver the best experience across platforms, so it's jumping on board the M1 train.

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  • It would be pretty funny if they manage to get a version out for Apple's M1 chips faster than they did for Windows on ARM. Then again, already having a Microsoft Edge codebase for ARM should speed things up.
  • it's easier to get things out on ARM for Apple Silicon because they control the entire enchilada. if anything is going to move people to Macs, this ARM transition is it. the price to performance ratio (including battery life) can't be ignored.
  • I was Apple only for 29 years in a row. Tim Cook's Apple wasn't... Apple. It was just pencil pushing penny pinching greed. I've been one of its harshest critics -- over here on Windows and Android for some years. I must admit the M1 chip is interesting. As are the recent price drops. It sounds like Apple may be reconsidering the computer 'for the rest of us' notion. But let's not get too excited. Where's the 15 inch MacBook Air? An M1 fast larger laptop that lacks the 'Pro' price gauge. A laptop for, say, $1799. Cheaper when on sale. THAT would demonstrate to me that someone at Apple (Craig?) had a TALK with Tim Apple. Another sign is if that dreadful CANOE NOTCH finally minimizes or disappears although from iPhone. Until these things happens, despite M1 (or M2) Apple will still be Tim Apple in my eyes. (Sure, if I gamed or edited video, that might be another story. But most people don't do either.)
  • I think Microsoft is ditching windows development and it will focus on apps!!!
  • MS focus always on Cloud.
    that is what nadella only knows.
  • While their own suffers.
  • No Surprise, under Nadella Regime.
  • Sad part Google have already released a version of Chrome for M1 but are sitting on the Windows on ARM version :(.
  • That's entirely their decision considering Chromium exists for ARM64. And Microsoft made that work...
  • That's my point. Google aren't releasing their Windows on ARM version.
  • M1 Macs have a future, Apple is dedicated to it, they are switching everything to ARM. WoA may not, Microsoft could kill it anytime. They aren't nearly as dedicated.
  • If you mean Microsoft sees value in supporting both then yes. Microsoft won't kill ARM because its clearly the future. As you point out Apple thinks so too.
  • Basically Apple will sell more ARM ISA based products in one week than the Surface X has sold in the last 1-2 years. Thus you get apps. I want Apple to double the GPU in the M1 so that games follow to the Mac in the same way.
  • Anything to give Intel a run and a squeeze, no longer will they hold this industry hostage...😑
  • This will finally mainstream desktop browsers.
  • everyone will start supporting apple's M1 chips.
    the frustrating thing is ,while microsoft has been trying with ARM {8 years now},since Surface RT 2012 ,apple got it right from their first try,the M1 cpu from apple silicon is praised by every tech site ,every respectable tech reviewer , as revolutionary and game changing.
  • Yet even MacBooks with M1 won't be appearing on most office desks. They can get it right because their market is so small. A fact so often forgotten. It's 4 years with Windows on ARM. Windows RT isn't the same product. I see every reason Windows on ARM will succeed. Microsoft 365 is done, Adobe apps will be here by Q1 2021. Google will eventually release Chrome. Those are the hitters done. 64-Bit support will be out by the time 21H1 launches.
  • Sorry what? I've already bought a bunch of M1 Mac Minis for office desks. We buy them because they are way faster and less money than the old Intel ones. They work perfectly. Also the Macbook is the top selling laptop in North America. Not a "small market". Have you been at a workplace or school recently? Apple's gaming market is small, but workplace use is very common.
  • I'm not talking about what is likely here as much as what is possible. Imagine, for a moment, if Apple wanted to go after Intel and AMD. In general. As in allowing PC OEMS to buy the Apple chips instead? I think a weird thing would happen. Providing the Apple chips were priced properly they'd dive at doing so, provided Windows offered a new Windows specifically ready for it. At that moment... there would be a slew of X86 apps desperately in need of emulation. But wouldn't that emulator -- -- work on Macs as well? In other words -- the Windows 'advantage' of X86 apps would die. Since both Apple Silicon platforms could run both in emulation. Developers might soon write 'M1' versions the apps the work pretty much the same on both platforms. I know, I know. 'That would never happen'. But if it did -- Apple would inherit some key X86 apps without the need of Boot Camp. Soon they'd go native. And they'd DESTROY Intel and AMD. 'But Apple would lose sales to cheaper OEMs.' Yes. While gaining computer chip sales. And they wouldn't give away their operating system OR walled garden with iPhone. Or would it be braindead simple to 'Hackintosh' the M1? And if it were... in some ways... so what?
  • Apple needs pay for it, and repercute the price on people.
  • All are welcome on Apple, beautiful device tendance patent troll item, for change the world.
    What about me ? Nothing.
    Google also.
    Microsoft ? Yes.
    Qualcomm, done.
    Fbi, cool.
    European commission, yeah.
    University, of course.
    Wall street be good.
    Spotify, Fortnite, no, thanks, really.