Earlier this morning at the Worldwide Partner Conference, Microsoft touted its upcoming Cortana Analytics Suite, which uses Cortana as an interface for businesses and enterprise customers to connect with some Microsoft's cloud-based services.

Now, a new video posted by Microsoft hypes a collaboration with Cortana Analytics and the North American Eagle project. Evidently this group rebuilt an F-104 Lockheed "Starfighter" into "a high-velocity, jet-powered car."


Although talking about the nitty gritty in regards to analytics is above our pay grade, we do get rocket cars. Needless to say, this makes a compelling and inspirational video. Also, if you recognize the pilot of the car, that is Jessi Combs, who used to work on the hit show Mythbusters (she co-hosted the season when Kari Byron was on maternity leave).

Either way, it is a cool video, and it sounds like Cortana Analytics Suite could be a big hit for Microsoft going forward.

Source: The Fire Hose

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