Microsoft employees are crazy for electric vehicles; pilot program for charging stations on the Redmond campus expands

Microsoft is not a company new to environmental friendliness; if anything, their “Microsoft Green Blog” proves the point every week with the latest information on how the company is trying to improve environmental sustainability. This week, the Redmond boys announced how their Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment pilot program has expanded around the campus.

In June of 2011, Microsoft decided to “wire up” the campus for electric vehicles. The goal of the 2011 pilot program was to provide solutions for Microsoft employees and vendors. At the time, the company had 12 ChargePoint stations on campus; each station was capable of charging two electric vehicles at one time.

Charging stations at Microsoft aren’t enough unless they employ high-tech solutions. The twelve charging stations used smartcards to identify customers using the “electronic pumps”. In addition, customers could login to an online portal and access information regarding charging information and electricity costs.

Microsoft Green Blog

Two years later the program has continued to expand on the Redmond campus. There are currently 18 charging stations and 11 different locations to fill up your favorite electric vehicle. The new stations can accommodate both electric cars and electric scooters.

According to Microsoft, in the last few months, the company has seen the greatest adoption rate of the new systems and the greatest number of increases per month since the program began.

At this time, more than 30 new electric vehicles are registered by Microsoft employees each month. The demand on campus for electric charging stations has been so great that there are plans to add more stations within the next 12 months.

While adoption of electric vehicles in the United States has seen little growth, the employees at Microsoft certainly have a green thumb and care to show it.

Do you currently drive an electric/hybrid vehicle or are you still all gas?

Source: Microsoft Green Blog

  • "...unless they employee high-tech solutions"? Michael, there's a typo for ya.
  • Fixed. My bad.
  • I'm trading in my 2012 Audi A6 fully loaded and getting a Nissan Leaf. I moved so close to work now I do not need a fancy car :)
  • You do know that its more harmful to the environment then say a small clean diesel or even a small gas engine with good mpg.
  • Not when you live in San Francisco and want to tell people "oh I got an EV to save the environment"
  • Anyone that thinks they are saving the environment by going electric doesn't know a damn thing about batteries.
  • At least to me, it's more about not wasting the limited petrol that the earth has
  • We do need to start looking at other options but batteries made with lead isn't it. Ethanol is a good start or maybe good old moonshine ;) I don't know the best route but someone will figure it out hopefully sooner than later.
  • if grapheen and that organic battery thing start working, id say the battery would become a none issue
    as for charging, at least in BC it's 80% hydro/wind (renewable energy) and all other options give >90% efficiency as oppose to 50~60% of a gas car (can't remember if that value is correct though, saw that somewhere a while ago)
  • Batteries aren't made with lead in laptops they use Lithium ion. And they're 100% recyclable....far cleaner than diesel/petrol. Electricity is cheap because it's cheap to store/transport unlike ethanol/diesel/petrol.
  • you sound like rare earth is unlimited.
  • Or energy transfer. Not to mention they might be fuling their car with coal.
  • 'Clean' Diesel has cancerous emissions. If you don't believe it search for 2 recent reports on that.
    If you talk about pure emissions you can't argue that a Leaf emits more emissions and contributes to smog more than a small gas engine? Unless you talk about production and recycling (total life of vehicle) or are saying that coal is burned to generate electricity. On West coast it's still less CO2 emitted for energy created compared to gasoline. It might be different in other parts of country perhaps. In WA you can buy green energy from PSE that only comes from renewable energy (not that more expensive).
  • I didn't order because of environment, but because I don't see the point in having that var only to drive a hour total per day. I don't drive when I'm off work
  • I would chose a Volt over the Leaf anyday if I was looking for such a vehicle.
  • Any love for 7.8?? /s
  • I would rather get a Ford Focus electric than a Leaf... The leaf looks like an egg and drives without passion.  Just because it's electric shouldn't mean that it's an ugly appliance either.  See: Tesla Model S
  • If anyone wants to buy me a Tesla Model S, I'll forward you my PayPal info. ;)
  • +1
  • Nah, I just love the power from the v8 in my Lexus LS..... Could not do it...and a Tesla still is not that great yet, even though is a really nice car, I'd give them a few more years.. I looked.
  • Pretty sure a Tesla would be able to give you the same thrill as a V8 (more even as EVs have lots of torque and it all comes on nicely) but I'm not too certain why you'd move about in a V8 powered sedan anyways.
  • A real car lover knows that it's not all about the power.
  • if you're looking for the pull, an EV actually pulls better...
  • Can a EV car take corners as fast? Yes but your looking at the Mercedes SLS EV and that's not in everyone's price range but a powerful V8 that handles well is. So to each their own some love EV's some love V8's you'll never be able to make everyone happy :)
  • have to try a tesla or whisker to find out, but u're right they each have their pros and cons
  • My friend has the Tesla S and its quick in a straight line but he couldn't keep up with me in the canyon. I was quick to blame him so we switch cars and I couldn't keep up with him in my C63. After all that it ran out of electricity. He had to call a flatbed. LOL it still cracks me up he spent over $1k for a tow truck
  • 1K? @@ what is this, highway robbery?
  • A gas car you can take to a gas station to get gas he had to have it taken home as he couldn't find a charging station. Also when you buy a car over $100k you kinda have to expect premium prices.
  • i was kind of expecting Tesla to provide complimentry towing (once or twice at least) Mitsubishi (iirc) is giving us one free towing a year for three years I think, at least once... Canada seems to be pushing hard on ev this year, I saw a bunch of charging stations installed all over the place, guess I got lucky :P (saved my butt once)
  • LMAO I just talked to him and he said they do but I was making fun of the fact that it happened he forgot. Oh man I guess I owe him some money.
  • LOL ouch
  • That V8 man!  The Tesla is pretty mature IMO, but V8 > Electric for now. 
  • They have the money to be. The rest of us live in the real world, with real world wages, and real world needs.
  • Amen brother.
  • I honestly don¨t understand the hype around electric cars. Hybrids I can understand as all that does is get the most out of the fuel you're already using and giving greater milage, but I really don't think that pure electric cars is the way to go for a clean future.
  • Nah. These are crappy cars. I want carse with good horsepower. Volkswagen and Mercedes for me, thanks. If the car is not German, I'm not getting it. And I want something I can drive over 150km/h. =P
  • is smart and volkswagon german? i think they have electric cars too
  • Smart belongs to Mercedes. Both Volkswagen and Mercedes are german. But only Smart has an electric car yet (a Smart forTwo, a car for city-driving only).
  • That's a dumb bias to have.
  • It's not dumb because it's based on experience.
  • So you've owned every single car ever made?
  • You can drive a Tesla at well above 150km/h, and they accelerate a lot better than most non-electric sportcars.
  • What's your current car? Non-enthusiasts don't get why you like german. I get why, but th egneral audience of the site doesn't :( I am a petrolhead first and agree with you.
  • I currently have a Volkswagen Passat and a Mercedes SL 500 Roadster. I prefer german 'cause I've tried British (the late Rover), French (Peugeot and Renault), Japanese (Toyota) and none of them compares to the german cars I've tried (Volkswagen, Mercedes, Porsche and BMW).
  • Leaf owner hear, love the unoffical Leaf app as well, absolute life saver mid-summer and mid-winter.
  • Mitsubishi i-Miev owner here, 30 bucks to charge a month as oppose to my gas car which takes >$350 to fuel a month, and there are charging stations popping up all over town in BC including Metrotown (most are free, but they will probably start charging for it in a few years when you, well, charge ;) )
  • I'm not buying a electric vehicle to save the environment, but instead to save me thousands of dollar over several years. ....pats self on back :)
  • I have a Ford C-Max Hybrid myself. Plenty of power and great on gas.
  • I have a big dirty diesel car, I get 65mpg though!
  • I want a Chevy Volt.
  • I work on campus, and you would not believe the number of Nissan Leaf's and Tessla Model S on the road on campus.  Also, the employee shuttle system uses Nissan Leaf's, Prius, and Ford Fussion's for inter campus transportation.  They are very green!  The pic used in the artical is called OTC.  =) 
  • Depends where the power to charge them comes from.  It's most likely just shifting the dirty work to a power plant.  And that's not to mention there is no way of recycling the batteries in these things.  
  • Without stepping into the conflicted and ranging in accuracy statements and accusations swirling above, and to bring this to mobile topics... I have a Fusion Energi PHEV and would like to see Ford, Blink Network and Chargepoint release apps for Windows Phone 8. Although I can login using the mobile website to track, charge, start, lock etc. and the EV Finder third party app helps with basic functions, I would like to see these official apps for increased support for WP8.
  • Nothing beats the feeling of my Mustang Cobra :) when cruising around, let my unborn sons and grand sons worry about Leaf.
  • Microsoft loves plug-in cars? But still no OnStar app for Windows Phone-using Volt drivers? Not impressive.